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Endless Love

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Victoria lies on the cold floor of a room she has never seen before. She can’t believe what she just had found out. Renza, a person she trusted deeply, a kind person who always thought of her brother betrayed not only her but also her brother.

Hunter. At the thought of him, Victoria’s heart breaks. Only a couple minutes ago, or was it days? Victoria has no idea how long she has passed out, but Hunter told her that he is in love with her. And Victoria loves him since the first time she laid eyes on him. But now she will never have the chance to tell him. She is here alone in this cold room. Where only a bit of the sun shines through the darkened windows. Perhaps he doesn’t even know that she is gone, who knows what lies Renza will tell him.

“I will die here.” Victoria murmurs, coughing and lying back down onto the floor. She closes her eyes and her last thoughts are Hunter and her being happy, no one else disturbing them.


Hunter paces up and down his room. Kayden sitting on the bed watching him. “Sit down, pacing up and down won’t bring us anything.”

“How can I sit down if I have no idea why Lady Victoria left so sudden.” Hunter strokes through his hair, when someone knocks at the door.

Hector Nevrakis walks in and bows. “I am sorry to disturb, but I may have information about Lady Victoria.”

“Speak.” Hunter stands in front of Hector and even Kayden got up from the bed and stands behind Hunter.

“I was wondering myself, why Lady Victoria had left so suddenly. I came to the conclusion, she hasn’t. I apologise in advance, Your Regency. But Lady Renza had poisoned Lady Victoria over time. Every time Victoria drank something from a goblet, it was poisoned. Before you departed and walked after Damon, she passed out and Lady Renza had brought her away. But now I have no idea where she may be.” Hector explains.

Hunter balls his fast. “If you have a family like this you don’t need enemies.” Hunter turns around and walks over to the window. “How are we supposed to find her?”

Kayden looks at Hector and then to Hunter. “We have to do it secretly. Lady Renza is now allowed to see that we are looking for her.” Kayden says.

“Don’t even dare to call her a lady. My … sister. “he says through gritted teeth. “is no lady. She is a murderer.” Hunter looks out of the window, through the Palace Garden. He looks far away to the city centre when an idea strikes him. Hunter turns around to Kayden and Hector who see that Hunter has an idea.

“Your Regency?”

“The tower. The bell tower. Maybe she is up there? Renza once said she loves the dark rooms because no one is ever there.” Hunter reminisces.

“Then let us see if we can find her.”


When they arrive at the bell tower and walked upstairs to the last darkroom, Renza comes out of it and smirks. “Oh, you are too late boys. Did you know she would have needed poison again to stay alive? Too bad that she had refused.”

Hunter balls his fist, tightly. Kayden and Hector stand far ahead, trying to look into the room. “Why have you done that?” Hector asks.

“Oh, I thought Nevrakis are more intelligent, but who am I to think that. Lady Theodosia is childish and unintelligent, of course, her brother would not be any different.” Renza smirks. “And now excuse me, I have a throne to accept.” she winks at Hunter.


After Renza had passed Hunter, he runs into the room towards Victoria. He kneels next to her and grabs her head. “Victoria…” he whispers, trying to see if she will respond. “Please, you can’t be dead.” he checks her pulse and her breathing and notices it is there but barely noticeable. 

“We need something against the poison.” Hector acknowledges.

“Yeah, but for that, we need to know the poison,” Kayden responds.

“I try to find it out, give me a few minutes.” Hector nods and runs out of the room.

“She won’t have minutes…” Hunter whispers, looking down at the pale Victoria. How much he would give for Victoria to look back at him, to show him she is still there. “Fight for me, for us, Victoria.” he sits down onto the floor and grabs Victoria into his lap. “Please fight.” he closes his eyes and let the tears fall.

Kayden puts a hand onto his shoulder. “She will survive. She is a fighter.”


After a few minutes, Hector runs up with a small bottle and a goblet with water. “I got something. We have to give to her.” Hector kneels in front of Hunter who holds Victoria. “Open her mouth.”

Hunter helps her open her mouth and Hector lets a few drops from the antidote into her mouth. After that, he puts a few drops of water. Then he closes her mouth and looks down at her.

Hunter strokes her cheek. “Victoria…”

But nothing happens. Hunter sobs. “She is gone, right? We are too late?” Hunter looks up to Kayden who looks at him apologetically.

“I am sorry, Hunter,” Kayden says, squeezing his shoulder.

Hector sighs. “I am sorry, I was too late.”

Hunter leans down and kisses Victoria. When he leans back to look down, he sees Victoria stirring. Hunter gasps “Victoria?” Hunter grabs her face with both of his hands this time. “Can you hear me, my love?”

Victoria opens her eyes and looks up into Hunter’s brown eyes. Hunter smiles. “Hey, can you hear me?”

Victoria nods and takes a deep breath. “Hunter…”

Hunter smiles. “I am here… I will never let you alone again.” he kisses her forehead.

“I… I am sorry,” Victoria says, her breath still laboured. “I… refused the…poison…” Victoria closes her eyes and then opens them again. “I didn’t want her to win.” Victoria stares into his eyes.

“Shhh, don’t apologise,” Hunter reassures her.

“Hunter…” Victoria whispers but then she looks to the side and sees Kayden and Hector. “Never mind…” Victoria ends.

Kayden looks over to Hector and nods to the door to let Hunter and Victoria alone for a moment. They close the door and wait in front of it.

“We are alone now, what was it?” Hunter strokes her cheek.

“My body feels so weak…” Victoria tries to take a deep breath. “I am so tired.”

Hunter takes a goblet with water and the antidote and gives her the mixture. “Drink something. It’s water with the antidote.”

Victoria tries to sit up, but she is too weak to hold herself up. She sighs. Hunter holds the goblet with one hand and with the other, he helps her up to sit. She leans her body against his. Hunter holds up the goblet and helps her to drink it.


When Victoria finished drinking it, she cuddles into Hunter’s chest. “You are so warm…”

Hunter puts the goblet to the side and takes the bottle with the antidote and puts it into his pocket. Then he picks up Victoria bridal style. “I will bring you somewhere safe.” he kisses her head and walks to the door. Kayden and Hector open the door and look expectantly at them.

“She has to rest somewhere safe. You know where.” Hunter says to Kayden who nods. “I lead the carriage.”

Hunter nods and turns to Hector. “I hope you understand that we don’t want anyone to know where we go. But I appreciate your help, Lord Hector Nevrakis.”

“It was my pleasure, Your Regency.” Hector bows. “May she rest well and get well soon.” he smiles and walks away from them.

Hunter walks downstairs to the carriage that Kayden picked up. Kayden helps Hunter to carry Victoria into the carriage.


After a short drive, they arrive in a small cabin that is far away from Cordonia main city. Hunter lies Victoria down into the bed. He puts the blanket above her and kisses her forehead. When he wants to leave the bed, Victoria grabs his arm, weakly. “Stay…”

Hunter picks up the blanket and cuddles into it. He opens his arms and Victoria cuddles into it. He leans his head against hers.

Kayden whispers. “I am in my bedroom if you need me.”

Hunter nods and holds Victoria, stroking her hair. “I am here.”

“Thank you…” Victoria murmurs. “I… love you,” she whispers.

Hunter smiles. “I love you too.” he kisses her forehead and closes her eyes. He knows that she will be weak for a few months, but he will take care of her and then he will prove everyone what Renza is as a person. But his priority is Victoria and her health, everything else can wait.