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boyfriend ♡

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“  I’m a motherfuckin’ train wreck

I don’t wanna be too much

But I don’t wanna miss your touch

And you don’t seem to give a fuck  . “



“Lance- hah-… the fucking broom is hurting my back, you gotta-,” Keith let out a really embarrassing moan when Lance grabbed his thighs and hoisted him up. While he was moving him to the other wall, his mouth played with his earring and tugged it playfully. He smirked when Keith released a whimper. Jocks.

When Keith decided to spend his half lunch break, making out with the basketball star Lance Ramirez in a storage room, he didn’t expect it to be so painful.

“You literally go to the fitness almost every day, then on the next day you go on kickbox practices with Shiro and now you’re complaining about some broom nudging your back? You never fail to surprise me, Kogane.”

When Keith’s back finally hit the other wall, he attacked the Cuban’s lips again with a quick ‘shut up’. Keith always loved it when he was kissing Lance. It felt so right, the way their bodies and lips fit so well like pieces from a puzzle. Lance’s hands moved slightly ‘till they reached his butt and he gave it a squeeze. Keith moaned. Again.

The bell that announced one hour left ‘till the beginning of the second period ringed, but neither of the boys paid it mind. After all, they were used to it by now.

Keith pushed his hips towards Lance’s hard boner sporting his jeans. Now it was Lance, who let out a pretty whine.

“You can,” another hard kiss, their tongues touching each other and making Keith shiver. The black haired boy’s hands moved towards Lance’s brown locks and tugged hard just like Lance liked it. Lance smelled so good and his muscles were so strong and Keith wanted to die. He tugged again and the tall boy finally broke the kiss and bared his neck.

“I can what?” Lance asked while Keith attacked his collarbone already sucking in, creating hickeys, that could be covered with Lance’s jacket easily. Keith ignored that possessive side of his that wanted everyone to see that the lover boy of Voltron High had someone by his side.

He’s not yours though.

He reminded himself again. That thought has been running through his mind, since he and Lance started this… arrangement between themselves. If that’s what you can call it. They haven’t had sex, just some sloppy making out, hand and blow jobs. Both of them weren’t exactly ready to sleep together yet. Although Keith wouldn’t say he was opposed to the idea…

“You can put me down now, I already know you have muscles Ramirez,” sadly he pulled his mouth away from Lance’s pretty warm and dark skin so he could answer the boy in front of him, “you don’t need to impress me.”

When he finally looked at Lance’s face, he felt a blush already taking over. Lance was looking at him with such hunger, as if he hadn’t hear what Keith said and didn’t care one bit, just wanted to keep making out.

Lance smirked, but put him down carefully. Which was bummer since he was slightly shorter than Lance and couldn’t look him eye to eye anymore, unless Lance slightly tilted his head down. His hands stayed on his ass and gave it another squeeze.

“Let me feel strong for a moment jeez. We both know you’re more muscular and can throw me across the room if you wanted. Which is really sexy might I add-,“ he dived in for another kiss and Keith almost gave in, but he put his hand on Lance’s mouth right now time. The pale boy knew if they kissed, they wouldn’t stop after some time. And they had to take care of their tents really fast and go to eat their lunch. Pidge, Hunk, Allura and Romelle were probably getting suspicious.

Lance’s protest died on his mouth, when Keith removed his hand and slid on his knees, right in front of Lance’s crotch.

The brunette already was putting both his hands in Keith’s hair.

“God, Keith you’re going to kill me one day,” Lance moaned as Keith started undoing his pants.

Well you already killed me’ was Keith’s last thought before he was about drive Lance insane with pleasure once again.




Keith thought back to the moment where this thing with Lance started. It was maybe two or three months ago and Keith was picking up Lance from practice after he finished his homework at Coran’s art cabinet. Since the Ramirez and Shirogane-Williams houses were really close, the two boys were used to go and leave school together. It was the best part of Keith’s day since he was usually using his hover-bike to drive them home and Lance had to put his hands around his waist and his head on Keith’s shoulder and his pining gay ass really loved it.

As he entered the sport hall, he was greeted with Lance sweaty in a tank top, that didn’t leave much to the imagination, dribbling alone, practicing past due like always. Lance always felt like he had to be the best even if he knew he was the star of his team and already with a scholarship.

Of course, Keith just watched without announcing his arrival and kept checking out his best friend. After some good minutes, Lance finally decided to stop and as he turned around, Keith’s breath caught up in his throat and he almost choked. Lance’s eyes were serious and determined, a really unusual look on his handsome face that was smiling or smirking most of the time.

Oh no, he’s hot…

Lance’s hair was sticking on his sweaty forehead, curly due to heat. Lance always complained about it, claiming that the curls looked awful, but honestly, Keith thought he looked even more attractive. Not trusting his mouth to say something not embarrassing, Keith simply waved and tilted his head at the clock on the wall that showed it was already 6pm and they had to leave. Lance’s eyebrows furrowed and followed his motion. When he saw the hour, the dark skinned boy simply sighed and headed to his bottle of water. Keith couldn’t help but track the sweat that was falling down from his temple, and how his Adam apple bobbed when he was chugging down the drink. Is this some wet dream of his? Did Keith have to pinch himself to wake up?

“Hey mullet.”

Nope, this was definitely real. In Keith’s fantasies Lance was using these gross pet names, not ‘mullet’ or ‘asshole’. Not that Keith was thinking about Lance. Not at all.

Finally trusting his ability to talk, Keith rolled his eyes and started walking towards the taller.

“You’ve gotten better.” Keith complimented him, because he genuinely wanted to let the Cuban know his abilities have gone up since he started playing for the school team. Keith knew he needed some encouragement once in a while. The raven haired knew what was underneath that cocky and arrogant façade after all.

As usual, however, Lance dismissed him and waved a hand.

“It still needs to be better. The games are after a month and we’re against the Olkari,” the brunette grabbed his red towel and started drying himself, while putting his bottle in his bag, “and they’re tough motherfuckers.”

“I know, but I don’t get why you’re overworking yourself,” Lance put on a sweatshirt, since it was really cold outside and hiked his backpack on his shoulder. Towel now hanging from his neck, he motioned to Keith to finally go, “you already got accepted into Altea AND with a scholarship. Do you think they’re going to cancel you just because you lost to some school game?” Keith let out a scoff.

As they got the doors, Keith switched off the lights and the hall went into complete darkness, the only light now coming from the hall. Lance chuckled and opened the doors, but held it for Keith like the gentleman Luna Ramirez raised him to be. Even from such a small gesture, Keith flushed a bit nevertheless. People often mistook Lance’s character, just because he was flirty and arrogant, always joking around. Lance was actually one of the nicest and kindest people he’s ever met, right next to Hunk and his cousin, who was more of a brother to Keith – Shiro.

“Look who’s talking. As if you didn’t faint two weeks ago, because you forgot to eat and drink, all for finishing your art piece. Don’t even dare to talk about overworking in front of me, Kogane.”

Keith scowled. “When will you finally forget about this? It literally happened for the first time and I won’t do it again. I promised, didn’t I?”

When Keith looked at Lance, he was surprised by the angry frown on his face.

When the brunette didn’t respond and just kept walking, Keith just let it be. It’s not like he did faint on purpose. Unlike Lance, Keith had to do other stuff if he wanted to get accepted into Altea too. And he really wanted to.

They didn’t talk for the rest of the walk. Lance greeted the doorman bye and they headed towards Keith’s bike. They were both still silent as Keith gave him the spare helmet. Still silent as Keith parked in front of Lance’s house. As Keith got up from his seat so he and Lance can put their helmets under it, the tension between them was getting higher and higher. Since Keith lived just a few houses down, he always left his bike at Lance’s because there was no use to drive it from his house to here just to pick Lance up. It was easier.

Lance opened the garage door, a neutral look on his face. Keith was getting worried with every second passing by. Their departure was supposed to be banter and teasing, talking about how the second period went and then to hug for good night. Maybe sometime he’d stay for dinner or Lance will come to his house. This silence wasn’t them.

