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volume one, page twenty

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Xie Xi was sitting at the edge of the hot spring, his feet resting on the submerged seat below. Chu Yu pushed his shidi’s legs open wide enough for him to kneel on the seat between them. 


Xie Xi’s face was bright red. “Shixiong doesn’t have to do this.”


Chu Yu had originally agreed to Xie Xi’s request to stop his shidi from straining himself while injured, but seeing how embarrassed Xie Xi is, he couldn’t help but get a little excited. 


“Hush,” he said, placing his hand on Xie Xi’s thigh, “Let this shixiong take care of you.” 


Chu Yu looked down at Xie Xi’s “little” brother, fully erect from their bout of kissing and Xie Xi’s handsiness earlier. The tip was a deep red, almost purple, and swollen beyond belief. There were even a few drops of precome starting to leak out of his slit. 


Chu Yu licked his lips nervously... he really had no idea what to do in this situation. The book his shidi had shown him included pictures, but he wasn’t sure he could actually fit Xie Xi’s whole dick down his throat. 


But he needed to start somewhere, so he leaned down and licked at the head once. Above him, Xie Xi moaned immediately. Feeling reassured by the sound, Chu Yu gave another small lick before flattening his tongue and running it over the head, gathering up some of the precome and pulling it into his mouth to taste. It was musky and a little bit salty, but not the worst thing Chu Yu had ever tasted in either of his lives. He resumed his licking, this time starting on the underside of Xie Xi’s cock and dragging his tongue up the shaft, once, twice, three times. 


“S-Shixiong,” Xie Xi gasped. Chu Yu looked up at him, seeing how his pupils were blown wide and his breathing was heavy. Chu Yu smiled at him and then looked back down. He slowly took the tip of Xie Xi’s cock into his mouth, careful not to hit anything with his teeth. He sucked gently a few times and was rewarded with a deep groan from above. He started sucking more of Xie Xi’s cock into his mouth, stopping when the head brushes against the back of his mouth. Chu Yu bobbed his head up and down, and moved his hand from Xie Xi’s thigh to the bottom of his shaft. He twisted his hand up and down at the same pace that he moved his head, sucking all the while. 


Chu Yu tried to ignore the wet noises that were coming out of his mouth and focused instead on the repetitive coordination between his mouth and hand. He eventually noticed that Xie Xi was panting and moaning above him and started moving his hand up and down faster in response.


“Shixiong, can I- can I touch your hair?” Xie Xi asked, his fingers scraping against the ground in need of something to hold onto. 


Chu Yu hummed an assent around the cock in his mouth and Xie Xi’s breathing hitched, his hands immediately sliding into and gripping the black strands on Chu Yu’s head. His hands acted like a weight that gently urged Chu Yu to take his cock deeper into his mouth. Chu Yu could feel it bumping into the back of his throat and lost himself to the feeling of Xie Xi’s cock sliding over his tongue as it goes in and out of his mouth. 


Chu Yu unknowingly started moaning a little bit, just a small noise every time Xie Xi’s dick hit the back of his throat. Xie Xi’s hands tightened in his hair at the sound and he couldn’t help but thrust his hips up into the warm heat around his cock. Chu Yu felt his eyes bug out as Xie Xi’s cock slid farther into his throat and brushed against his gag reflex. He managed to push down the urge to gag but couldn’t stop the way his throat seized in an attempt to cough around Xie Xi’s dick.


Xie Xi moaned loudly but pulled his hands out of Chu Yu’s hair, reaching down to caress Chu Yu’s cheek and pull his head up a bit.


“Is Shixiong alright?” He asked. 


Chu Yu could only moan in response. He hadn’t expected to like the feeling of Xie Xi being so far down his throat that much. While his own cock had been slowly gaining interest in the proceedings thanks to Xie Xi’s moans, it was definitely rock solid now. But this wasn’t about him. 


