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Fight For Me

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You weren’t delicate, by any means. Being sickly never stopped you from bucking forward and continuing to rush into doing what you loved no matter what. Despite being in the hospital for basically most of your life, you were strong, fighting against what plagued you tirelessly.


Strength was something you prided yourself on, that and your incredible skill of arts and crafts.


It wasn’t like you were alone anyhow.


“Dumbass, you’re spacing again.”


A squeak slipped from your lips at the light flick dropped on your forehead, flinching slightly before you pouted at your companion.


“Katsuki, that was mean.” You whined, reaching your free hand up to rub the sore spot while the other held his.


The ash blond glared at you, squeezing your hand as he bared his teeth and pinched your cheek with a little growl, “I gotta go.”


With a slow blink, you gave a little laugh and reached forward and fixed the top button of his black gakuran. The color that rose on his cheeks made a smile that you were unable to stop pull at the corners of your lips. Gripping at his collar, you pulled him closer to press said lips to his.


Light and chaste, something that he melted into.


“Thanks Katsuki… Congrats on getting into UA.” The sweet sigh that left you sent his heart into a tizzy, making him huff.


“I’ll see you after school.” He muttered, resting his forehead against your’s for just a moment before he pulled away.


“Love you!!”


“… Tch. Love you too, Dumbass.”


Wordlessly, you watched him leave, giving him one last wave before you settled back in the hospital bed. You shut your eyes and sighed, smiling a little at the tingle of your lips.

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“Hey you, with the purple hair!”


Shinsou looked around for the source of the call, assuming they had meant him. Not many people had his particular shade of hair, after all. A delicate hand waving high in the air caught his attention, amethyst orbs shifting to meet with a pair that shimmered like the sun.


He was surprised at the sight of such a pretty face, calling for him of all people. You grinned at him, gorgeous eyes practically sparkling in pride at being able to get his attention.


“You were amazing out there, you fought well!! I wasn’t able to arrive in time so I wanted to know your name!!”


He blinked slowly at that, slightly bewildered, surprised that despite seeing him control people; you talked without fear. Like… You trusted him.


“Uh… Shinsou, Shinsou Hitoshi.”


“Well it’s nice to meet you, Shinsou - kun! I’ll be cheering for you when you make it big as a hero!!” The little melody of kind words from your lips made his heart race.


Swallowing the lump in his throat, he looked at you with wide eyes to try and figure out what exactly brought you to say these things to him.


“You’re destined for great things, dude. Train hard!” You gave him a thumbs up, another devastating grin causing heat rise to his cheeks.


Shinsou blushed and blushed hard, unable to stop smiling since your positivity was contagious. He rubbed the back of his neck before he bowed his head to you, “Thanks…”


You turned your head when an angry call of your name was heard, likely that explosive blond from 1 - A. But before you left, you graced him another grin and small wave.


“Well, I gotta go, see you around!”


He watched you wordlessly for a moment or so before he lifted his hand and waved in return, mumbling, “Yeah, see ya.”


“Oh, wait!”


You stopped in your tracks, as if remembering something you forgot to tell him.


Hitoshi raised a brow, curious and amused as to what you wanted to tell him that made your face light up like that.


With one more look and smile over your shoulder, you chirped, “You’re like, super handsome, by the way.”


He choked just as you left, a blistering heat overcoming his face completely. Coupled with his fast beating hard and sweating palms, he knew he had to see you again.

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“Nice to meet you, I’m Kirishima Eijiro.”


“A pleasure!”


Kirishima didn’t know what to expect when he laid his eyes on you. He heard a good amount about you from Bakugo and he’s seen you around as a support student, but seeing you face to face is a whole different bag.


Especially since he’s never actually seen how cute you were, with your bright, pretty eyes and nice smile.


Graduating from UA set him into place for being a good hero and the idea of finding a sidekick seemed daunting at first once he went professional. But with the brash blond’s good words of you, he agreed to meet with you after hearing of your story.