Keith thought about apologizing, but then again. For what? He didn’t do anything wrong and he was stubborn. If Lance wasn’t doing no effort to say something, then Keith sure as hell wasn’t going to either.

Keith placed his bike next to Luna’s car and left. Keith saw Lance typing the code for closing the garage door, and turned on his feet to go home, sure that Lance wasn’t going to say anything for the rest of the night. He walked for some seconds before he heard a voice behind him.

“What now Keith? You won’t even say good night?”

The tone wasn’t even Lance’s typical teasing one. It was bitter and mad as if he wanted to get a rise of Keith. And guess what? He was going to get it.

Keith turned around and faced his friend who had his arms crossed, leaning on the pillar of the house. He still had that neutral look on his face, but his dark blue eyes were giving away his anger. Irritated Keith marched at him and when he finally stood in front of Lance and looked up slightly to meet his eyes, the realization hit him like a train. He was really about to have a fight with Lance, one of the closest people in his life. Adrenaline pulsed everywhere in his body. He has gotten better with his anger since freshman year, but that didn’t mean the hot headedness wasn’t a part of his personality anymore.

“What’s your fucking problem?! If something happened and you haven’t told me or don’t plan to tell me, go talk with someone or whatever. I don’t care. But don’t let it out on me. I’m not a punching bag for your problems, Lance.”

He lied. Of course he cared, if something happened, but he didn’t deserve his attitude. Not when he wasn’t at fault. Crush or not, Keith had enough dignity and self respect.

For a second, Lance’s eyes softened a bit. It was barely visible, but Keith has known him for four years now and had a good (if not perfect) knowledge about Lance’s expressions. The softness was there, but then disappeared as if it wasn’t there and the anger was back again, showing in those pretty blue eyes.

Lance still kept it quiet, staring as if analyzing Keith. Keith almost groaned in annoyance. What did that guy want?!

A wave of wind blew and Keith shivered. It was the middle of December so the wind was quite cold and Keith was only in his hoodie with nothing underneath. Lance, the fucker, of course noticed and the anger was replaced with worry. As if Lance was really about to make him stay in front of his house to look at each other like some idiots.

Keith counted to ten and just when he was about to flip him off and go home, Lance murmured something.


Another cold wave and Keith put his arms around himself. Keith huffed angrily.

“Lance just spit it o-“

“I think we should kiss.”

And just like that time froze. Lance’s whole face was red and it was probably a mix of the cold and embarrassment. Keith was sure his face wasn’t doing any better and was sporting an even more visible blush since his skin was pale in contrast with Lance’s light brown one.

“Lance wh-“

“Ugh this came out so wrong! Look I didn’t mean it in that way! I just… I just lately think about boys more than usual and you’re gay so you probably know more about this than me. And I was just thinking if you could,” Lance took a breath and the warmth hit Keith in the face gently,”… you know… help a… bro out?”

Lance grimaced as if the words physically hurt him to say. Keith could hear the Ramirez family talking loud even from outside.

“You want us to kiss each other, so you could decide if you’re into guys?”

The Cuban looked ready to go into his house, hide under his bed and never come out.

“I- I- uhh…,” Lance gulped, “I mean I’ve liked girls all my life, but I- um I always knew I didn’t look or thought about boys in the most heterosexual way, you know?” he looked around, looking like he wanted to be saved from having this conversation.

“I guess I’ve been bi-curious for a long time now and since it’s our last year of high school I thought to myself ‘what more could I lose?’ and since you’re my closest friend, gay and you know…” this time he looked straight at Keith and Keith almost melted, “you’re not exactly bad in the face so I decided to ask you. I’d understand if you refused, but man I would really appre-“

Not bad in the face? Did Lance find him attractive all this time? Keith’s stomach warmed at the thought.


Keith’s answer came out and stopped Lance’s rambling who looked so shocked as if he was preparing a whole speech to convince Keith. The Korean almost rolled his eyes. If Lance thought it would take a whole speech to make him want to smooch the brunet, he had news coming his way.

“Wait really?”

Keith huffed and saw his cold breath coming out, forming in the air.

“Yes, Lance, really. Is that why you got so mad? You wanted to ask me if I want to kiss you?”

“I got mad, because you waved off your fainting which scared the shit out of me. But yeah that’s also a part of it.”

This time Keith rolled his eyes.

“Whatever. We were talking about smooching.”

“Please never say that word again.” Lance begged.

“You’re avoiding the question.”

“Is that my mom calling me?”



Keith uncurled his hands that were around him warming him and put them on Lance’s shoulders. Lance’s eyes widened comically. Lance was warm. He smelled of sweat, Lance and the deodorant he was using. He was in a need for a shower, but it wasn’t really that bad. Keith has kissed boys who smelled even worse. If that was the only time he was going to kiss his crush then so be it. Keith wasn’t going to complain. He’d make the most of it.

“Look,” he leveled Lance with an intense stare and Lance, if it was possible, got even redder. Oh god, this was going to be fun. The famous flirty Lover boy blushing like he’s going to kiss for the first time. Adorable. “You just want to test a theory. You will either enjoy it or won’t like it. Both versions are okay. And if you enjoy and it turns out that your hypothesis is true and you do like guys,” Keith shrugged, “It won’t be a big deal. You’re still the same Lance no matter your sexuality. Okay?”

Lance nodded. Keith wet his lips and saw how Lance’s gaze tracked the movement. The shorter boy almost whined. Almost.


“Lance you’re tense. Just calm down. I don’t think kissing a boy or a girl is really that different. Don’t be so scared.”

He brought his hands up and touched Lance’s hot cheeks. Lance immediately relaxed under his touch and Keith was really gonna scream.

Keith thought that Lance might need more preparation, when all of a sudden Lance tilted his head down a bit and touched their lips.

The black haired always thought about kissing Lance since he realized about his crush on him.

And wow.

None of these imaginations compared to the real thing. Lance’s lips were soft and slightly chapped because of the wind. For a moment, both of them were just sitting there, not moving. And as if on time, they both started actually kissing. The boys opened their mouths and tilted their heads so they can kiss properly. Lance placed his hands on Keith’s hips, while Keith just smeared his thumbs across Lance’s cheekbones. The moment their tongues touched, it was all game over. Keith became greedier with every kiss, with every touch, he almost forgot he was doing this for Lance. The pauses between the kisses were getting shorter and shorter. Keith couldn’t get enough and apparently so did Lance, which caused Keith’s heart to make a happy flip in his chest and for the butterflies in his stomach to erupt. The air was getting colder, but Keith didn’t care as he basked in Lance’s warm body.

Of course all good things had to come to an end. Keith’s stomach let out a loud growl and he suddenly remembered he didn’t eat his lunch today. Keith separated their lips, which made a ‘smack’ sound. It was hilariously cute how Lance chased after him. Another thump in Keith’s chest.

Keith let out a happy sigh. Lance’s eyes were still closed, but there was a tiny small gracing his lips. Those lips that actually kissed Keith. And Keith kissed back. He wanted more, he wanted to press his mouth against his again and never stop.

When Lance opened his eyes and looked at Keith, Keith didn’t know why, but he felt scared. What would Lance say now? Did he find out that Keith was helplessly in love with him by just the kiss? God, what if Keith was too eager or desperate and now Lance would hate him and- shit- Keith fucked up-

The black haired boy dropped his hands and tried to take a step back, but Lance’s arms around his waist tightened and Keith looked up to see Lance’s eyes who had his eyebrows furrowed.

Oh shit, Keith thought, I’m gonna have to move to Canada now and never come back.

“Can I kiss you again?”


“What?” Keith asked in disbelief.

Lance’s eyes tracked his face, looked around them, but that little smile showed up again. One of his hands left Keith’s hips so he could reach behind his neck all embarrassed and shy. He was so cute and Keith’s heart couldn’t take it.

“I just um-… I just think I can’t decide if I like boys from just one kiss? Another one would definitely help. If that’s okay with you, I mean. I know you’re probably hungry-“

Keith didn’t need any other explanations. If Lance wanted to kiss him, well… he wasn’t really going to say no.

