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Blessings of the Goddess

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There is a story told in every church of the Goddess around the world. The story of how woman came to inherit the earth.


Long ago, at the dawn of man, there was a god. His name is long forgotten, so he is now known as ‘The Giver’.


The Giver was a simple man, who watched over the fledgling humans with pride, like a shepherd over his flock. 


However, much of his flock was corrupt and evil; filled with greed and hatred.


But there was one who caught his eye.


A woman stood out to him, as she exemplified everything he valued.










The Giver was smitten by the woman and came to live among her people, disguising himself as a normal man. There he lived for years, falling for her more as she fell for him. Not once did he use his godly powers to influence her or change her, for he wanted her love to be genuine, should it be so.


Finally, they embraced each other fully. 


On that night, they laid together, caught in the throes of passion and love, a man and a woman in pure ecstasy and erotica.


He kept his divinity a secret for the many years they were together, not wanting to change the woman from what she was.


Then one day, their peaceful village was raided. 


A neighboring tribe fell upon their small settlement and slaughtered them wholesale. The Giver was so stunned by the brutality that he was unable to react in the moment.


Then he erupted in holy power.


Instantly, the villagers were all returned to life, while the invaders were reduced to dust. The woman turned to her love, at first stunned by his divine countenance, but then quickly approached him.


The woman asked that he return the invaders to life and spare them. The Giver was so moved by her compassion that he did so, sending them away alive and wiping their memory of the village.


It was then that The Giver made his choice.


He took the woman to bed, making love to her like he had done countless times before. However, when he poured his love inside of her, he gave more than just his seed. 


As his divine essence filled her, he leaned down and kissed her tenderly. A burst of light erupted from the man, washing over the whole earth, before collapsing back upon the woman. When she opened her eyes, The Giver was gone, but she could feel his warmth throughout her entire body.


The newly-crowned Goddess arose from her bed, then ascended into heaven to watch over humanity.


It was then that womankind inherited the earth. With his final act before Giving himself to the Goddess, he blessed all women in her honor.



"As you all know," the teacher began, "the sex ratio is the ratio between males and females in a species. Nearly all species have a 50% ratio, with the exception of some insects and reptiles, but the most notable example is, of course, humanity.”


Izuku wasn’t really paying attention as he sat in his desk designed for someone twice his size. He had finished reading the biology textbook weeks ago and it's not like this was anything advanced.


“Humanity is also a prime example of sexual dimorphism. I’m sure I don’t have to explain that.”


Izuku felt twenty pairs of eyes glance over at him. He wasn't surprised by the stares, but he never really got used to them. It wasn't weird to see a man, as they made up a solid 5% of the population, but it wasn't very common to see one as a senior in high school. Most men dropped out when they hit sexual maturity around their eighteen birthday. 


Izuku knew that his excuse that he was a late bloomer was wearing thin; truth be told he was going through his second puberty at that very moment, he was just very good at hiding it.


Carefully processed meals kept his ravenous hunger down, but it was his new invention that kept the real telltale sign in check.


"Nobody knows for certain why humanity went down such a biologically improbable path," the teacher continued. "But the leading theory is that human intelligence led to our survival in a situation that would cause other species to die out."


Izuku fully tuned out at this point. He could have given this lecture in his sleep, not that anyone would be willing to listen to him. It was only in the last generation that men had earned the right to go to school and many old biases died hard.


Back in humanity's past, there came a divergence. For some reason, the 1:1 sex ratio that nearly all animals followed became skewed, and women began to outnumber men. As far back as recorded history went, only one man was born out of every twenty children. Even archeological digs of early humans from tens of thousands of years ago supported this ratio.


At the same time, men began to shrink. Those same archeological studies showed that the average male shrunk from nearly six feet tall to the current average of just under five feet. 


Izuku wasn’t bitter that he was only four feet tall, no sir.


Scientists explained men shrinking by claiming more of their mass and energy was being used to ‘facilitate their biological imperative’.


Which in simple terms meant ‘fuck’. Men were designed to fuck.


Men had shrunk in height and size, but they had grown elsewhere. Male genitalia had increased in size dramatically, which was coupled by a slight widening of male hips and an increased density and size of male leg bones, all to support the increased 'biological burden' that they carried. 


As men's physical power and presence diminished, women's grew. It appeared that at one point, women were actually smaller than men, which seemed like such a foreign concept. 


Izuku glanced around at the room. The shortest woman there was still over two feet taller than him. 


