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Once childhood had come to pass, Wei Wuxian had grown to be a Yin. 

Among the common people, there existed a Yin and a Yang, destined to be a pair of soulmates. Neither of these two were superior, for they were each other’s equals, each other’s matching piece;  they were the anchor for when one flied too high, the lantern for when one was falling.

However, there laid a problem— the Yin were more vulnerable to colds, to diseases, to disabilities. Inevitably, yet understandably, this drawback of theirs led people to see the Yin as the lesser one of two, but there still remained a compulsory understanding of how precious Yin was, too. Rare charms, and rarer beauty- the Yin too were known for their intelligence, a cunning mind and their capability of bringing an impossible idea to life.

They also had what they call heats. Unlike normal people, who had balanced yin and yang energies, when the Yin was overflowing with their own energy, their body began to self-regulate to balance the Yin. They were more vulnerable at this time, all sticky and wet, begging for their mate’s warmth to help fill them up, to bring the energy in them back to equilibrium.

And see, Wei Wuxian despised having heats.

Every single one of them was as painful as he remembered, and according to his past tutor, it wouldn’t be as painful if they had a Yang to help them out, because a Yang could easily provide what his body was trying to accomplish itself. He asked his tutor once, if a Yang experienced the same as a Yin. Apparently, a Yang did not experience heats—  instead, they experienced quite the opposite, where their days had to be spent in a seclusion to meditate, where coldness and calmness was needed for them to counterbalance the overflowing warmth within their bodies.

“It’s not fair,” Wei Wuxian pouted as his husband, Lan Wangji, settled into their bed. “You guys sound like you have it easier than us. You aren’t even vulnerable to diseases, or anything.”

That was true. The Yang had as rare as beauty as the Yin, and although they did not quite possess the same intelligence, they too were known for their brawns. If there was one thing the two shared however, it would be how they tend to have unique talents, exceptionally talented at anything they do. Now, he wondered, “do the Yangs even have any weakness?”

Lan Wangji looked at him questioningly for a second, before he briefly answered, “we do.”

The answer sparked the fire of curiosity in Wei Wuxian. “Really? Like what?”

“We can get too aggressive,” Lan Wangji indulged him. “We are also more prone to having heatstroke.”

Wei Wuxian’s mouth hung agape in surprise. “Is that why you prefer the cold?”

Although they had been together for a while now, not once had they ever sit down to talk about their dynamics together simply because they didn’t need to. They never saw each other as just a Yin, or just a Yang, since their first meeting- they had always seen each other as one of the other people, a human among humans. So, this conversation was the first… for a rightful purpose, too.

Lan Wangji nodded to his question. He then shifted closer to Wei Wuxian, and pressed a palm against his forehead. “Your heat?”

Wei Wuxian nuzzled against the hand. “Mmmn, I think it’s close.” 

After all, this would be the first heat Wei Wuxian was going to share with Lan Wangji as his husband.

Here’s the thing about a Yin and Yang- they were to court first, to test the waters and see if they were the soulmate red fate had designed for each of them. But see, there was a special reason why these two kinds of people are unique. They’d always find a way to meet their destined Yin or Yang. Not even arranged or forced marriage will stop these couples, many events recorded in history could attest to that— their love was what the common people called true love, for the lengths each would go for their partner could also be beyond the earth’s end.

Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji had known they were each other’s only for a while now. But with their reputation and responsibilities in the way, they had to wait until marriage, and with marriage, comes consummation which so happened to be in line with Wei Wuxian’s upcoming heat.

“Um.” Wei Wuxian bit his lips, then licked over them. “I heard… some things about knotting. How… how does that work? I mean, what’s its purpose?”

“To officially establish as each other’s mate.” Lan Wangji replied, then moved his hand to cup Wei Wuxian’s cheeks. Gently, he swept a thumb across the soft skin, “to let our bodies know that the heart has found its partner.”

Wei Wuxian’s heart swelled so much at the thought- he was Lan Zhan’s, and Lan Zhan was his- that the light of happiness reached his face. 

“Just that?”

“... It also brings… pleasure.” Wei Wuxian cackled lightly as he spotted Lan Wangji’s ears growing red.

He began moving forward, settling himself onto his husband’s lap and indulged in the sandalwood scent and pleasant warmth that Lan Wangji was giving off.

Lan Wangji just let him do as he pleased, arms carefully wrapped around the small waist as Wei Wuxian pressed his head into his neck. Wei Wuxian hummed as the man comfortingly rubbed over the small of his back, trying not to concentrate on the stir in his stomach, or how his own scent of lotus blossoms and water lilies was slowly thickening in the room.

Long moments passed with Wei Wuxian resting in Lan Wangji’s arms.

But then, it wasn’t long until a small whine was heard.

“Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan,” he panted, burying his face deeper into the crook of his husband’s neck. “Lan Zhan— my- my heat.”