And as Keith grabbed the front of Lance’s shirt and pulled him into another kiss, he thought of how this was the best and yet the worst decision of his life.




And here he was. Two months already and they were still kissing whenever they wanted, making each other feel good. Keith knew he was taking a certain advantage of the situation, but could anyone blame him? His crush liked making out him! Him! Keith Kogane! Lance could literally have anyone else in this school, but no. He wanted to kiss Keith.

This past week, however, Keith has been thinking about breaking things off. Yes, he liked Lance. Yes, he wanted to keep this arrangement and stretch it out as long as he can. He knew that Lance would eventually get tired of him or find someone else and Keith would probably smile and play it off, but deep down his heart would forever bleed and ache for the person he most desired, yet he couldn’t have.

It wasn’t only that. It was almost the beginning of March and Keith had to submit some required art pieces. Keith was an artist and he knew he wanted to do that for the rest of his life. He loved the feeling of expressing himself through a brush, or a pen. Since he was mostly shitty with words and he struggled with actions, painting and creating art was the only way Keith could show everything he wanted and be one hundred percent real.

And Altea University of Sports, Art and IT was really hard to get in. Altea was a dream come true for everyone who wanted those three main specialties. After graduation, they immediately find you a job so you could put into work all the things you’ve learned. The sport students could play in teams while they were studying. The art and IT students were put into part time jobs, so they could have experience. Pidge and Lance already won scholarships, which left Keith, Hunk and Allura. Technically Allura’s father was one of the professors at the place so he could easily put his daughter in the list, if he wanted, but Allura insisted to actually get through her exams and pass. Keith didn’t really know many rich boys or girls, only the stereotypes around them and he knew Allura didn’t fit them at all.

Allura was a dancer and captain of the gymnastic team. There wasn’t something Allura couldn’t to. Everyone loved Allura. She worked hard and didn’t take shit from anyone.

She was also desired from both, boys and girls. Allura was bisexual so she could have the best of the both worlds. However, Voltron’s best girl thought that dating right now could distract her from her goal so she never responded to the invitations that were offered. Dates or prom suggestions (already?) were all off the table. Keith really admired her resistance. After all, a lot of attractive people studied here. Not that Keith was the best judge for that since he was a full raging homosexual.

Like Keith and Allura, Hunk Garett was still someone from their group who still didn’t get accepted into an university. He submitted for Altea and Balmera and while most of them wanted into the first one, Keith had doubts that Hunk’s wish to study in Balmera was stronger. They had an excellent engineer program and students there could take hobbies two days in the week and the Samoan probably wanted to take cooking classes so he could improve at it. In Keith’s opinion, there was no need since Hunk’s skills were perfect, but oh well…

Also, his freshman girlfriend Shay studied there too so.

Which left the only art student in the group aka Keith. He already submitted some pieces, but there was still work to do and Lance was so…so distracting.

Keith wanted to be able to do everything perfectly.

His thoughts got interrupted when a pale hand waved in front of his eyes. He immediately recognized the freckles on it and looked on his right to see Pidge. Her light auburn eyes full of worry and amusement.

“Dude are you with us? I’ve been calling your name for a fifth time now yet no answer,” she nudged his shoulder gently, “what’s going on?”

Honestly if it wasn’t for Pidge, Keith was pretty sure his list of friends would consist only of his art materials, Shiro, Adam and his husky Kosmo. They met through Pidge’s older brother Matt who also studied here and was Lance’s teammate in the basketball team. Matt and him had a group project back in freshman year and when he came over at the Holts, he met with Pidge and after some awkwardness, they both bonded over conspiracy theories and their weird, not-so-social personalities. They hung out only when Keith was coming over, but after Pidge found out she’d study in the same high school, they started meeting up occasionally without her brother. They did their homework together, they vented to each other and watched alien documentaries together. Through Pidge he also met Lance and Hunk and so on. She was his best friend and he wouldn’t trade her for the world.

“Sorry, I’ve been zoning out lately. You know uni stress and all that shit.”

He leaned forward on the table and put forearms on it.

A small hand landed on his shoulder.

“Stop worrying over that, Keith. I’m sure you’ll get in, you’re super talented and you’ve been drawing since you were a kid,” she whispered gently as she started rubbing her hand on his shoulder up and down in a comforting manner, “you had a lot of time to improve and you did. There’s no doubt in my mind that they won’t accept a gem like you.”

Keith started fiddling with his hands and threw her a quick, thankful smile. Pidge nodded and went back to scrolling on her phone.

A sudden laughter erupted on the table and without looking up, Keith already knew who it was. If not by the way his insides warmed up, then for the laughter by itself. That laughter that made you instantly happy just by hearing it, that kind of laughter that made you join in without even knowing what the joke was about. The black haired knew that if he looked up he’d be attacked because of the pure bliss on Lance’s face. Keith stared at him enough to know how it looked like.

Keith put his head in his head and sighed quietly. When will this crush go away? Will it disappear someday? His heart dropped in his stomach in fear. What if he never got over it and he was fifty years old, painting sunsets and dogs, with sea blue eyes and brown skin still running through his mind? Oh god-

 “Hey Keith who do you think should I choose?”

Keith slightly jumped from the cheerfulness in Romelle’s voice and looked on his left to see her eyes darting around the room, hands casually supporting her cheeks.


“You know, for the prom? I got three proposals, but I still haven’t decided.”

Keith’s eyebrows raised. So promposals already started? People were fast.

“From whom?”

Romelle looked at him and a sneaky smile creeped on her face.

“First it was Luca.”

“Your ex from two years ago? Didn’t she have a boyfriend now?”

Usually Keith didn’t like to gossip or talk behind people’s backs, but with Romelle it was as if he magically transformed into a old grandma judging people from her window.

Romelle nodded excitingly and turned her whole body towards him. Keith was thankful for the distraction. Otherwise he’d probably get a panic attack over his unbearable crush on the basketball star.

“She did. Apparently they broke up one week ago so she texted me yesterday,” she went to grab her phone, opened it, fiddled for some seconds and then handled it to Keith so he can read the chat.



hello, do you want to accompany me to the prom <3

uhm, i gotta think ab it :/


ofc, text me when u have the answer rom


Apparently the cringe must have showed on Keith’s face since Romelle snorted.

“She sounds like a knight from the 17th century asking for your hand in marriage.”

This time the blonde let out a quiet laugh and covered her mouth, her shoulders moving, a twinkle in her eyes.

“I know right! I seriously laughed out loud when I read that and I was on a movie with Lura so imagine.”

Keith supported his head in his head and started fiddling with his earring, trying not to think how Lance usually played with it, whenever they were alone. The Korean stubbornly kept his eyesight on Romelle, refusing to glance at Lance who was only a few meters away.

“Are you going to say yes though?”

Romelle threw him an ‘are you crazy’ look.

“Of course not, she’s my ex for a reason.”

Keith threw her a smile.

“How would I know, Rom? I only have one ex and he moved away, it’s not like I’m experienced in those stuff.”

“Ew, don’t mention the-one-who-shall-not be named in my presence please,” her face was scrunched in disgust and Keith snickered. He was pretty much over his ex-boyfriend Rolo from one year ago and he sometimes forgot he was in a relationship with that cheating asshole. His friends did not however forgot and constantly threw bitter and funny comments regarding him, which never failed to make Keith laugh.

“Anyways, who was the second one?”

Romelle just opened her mouth to answer, but the bell who announced thirty minutes rang and she immediately closed it. He tapped her lightly on the thigh and stood up.

“You’ll tell me in geography, alright? I gotta go to use the bathroom.”

“You better hold on to that, Kogane.”

She lightly tapped his butt, as he turned around to get his backpack. Usually whoever tried to get their hands on that zone would lose their limbs, but that was Romelle and he didn’t mind one bit. The other exception was Lance, but that didn’t count.

Pidge’s gaze left her phone’s screen and asked him if he was going. She nodded after his quiet yes and muttered a ‘see you’. Just as he hunched his backpack over his shoulder and turned around to say bye to everyone else, one pair of arms landed on his shoulders. Keith immediately recognized on who they belonged. He also ignored the speeding up of his heart.

