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Bitter Envy

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“You’re late. Again” You were unpleasantly greeted by the stern voice of your instructor, arms crossed against her chest as she eyes you down with a look of annoyance.

“I’m sorry, I forgot” It was obvious that all eyes burned deep holes into the back of your head as you dropped your bag next to the wall before spinning around to the array of eyes.

“Still relying on the same excuses I see” You clench your jaw at her snarky comment, eyes fixated onto the large mirror in front of the studio, staring back at yourself.

“It won’t happen again, ma’am”

“Don’t disappoint me” She faces the mirror with a turn of her heel, falling back into her focus of whatever bone-breaking choreography she’s prepared for today’s lesson.

“… and one, two, three, four…”

You observed the other students carefully through the wall mirror, mimicking their moves with an embarrassing delay, the small price of showing up humiliatingly late.

The steps finally familiarised with your body as you make progress, studying yourself intently in the mirror. That was until you decided to look across the other end.

A chilling set of inky eyes staring back at you from the other end of the studio as you replicate your moves. The brown eyes pry away from your gaze, back to the mirror as you couldn’t help but keep them there.

Jeong Yunho.

That was his name. The boy whose dances made the stars jealous. But whose dances made you want to belch out whatever was leftover in your stomach from the night before.

For months, he’s been trying to throw you off your pedestal, only he would want the pride of first place. It seems like he’s close too, with the teacher praising him more and more, doubting you more and more.

There was no valid reason to despise him. The two of you never talked, never to each other at least. It was the obvious jealousy and competition spewing from his eyes to every pore of his body that instantly made you wary of him. Simply just some bad ‘juju’.

A loud, obviously fake, cough broke your small trance, snapping your attention to the figure in front of you. The small woman glared at you with sharp eyes as the rest of the class continued to dance away.

“I- sorry, ma’am” You flicker your eyes back onto the large mirrored wall and start to do what you were meant to do instead of burning hole into Yunho’s reflection.

The line of bags grew shorter and shorter as each student snatches them off the wall, piling through the small door eagerly to get home as quick as they can. You were about to pick up your bag and head for the door until that whiny voice spoke up again.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Oh, how you wish you could just swipe the snarky look off her wrinkled face.

“Home?” It was as if she was clueless to what else any other student would want after sweat-drenching rehearsals.

“You won’t be going home until I say you can-”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” By now, you were the only student left standing in the studio as the sound of footsteps become distant.

“It means you’ll be staying here. Practicing. Hope you get along with your tutor-” Her boney fingers point behind you, making your body spin towards the door.

“You’ve gotta be shitting me…” You mutter under your breath, mouth slightly gaped.

Yunho’s large frame took up a majority of the space under the door, a single strap of his backpack slung lazily over his shoulder with a hand in the pocket of his shorts. He looks almost confused as you were, both narrowing your eyes at your instructor.

“Yunho. Perfect timing”

“Sorry, I just came back to grab- this” Yunho fixes the flimsy cap back on his head before gripping his strap tighter, throwing you a quick glance before turning his heel towards the exit.

“You won’t be going anywhere either-” Yunho spins around, confusion clearly written across his face.

“- I’ve assigned you as her dance tutor every afternoon of this week. I better see some progress otherwise you’d be wasting my time. Good evening” The small lady exited with a sly smirk, brushing past Yunho’s large frame as he stood there, jaw slightly clenched.

It was an uncomfortable eerie silence before any of you two spoke a word. Yunho was clearly not enjoying the predicament as much as you were. Probably thinking to himself ‘shouldn’t have gone back to get this stupid hat’.

“What do you know so far?” Yunho finally looked up from staring at the polished ground for the past longing seconds, dragging his feet back inside the studio before dropping his backpack in his undesignated designated spot.

“Um- not much. Probably half? Maybe a little less than half?” You fiddled with your fingers, swallowing the lump in your throat before also dropping your back to the side.

“Oh Jesus Christ- Okay” Yunho kept a distance beside you as he faced the mirror.

“Show me what you can do” Yunho gave a small nod, ushering you to proceed.

And you did. Anything to get whatever was needed to be done.

You could sense the thickness of the air even before Yunho had entered the studio again. It was something the both of you could feel even without saying a single word. Hatred is in fact, a very strong emotion.

It seemed like hours before your muscles started to weaken under the constant pressure of repeating the same moves over and over again. Yunho was obviously losing his patience, probably his sanity too with the number of times he’d have to pause and correct you on every minor mistake.

“It’s like you’re trying to fuck it up every single time” Yunho snatched a half-empty bottle of water out from his bag before taking a large gulp of it down.

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” You’ve kept calm throughout the matter of constant corrections and demands. But now, it was just thrown down the drain with the way Yunho spoke, clearly annoyed and frustrated as he wasted his ‘precious’ time with you.

