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Leave Me Alone

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Today was ‘normal’ like any other, a young barely to the age to an adult can presume to a point when staring out of a window to a car dripping wet outside from a previous horrible rain storm that now had thankfully settled down. Now as the storm was fizzling out rather slowly the skies above was shown which revealed to be a dull grey color with not so fluffy clouds in a darker shade as there was no sign to the golden bulb up. A sudden drowsy feeling came from observing the scene quickly zooming past the figure currently sitting in the backseat since the weather here could make anyone feel down in the dumps. However, for the one staring blankly out the backseat’s window had a clear-cut reason; obvious in their opinion, really but no one else’s who think the situation that gotten bags to their belongings settled in the trunk as the driver continued to well drive to the new home. Eventually an exasperated sigh leaves the parted lips to the backseat induvial laying their head on clammy hands where a pounding, chronic headache continued to persists within their skull.  

From the escape to the sigh came a cheery, annoyingly bubbly, and sterotypical girlish voice to the driver unfortunately came to break the still silence that occurred between the only two in the large, beaten down vehicle for the longest time until now, “... Uh, I know this may seem new to you in all but it's for the best, y’know for you? Much better, really then for you to be living all on your own in a state like this even if it was allowed that is for a young, unmarked Omega to be doing so in the first place despite being a half breed like yourself it won’t be easy with all these dangers happening around us..."  

Nothing was even ever uttered, not a peep or anything to the sort from the backseat passenger who merely sighs again and went to staring out the window like it was expecting something to happen. Of course, they were incorrect in anything unexpecting occurring in the first place to stop this driving to an uncertain new place that was going to be a new home for the newcomer which was traumatizing to say the very least. Despite newly turned to the legal age of eighteen where many would’ve expected fresh faced adults to be thrusted into the quote unquote real world, it wasn’t exactly so for some. The person in the back staring off to nowhere in particular has a dark complexion to them, naturally curly to often unkept frizzy black hair with a snow-white streak in the middle that traveled to a set of skunk ears down to a fluffy tail, and surprisingly enough piercing blue eyes. However, those gorgeous eyes from the Beast/Human hybrid that be able to sweep anyone off their feet like the ones back at the driver’s home were locked elsewhere then on another living thing like staring off to space sort of way.  

Something that awfully worried the driver to death who was only taking them both back to the newcomer’s new home far from any possible new dangers willing to destroy everything in their path. Only ever to get their twisted hands on something that wasn’t meant to be whatsoever sexualized nor especially fetishized in a lewd manner in the slightest whatsoever but it happened to their unique community stigmatized to be mindless animals. It was even sad too that the young soul behind her was still very much unwilling to open up to trust anyone just yet which by itself along with the troubling circumstances leading the other here was understandable. Not much at the moment will they divulge in such a serious conversation about it as all it would do harm mostly then any real good so, the silence kept at it for the longest time before they were more than halfway back home stewing in tense awkwardness. “... Uh, my name is Cherry due to the fact of my red- ish fur and my sweet personality... So, want try and tell me your name if you’re up to it though. I. I know it's hard to speak to new people but we’re going to be pack now and it be nice to no one another at last on a name basis...” Although the ‘red’ furred female wolf Beast knew from legal documents what the other’s name was being Simon, she still wanted to hear at least one thing from the new pack member.  

In the corner in her line of vision, she only saw a nonchalant shrugging back to the shoulders from the other which was expected but not what she desired in response so, she was disappointed a little. The reason to the eerily silence was known to be Selective Mutism; a rare disorder developed in early childhood caused from traumatic experiences such as the young stranger’s own past was simply awful. So, it was difficult beyond belief to get the kid in the backseat to talk a single utterance which had annoyed some to the other pack members waiting on them to return safe and sound in one piece. Often a good scolding from her or the therapist they chosen to help better the worries plaguing them all will tell the others to lay off for a moment for their Omega to breath without going into yet another panic attack. On some rare occurrences it did thankfully worked in their favor leading to the newcomer to be somewhat more relaxed to be around with them although it never lasts too long on the visits.  

“I can see you’re nervous now with not only me nor the others but everything to everyone in general... Just reassuring you here, right now nothing will harm you anymore as you got us to keep you safe from the dangers out there..." Again, like many times beforehand when the pack visited the new pack Omega in a home like sanctuary for people like the backseat passenger from a troubled upbringing, it didn’t always go well for anyone involved to her utter sadness and other various conflicting emotions, “... Oh, and also, by the way for to you to just know now, we’re almost home? No more driving for like hours on end, huh? I bet it must’ve been so boring for you to be stuck in one small, tight place for a long period of time with me; one of the more boring pack members in our pack?”  

A rather weak attempt in bring some need humor by joking some self-depreciating to herself into their one-sided conversation which failed unsurprisingly that was surely just going nowhere between them in the end. So, the woman cut it short between them as she shifts in her seat in the driver’s side and kept n driving in the silence, she once got uncomfortable by in the beginning in growing okay with it. Okay not entirely as she was a true chatter boxy that couldn’t shut her trap if her life depended on it so, this was an all-time new record for the she -Beast when in boredom counted the malformed clouds breezing past the car. Time seemingly stilled for the pair while she drove endlessly through the uncommon desolate stretch of a highway until she reaches a breakage to it from a thinner road leading her way from it towards her home. Eventually the road trip was finally done and over with as the car she had perfectly parked in a driveway owned to a humongous house appearing to fit a million and a dozen of people though not entirely the case with her pack.  

“... Hey... Bud uh, we’re finally home now so, welcome to the pack? You’ll surely love it with us as it hopefully makes you feel so much better...?”