Chu Yu used the hand not currently jerking Xie Xi off to move one the hands on his cheeks back into his hair. The other quickly followed when Chu Yu started bobbing his head up and down again. He took Xie Xi deeper than before and relished in the feeling of fullness. He could barely breathe around the length in his mouth, but that only amplified the experience for him. 


Eventually, Xie Xi started tugging at the fine strands of Chu Yu’s hair, trying to pull his head back. Chu Yu fought against him for a second, but he was quickly surprised by Xie Xi’s cock surging and shooting its seed into his mouth. He was able to swallow the amount that was initially in his mouth, but had to pull off before he started choking on the rest. The rest of Xie Xi’s cum dripped out of his lips and down his chin. Chu Yu felt his cheeks heat up at the lewd sensation. He reached a hand up to brush away the rest, but Xie Xi batted his wrist away before it could reach his face. 


“Shixiong,” Xie Xi breathed in reverence. He reached down to Chu Yu’s hips and lifted him onto his lap. “Shixiong,” he sighed again, this time drawing out the last syllable in a groan. His pupils were still blown wide and fixed on the cum covering Chu Yu’s face. Before Chu Yu could say anything in response, Xie Xi dove forward and licked Chu Yu’s chin and lips clean. Then he started nipping at Chu Yu’s lips, sucking the bottom one once before shoving his tongue into Chu Yu’s mouth to lick at his teeth. 


Chu Yu blushed even more when he realized that both of their mouths tasted of Xie Xi’s release. 


Xie Xi was kissing him earnestly now, and Chu Yu was starting to feel overwhelmed by the heat, both the one rising in his body, and from the steam of the hot spring behind him. He pulled away from the kiss to breathe, leaning back into Xie Xi’s arms wrapped around his torso. Xie Xi easily moved to kiss down Chu Yu’s throat and start sucking bruises into the juncture between his neck and shoulder. 


Xie Xi’s kisses quickly turned into small bites, and Chu Yu couldn’t stop his hips from grinding down into Xie Xi’s lap. He felt Xie Xi’s erection, which really hadn’t gone down at all apparently, twitch against his bare ass. Xie Xi’s hands, which had until then been resting near his shoulder blades, started to move lower down his back. One grabbed his side, the thumb resting on his hip while the fingers dig into his lower back, the longest one teasing at the dimple above his ass. His other hand dipped lower still, and Xie Xi ran his first two fingers along the cleft of his ass, ghosting over his entrance on each pass up and down. 


“Shidi,” Chu Yu tried to inflect as much warning into his tone as possible, “Where is your hand, ah, going?” His reprimand was ruined by Xie Xi’s pointer finger rubbing a circle into the tight muscle at his rim. “We don’t-“ Chu Yu moaned and had to start again, “We don’t have any oil.”


Xie Xi pulled away from Chu Yu’s neck and smirked. “Shizun gave me an ointment to help my meridians when we left.” Chu Yu internally cursed his meddling teacher. Why did he only ever help Xie Xi? 


Xie Xi’s hand left Chu Yu’s butt and moved to their nearby clothes, pulling a small container out of the sleeve of his outer robe. He opened it up and scooped a thin layer onto his fingers. His hand moved back to Chu Yu’s ass and resumed rubbing circles into his rim. Xie Xi slowly started pushing his pointer finger into the tight muscle, continuing his circular motion to rub into Chu Yu’s inner walls and stretch him open. 


Chu Yu whined a little as Xie Xi’s second finger started pushing in next to the first, and Xie Xi used his other hand to grab Chu Yu’s chin and kiss him once more. He sucked Chu Yu’s tongue into his mouth as his two fingers moved in and out of Chu Yu’s hole, the slide made easy by the slick ointment. 


As the burn of two fingers turned into three, Xie Xi’s free hand grabbed Chu Yu’s cock and stroked it slowly, urging him back to full hardness. By the time Xie Xi started timing the thrust of his fingers in Chu Yu’s ass to the motion of his hand on his dick, Chu Yu felt more than prepared.


“Shidi,” Chu Yu whined, “this Shixiong is ready.”


