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Back In Black

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The law is hard, but it is the law,” the approaching Shadowhunter said with faux sympathy.  The other five accompanying soldiers gave menacing glares.  

“You are a disgrace to our kind!”  A female with curly blonde hair spat.  “The famous angel Alexander — how pitiful.  I almost feel sorry for you.”  

”What have I done?”  Alec asked, surprised at the venomous tones in which the spoke to him.  “I have done nothing.”  He hadn’t interferes with any business and had come to this realm solely on his own accords.  Alec lived a quiet life for years, causing no harm.

“Exactly,” a tall man called out.  “You aren’t just some mundane — you’re the angel!  Raziel’s favourite soldier.”


”We grew up hearing stories about you,” the woman piped up.  “The Blessed One, destined to restore peace to all lands.”  Alec listened to their speeches unblinkingly.  

“You didn’t save us!  Instead you fell for a Downworlder.  While you spent years leisurely loving a warlock — a man at that, how disgusting — you neglected to protect us.  All of have lost our family because you didn’t protect us.  Now us Shadowhunters are forced to abide some accords!”


“You don’t deserve mercy,” a previously silent man said.  

All Alec could do was take the cruel words in.  He had been nailed to the wall.  The nails was imbedded with the same material used in seraph blades, resistance was futile.  The pain was excruciating.  Blood dropped down his white robes.


”You’ll be lucky if we let a disgrace — man loving another man — live.  Simple choice: you or your lover.”

Alec’s blood froze.  “Do what you wish to do to me but leave Magnus out of this.  He has done nothing wrong,” he plead.


”Hhmm.  Maybe we’ll let you live?”. A quick thrust into his abdomen.  A glowing Seraph blade stuck out of his body.  Alexander screamed in pan and thrashed against the nails.  He hands and wings bled and his skin tore, he was permanently attached to the wall.


He coughed out blood, some still dribbling down his skin.  His eyes were no longer filled with hope or serenity.  “Raziel!”  He screamed.  The smug looks disappeared off the Shadowhunters at the name of the angel.  “Raziel, I call upon you to keep my love safe!” Alec looked upwards.  “My last wish, I order you to allow no harm to befall my love—“


He got no response.  Before the angel could finish off his prayer, a dagger slit is throat.  “What did I do?”  He whispered.


”What needed to be done, Christopher Morgenstern.”



It was at this moment Magnus finally understood why Raziel lives in Heaven.  He was afraid of the monsters he created.  Though their blood runs through their veins,be knew there was nothing angelic about this beings.  He hoped beyond hope that these rogue Shadowhunters would find the error of their ways.  But they didn’t.  Not as they burnt, cut, whipped, stabbed and branded his love:


There was no justice.  No justice when the powerful warlock fell to his knees in shock.  Their was no justice when tears fell down Magnus Bane’s face when he looked at the gruesome sight.


Alexander Lightwood — his Alec, the man who taught him what love truly was — was nailed to the wall.  His beautiful, night wings that each spanned over four meters, were bolted to the concrete wall.  His gold and white feathers bloodied and displaced, iron nails penetrating  the in various areas.  His body was pinned by countless seraph blades.  The sound of his blood dripping to the ground filled the deathly silent room.  Crimson liquid covered his body.


Magnus reeled.  By the amount of blood, it was obvious he had been tortured.  With tears still in his eyes, Magnus walked to his dead beloved and gently closed his eyes.  “Amor verus numquam moritur.”  

True love never dies.