“Hey mullet, why didn’t you tell me we were leaving?”

Keith noticed Lance’s own backpack on his shoulder too and suddenly remembered he had history with Lance.

“Oh sorry, I forgot. I wanted to use the bathroom.”

They started walking toward the exit of the cafeteria, Lance’s hand now thrown across his shoulder.

Almost like a couple-

No. Don’t go in there. Forbidden territory.

“You’re kind of zoning out these days, man, I’m getting kind of worried,” he chuckled, but the worry was still evident in his voice.

Keith huffed and his voice dropped down an octave and muttered in Lance’s ear, “Don’t worry, Ramirez, I won’t forget how to suck your dick.”

The reaction was exactly one he definitely wanted to see. Lance’s eyes got wide and threw a Keith a scandalous look, his mouth open in shock. He could see a blush spreading on the Cuban’s boy cheeks and felt satisfied. Keith didn’t usually flirt or acknowledged the friends with benefits situation they were in, so whenever he did, it was always left Lance a sputtering mess.

“Keith, dude-,“ he shook his head and looked ahead. The raven-haired also noticed the red that was coloring his ears.

He kind of wanted to lean forward and bite it. It was one of Lance’s sensitive spots and Keith prided himself of the way he found it so easily.

Unintentionally he was just about to do it, when Lance stopped in his tracks. Keith was about to ask when he eyes found the WC sign.

“Okay, I’m gonna be ready in a-… what are you… doing?” Keith narrowed his eyes when Lance’s hand didn’t leave his shoulder and was about to enter the bathroom with him.

The look of fake innocence on Lance’s face could’ve been comical if it wasn’t for Keith knowing damn well what Lance had in mind. And- and usually Keith would’ve been happy or satisfied that Lance wanted to spend those remaining ten minutes with him, them making out in one of the bathroom cabins. But lately Keith just always has that wave of realization that Lance doesn’t want to kiss and make Keith feel good, just because of Keith alone… but because of his body or maybe the fact that he was a boy. And it’s not like Keith didn’t want it. When he or Lance weren’t in the mood, they made sure to tell each other so they won’t be any non-consensual stuff happening that could damage their relationship. Of course, Keith wanted to kiss Lance, and run his fingers through his chestnut locks and have Lance’s hand on his shoulder. He just wished the circumstances were different. He wanted Lance to want him for him.

He didn’t blame Lance though. There was only himself to blame. He got himself in this sticky situation and he was going to get out of it. The sooner the better.

Keith grabbed Lance’s hand and put it away from his body. Lance immediately frowned.

“Lance, not now, I’m not in the mood.”

Lance was silent, his eyes roaming looking for something probably. Keith thought he didn’t find anything apparently since the frown became even bigger. The black haired wanted to reach out and smooth the worry line between his eyebrows. That look didn’t look good on Lance. He preferred a happy, smiley Lance over this any day.

“Did something happen? You were fine earlier, is it something I did?”

“No. Lance, it’s not you, I would’ve told you, you know that. Stop thinking you’re in the wrong whenever I’m not feeling it, alright?”

Keith’s voice was soft. He didn’t Lance to blame himself over something stupid as Keith being a selfish prick, wanting more than he already got.

“And I would love to continue this conversation,”

he definitely wouldn’t,

“but I really gotta pee.”

Lance huffed, but there was now a smile on his handsome face.

“Your buddle is so small. After one sip of water and you’re already peeing the whole Pacific ocean.”

Bickering. Okay something normal. Keith could handle this.

“Don’t bring my tiny buddle into this, Ramirez,” he lifted up an accusing finger at Lance as he finally made his way to the door for the male bathroom.

Lance only rolled his eyes and leaned against the wall while he crossed his arms.

After his relieve, he went to clean his hands and looked at his reflection in the dirty mirror. A boy next to him was taking mirror selfies and apparently was feeling himself since that click sound wasn’t stopping.

Keith washed and dried his hands and tied his hair into a ponytail, making his long earing more visible. He took his red shirt and tied it around his waist, now his long sleeved V-neck shirt showing off his arms nicely. Keith didn’t find himself super attractive, but he was proud of having a good body so Lance wasn’t always going to be always the one showing off goddammit!

Keith finally left the bathroom (and the boy) and made his way towards the Cuban.

Who wasn’t alone. Huh.

Lance was talking with a boy, who was obviously a freshman, judging by how young he looked and the uniform only the first year students wore. The brown skinned boy had a neutral look on his face, but his pose was kind of defensive. Lance was usually a joker, but when he wanted to look scary he could totally pull it off. He raised one eyebrow, after the freshman said something and when he noticed Keith, he so subtly (read not at all) checked him out. Something warm twitched and Keith scolded himself. This was not a time to pop a boner, just because his crush checked him out! How old was he? Fifteen? Sheesh.

Speaking of… the freshman speaking to Lance turned around and his eyes widened, almost popped out of their place at the sight of Keith. He almost groaned. One time he shows off his muscular arms and people will think he will beat them up. Nice. As he got closer he heard Lance’s finishing sentence.

“-ally ask him if you want.”

The boy’s cheeks got red.

“What’s going on here?” He tried to sound neutral, maybe even nice, but Lance’s face that wasn’t exactly friendly, put him on the edge. The brunet in general was kind and non-judgmental towards the students of all ages. Having a lot of siblings helped him with that.

The freshman avoided Keith’s gaze. Okay scratch that, the poor boy probably thought he was gonna punch him in the face for just talking to them. Which was stupid.

“This little fella here wanted to ask you something,” Lance looked at him sideways and nodded at the smaller teenager in front of them who was pointedly looking at the floor, “he noticed us hanging out a lot and wanted to know some stuff.”

Keith frowned. Lance didn’t act like this. He was rarely angry, unlike Keith. Something was wrong and the Korean didn’t like it.

Keith put on a smile, pitying the younger because of Lance’s shitty attitude.

“Hey, what’s your name? You can ask me, I won’t bite. Don’t mind Lance here acting like a stick in the mud.”

When Lance didn’t say or did anything Keith really got concerned, but tried no to show it, keeping the smile on his face. What the fuck was going on?

The boy hesitantly brought up his gaze and when he met Keith’s one, his cheeks reddened even more. Confusion erupted in the pale’s boy mind. He still failed to understand what was going on.

The bell for the remaining ten minutes rang and the boy jumped, obviously startled. Keith tried not to snort, but he failed. The look of horror spread on the boy’s face, but when he noticed that Keith wasn’t mocking him, he let out a smile of his own.

Okay, we’re getting there.

The teenager cleared his throat and fiddled with his hands.

“Um… my name is Daishi and well- I was wondering if I could ask you a question… um Keith right?”

Keith nodded and asked the nervous freshman. “You have a Japanese name, right?” When Daishi confirmed, Keith’s smile got wider. “That’s cool. My brother, Takashi, is from Japan too. Everyone calls him Shiro though.”

The boy tilted his head. “White?”

“Yea, he has this white streak in his hair. He dyed it back in college, because he thought it looked good, but I’ve been joking him that it’s because of old age.”

Daishi let out a snicker and his tensed shoulders dropped. For a second Keith forgot about Lance next to him, until said boy cleared his throat. Keith looked at him questioningly and Lance jiggled his phone screen showing him that there was no time for chit chat.

“Ahh yes, sorry you guys gotta go probably-“

“No don’t worry about it. Ask away. If Lance here wanted to leave so badly,” he threw the Cuban a pointed look, “he probably would.”

However the taller boy remained stubborn and his only action was to cross his arms.

Keith brought his attention back on Daishi and was low-key surprised of the confidence that was barely visible in his eyes.

“I- I uh well since prom is coming soon I was wondering if you know… you could be my date? Which I know that it sounds really crazy since you’re really old and stuff,” his face grimaced in a panic, “NOT that you’re that old, you’re just barely four years older than me and isn’t going to be a big deal! I hope…”

“And! You’re not pressured to say yes I’m just laying you an option, but I highly doubt you don’t have a date since you’re really pretty and strong and cute- and God why cantishutthefuckup-…” Daishi visibly grimaced as if the words spilling from his mouth were hurting him physically. And his cheeks were so red, that if Keith didn’t know the reason of it he’d probably assume the boy was running a fever.