He felt a rumble from the other man’s chest, the sound of acknowledgement at his state. “Wei Ying,” Lan Wangji whispered to him, “I’m here now. I’ll take care of you.”

Something about those words clicked a switch inside of him. 

Fire began to lick wildly within the pit of his stomach, beckoning for Wei Wuxian to move. This feeling, he knew it all too well. He could feel slick already dripping out of him, and it seemed to be out of instinct when his hips tried to press down, and a whine slipped out of him when he felt an unmistakable hardness eagerly pressing back against his bum.

The arms around Wei Wuxian’s waist had soon loosened to a pair of hands steadying a grip on his hips, the curls of calloused fingers tightening with every whimper torn out of his throat.

“Lan Zha- AHN!” A sudden thrust up into him had Wei Wuxian instantly keening. His back arched, his scrambled for a grip on Lan Wangji’s shoulders to dig his nails into the solid flesh. Too hot— his body felt so hot, everything inside of him was burning too hot, yet it was so cold from the emptiness at the same time. He could feel his consciousness breaking apart, ready to be put to ruins as though he had been reduced to nothing more than a savage.

Idly, he felt himself being lowered against the bed, and he whined from the loss of warmth pressed against his body as Lan Wangji shifted away. There were hands around his hair, bangs brushed away from his flushed face, before untying the red ribbon behind for his dark locks to spread and be combed through. Lan Wangji’s movements were oddly gentle now, they were smooth and cautious, entirely contrasting to his rough actions just earlier.

Wei Wuxian tried to carefully peer through the haziness of his lust, when he caught a strange look on Lan Wangji’s face. “Lan Zhan?”

Lan Wangji stared at him for a few moments. Then, with a murmured “beautiful,” and a strum of heart strings, he leaned in to paste a kiss on Wei Wuxian’s lips.

Wei Wuxian eagerly returned the kiss as they nip and lick into each other’s mouth, soft yet messy all the same time. The fire within Wei Wuxian had begun to simmer down, just a bit, enough for him not to lose himself to the heat entirely. Soon enough, his robes were being unfastened, and his hands strove forward to pull at Lan Wangji’s as well, pawing for him to remove the restricting clothes.

“You,” he gasped in between the kisses, “you, too.”

“Mn. In a bit.”

Wei Wuxian pulled at him again with a whine. “Want you now.”

“Patience.” Lan Wangji chided lightly.

But, Wei Wuxian did not have patience.

With a burst of strength, he rolled them over, letting his robes drop to the bottom for the moonlight to kiss his skin a pale gold. A grin crept into Wei Wuxian’s face when he heard Lan Wangji’s hitch of breath as he directly settled himself on top of a certain mass.

“Wei Ying.” Lan Wangji croaked out in a warning.

“Lan Zhan, you said you’ll take care of me.” Wei Ying said with a pout. “And you already know that I’m not patient. I’ve been waiting for this, for years.” He then leaned over to press his hands against Lan Wangji’s chest, delighting in the feel of those hard muscles beneath the robes. “I want it now.” To insinuate his words, he pressed down onto the clothed cock, feeling more of the wetness leaking through as he rode it once, twice, before strong hands stilled him on his lap.

“Wei Ying.” Lan Wangji said in a warning again, eyes darkening. “Need to… prepare you first.”

“But I’m so wet and open for you already, Lan Zhan.” Wei Ying whined, trying to wiggle his hips for that delicious taste of friction. “I want it. Lan-er-gege, I want it now. You’ll give it to me, right? You’ll thrust your cock deep inside me, make me feel full with your cum as you knot me over and over. You’ll give me that, right? You’ll be rough with me and- AH!”

Wei Wuxian felt the air got punched out of him as the world around him flipped upside down. His robes were torn completely off of him, his slick-covered thighs exposed to the cold air, and he thinks he heard a sound of ripping before a heavy body hovered above him, so full of warmth and the dominating scent of sandalwood and pine. 

He was even more breathless when Lan Wangji pinned him with a hungry stare. “Patience,” he said again, voice coated deep in lust, and Wei Wuxian couldn’t help but shiver at it with a trickle of slick escaping him.

Wei Wuxian’s gaze followed as Lan Wangji moved back to pry open his legs apart and settle between them. It was at this second Wei Wuxian felt lust running more wildly through his blood. Now that Lan Wangji was bare of any clothes too, Wei Wuxian could finally see the thing he had grinded against earlier. It was big, much bigger than his; the head leaked of pre-cum within the foreskin, and he could see the protruding veins running down its length, the discernible knot that was already starting to form at the base.

Somehow, Wei Wuxian felt wetter now and he whimpered as the fire inside of him started to flicker back to a wild dance. He wanted to close his thighs and rub them, but Lan Wangji’s hands kept his legs in place.