Natural selection pushed women to be taller and stronger with every generation. The modern woman was an average of 7 feet tall, although there was quite a variance. Izuku had met several women standing at 8 feet or taller. At the same time, their muscle mass and density had grown to support the constant struggle and conflict that was human history.


Most often, those struggles throughout history—from tribal conflicts to full-scale wars—were all over the same thing: men.


Men were a valuable and limited commodity; entire communities flourished or withered based on their men. However, the danger of inbreeding was also high with such a small population and as such, tribes, communities, and families would need to get new males.


This often was handled in the form of trade. One town would trade five of their men for five of another, for example, or sometimes men would be exchanged for food or other goods. However, sometimes peaceful trade didn't happen. When faced with potential extinction from a lack of fresh men, violence was inevitable. 


It was the biggest and strongest women who could take the most men from their neighbors in raids and in battle to continue their lines, leading to a sort of biological arms race that meant nowadays, even the most sedentary and waifish office worker could easily lift Izuku over her head.


Those that actually worked out and trained could lift hundreds, if not thousands of pounds. He remembered a publicity event a few months ago where Miruko squatted two tons and it still didn't look like she was close at her limit.


Raids and even wars for men had been common for all of recorded history, but nowadays, most countries were more 'civilized'. Nations would engage in trading rather than armed conflict to keep their populations healthy and growing.


That was Izuku's lot in life as a man. For all of human history, men were resources and commodities. They were incredibly valuable and precious, but commodities nonetheless. Even today, governments carefully regulated and monitored their male populations, often relocating them or trading them to another country.


It was only within the last century that most countries had passed laws giving men the right to refuse to be moved or traded forcibly. In Japan, it had only been twenty years ago.


Izuku shook his head. On top of all this, women had started to develop things called 'quirks' two hundred years ago. If it wasn't already hard enough to be a man, there was another thing that put women higher on that pedestal compared to them.


The bell rang that dismissed them to lunch, but Izuku didn't move. It was best to let the women all leave first so he had an easier time moving in the hallways. It was easy to get stepped on when you only came up to most women's stomachs.


Besides, it wasn't like there was any purpose to him going to the cafeteria anyway.


Izuku ducked out of the classroom and toward a staircase in the corner of the building, ignoring the looks of curiosity and lust that the women in the hallway gave him. He hurried up the steps to the very top, pulling out a small device and inserting it into the lock of the door. With a whir, the lock clicked open and Izuku quietly stepped out onto the roof: his small secret spot of solitude during lunch.


Izuku leaned up against the wall and pulled out one of the thermoses from his backpack containing his meal. Something about the biology review had put him in a reflective mood and he stared down at the cool metal container in his hand with a sigh.


Inside was milk. Specifically, breast milk. It was the only thing men could eat.


It wasn't that eating other food was illegal, it was that their bodies had evolved—or devolved, depending on your point of view—so that breast milk was the only thing they could eat. 


Izuku sometimes wondered what it would be like to eat other foods. Sure, companies made flavored milk and other types of food out of milk to give diets some variance, but it was all the same in the end. Eating stuff that wasn't breast milk made men violently ill, so that curiosity was often quickly dampened.


Women, of course, had to provide this milk. While all women produce milk while pregnant—and while women had experienced a significant growth in their breasts over the millennia, to the point where 'average-sized' meant that they were the size of the woman's head—that wasn't nearly enough for global demand. There were a small subset of women that produced milk constantly and prodigiously, almost always paired with massive chests. 


These women, colloquially called 'lacs', were held with the utmost esteem and seen by society as life-givers and, to the religiously-minded, gifts of the Goddess. A woman could make a very lucrative career out of producing milk for companies and corporations, with the most gifted of them able to produce over 50 gallons a day. 


There was a whole industry dedicated to farming and producing milk and milk products. To be able to support men's diets, women's milk had evolved in tandem to provide all the nutrients that men needed to survive. This meant that breast milk was a sort of super food, even for other women. It was nutritious, filling, and had minor stamina-boosting effects.


Although the other side of the coin had more drastic effects.


There was a reason Izuku was the only male left in his grade, not that there were many to start with. While milk was a superfood, cum was something more akin to divine ambrosia for women.


Drinking and consuming cum had dramatic positive benefits for women, to the point that some professional sports leagues test for it as a performance-enhancing drug. However, for most women and especially heroes, cum was a high sought after and desired commodity.


There it was again. Commodity. That's all Izuku felt like some times.


With only so many men, there was a very limited supply of cum, even with how productive men had become. It was a premium product, expensive to the point where most women only could afford to indulge once a month or so. 