“So yes, um, Keith would you be my date to the prom?”

And to be honest, Keith felt really flattered. Of course, he wasn’t going to say yes, because for a lot of reasons, but the gesture was so sweet? This boy was clearly here first year, he was unfamiliar with a lot of stuff and still had the courage to ask out a senior eye to eye? If Daishi was older or if Keith was younger, he’d definitely consider the proposal and be more flustered than he was now.

However he had to break it out nicely for him. By the looks of it, the young teen already knew he was going to get a rejection. But Keith had to let it him know, to see- how amazing this boy and how many other boys (and girls?) were going to be lucky to have him as a boyfriend.

He started it off with putting a hand on his shoulder in the typical comforting-like-Shiro manner and when Daishi didn’t shy, tensed or pulled away Keith took it as a go.

“Look, that was absolutely sweet and amazing and I really appreciate and admire your courage and confidence. Honestly freshman Keith would be really smitten with you,” Daishi smiled a bit and Keith continued, “and for all these four years I’ve been here in this school, no one has ever asked me to prom. Not even my ex boyfriend.”

Keith chuckled a bit at the disbelief showed on the face of the Japanese boy.

“And I’m gonna have to say no, but don’t let that bring you down. People come and go and soon you’ll find someone amazing and forget about me. Just so you know, that whoever you get to take to prom, they’re going to be really, really lucky.”

Daishi stared at him.

“Can I- can I hug you then? A quick one? You don’t have to say yes but-“

Keith quickly squished the shorter boy’s face in his chest and ruffled his hair just like Shiro does. Keith then patted him on the shoulder, Daishi let out a quiet ‘thank you’ with a smile and waved at Keith as he headed to class probably.

Just now, Keith realized how much Daishi reminded him of Lance.

Speaking of Lance, Keith kind of forgot about him. Which was a real shocker, since he rarely forgot about the Cuban’s presence whenever he was around him. And as the black haired turned around and expected a pissed off Lance, he was greeted up with a thoughtful, somehow a distant look on the boy’s face.

The bell rang, which meant that the class was starting soon. Both boys shared a panicked look and hurried down the hall. And as they were walking fast (running) Keith finally decided it was time for this arrangement to end.




“-and that’s why, it’s important to remember that the landing on the moon in 1969 was the key moment of USA winning the space race.”

Yeah right, we totally went on the moon, Keith thought bitterly.

To be completely honest, Keith actually liked history a bit, but today was a day where he was completely distracted by everything and jumpy and hyper active and the reason was probably the coffee he consumed so much. It wasn’t a good habit, per se, but the incoming months promised stressful days, full of exams and submissions for Altea.

His fingers kept hitting his desk repeatedly, while his leg was bouncing underneath. He was staring out the window, watching the winter rain pouring softly and hitting the glass in a soothing manner. He wondered how he could break the arrangement with Lance. It definitely had to be broken up soon and he had to tell him eye to an eye. He owed Lance that at least.

But how? After basketball practice perhaps? Or the next time when Lance goes for it and Keith just straight up tells him?

‘Yeah dude I actually don’t wanna keep making out with you, ‘cause I’m super in love with you if you haven’t noticed by now and you’re distracting me with your ocean eyes and smooth skin and soft hair and blinding smiles and-…’

Yeah, not happening.

A piece of paper hit his head which startled Keith and he turned around on his right to see Lance who was taking notes, but judging by the slight grin on his face, this was definitely his doing.

As quiet as Keith could, he unfolded the paper and read the message.

Fuck, even his writing was cute.

since when did u start catching freshmen like pokemons man ?

Keith rolled his eyes and turned his gaze towards the Cuban, but he was pointedly watching Iverson and apparently expected an answer on the paper.

The Korean sighed loudly enough for Lance to hear his annoyance and took his pen as he scribbled down ‘are you jealous’ under Lance’s handwriting. He gently folded the little piece and stealthy threw it right in front of his crush’s face, when he made sure the teacher wasn’t looking. He smirked smugly at his right aim.

After a while his mind wandered off again, caught up in the teacher and all the notes he missed from the board when he wasn’t paying attention. He almost forgot about the boy’s response next to him, when a similar ball of white fell on his own work tablet. The dark haired snuck a glance at Iverson who was reading some kind of text out loud and unfolded the little paper.

why would I be ? I got like 2 promposals yesterday and if u think im jelaous of that kid, unlike him, i actually can kiss u and take u to prom if i wanted to ;)

Keith felt his cheeks heating up because of the true statement. While Keith acted annoyed with Lance 90% of the time, they both knew if Lance asked him out on prom, Keith would agree. Of course he wasn’t going to write that. And Lance in a million years wouldn’t ask him out.

He wrote with his red pen ‘I think it’s cute you actually think you can make me go prom. speaking of, I want to talk to you ab something later, if its ok with you?’.

The black haired took a deep breath. This was it. This is his chance of getting himself out of this hopeless situation. He was finally doing it.

When Lance received his message he simply threw him thumbs up and then brought up 5 fingers which meant that this was the hour his basketball practice finished. Keith nodded, which unfortunately didn’t go unnoticed by the way Iverson’s loud voice exploded in the whole room.

“Kogane! Ramirez! Perhaps you have a topic as interesting as the Cold war since you’re both not paying attention?”

They both turned around towards and muttered quick apologies.

Iverson hummed. “That’s what I thought.”

The rest of the lesson passed quickly, yet Keith help, but notice how the raindrops looked so much like like tears. A new painting, a sketch, formed in his brain. One where he was passing through the park with an umbrella, but instead of being alone and cold, he shared with someone. The figure was warm and tall, holding his hand, saying another dumb joke that would make Keith laugh. Their boots stomping on the ground making splashes every time they stepped.

Keith quickly erased it from his mind as quickly as it came.

He wished he could erase his heartache in the same way.




“ I know we be so complicated

But we be so smitten, it’s crazy

I can’t have what I want, but neither can you .”



The sound of shoes making squeak noises on the floor, his fellow teammates panting and Shiro’s steady voice yelling commands were already such familiar sounds to Lance, he is pretty sure he hears them constantly in his dreams.

“Kinkade! Pass!”

Shiro’s voice spread around the empty hall and Ryan immediately passed to the closest person next to him from his team, which happened to be Lance. The Cuban skillfully caught the ball and dribbled across the court while trying to get past the defenses players, which were some newbie sophomores. The kids were good, but Lance has been playing since he was a kid and for four years for Voltron High now.

Basically, what was Lance trying to say was that he was really good.

He saw Matt behind the new kids and Lance knew exactly what to do without the older Holt telling him. Lance crossover dribbled between his legs confusing the sophomores and while they were trying to catch the ball, the older boy saw the opening between the legs. He bounced the ball and when he saw Matt catching it, he let a smug smile taking over his face. Lance jogged over quickly. The light brown haired boy dribbled and passed the ball to Lotor who got surrounded by some junior. He faked throwing the ball at the other direction and when the younger went for it, he turned around before the other boys could react and threw it at Lance and the blue eyed saw his chance. He corrected his stance fast and threw the ball at the basket, which was pretty far away from Lance, but that didn’t bother him, since Lance already knew he’d score. When he saw the familiar orange ball falling through, he grinned. Cheers from his team and quiet disappointed sighs erupted. They didn’t call him the Sharpshooter for nothing after all.

Matt came at him for a fist bump, but before he could return it a heavy muscular hand fell on his back that made him stumble a bit and scoff in pain.

“Good shot Lance.” Ryan’s voice called and Lance had to be dramatic.

“Duh,” he puffed his chest, “although the newbies aren’t really much of an opponent. Also dude, easy with the pats, you might knock the breathe of me one day.” He winced for the dramatics and Ryan laughed.

James Griffin, the co-captain jogged over them and apparently heard Lance since he rolled his eyes and laughed a bit. “As if we were really good on our first practices. Also Ryan, he’s right. You don’t know your own strength sometimes.”