He didn’t at all expect Bakugo’s softness when it came to you, how gentle he was at handling you and openly telling you that he loved you. Katsuki made it clear that you both were going to be partners, that you were a hero for fighting every single day of your life.


Kirishima felt a pang through him at the sight of your warm smile, as you spoke of your dreams at being able to be right by the sides of your own heroes and being able to be good support. The curl of your lips as you held onto the blond’s hand, the delicate flush of your cheeks when he kissed you.


The redhead chest ached a little bit, just a bit, he shoved those feelings away and was overcome with guilt. He barely knew you, despite getting along with you swimmingly, he wasn’t allowed to pursue you…


Not then.


His stomach fluttered at the sweet little laugh you were unable to stifle, but it was followed up with another at your concern for him since he went quiet for a bit.


Once he dismissed himself and shuffled out of your hospital room to collect his composure, he leaned up against the wall to catch his breath. Eijiro stared hard into the wall across from him, hand reaching up to rest on his chest, right over his speeding heart.


His ears burned while a red bloomed on his cheeks as bright as his hair, he was sure he liked you.


Biting his lip, he peered through the small window on the sliding door. A dull ache making itself known again at the sight of Bakugo kissing you again.


He was serious about going against Katsuki when the time came to it, despite the gut punch that his friend gave him in response…


What’s a little friendly competition?

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When Bakugo learned that he wasn’t the only one that had strong feelings for you, he was livid. He wanted scream, that you were his, that he had your heart…


But he knew better.


He had been complacent, something he’d always been guilty of since you both were children. He knew you loved him, he knew that you had always been ready if he’d just asked. Always willing to wait, to wait for him to be ready for a proper relationship. When his goals to become a hero at the forefront, he never was able to ask you to be his.


Even you, the ever-so patient and doting, you…


Couldn’t wait forever.


He loved you, he loved to you death.


He let you know that, but you always had room in your heart for more than just him and he knew that it would happen. He wasn’t fast enough to be able to make sure that you’d be his.


Bakugo would just have to deal with it, much to his chagrin.


Your happiness mattered more to him than his possessiveness, no matter how many times he claimed that you belonged to him. No matter how many things he did to reclaim your attention.


Something that he’d always take pride in was that he loved you first, that he’d be the first to know since he wasn’t only your love but your closest friend.


He had all of your firsts, it was something he was going to make sure the others two never forgot.


Katsuki was your first friend, your first kiss, your first crush, your first love…


Your first time.


They were worthy rivals though, they stood strong against him and his intimidation. Making it clear since he didn’t ever establish that you both were exclusive, since he never officially asked you to his alone.


Kirishima wasn’t too surprising, it was clear when he stated his intentions in eventually competing against him. His positive disposition came at a match with your’s, bringing smiles to your face and brightening the room. His spontaneity and passion for making you laugh was admirable to say the least.


Shinsou Hitoshi, on the other hand — not unlike his stance in the sports festival their first year — was a dark horse. He came out of the woodwork, Bakugo had no idea that you even knew each other until he dropped in for a surprise visit. Just to hear him call you “Kitty” and tell you that he loved you. His calm demeanor and dry bluntness made you laugh, your shared love of cute things was also a factor in the affection you carried for him.


He glared holes into the two, as if doing so would make them leave. But with the fierce look from Hitoshi and the bright, cheeky grin from Eijiro, it was clear they weren’t going to budge. Katsuki’s gaze shot over to you, trying to gauge how you felt.


With the warm smile that curled at your lips at the sight of the three of them, he felt himself giving in. The thing that caused him to break was the sparkle in your lovely eyes. He just deflated, like an angry balloon.


Taking his hand, you gave it a gentle squeeze and wiped away the rest of his anger. It giving away to just irritation and begrudging acceptance.


With a long, heaving sigh, he rested his forehead against your shoulder and muttered, “Fine, alright, sit down.”