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We're coming to you live, right in front of Hawks' Hero Agency.

We are not sure as to what had happened, we had only just got here, but it seems that the newest number one hero, Endeavor, and the new number two, Hawks, are having a full on fight. Hawks seems to be going all out, not backing down, despite Endeavor's pleas for him to. It seems that the two might have swapped personalities, as it's usually the other way around.

Wait-Jeremiah! Move! They're heading right for us-

Hawks-Hawks is crying! Why the hell is he crying?

Wait-they're speaking. Hold on, we need to get closer.





   "HOW COULD YOU?" Hawks screams trying his hardest to land a crazed hit on Endeavor, but the man was just too fast for him. "HE WAS YOUR SON! YOUR CHILD! AND YOU FUCKING KILLED HIM!"



   "HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT THE VILLAIN WAS MY SON?" Endeavor yelled, his patience running thin, dodging a feather Hawks tried to throw his way, "HE TRIED TO KILL ME!"



   "HE WAS TRYING TO REFORM, YOU BASTARD!" Hawks yelled, tackling Endeavor, gripping his hero-suit collar, about to scratch him with his talons when the elder threw the delirious man off of him. "HE WAS ABOUT TO GO TO FUCKING REHAB, LIKE HIS THERAPIST SUGGESTED HE DO! YOU KNOW, THE THERAPIST I BEGGED HIM TO GET AFTER HE TOLD ME HOW BADLY YOU ABUSED HIM AND HIS SIBLINGS?"





    "OH, AND DABI FUCKING CAN'T?" Hawks screamed, dodging a flamed fist aimed right for him, "HE WAS SIXTEEN WHEN HE RAN AWAY FROM YOU. YOUR ABUSE TURNED HIM INTO THE VILLAIN HE HAD BEEN!"



   Endeavor didn't respond, as Hawks hit him with a blow so hard he flew into the building right behind him.



   "YOU KILLED THE FATHER OF MY CHILD, YOU BASTARD!" Hawks screams, the tears still falling down his face as he approached where Endeavor laid, his breathing just as wild as he is, "SHE'S NOT EVEN A MONTH OLD! SHE WAS THE REASON HE WANTED TO REFORM! HE DIDN'T WANT HER TO HAVE A DOUCHEBAG OF A FATHER, YOU KNOW, LIKE HE HAD!"






   "YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO COME ANYWHERE NEAR HER!" Hawks screams, lunging for Endeavor, so close to scratching his face to hell and back, when a large, black, shadow creature engulfed him and pulled him away from the flame hero.



   "PUT ME DOWN!" Hawks screeches, his talons trying, and failing, to rip apart Dark Shadow as he being pulled away from the 'fight.' "TOKOYAMI PUT ME THE FUCK DOWN!"



   "NOT UNTIL YOU CALM DOWN!" Tokoyami, who finally reached the two who had gotten outside of the Agency way quicker than they should have, yells, making sure Dark Shadow held his mentor in a tight hold. "Attacking Endeavor will not bring Dabi back, Keichan! It will only bring you bad things that you don't need right now! Phoenix needs you, now more than ever! Don't do something that will cause her to loose both of her dads!"



   "This world isn't worth living in if I can't live with him." Hawks says, his voice teetering on breaking, his body going limp. "The Hero Comission trained me to ignore my bird instincts and features, to keep them away from the press, from my friends, from myself. Hawks mate for life, and when that mate dies, they don't find another one. Mating with Dabi was an accident, but it turned out to be the best accident that's ever happened to me." Hawks says, his voice breaking, as he lifted his head up, to look back to Endeavor, who was trying to stand up, "And YOU TOOK THAT FROM ME, ENDEAVOR!"



   "You never think before you do anything, Enji Todoroki!" Hawks said, his voice cracking as Dark Shadow brings Hawks closer to Tokoyami. "Have you always thought with the head between your legs instead of the one on your shoulders? Or have you always been a giant dickhead? Does it get you off? Making people's lives miserable?"



   "I'm sorry, Hawks." Endeavor says, his voice soft, for once in his life. "I'm sorry, and you don't have to forgive me. I'll leave you alone for now."



   "The next time you see me, it'll be when I have to identify your corpse in a morgue." Hawks whole body trembles as Dark Shadow sets the taller avian on the ground right beside his human counterpart. "Watch your fucking back."



   Hawks turns around, grabs Tokoyami, and in the blink of an eye, the two are gone.