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Oh, Darling, I'd Slay a Thousand Men for You

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Ever since allowing Ren to hold her hand in public and kiss her on the cheek occasionally, Masako can't keep his hands off of her or stay his affections for more than a fifteen minute period of respite. He's particularly attentive this morning, she notes with a grimace, as he stands over her while she rummages through her desk drawers for sheet music needed in class later, pressing his front against her and throwing his arms around her waist after a few minutes of being outright ignored.

"You're like a house cat," she mutters with a twitching brow, turning to look over her shoulder at him with a mild scowl, "vying for my attention all the time when you know damn well that I can't constantly dote on you."

Ren chuckles and noses through her hair, whispering, "That doesn't necessarily mean that I can't dote on you constantly, and frankly, as your boyfriend I make it my job to do so."

Masako can barely turn before Ren has her flush against him, one hand in her hair and the other cupping her face as he leans in close, her heart races and she can feel its hoof beats drumming in her ears, waiting for the embarrassing, inevitable...and then the bell rings overhead, bringing the rush of other students along with it, and she ends up laughing at Ren's disappointed expression as he meets eyes with a teacher and releases Masako (for the time being.)