“Speak for yourself, Griffin,” he punched James playfully on the shoulder and he felt smug when Griffin actually lost a bit of balance. “You were so tiny back then.”

The brunet scoffed and crossed his arms. “Fuck you Ramirez.”

Matt laughed loudly along with Lotor who had to contribute too.

“Lance is right, though, you were the shortest, James. And you were obviously so angry about it, it was hilarious. Matt’s sister probably towered over you.”

“Now you’re just extravagating!” James yelled in offence and the whole team laughed.

They bantered for some minutes when their coach finally joined. Probably after the pep talk he gave to the newbies, who were now sitting on the floor, drinking water and chatting.

Takashi Shirogane was an actual legend among the basketball world, the sport in general. His team, White lions, were 3 times Olympic winners, lots of world competitions too. Shiro was the goat, Shiro was everything every basketball player wanted to be. Unfortunately, one year before the Olympics in Marmora in 2040, Shiro was involved in a car accident with his fiancé, now husband. Adam was luckier in terms of injuries, he was in coma for less than an year, while Shiro had to have his hand amputated. They gave him a really cool and new Altean prosthetic, fresh from the lab. However, Shiro was forced to quit at 30 which was kind of an early age for retiring as a basketball star. Lance didn’t know how Shiro pulled through, Lance was sure his whole life would fall apart if he couldn’t play basketball in his team anymore. Now Shiro looked happy where he was and Lance was really glad for him. He deserved it. Shiro was that kind of person who got all of your love and admiration without even trying.

“Good game, boys. As usual.” Shiro was typing something on his tablet, a frown on his face. Lance snorted. Shiro was really bad with the new technologies. Keith was always ready to provide with new stories including Shiro and tech as the main characters. The stories always left their lunch table laughing with tears.

Apparently Shiro achieved his goal, since a tiny smile appeared on his face and he locked the tablet. He looked up at his players and patted Lance on the shoulder, but he looked around at all of them each in the eye.

“I’m proud of you guys, only James and Matt are left to receive a place on Altea, which I’m sure you’re going to get.”

He looked at the electronic clock on the wall that showed it was 16:32pm. Only thirty minutes left and while Lance was glad that he would play more, he also felt nervous that Keith wanted to talk with him afterwards. God, if the Korean learned about his crush on him and confronted him about it, Lance was sure he’d die from embarrassment.

Shiro opened his mouth, but before words could come out, his phone started ringing. He furrowed his brows as he pulled out the device and Lance caught a glimpse of a selfie with him and Adam.

“Uh boys, Adam is calling him, may I-,” he gestured towards the door, but everyone dismissed him with ‘yeah’s and ‘sure’s. Shiro accepted the call as he hurried down to the exit, but he yelled over his shoulder.

“Practice some dribbles and passes with the younglings!”

Lance sighed. Bummer. He was thirsty so he went to his backpack to drink some water. He stayed there to breathe for a bit, to calm down. He wiped his sweaty face with the bottom of his tank top and he made his way towards the younger students and his teammates who were now getting started, when the door opened. Lance assumed this was Shiro so he didn’t pay it mind and kept walking. However, when one of the juniors wolf whistled quietly, but loud enough Lance furrowed his brows and turned around. What the fuck-

And of course there was standing no other, but Keith Kogane in all of his god-like sexiness. The red checkered shirt that was tied around his waist was gone, leaving Lance gawking at his legs that were oh so nicely covered in the skinny black ripped jeans. Those were also the jeans that made his ass pop out greatly and made Lance walk behind him on purpose most of the time just to check him out.

Keith’s hair was still up, but there were some strands that escaped and fell into his eyes and Lance wanted to go there, grab his face, kiss him so hard and tuck some of the hair behind his ear. His earring jiggled back in forth and Lance didn’t know why, but it made him weak in the knees. Keith rarely put on his earrings, but when he did… Woo boy.

Calm down, Ramirez, calm down.

Lance’s feet stayed glued on the ground, waiting for Keith to come at him. Unfortunately, the junior who wolf whistled was either brave to approach a guy like Keith, whose usual face looked as if he wanted to murder everyone on sight, or was just stupid as fuck.

“Hey there hottie! I’m Julien and you must be the man of my dreams.” Lance was pretty sure Julien winked or something of the sort since Keith looked super annoyed and that only happened when Lance, himself flirted with him.

Julien was a bit shorter than Keith so when Keith extended his hand, Lance almost gasped. What’s up with these young people thirsting over Keith?!

Not that he doesn’t get it, but what the hell.


Julien caught his hand for the handshake but the moment he made contact, the junior gasped quietly in pain and doubled over. And Lance smirked. Hell yeah. No one except Lance calls Keith a hottie and gets away with their hands.

Keith quickly dropped his hand and Julien immediately covered with it with his healthy one and brought it to his chest. Keith pushed him out of the way and strolled over to Lance. This close Lance saw that the black haired had some blue paint a little bit under his right ear sliding over to his jaw, right to his cheek. Lance had the urge to lick his thumb and clean it off just like his abuela does, but he remembered how disgusted by this Keith may be and he didn’t want to get punched today. Plus he liked his face too much for that thank you.

For a few seconds they just stared at each other, but then Lance realized how quiet it was so when he brought his gaze to his teammates and the younger players he caught them watching him and Keith. Lance rolled his eyes.

So nosy.

“Didn’t you all hear what coach said? Get to work!”

All of a sudden everyone moved to get the balls from the floor and when Lance made sure, everyone started practicing, he looked back at Keith. The Korean was crossing his arms and unfortunately, his beautiful grey-blue-purple eyes weren’t focused on him, but on Julien who winked at him. Lance frowned. Apparently a threat for a broken hand wasn’t enough for the boy to learn that this means ‘back off, I’m actually in a friends with benefits situation with the captain of the basketball team who is ten times more attractive than you, taller, stronger, smarter-

Okay stop measuring dicks with some dumbass, god Lance get a grip.

Lance threw Julien what he assumed was his mastered ‘back off’ look. And it worked since blondie’s cheeks reddened in shame and hurried towards his team.

Keith had one brow raised, but when he and Lance met eyes he smirked and Lance wanted to scream. Who gave him the right to look so irresistible? 

“Looks like you ain’t the only one who has people fawning over?”

Okay. Now.

First of all, Lance wasn’t lying to Keith about the promposals he received yesterday, no matter how many times Keith would say it’s not true and that he’s bluffing. And while Lance knew a lot of people crushed on him, it was only because he was one of the ‘popular’ kids around and because he was the basketball captain. He was something like Troy Bolton or whatever. However, Keith didn’t know how many people also crushed on him. Lance lost number of the times he’d overhear girls and boys talking about how pretty the Korean is, how cute, how hot and sexy his ‘bad boy’ bravado was. They talked about his hair and legs and ass and while that made Lance boil with jealousy, but not because of some kind of ridiculous possessiveness, but because Lance couldn’t do the same. Boys without shame talked about their thirst, while Lance was scared. Not only of the fact that he’s bisexual and the coming out part, but also of the fact that he was scared of his feelings for Keith. No one has ever made him feel such strong emotions as Keith did. People were in no way homophobic anymore, like back in the day and no one would shame him, but Lance was a bit more sensitive, so he just… needed more time.

Lance, too, wanted to gush about Keith’s eyes and hair and muslces and not to be worried about people’s reactions. More importantly. Keith’s reaction.

And second? The fact that Keith’s Texan accent slipped in sometimes without him knowing was the most adorable thing Lance has ever heard. Keith said ‘yall’ or ‘ain’t’ a lot of times when he was either super smug or super angry. And right now, he was definitely smug. Poor boy really thought only two guys, his ex boyfriend (Lance almost threw up in his mouth when he thought about that scum) and Lance were the only ones in this school that found him attractive.

“I still have one more promposal than you Mr-my-brother-is-from-Japan-too!” Lance rolled his eyes and laughed when he saw Keith scowling.

Keith “playfully” hit him on the shoulder and Lance tried not to wince. Fucking shit Keith even hit harder than Kinkade.

“Hey! I was trying to be nice! At least I wasn’t an asshole to Daishi!”

