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Craziness! (aka Chatrooms w/My Favorite Character)

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Sunny creates a chat

Sunny invites Keefe, Loki, Magnus

!! IMPORTANT !! The user 'Loki's account is being monitored due to trying to start Ragnarok.

Keefe has joined the chat

Loki has joined the chat

Magnus has joined the chat

Sunny: What's up guys?

Loki: I'm stuck in a cave right now, so...yeah.😢

Loki: Though my wifi is actually really good!👍

Magnus: LOKI! WHAT THE #*&$ !

Keefe: Why is Loki so important? I mean I'm pretty sure his name is from mythology but that's it.

Sunny: Long story, but Loki's real.

Keefe: WHAT?

Magnus: How and why, Sunny?

Sunny has left the chat

Magnus: Ugh.

Keefe: Loki's the trickster god right? He pranks people? He's basically me in god form!

Magnus: Except Loki's evil and he tried to end the world.

Keefe: I take that back.

Loki: Come on,  that's a bit of an exaggeration.🙎♂️

Loki: Actually,no,yeah, you got that right.😁

Loki was blocked from the chat

Magus: You know, this is weird. Why do you think we're even on this chat?

Keefe: No idea.

Keefe: Actually, are you human?

Magnus: What type of question is that? Sure I'm a demigod, a dead demigod, but I'm human. Are you not human?

Keefe: Duh. I'm an elf!

Magnus: Wait, WHAT?!

Sunny has rejoined the chat

Sunny: Guys, really long story. Magnus, read Keeper of the Lost Cities, Keefe, read Magnus Chase.

Keefe: He has a book about him?

Sunny: *Sigh*


This is my first one. Hope you guys like it!😁