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The sun shone brightly as the winter air held the promise of the arrival of spring and the mating season, and inside the royal bed chambers an omega on his heat paced restlessly and anxiously.  He wore the trappings of his station as an Exalt to be, soon to be mated and wed to a female alpha, a noblewoman of Ylisse and a hero of the war against Plegia at the behest of the Ylissean council.  A war that cost him dearly.


With the death of Exalt Emmeryn, Chrom was now being pushed to both marry and produce an heir, especially since he was the next in line and his sister Lissa was still too young to take on that burden.


Chrom could feel a sick feeling crawling into his stomach at the thought.  With him was Stahl, an omega male whom was only present to stop Chrom trying to make a disappearing act to seek out the alpha male he so desperately wanted to mate with, whom the council of Ylisse did not approve of in the slightest.  As such, the mating was so timed to coincide with Chrom's omega heat so that he would be ready to mate with the alpha that had been arranged for him and thus be unable to mate with what the Council called "an alpha who lacked the appropriate status to be Exalted Consort".  The wedding ceremony would be after his heat died down. It wouldn't do for the other alphas to be riled up by the smell of an omega on heat.


Chrom's heat had yet to fully take over his mind, but he knew that this wasn't what he wanted.  He tried to find a way out but there was no way out of this, he didn't have an alpha and that was a risk the Council wanted to mitigate as swiftly as possible.  The arrival of two beta males made Chrom feel even more sickened. They led him to the mating chamber and prevented him from leaving as his heat began to take control over his mind and the omega began to let out a loud cry, a cry he'd desperately hoped would bring the alpha he wanted.  Yet knowing that it wouldn't happen in the same token.




Robin yawned heavily as the dull meeting between delegates drew on and on, a meeting he didn't need to sit on, but was expected to since he was responsible for Ylisse's military.  He wasn't actually sure how long it had drawn on, but he didn't really care for it.  He knew that in a week's time the very public wedding of Prince Chrom and Lady Maribelle of Themis would take place- a wedding Chrom had not wanted and protested profusely over the moment he'd found out.  Robin sighed. It had be near Chrom over the past few days as the prince had been going onto his omega heat, and Robin had not wanted to be the alpha that was to be Chrom's mate as Robin's mind was a long way away from wanting to settle down and mate.


That wasn't to say Robin didn't care for Chrom, quite the opposite, he very much cared for the omega prince- just not in the same way Chrom seemed to think was the case.  It was Robin's suggestion that Chrom marry Maribelle that the Council had graciously accepted, for various reasons. Though Robin knew Chrom wouldn't like it, the people of Ylisse would need an Alpha they knew, an alpha whose family line was well known and not one that could cause a scandal, such as a Plegian alpha with no standing and no memory to speak of.  Even so the duty of Grandmaster kept Robin sufficiently busy and distracted as the mating season began in earnest. It helped that he drank tea that was known for its rut suppressant qualities when drunk on a regular basis. It didn't completely dull his alpha urges but it did take the edge off enough to allow him to focus on things other than the desire to mate and breed though when he did go into rut it wouldn't do that much for him at all, something he was preparing for as best he could to avoid any rut fueled fighting.


Robin sighed as he slowly pulled the warm cup of tea towards him.  Knowing what he was going to be very difficult to be around Chrom on his next heat, as Robin was still unmated and thus little more than a roving alpha at this point- Robin however had not yet found someone he felt comfortable enough with to enter even a consensual mating let alone a marriage.  Plus there were the clear scars on Robin's body that suggested he'd been forced into a non consensual mating at some point in his life, and perhaps some past abuse as well.


The meeting was going to take a while and Frederick was surprised no doubt that Robin wasn't the least bit was almost as if there was a pained expression in the other alpha's eyes that Robin couldn't place.  An expression that the young alpha couldn't place and one that he'd not recognized right away as he was too focused on other tasks.




It wasn't until after the wedding happened that Robin picked up on potential problems, though he stayed as focused as ever on his duties as Grandmaster, talking to Chrom about the state of Ylisstol's repairs and Ylisse's infrastructure.  Robin handed over reports and details of the reparation effort. He handled the beginning of Ylisse's peacekeeping force and was busy keeping up to date with risen attacks. He was too busy working to notice anything else- though no one could blame Robin for focusing on work instead of what was going on immediately around him.


Robin had, naturally noticed the spike in risen attacks and had bought it to Chrom's attention as protocol demanded and Maribelle had come to speak with Chrom as Robin excused himself to leave the newly mated couple alone- he'd been encroaching on their bonding time after all and had not wanted to cause a fight.  He had just arrived to his office to be handed a report- the man who brought it looking pale, "Grandmaster Robin." He bowed,

"At ease." Robin said to the young beta who instinctively lowered his gaze from Robin's.  Robin read the report and frowned, "Send for Wing Commander Cordelia and Knight Commander Frederick, I'll need their reports as soon as possible.  Please be quick." Robin said setting the report down and pacing the room. His eyes scanned the room and he sighed, "Naga damn it all." He groaned, already feeling like he was on edge.