Lance gasped in offence and put a hand over his heart. “I wasn’t an asshole! I was simply trying to protect you from human interaction. You know. Socializing is pretty terrifying for you, Mister Kogane.”

Without meaning to, he got closer to Keith and dipped his face as if he was about to kiss the shorter boy.

And sometimes, just sometimes, Lance would imagine that this wasn’t just some normal banter between friends, but rather… a banter between boyfriends. It was scary how many times he’d accidentally slip out an ‘I like you’ while making out or just when they simply were hanging out. And how perfectly the brunette could make out a daydream where Keith came to watch him practice, just because he missed him and wanted to tell him how art class went.

So yeah. He may have, without meaning to, lowered his head wanting to kiss the boy. Sue him, Keith was just really too irresistible and he almost forgot not everyone knew about the ‘arrangement’ between them.


Keith put a hand on his chest and Lance wasn’t ready to admit how a simple touch like that made goosebumps rise all over his body, a warm fire igniting right where Keith put his palm.

However, the action meant more of a ‘stop’ rather than an ‘I just wanted to touch you’. And for two months making out and a four years of knowing each other, the Cuban knew exactly which touch meant what.

A subtle panic erupted over Lance.

Oh Jesus, what if Keith actually really found out about his crush? God, god, god, god, time to fucking die-

“We have to talk, Lance.”

And his tone was so. Neutral. Without any emotion.

Call Lance a coward, but he did not want to have this conversation right now. He knew what would happen. Keith would say something along the lines ‘I know how you feel about me and sorry, but I don’t feel the same way-‘ and Lance will just laugh it off and go jump off some cliff driving his mom’s car.

He wasn’t ready so he put on a frown.

“Can’t mullet. I have to practice more and yeah-… sorry.”

He turned his back on his crush, not wanting to look at his reaction.

“Lance, you shit you promised!” Keith yelled quietly and accusingly.

“I said after practice Keithy-boy! Don’t wanna disappoint coach Shiro, ya know!” Lance yelled back which caused some curious hands to turn around.

“We both know you’ll practice max three hours after it ends!”

“Sounds like your problem!”

He expected Keith to huff angrily, leave the hall or maybe sit on the bleachers, just out of stubbornness to annoy Lance with his distractive presence. He expected Keith to yell more insults his way. He expected Keith to just do something that screamed KEITH.

What he didn’t expect was to hear a loud thump of something heavy hitting the ground behind him and steps coming closer. He cautiously and slowly turned around in time to see Keith pulling the sleeves of his shirt up to his forearms. His very, very muscular forearms. Lance’s head boomed in an alarm with his voice ‘BAD IDEA BAD IDEA BAD IDEA’ yelling over and over again.

Keith passed by him with a very angry walking and very quickly picked up one of the balls right in front of his and everyone else’s shocked gazes. The Korean dribbled with the ball his hands just to try out the feeling and Lance suddenly got reminded that in front of him stood the little brother of one of the best basketball players in all history. Keith surely picked up a lot of things. Knowing Keith he probably did it effortlessly.

The black haired put the ball between his arm and torso and his other he put on his hip and he looked like some kind of top Calvin Klein model that was on the cover of an expensive ass magazine. That Lance used to collect when he was a freshman.

Why the fuck did he ever think he was heterosexual when Keith Kogane and male Calvin Klein models existed?

Keith noticed his starring. He rose an unimpressive eyebrow. Lance felt heat creeping up his ears and cheeks and he repressed the urge to press his palms to cool his face down. He uncertainly crossed his arms as if they’d protect him from his crush’s unknown sexiness.

“What are you doing?”

Ugh. Can he ask this more stupidly? It was painfully obvious what were Keith’s intensions.

Keith just patted gently the ball and spoke confidently. “If practicing is the only way you’re going to talk to me without being a whiney baby, then so be it. You’ll be productive to your team and talk to me. It’s a win-win situation,” he smirked, “unless you’re scared.”

Sure. Right. Of course, mix up a sexy Keith with his inner athlete that always wants to win and you’ve won Lance Ramirez. For a moment, Lance kind of forgot they weren’t alone so when James’s voice joined their conversation, their bubble of teasing-flirting and suggestive glances burst.

“Yo, Lance maybe if you don’t wanna dribble with Kogane here, I can do it instead?”

See, if it was another person asking this Lance might have believed it was a genuine desire to help. However, this was James Griffin and pretty much everyone in this goddamn school, except for Keith, knew about his crush on the black haired senior. And if his suggestive tone didn’t imply something, then Lance didn’t know what else someone should do to show off they had the hots for Keith, except for just straight up telling him. Just like Daishi, Rolo and Julien did.

Lance gritted his teeth.

Without breaking off eye contact with Lance, Keith’s smirk if it was possible grew more.

“You know what Griffin, I might take up your offe-“

“God, you are so annoying!”

Lance huffed and went over to Keith who just opened his mouth to say something, when the door opened and god dammit if that isn’t Shiro, Lance would punch himse- wait no it was Shiro, thank God.

While the adult was walking towards them he rose an eyebrow at the sight of his younger brother, with a basketball under his armpit, smiling smugly at Lance.

“What’s going on? Keith what are you doing here?”

“I came here to talk with Lance, but he said that he has more to practice and we all know he’s an overworking asshole so he’d stay over for hour or so afterwards and I’m not willing to wait all this time just so I can have a word or two with him.”

“The overworking part is rich coming from you, Keith.”

Lance aggressively gestured towards Shiro. The Korean simply scowled.

“Show me where I asked.”

“Just stating some facts.”

“I still don’t remember asking about your facts.”

“I so wish I could slap you in the back of your head right now, but I could get fired for this so I’m just going to wait ‘till you get home.”

“Thanks, I really feel the love.”

Lance didn’t realize he was smiling, but how he could not. The banter between Keith and Shiro was always entertaining to watch and it reminded Lance of him and his siblings.

“Okay then, just don’t distract the others.”

Yeah right tell that to your very hot brother, Shiro.

Lance gestured with his head towards one of the areas where they would dribble.

Shiro blew his whistle. “Okay team couple up. We’re doing some offense defense dribbles. You switch places. The usual, but for the new annoying addition to the team today,” Shiro threw a smirk at Keith, but his brother only gave him a deadpan look, “If you’re at offense, you gotta get past the defense and score a point and if you’re at defense-“

“I have to try to get the ball, try to score by myself and pass on to the next couple of players. I know. I’m not twelve coach Shirogane.” Keith threw his equal amount of sass back at Shiro and Lance noticed the team snickering, but when they saw Shiro giving them the stink eye, all shut up.

“Very well then. First off, Daibazaal and Williams.”

The players made a column and Lance was about to chit-chat a bit before their turn, when Julien in front of them turned around and winked at Keith.

“For the record, I think you’re a wonderful addition to the team.”

Griffin next to him punched the junior on the shoulder.

“God, O’Connor do you ever shut the fuck up?”

Julien rubbed his shoulder and his eyes went back and forth between him and James.

“Sheesh what do you all have against some flirting, Jesus fucking Christ-“

“Maybe ‘cuz he’s not interested in your flirting, idiot.” Lance spat back.

Keith huffed which drew all the attention onto him. Julien grinned.

“Why don’t you let the samurai here decide for himself, huh?”

Keith’s gaze was so unimpressed, so poker face like, and honestly, if he ever wanted to pursue a future as a poker player, he’d definitely make some.

“I’m Korean.”

Lance was really about to laugh and judging by James’s expression he was in the same pit as Lance.

The blonde haired rose an eyebrow, a confused look on his face.

“So…?” His question was kind of careful, testing the waters, as if he knew there was something wrong with his statement, but wasn’t about to risk acting like he knew what he was talking about.

Lance finally let it out and laughed, James joining him a few seconds later and Keith was simply just amused.

“Samurais are from Japan, dumbass.” The Cuban decided to help out the lost junior. Julien’s cheeks flamed and he crossed his arms and gave his back to them, obviously ashamed of his pathetic way to flirt with the black haired.

“I didn’t know you were from Korea, man. Were you born there?”