“Oh, I don’t know? Maybe that you don’t give a single shit about this?”

You scoff at his remark, there was no reason for him to start suddenly caring about what you cared and don’t care about. As if you weren’t annoyed enough, Yunho’s daggering glares intensified further.

“Since when do you care about what I do or don’t do?”

“Some of us actually need to succeed in life, you know? We’re not all spoonfed gold on a silver platter for out entire lives like you” Yunho takes another big gulp of his water, only making you more infuriated than before.

“What does my socio-economic background have to do with all of this? What the fuck are you trying to argue here?-”

“What I’m trying to say is that you should leave-” Yunho paused, twisting the cap back on his bottle before hopping onto his feet off the stool and inching his feet closer to you.

“- If you’re taking this class to pass time, leave. There are people who need to be here, to work for what they need in order to survive- and if you already have your life set out in front of you then there’s no need to be here judging us trying to claw our way to the top”

By now, Yunho was right in front of your face, slightly towering over you. It was then you realized how tall he was, you could faintly smell the lingering scent of his deodorant by how close he was to you.

“So is that the reason?” Yunho pulled his head back a little, face scrunching into slight confusion at your reply.

“Reason for what?”

“Why you hate me so much? Why you avoid me every chance you get? Hoping to get me to one day disappear- that would be your dream, wouldn’t it? Then you’d finally get first place like you ‘rightfully’ should” As much as you’d like to admit that his word actually stung a bit, but you couldn’t afford to lose your pride.

“If we’re being honest? Yes. I really wish you disappeared, then I wouldn’t be working twice as hard and mopping every idiot’s vomit at the diner”

Your breath hitched in the back of your throat, eyes stingingly dry as you kept them open, staring up at Yunho. You didn’t know what it was about him that finally made your pride disintegrate right there on the spot. Maybe you should leave, according to him, it’d make a lot of people happier.

“Fine-” A part of you wanted to scream in his face, but the other, simply just wanted to shut his perfect lips close.

“- if you can make me leave…” Your eyes softened as you pushed forward, slowly closing the small gap between your bodies.

“W-What?” Yunho obviously didn’t expect such a change in the course of language and emotion which only made you satisfied.

“Make. Me.” You could feel Yunho holding his breath by how close your bodies were to each other. So close that you could feel the heat radiating off his body, the sounds of his heart thumping in his chest, and the sight of every single pore on his face.

“You’re unbelievable…” It was barely a whisper that had made it passed Yunho’s pink lips.

“I know”

Your eyes blinked once, twice before they shut as your lips brush against Yunho’s plump ones. It was then that you had realized there was no going back.

It seemed like forever before Yunho finally took a breath of air only to harshly press his lips against yours, pushing you back against the mirror where your hands wrap around the horizontal bar. Yunho’s body pressed against yours as his large hand cups your face, lifting it up slightly as he deepens the kiss, swiping his tongue across your bottom lip before twirling with yours.

“You drive me insane-” Yunho whispers against your lips before dragging his other hand up behind your back.

“- Insane, I’m telling you” Your arms lazily slung over Yunho’s neck, pushing your chest against the kiss grew sloppier with Yunho now cupping both of your thighs and lifting you up against the bar, pressing your back against the mirror with Yunho standing between your legs.

“I have ohmygod that effect- fuck on some people-” Your fingers tangle in Yunho’s hair as he dips his face in your neck, kissing and sucking on the sensitive skin making the hairs at the back of your neck rise.

You could feel yourself growing wetter with every second of Yunho’s lips against your skin, hands squeezing your ass, and his boner rubbing against your throbbing core ever so painfully gently. It was then you took one of your hands down, gliding it from his neck down his chest to the waistband of his shorts before slipping your hand in, palming his hard length over his boxers.

A vibration from Yunho’s growl against your skin sent shivers throughout your body, making your head fall back against the mirror, giving Yunho more exposure to your skin as his hands move up your shirt. A small whimper slipped your lips when Yunho’s thumb rubbed across your hardened nipple over the fabric of your sports bra, making you palm him harder before fully pulling down his shorts along with his boxers.

“You’re so hard for someone you hate…” You whispered in Yunho’s ear, pumping his length slowly as Yunho tugs on the waistband of your shorts roughly.

“Mhm- and let’s see just how wet you are for me” Yunho digs his hand under your panties, coating his fingers with your wetness before pressing his fingertips against your clit, rubbing it slowly before picking up the pace.

“Fuck-” Your forehead rests against Yunho’s, noses brushing across the other as both of your hands work on each other.

“So, so wet- so tight” You took a large breath of air, lips parted as Yunho slips his fingers into your hole, making your eyes flicker and grip on his dick tighter as it seemed like forever before he stopped pushing deeper.