“Lan Zhan- Lan Zhan, I— I want—”

Lan Wangji shushed him. Not long after, he bent over to place a kiss on one of Wei Wuxian’s thighs. He peppered kisses at the inner expanse, kissing, licking, and sucking then biting softly into the flesh that had Wei Wuxian keening. He did the same thing to the other thigh, laying his marks on him, and never putting his mouth to directly where Wei Wuxian wanted it.

Wei Wuxian had tried to burrow himself into that wetness, but then Lan Wangji gave his thigh a pinch in response, a bite rough enough to leave markings, and Wei Wuxian was left to a whining mess as his fists dug into the sheets.

“Lan Zhan!” He begged earnestly. “Pl- please! I— oh.”

It felt like a small lightning struck him when Lan Wangji began to tentatively lap at him, but only at the surface, never going past beyond the rim.

This… this was really too much teasing! Lan Zhan, Wei Wuxian thought, teary-eyed, take pity on your husband already!

And so, he laid there, helpless to his husban's ministrations and suspended in his hold as the man licked up his small cock, pressing a kiss on the tip before licking his way back down, and finally, finally pressing the wet appendage into him.

“Oh..! Good! Lan Zhan, so good...” Wei Wuxian cried out in relief, the new sensation spinning his mind with gold as the tongue licked its way in. Having only himself as his company throughout the years before Lan Wangji, he had long been accustomed to his fingers and it kept him from the satisfaction of having the touch he desperately craved for. 

But Lan Wangji was here now, with his promise to take care of him. Reaching down to stroke himself in time with the merciless tongue, Wei Wuxian grew closer and closer to his completion when he moaned and gave a release from both inside out. Lan Wangji helped him through it, lapping up the excess of slick before he finally pulled away, to stare down at him from his place with shiny wetness coating his lips.

“... Good?” Lan Wangji questioned, looking expectantly.

Wei Wuxian blinked slowly at him, at first. Then smiled as he sat up, reaching over to loop an arm around Lan Wangi’s neck. “It was good, and I feel good, but,” He purred, no doubt still so aroused just as he teased a sliding finger up the man’s twitching cock, “but I can think of something that makes me feel better, er-gege.”

Something snapped in Lan Wangji. Wei Wuxian was ruthlessly shoved back against the bed, legs completely bent over as his ass was raised into the air. He gasped, his heartbeat drumming against his chest as Lan Wangji hovered above him, strong hands tightly squeezing at the back of his knees. The dark look was back on his face, the tip of his cock now dangerously catching onto Wei Wuxian’s rim, brushing the slightest pre-cum against it.

“Ah! Wait, L-Lan Zhan—”

“Mark your words,” was all Lan Wangji gritted out before he started pressing in.

He had only pushed the head in, but Wei Wuxian was already thunderstruck with millions jolts of pleasure. What he felt earlier- what he had felt before all of this, before Lan Wangji, was just a small boat compared to a big ship. He felt his mouth going slack in a silent scream, his back arching further and further with every inch of Lan Wangji’s thick cock breaching him. He was wet, so wet, but even so, the girth had not been easy to slide it all in. In the end, Lan Wangji was still big even for Wei Wuxian. With his heat however, it was clear that he felt more pleasure than pain.

Once the cock had been sheathed in to the hilt, Wei Wuxian detected a shift of energy inside of him. His yin energy was slowly being balanced out with the yang. He could feel his body stir with the satisfaction, no doubt now content that it no longer had to suffer anymore, thrilled with the thought of finally having a partner to help bring it back to equal scales.

“A-ah! Lan Zhan, so... big!” Wei Wuxian gasped out, tossing his head back. He cried, “you feel... so good.”

Inside of him, Lan Wangji was even bigger, fatter, thicker, hotter. He could feel the rush of its hard veins and its curve, could feel just how deliciously filled out the cock was. God, Wei Wuxian felt so full. His thighs had still quivered when Lan Wangji began to pull out, the warm heaviness of his cock dragging through the sensitive walls, inciting the songs of pleasure before it plunged back, diving deeper into the flesh.

Every drag of the length in and out of him had Wei Wuxian keening in response, and the volume of his cries began to rapidly rise alongside the pace of Lan Wangji pounding into him.

Lan Wangji did not hold back. Wei Wuxian must have squeezed out every bit of patience left in him with every clench of his walls, because he grew faster, grew rougher, had Wei Wuxian firmly pressed against the bed, hands leaving mark on his thighs as he started thrusting him with no mercy.

“L-Lan Zhan..!” Wei Wuxian mewled, fingers digging into the sheets beneath him. “Mercy! Mercy, Lan-er-gege! You’re too big, I’ll break!”