It was used in skin products to miraculous effect, but most women chose to consume it in some form. It had stamina and strength-enhancing effects, brain-boosting qualities, stimulating properties that made energy drinks look impotent, and even provided major power boosts to quirks. Furthermore, that was all just when it was ingested orally; cum absorbed through the womb had more dramatic effects. Needless to say, there was very, very high demand. 


Where there was demand, there was profit. That's what most men did for a living. They spent their days in luxury, drinking their fill of milk and hooked up to machines that drained every drop of cum out of them.


Officially, they were called something much nicer, but most people referred to them as 'cum cows'. A high-end cum cow could produce close to 100 gallons a day if they spent the whole day hooked up to the machines, which meant a very healthy paycheck.


However, they were slaves to their desires and their bodies, spending any time that they weren't being milked or sleeping with their dicks inside women, breeding them. 


Izuku couldn't think of a fate much worse than that. He wanted to do something with his life; he wanted to make a difference and help people. He knew he had the ability, as he was one of the smartest, if not the smartest student at the school.


He couldn't put into words how angry people got when they got worst test grades than him.


Men weren't supposed to be smart. They were supposed to be quiet, subservient and make enough cum to bloat a womb or five.


That wasn't fair. There were plenty of women that treated men as equals, or at least tried. There were a lot of inherent biases and assumptions that women just didn't think about, but he appreciated their intent. If it wasn't for sympathetic women, the legislation that was making life better for men would never have gotten passed in the first place. 


Izuku sighed and took a drink of his milk. It tasted a little funny, but that was a small price to pay for his dream. He was in the middle of his second puberty and he was already experiencing dramatic changes in his body, which meant his appetite was almost unmanageable. He was drinking nearly three times his normal daily intake and he still felt hunger pangs.


His mother got a healthy stipend from the government to aid in the raising of a precious male, which Izuku used to buy his meals. She let him order the food himself, which let him get away with doing something… unorthodox.


In addition to the nutrients and sustenance of milk, it also contained hormones. Lots and lots of hormones.


These hormones began to react with men when they entered their second puberty, both supercharging their growth and their production. He couldn't risk those getting into his system. 


Fortunately, there was a small American company that processed milk in such a way that removed the hormones. Izuku ordered exclusively from them and kept it a secret, not wanting anyone to know that he was choosing to hinder himself in the eyes of society.


He finished his meal, which temporarily sated the black hole that was his stomach, and pulled out his notebook, eager to continue work on his latest schematic.



" Deku ." 


Izuku flinched as he heard the anger dripping from the word. He turned around slowly to see a blonde woman stomping toward him.


Katsumi Bakugou, his former childhood friend, grabbed him by the shirt and lifted him up effortlessly, slamming his back into the wall as his feet dangled several feet off the ground. 


Her red eyes glared into his green as she leaned closer, until her soft, healthy chest prevented her from coming any nearer.


"I saw your application," she hissed. "You're trying for UA."


Izuku gulped. "I-it's not what you think, Kacchan."


Her mouth turned up into a snarl. "Then what is it, Deku? What makes you think a quirkless, worthless man like you can be a hero? I thought I told you to give up."


"I know I can't," he admitted quietly. Why was she pressing her chest into him? Why were they so soft? Why did it feel so nice?


"What was that?"


"I know I can't," Izuku repeated. "I gave up on that a long time ago. There's no way for me to be a hero when I'm a man."


Katsumi narrowed her eyes. "What's your game?"


"I'm applying for the support course."


She blinked. "Hmmph. I suppose that's fine." Katsumi leaned back a little, removing the soft orbs that were covering his entire torso and then some. "You better make me some good fucking gear."


Izuku felt his heart rate picking up. "O-okay. I-I'll try."


She huffed and reached her other hand forward, roughly grabbing at his cock through his pants. "Pathetic. You still haven't grown any?"


"N-no," Izuku lied. "I t-think my second puberty is over, sorry."


She ran her hand roughly down it, making him hiss a little. "Only twelve inches. What a waste. Useless." 


Katsumi dropped him, sending him crashing to the ground. Since she stood a full 7'4", he had quite a way to drop, and he hit hard, crumpling to his knees against the thankfully soft dirt. 


She trudged off, but Izuku wasn't really focusing on that. Instead, he was worried about the growing heat in his pants. 


Izuku ran off as fast as he could go, trying to get home as soon as possible. His watch was already beeping with warnings that his containment ring was failing. 


