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Fight For Me

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Here's the SFW Playlist for context

(You might want to watch it so I don't spoil it for you?)



You weren’t delicate, by any means. Being sickly never stopped you from bucking forward and continuing to rush into doing what you loved no matter what. Despite being in the hospital for basically most of your life, you were strong, fighting against what plagued you tirelessly.


Strength was something you prided yourself on, that and your incredible skill of arts and crafts.


It wasn’t like you were alone anyhow.


“Dumbass, you’re spacing again.”


A squeak slipped from your lips at the light flick dropped on your forehead, flinching slightly before you pouted at your companion.


“Katsuki, that was mean.” You whined, reaching your free hand up to rub the sore spot while the other held his.


The ash blond glared at you, squeezing your hand as he bared his teeth and pinched your cheek with a little growl, “I gotta go.”


With a slow blink, you gave a little laugh and reached forward and fixed the top button of his black gakuran. The color that rose on his cheeks made a smile that you were unable to stop pull at the corners of your lips. Gripping at his collar, you pulled him closer to press said lips to his.


Light and chaste, something that he melted into.


“Thanks Katsuki… Congrats on getting into UA.” The sweet sigh that left you sent his heart into a tizzy, making him huff.


“I’ll see you after school.” He muttered, resting his forehead against your’s for just a moment before he pulled away.


“Love you!!”


“… Tch. Love you too, Dumbass.”


Wordlessly, you watched him leave, giving him one last wave before you settled back in the hospital bed. You shut your eyes and sighed, smiling a little at the tingle of your lips.