“Oh?” Xie Xi smiled rakishly and lowered his voice, “Can I finally eat fish?” 


Chu Yu immediately slapped his shoulder. “Stop messing around.” 


“As Shixiong wishes.” Xie Xi pulled his fingers out of Chu Yu and grabbed his hips, lifting him to line his cock up to Chu Yu’s entrance. Even with the preparation, Chu Yu could still feel Xie Xi’s cock stretching his hole out as it pressed into him, and it felt good


Gravity and the press of Xie Xi’s hands eventually force Chu Yu down completely. He was fully seated on his Shidi’s lap and could feel Xie Xi’s corded thighs beneath his own. Xie Xi’s hands lifted Chu Yu again and then let go to let the pull of the Earth drive him down again. The slow thrusts were deep because of the angle, deep enough that each one had Xie Xi’s cock passing over Chu Yu’s prostate. 


Chu Yu liked the slow pace, each drawn out thrust was driving him madder than the last. He couldn’t stop the equally drawn out moans from leaving his mouth. One of Xie Xi’s hands left his side to start rubbing and pinching at his nipples.

The new stimulation to his chest drove Chu Yu wild. Their pace needed to be faster now. He whined lowly and tried to use his folded legs to quicken the thrusts into his body. 


“Ah,” Xie Xie groaned loudly, “Shixiong has no patience? I suppose this one can give Shixiong what he wants this time.”


Xie Xi’s hands gripped Chu Yu’s hips tightly and started bouncing him up and down at a breakneck pace. Chu Yu grabbed onto Xie Xi’s shoulders to make sure that he stayed seated as Xie Xi started to thrust up into him as well. He couldn’t do anything now except take it, trapped as he is between the upward force of Xie Xi’s thrusts and the fierce grip of his hands pulling him down onto his cock. 


Moans were coming out of Chu Yu’s mouth endlessly, it seemed like all of his nerves were located in his waist. The only sensations that mattered were Xie Xi’s hands digging bruises into his hips and his cock thrusting into his prostate. He spared one of his last rational thoughts to consider how good at this Xie Xi had gotten recently. They’ve only had sex a few times, how did this feel so good? The protagonist halo really was too much! 


Chu Yu’s brain checked out after that, leaving him to moan and pant as the pressure in his abdomen started to crest. A few more thrusts were all it took for Chu Yu to shout and come all over his and Xie Xi’s stomachs. 


Xie Xi growled as Chu Yu’s body clenched around him as he orgasmed. He bit into the meat of Chu Yu’s shoulder and thrusted viciously three more times before coming inside of Chu Yu. His thrusts stuttered as he rode out his orgasm, and he eventually stopped completely, releasing his teeth from his Shixiong’s shoulder to rest his forehead there instead. 


Chu Yu still felt dazed as he rested the side of his face against Xie Xi’s head. Their breaths mingled as they both came down from their highs. 


Eventually, as they calmed down, Xie Xi started sliding his hands up and down Chu Yu’s side and pulled him in closer to embrace him. Chu Yu huffed a little bit at his shidi’s stickiness. Oh well, it’s not like he minded that much. 


Chu Yu moved his head enough to press a kiss onto the top of Xie Xi’s head and winded his hands around Xie Xi’s shoulders to stroke at his hair. He felt Xie Xi hum into his shoulder and press his own chaste kiss into his neck. Chu Yu smiled at the action. 


While Xie Xi’s embrace was comfortable, Chu Yu was starting to feel the discomfort of his own cum drying on his chest, not to mention his shidi’s cock and cum still inside of him. He tried to raise himself onto his knees, but Xie Xi’s arms tightened around him.


“Not yet,” Xie Xi said into his neck.


Chu Yu sighed a little, “But, Shidi-“


Xie Xi cut him off before he could voice his complaint with a whine, “Can’t we just stay like this for a little bit longer?” He lifted his head to peer up at Chu Yu with wide eyes.


Chu Yu really couldn’t resist him at all. “Alright, fine. Just a little bit longer."