James’s genuine interest sparked confusion in Lance. Since when did Griffin care? Was he already making moves on Keith? Did he really think he’d get such personal information from the Keith Kogane? As if Keith would so easily-

“Yeah. Lived in Seoul for like a few years in the orphanage until my second cousin found out about me and came from America to take me to live with him in Texas.” Keith shrugged and nodded his head towards Shiro who was yelling orders now at Ryan and the sophomore who was his partner, apparently.

James’s eyes sparkled with curiosity and Lance was finally going to admit it.

He was jealous. That sinking feeling in his gut, whenever his crushes got their attention taken by someone else. The fact that Keith was comfortable with someone else to share such vital info about him that not everyone knew. Lance prided himself in being one of the few people who knew Keith’s backstory, but apparently this wasn’t the case anymore. He hoped the jealousy wasn’t showing on his face. He really did.

“That’s cool, can you speak it?”

Keith grinned. “네.” (yes.)

James narrowed his eyes, with a little smile gracing his lips. “Was that an yes?”

Then Keith did something that absolutely, utterly surprised Lance.

He checked James out.

It was barely there and he was pretty sure James missed it, but Lance definitely saw it. And he was really about to choke. What the hell?  Since when was Keith the flirty one? Also wasn’t a part of the arrangement to not do something with others while they were fooling around? Not that they… established rules per se and he wasn’t going to judge Keith or blame him, but- but-

The thought of Keith running his hands through someone else’s body, his soft lips kissing someone else’s made him feel sick. For the past year (even longer if Lance was ready to give up his pride), Lance only had eyes for the Korean next to him and just imagining Keith with someone else, imagining that he was actually not that significant in Keith’s love life just killed all of the little hopes of the shorter boy returning his feelings, made the unrequited crush feel realer, rawer. And Lance wasn’t really going to admit it hurt him more than he expected.

He turned his gaze to James and did a check himself. Griffin was in just a grey tank top and black sweatpants that hung lowly on his hips. His hairstyle was horrible, but these days he tied that little sad bang in a man-bun. And okay, he’ll admit it, he wasn’t an ugly dude. He had the looks, he had the personality that was bearable, but wasn’t Lance, don’t know, more attractive, more charming? Was Keith’s type the complete opposite of Lance? Did he finally decide he could have anyone and finally ditch him? And for Griffin? That sure would hurt him and his ego a lot. And it was already a bit bruised already. So that was saying a lot.

“Maybe.” Keith smiled smugly and he saw James’s cheeks have darkened.

You and me both, buddy’ Lance thought.

Shiro unnecessarily blew his whistle very loud that it hurt Lance’s ears. He and the rest of the waiting line winced in pain.

“Griffin and O’Connor!”

James quickly turned around and he and junior went to have their turn. The Cuban waited for them both to be a bit far away so he can have his privacy when he talked with Keith. Not taking his eyes off Griffin’s muscular back he spoke.

Mine’s probably more ripped, Lance smugly thought.

“Didn’t know you had the hots for Griffin.” He hoped his tone wasn’t too bitter, but he kind of hoped Keith caught a glimpse of his annoyance.

Keith hummed lowly and Lance wasn’t going to admit how sexy it sounded. And after a few seconds he only added, “I didn’t know either.”

Lance didn’t let the shock overtake him as he shifted on his place, still not taking his eyes off Griffin who managed to get the ball from Julien and scored a point. His face turned as he immediately searched for someone’s approval and judging by where his eyes trailed, he searched for Keith’s. It was easy to catch Keith’s eye since he was already watching and Griffin shamelessly winked at him.

Lance huffed in annoyance. That finally brought Keith’s attention back on him.

“I actually wanted to talk about us.” His eyes stubbornly remained on him as he probably wanted to know Lance’s genuine reaction. However, Keith didn’t know the Cuban already had his suspicions about what this conversation was going to be. So Lance was able to mask his misery perfectly and put on his neutral face.

“What about us?” He hoped he kept it low key and Keith didn’t catch his nervousness.


“Keith and Lance, your turn!”

Keith moved his gaze from Lance and went to grab the ball from Julien who muttered a ‘good luck’ accompanied with a flirty grin and Lance was really close to punching him.

Shiro stood there with crossed arms, raised eyebrow and an amused smile.

“So who’s defense and who’s offense?”

Lance and Keith threw each other a look.


“We can play rock, paper, scissors?” the Korean threw him a hesitant look as he asked.

Lance and Shiro laughed. “Okay do it. Whoever wins is at offense.”

Keith won with his scissors and threw him a smug look. Lance really was going to miss this. After Keith cancels this out, nothing was going to be the same, no matter how Lance was trying to convince himself.

Keith dribbled between his legs a bit. Lance spread his own as he waited for his attack.

“I want to… stop this thing between us.”

Lance felt his breath leaving his mouth in shock. Yes, he knew this would happen, but some part of him still hoped this wasn’t the reason. He tried not to change his expression as he tried not to glance at Keith’s face and kept his eyes on the ball that Keith was still dribbling.

“Are you going to attack anytime this year?”

He knew his tone was cold and rude, but at this point he didn’t care. All he wanted now was to go home, drink tea with his mama and listen to her gossip. He wanted to go in his bed and sleep for all eternity. He hated this so much. He hated it.

“Aren’t you going to say something?”

He finally let himself to look at Keith who had an angry, yet a sorrowful look on his face. Lance was confused. Why would Keith be sad? He’s the one who wants to stop this. The taller wouldn’t judge him or something, why was Keith making this harder than it should be? Why it must be always complicated for him?

Angrily Lance stood on his full height and glared at the shorter boy. Anger was travelling up his veins, boiling his blood, slowly building up.

“The fuck do you want me to say?! Sure? Okay? Do whatever, if that’s what you want? Why does it have to be difficult with you?”

He noticed Shiro’s confused frown and the team’s curious glances at the couple with the corner of his eyes, but Lance kept his eyes at Keith.

“Boys I think you should talk in private mayb-“

“I don’t know Lance! Something? Did you seriously not give a fuck?”

And honestly? The accusation of the person, who Lance might actually be in love with, saying he didn’t give a fuck about their… kind of relationship or whatever they had, made him want to break and hit and kick. Who was Keith to say that shit to him. Keith was always the one who looked like he didn’t like the idea of them doing the things they did no matter how many times Lance had asked if it was okay. And Keith knew damn well that to tango you’d need two people.

“That’s rich coming from someone who usually doesn’t give a fuck about anything.”

It was a low blow, Lance would admit. But Keith made him feel so many emotions all at once and it was hard to sort them out.

Keith all of a sudden moved too fast for Lance to do something about the sudden attack he went for. Lance was fast, but right now Keith was angry and when the black haired was mad, nothing could stop him. He went to Lance’s right and it was too late when he realized that Keith was fucking with him, when the Korean dribbled to his left immediately and threw the ball. And it went right through the hoop. Polite applauses erupted. Score.

Keith quickly went to gather the bouncing ball. He turned around and Lance expected a smug smirk, a teasing grin perhaps. What he got was Keith hitting Lance’s chest with the ball, which he received with a soft grunt because of the impact. He met Keith’s gorgeous eyes, wet with tears that yet had to fall down and Lance’s heart sank in his chest, regret filling his entire being.

“You’re such-…” Keith blinked and one tear fell down gently. Lance almost dropped the ball, in effort to wipe it away and kiss his forehead.

“You’re such a fucking dick, Ramirez.” He hissed.

Lance swallowed.

Keith raised his hand as if he was about to hit his shoulder and Lance was impressed at himself that he didn’t flinch. However only a soft, sad thump landed on the ball. Keith huffed with a smile and it definitely wasn’t humorous.

The entire team, including Shiro, were silent as Keith carefully went and picked his backpack from the ground and left as quickly as he could.

The silence completely contrasted with Lance’s heart beating as if he was playing and he was about to score a point.

His inner voice kept repeating only one thing and his lungs felt as if they were suffocating themselves.

You fucked up, You fucked up, You fucked up .


Needless to say, after that Lance didn’t make one basket through all of the remaining practice.