Izuku darted between legs and down alleys as he took the fastest route home. Thankfully, his intense and disciplined workout regiment meant he was very fit, at least for a man, so he managed to keep up the full sprint all the way home.


His watch read 'imminent failure' as he almost flew up the steps of his apartment building. Izuku swore as he dropped the keys once, but then managed to unlock the door, slamming it behind him as he ran to his room, thankful that his mom wasn't home yet.


Izuku barely got his pants off before there was an audible crack as his containment device failed. The ring at the base of his cock fell to the floor in pieces as Izuku's legs began to feel weak.


Suddenly, inch after inch began to pour from his crotch as his cock and balls exploded in size. What had previously been twelve inches of soft cock and a pair of egg-sized testicles swelled rapidly as they returned to their full size. The head of his cock brushed the ground and sent a spark of pleasure through him, causing Izuku's legs to give out as he fell backwards onto his ass. 


Izuku's legs were forced apart by the swelling masses as the flaccid length laying on top of his balls began to lengthen and harden, slowly raising off the ground.


Izuku couldn't do anything but pant heavily as hormones pounded through his veins and his mind grew hazy. 


Quickly, but much too slowly, his cock reached its full length, standing like a monolith of lust from his body, accompanied by two massive orbs dangling beneath. 


Izuku managed to stand to his feet, which was a struggle even with his relatively strong legs, and stumbled over to the machine in the corner of the room. He lined up his pulsing head and shoved it into the synthetic pussy, bottoming out in an instant as he cried out in overwhelming pleasure.


The machine kicked to life, beginning to vibrate, pulse and squeeze his length. Two soft tendrils extended from below, reaching out and beginning to stroke and vibrate across his testicles, causing them to swell slowly as his cum production increased. He collapsed forward, letting the machine support his body as he tried to endure the hurricane of pleasure that was battering his mind. 


For a solid twenty minutes he held himself there, his breath ragged and his legs long ago forced into the widely-spaced foot holds that let his titanic balls hang free. Thankfully, the male body had evolved to handle incredible weights down there without risk of damage, but it was still a struggle for him to stay upright. Finally, he felt release coming and willed himself to let go, his massive nuts clenching powerfully as his cock bloated thicker.


With a loud and audible splurt, he began to pump gallon after gallon of thick, hot cum into the machine, watching with half-lidded eyes as it flowed like thick milk down the clear plastic tubes to the containment reservoir. 


Pulse after pulse pounded down his length as he rode out his orgasm, letting the hours of buildup flow out of him as his entire body seized up. His flow finally began to lessen and a final squeeze of the machine milked the last of his dregs out.


Izuku panted and slowly pulled himself out of the machine, collapsing onto the ground as his cock sprang free.


He sat there for a few minutes as he regained his breath, his cock still standing tall and hard in front of his face.


That was fine. Now that he had cum once, he could ignore his erection and it would go away in time, as long as he could distract himself. 


Izuku pulled himself to his feet and stumbled back to the machine, walking bow-legged due to his pendulous balls hanging between his legs. He leaned on the machine and began to mess with the touch screen, pulling up the report from that… event.


Erect penis length: 31.78"

Maximum erect penis width (diameter): 5.94”

Erect penis weight: 28.53 lbs


Maximum testicle size (diameter): 18.84” (per testicle)

Resting testicle size (diameter): 5.74" (per testicle)

Resting testicle weight: 4.36 lbs (per testicle)


Orgasm length: 3m 42s

Semen volume: 30.28 gallons

Semen weight: 300.68 lbs

Semen density: 9.93 lbs/gallon


Izuku cursed under his breath. "I grew that much since yesterday? Dammit." 


He walked over to his desk and slumped down in his chair, careful to not sit on his engorged genitalia. The first iteration of his containment device had worked well, but it still couldn't handle him if his discipline failed and he got aroused. 


He was still deep in the midst of his second puberty; there was no real way to tell how long he would keep growing.


Creating a device that could effectively collapse some of the space between atoms and significantly reduce mass was already ground-breaking, but it still wasn't good enough. He had to perfect it so he could live a life free from his ungodly endowment.


He looked at the nearly-complete Mk.2 sitting on his workbench, which he designed to handle 50% more than his old model, which had served him faithfully for several months. 


Fortunately, today was Friday and he had all weekend to finish it. Once that was out of the way, he could start work on the creation that would get him into UA.


If he couldn't be a hero, he would help them, by Goddess, and no stupid huge cock was going to stop him.