You look down at his arms, forehead still rested against his as the veins on his arms grew prominent, forearm muscles visible with every pump. Everything you had thought of before had just disappeared, the only thought in your lust-filled head was Yunho.

Your eyes meet Yunho’s soft ones before his head tilts to the side, pressing his wet lips against yours for another sloppy kiss. Your brain was turning into mush with each time Yunho pumped his long fingers in and out of you, rubbing against your clit at the same time.

Yunho broke the kiss, grabbing the ends of your shirt before slipping it over your head and pulling you off the bar and onto your feet. You could feel his throbbing cock rubbing against your inner thigh as he spun you around, making your hands slam against the mirror.

Your back arched downwards as Yunho tenderly kisses your shoulder blade to the back of your neck. His hands roamed your chest before scrunching your sports bra over your breasts, letting him grope them in his large hands.

The pool in your panties only made you push your ass against Yunho’s crotch, feeling him grind slowly against it before pulling down your shorts. You could feel Yunho’s burning eyes on your throbbing pussy as he pushed your panties to the side, feeling the wetness once again.

“Oh fuck- Yunho” You never expected the stretch to be so good when Yunho slowly slid in his cock, instantly making you gasp for air as your walls clench around him.

A low groan from behind only made you bite your lip, whimpering slightly as Yunho rocks his hips back and forth, reaching your g-spot every time. It was like a firework being set off inside your body with every thrust, only making you breath harder as Yunho quickens his pace.

“Ohmygod fuckkmmnghh-” Your face scrunches in pleasure, knuckles turning white as you grip the bar tightly, locking eyes with Yunho in the mirror as his jaw hangs slightly, brows furrowed as he fucks you mindblowingly.

Yunho’s head falls back, eyes shut with his jaw clenched as you clench your walls around his dick. It was enough to have you spewing incoherent words, unable to match the overwhelming pleasure you were receiving.

“You feel so fucken good- mmhmph” Yunho leans down, harshly kissing the side of your neck to your cheek, making you turn your head, locking lips with Yunho’s.

You couldn’t control the broken moans against the kiss as Yunho starts slamming his hips, making your breasts bounce back and forth. One of Yunho’s hands trails down between your legs, squeezing your inner thigh before letting his fingertips rub your bud of nerves, sending your legs to a quivering fit as your eyes shut close, suppressing your high-pitched moans through tightly shut lips.

“I’m so close- ohmygod Yunho” With Yunho rubbing your clit and fucking you deeply, there was no way you would be able to hold it in.

Your legs threatened to close on Yunho’s hand as he rubbed faster, still fucking you to the point where there was nothing coming out of your mouth. Everything seemed to have made sense ages ago, but now nothing seemed to have made sense when your brain’s been completely fried by the strings of nerves sparking throughout your entire body.

A loud animalistic moan falls from your lips as Yunho slammed his hips deep into you, setting off a firework deep in the pit of your stomach making your knees turn in and close your legs on Yunho’s hands. A series of loud broken moans played in the studio as Yunho fucks out your orgasm with his dick hitting the deepest spots.

You could collapse right there and then if it wasn’t for the bar in front supporting your weight. Your grip on it loosened as you lift your face, feeling Yunho bend you slightly straight back up against the mirror before burying his face in your neck.

“I need to leave” Was the first thing he said.

You could feel his breathing against your naked skin, hear his heartbeat in the quiet atmosphere of the studio. Yunho shifts his head slowly before looking back up, locking with you in the mirror.

“Is that all you have to say?” If your voice wasn’t shaky enough before, it definitely was now.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done this” Yunho shook his head before collecting his thoughts together again, pulling his shorts up in a rush as well as yours before turning his back to you.

You picked up your shirt from the floor, swinging it over your head before coming over to face Yunho, only to see him biting the inside of his cheek as he stared at the floor with furrowed brows.

“What’s so bad about it? Do you really hate me that much?-” You were never used to such play of your emotions before, Yunho had definitely pulled a string.

“That’s the thing- I don’t fucken hate you even if I wanted to”

“Then why do you want me to leave? And don’t say some bullshit like everyone else needs a chance to be great-”

“I love you”

The moment Yunho looked straight into your eyes, it was when you knew he wasn’t lying. You could feel every drop of emotion plastered on each of those three words he had spewed out of his mouth.

“If you love me then I don’t understand what the fuck’s meaning of all of this is- what are you so afraid of?”

“I don’t know” Yunho swallowed the lump in his throat before brushing behind you, snatching his backpack and striding to the exit.

“If you actually love me, you’d turn around and stay to give me a real explanation, Yunho!” Yunho halted in his steps, head hanging slightly low before turning his head to the side.

“I can’t afford to love you”