Chrom spent his entire mating feeling shame and grief eat at him in the brief moments he wasn't in his heat brain mode in the lulls between the waves of desire.  There was only one alpha he wanted, and that alpha didn't want him. Worse still the wedding compounded the feeling even more, as Robin had been there as Chrom was forced to vow his life away to Maribelle.  The guilt ate him further as Chrom was forced to speak with Robin afterwards about Ylisse.  Maribelle had been there and Chrom had collapsed in his chair once the alpha he'd wanted so badly left the room.  Gentle hands held him and soothed him, but they weren't the hands he wanted so desperately.  Like a fool Chrom sobbed helplessly as his alpha tenderly stroked his hair.  She knew what he wanted, and had done nothing but treat him with care despite that.  Maribelle held Chrom as he cried. He found himself dreading the potential conception that could very well have happened as he'd been kept well clear of anything that could prevent that from happening.  He just wasn't sure he was ready to bear his alpha's offspring. Especially since Chrom knew that as a male omega he carried the ability to conceive a child with male alphas, and some female alphas had a "penis" that allowed them to “sire" offspring, something that applied to Maribelle most certainly.  He shuddered at the thought of whatever had happened during his heat, actively seeking to block it out as much as possible. He didn't want the guilt of what he'd done to take over again.




Robin leant back as he spoke with Frederick, fingers interlaced.  "Fine." The young alpha spat furiously, "Then let's just look at that from a more appropriate perspective." Robin growled at the knight, as the room oozed with aggression.  "Let's say I went into a mating with Chrom- which for the love of Naga is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of, I don't feel that way about him." Robin snarled before closing his eyes and drawing in as much air as possible, wincing as his scent was a bit stronger than normal and at the fact he was already raising his voice, not a good sign.  He was going to have to calm down, though that was difficult as he was riled up and most certainly in fight mode, he opened his eyes and spoke, desperately trying to keep his voice calm, "Do you think the people of Ylisse would accept such a match?" Robin asked, "Or would they much rather a known family-"

Frederick looked like he was about to fight himself and he forced out, "Have you-" Voice raised as the two Alpha males both instinctively began to get more agitated and prepared to fight with one another,

"I'm not going to keep arguing with you on this.  Or do I have to duel you to get it through your head I don't feel that way about him." Roared Robin as he suddenly stood, hands slamming down on his desk uncharacteristically riled up eyes blazing with a challenge and rage.  Robin forced himself to breathe and sat down again, none to easily- the warning signs were well on display if they weren't already. He was close to his rut, he knew, the aggression uncalled for, but he was unable to fully reign it in, it took everything Robin had to keep the encounter from coming to blows, something that was becoming increasingly difficult the more Robin allowed himself to become riled up like this.  He would have to leave for a few days until the storm passed. He held his head in his hands, voice weak, "I don't feel that way about Chrom.  I couldn't mate with him, even if he wanted me to, I just...couldn't do it." Silence filled the room and for a moment Robin thought that Frederick would have taken a swipe at him.  Instead a heavy rush of air from the cushion of the chair, as the knight too, seemed to force himself to calm down as best he was able,

"You're sure about that?" Frederick hesitated, his voice oddly quiet, as it was clear the older alpha was conceding somewhat to the younger one.

"I wouldn't say it if that wasn't the case." Robin said quietly, voice strained.  It was Robin knew difficult to consider Chrom in any romantic relationship with the tactician, not only did their roles in the Shepherds prevent that, Robin himself wasn't even close to remotely being ready to settle down, surely Chrom knew as much?  Frederick looked down as Robin continued, "I'll be leaving for a week, far better that than to tempt fate." Whatever protest was on Frederick's lips died at what Robin was saying and the older alpha sighed painfully,

"I...I see.  Will there be anything in particular you will need?" Were it any other alpha, Robin would have ripped into them for such a question- though he could trust Frederick, the older alpha had been a huge help and Robin knew that it was from a place of genuine concern that Frederick came from.  Especially since Robin had recently had a period of not going into rut.

"You to keep them safe while I'm gone." Robin said calmly as he could, "And keep Virion out of trouble.  That's all."

"I meant to manage-"

Robin snorted, "I'm not a child going onto his first rut." He said, "I'll manage."

"It is ill advised to go without-"

Robin chuckled softly, "I'll manage." He spoke knowing just how difficult the task ahead was, "I obviously managed during the war didn't I?  I appreciate the thought but I will manage." He promised.  It wouldn't be easy but it would have to be the way things were.

"Very bold words for someone who hasn't had a rut since Lady Emmeryn died, at the very least consider taking a beta along with you, especially if it's going to be as intense as a first rut." Frederick said and Robin sighed,

"We don't have a beta Shepherd who is able to leave at such short notice Frederick," Robin reminded the knight, "I will be leaving tonight.  Don't worry I have plenty of contingencies should things go south. That's my job after all."