A small wail escaped him just as Lan Wangji aimed at a particular angle, the cock burrowing deeper into his slick heat and into the spot that had his mind started blanking out. His voice got suspended in a choke of air, senses flooded by the billows of pleasure from every corner till a line of drool began dripping down his chin.

This subtle change of react had not escaped the eyes of a hungry beast who was more than ready to devour.

The evident wild desire stoked the flames within him.

Wei Wuxian was maneuvered into a change of position; his body had been tilted to the side, one of his legs were hoisted over the curve of strong shoulders while his other leg was folded against the mattress.

Lan Wangji drew out— and rammed back in hard, grinding his big fat cock into that same spot which had been touched earlier.

“Gege! Lan-er-gege!” Wei Wuxian wheezed out and tried to wiggle away because the pleasure he was feeling was just too much, too good that he was starting to spill tears. But, Lan Wangji did not let him pull away— he pulled him in even closer instead, skewering him further, and a howl tore out from Wei Wuxian when he felt the bulge of a waiting knot.

With every thrust Lan Wangji diligently plunged into him- sometimes grinding, something making a circle with his hips, sometimes trying to thrust even further despite already being all the way in- Wei Wuxian was losing himself to every brush and hard press of his spot.

He felt good.

He felt so, so good.

And he felt the final stretch of his body, something bigger entering him and splitting him wider, all thoughts were tossed out the window.

At first, there was a stagnant response.

Then next, Wei Wuxian was mewling, babbling, wreathing uncontrollably as Lan Wangji kept thrusting up his knot into him, trying to get it all in. He was a slobbering mess: tears were streaming down his face as he cried, drool dribbled from his lips as he sobbed, and both of his thighs and his ass had been drenched all over in slick as he was thoroughly fucked.

“L-Lan Zhan—! Lan-er-gege!” Wei Wuxian sobbed out as Lan Wangji’s thrusts went too heavy and erratic- his thrusts were growing out of control.

“Slow down! Slow down, Lan -er-gege - ah! Have mercy- HNG!”

Lan Zhan did not, in fact, slow down. Instead, he fucked even harder into him in response, and Wei Wuxian could only take it as he cried out. “Lan Zhan, wait— are you- are you trying to put a baby in me?!” 

Lan Wangji’s breath stuttered, and the air got slammed out of Wei Wuxian’s chest when the man gave him a final rough thrust. Lan Wangji’s grip on his legs tightened, and Wei Wuxian gasped out as Lan Wangji kept grinding into him, groaning when at last, he spilled hot waves of thick cum into him. He kept pumping his seed into him, filling Wei Wuxian up so well that his dick was wrung dry, and from within, a flood of slickness had been released, mixing together with the cum inside of him.

For a good moment, they stayed in their positions, letting themselves catch their breath and for the heights of pleasure to die down.

Completely spent, Lan Wangji fixed them into a better arrangement for them to rest. Carefully, he bundled Wei Wuxian up into his arms, before rolling over so he could let the man lie on top of him.

Wei Wuxian rested his cheek against Lan Wangji’s chest, giving off a contented sigh. He felt that he was ready to doze off at any moment now, but he tried to keep himself awake, wanting to bask a little longer in the afterglow.

His body was aching, clearly worn out from their strenuous activity whatmore the strain of being in the same position, but there was a satisfaction in his body he never felt before in all of his past heats. The fire within him had been satiated; and an unfamiliar energy ran through him, helping to keep his very own in check as they swirled together in a dance. No doubt, this energy belonged to Lan Wangji’s.

“Wei Ying?” Lan Wangji called out.

“Hmn?” Wei Wuxian tipped his chin to look at Lan Wangji.

Lan Wangji simply stared at him. He brought out a hand to brush Wei Wuxian’s sweat-soaked  hair away from his face. “Are you feeling better?”

“I do.” Wei Wuxian purred, then held onto his husband’s hand and nuzzled into it. “You took good care of me.”

“I… wasn’t too rough?”

Wei Wuxian grinned. “I loved it especially when you get rough.”

The tip of Lan Wangji’s ears grew red. Then, he looked away pointedly, and said, “shameless.”

Wei Wuxian couldn’t help but burst with a spill of laughter at his husband’s sudden bashfulness. “Er-gege, you can’t get shy now after everything you did!” He teased. “You loved it too, right? Say, won’t it be nice if we do this everyday? Maybe that way I won’t have to get my heats anymore, and you won’t have to go into seclusion either. Speaking of which, you really like it when I call you er-gege, don’t you, Lan-er-gege? You thrust even harder into me every time I say— a-ah.”

Oh. Right. He forgot that Lan Wangji was still inside of him. 

… And his dick seemed to be hardening back to life too.

“Aha, L-Lan Zhan?”

Lan Wangji stared intensely at him. “Okay.”

“A-ah?” Wei Wuxian laughed nervously. 



“We will do it everyday.”

And, everyday is everyday.