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Bai Yu was the Prince of the land of Haixing/Coerthas and he have one mission is to fight one dragon who is near their land. And terrorize a little his subject. 

He decided to go alone, without one army because he wanted to prove his dad that he was worth of be one king later. 

With so many walks, he saw the desolation of the land after the city where he is. 

Then some people told him where they have seen the last time the dragon. He was of the color Red and Blue, he was big, with fangs who could destroy things. 

He finally against the dragon, and yes he was like others have said but why nobody have told him about his eyes who were incredible. 
He shouldn't have these thoughts maybe it's was because of the fever and his injury because he have do multiples battle to arriving to him. 

When he saw these eyes he doesn't want to kill him, because his eyes was telling I didn't do something I'm on my territory, please leave me alone. 
Then Bai Yu have collapsed, when the dragon saw this he just takes him and brings him to his cave/refuge who was very big for when he was very big. 

During some days because of fever and injury, Bai Yu was very tired and he dreamed that a wonderful boy have take care of him, by washing him, make him some food, make him eat, and warm him. 

When he wakes up in good shape almost in good shape "Where I am, where is the dragon?" 

"Oh hello, you finally up… There is no dragon, I think maybe the fever have made you delirious" say the beautiful men. 

"Huh… I don't think I have ever see you, where I am?" 

The guy doesn't answer, and just give him water and watch Bai Yu

"But I'm really sure I Saw a beautiful dragon," said Bai Yu fiercely

The guy was blushing, what Bai Yu didn't know is that the dragon and him are the same person. 

So he was blushing when he heard "Beautiful Dragon" because no one have told him that. 

"By the way, you are also beautiful… Mister…"

The guy approached Bai Yu and try to shake his hand and tell him in a shy way "Hello I'm… Zhu Yi Long" 

"Nice to meet you, I'm Bai Yu" 

Then when Bai Yu looked at Zhu Yi Long he thought something "You kinda look familiar, your eyes are similar to the dragon" 

Zhu Yi Long tries to turn his head because he is blushing and because it's him the dragon

"I'm sorry I have to check your wounds" 

"No problem, my savior," say Bai Yu with a big smile 

Little by little Bai Yu becomes friendly to Zhu Yi Long, and Zhu Yi Long doesn't understand why this prince (because he knew he was the prince) is so charming and so flirty with him. 
He doesn't understand how act human between them.. 

Time passes, where Bai Yu is living in the cave with Zhu Yi Long he told him "Your wound are not totally healed it's not safe that you be out right now…" 

So for relax a little Bai Yu goes at one hot spring who is in the cave, he was surprised when he discovered this. 
And he loves this because he can a little relax. 

Then at the same moment that he was in the hot spring, Zhu Yi Long have saw him and saw that he was handsome, and he began to feel something in his heart and he doesn't know what it is. 
All he knows is that he wants to be with him. 

Bai Yu still doesn't understand what is the food that gives Zhu Yi Long, because this is not really food for human. 
He still has question who are inside his head because of him, what he is doing here etc. 

And he discovers some weird plants and weird fruits, sometimes he does the face that it's disgusting and Zhu Yi Long feels sorry about that. 

Then Zhu Yi Long check his wound and he have licking his wound every time and he was licking his blood. 

Bai Yu was feeling so weird why he was doing that to him, he is so weird. But he doesn't know why he feel good with him because he saved him, healed him and takes care of him. 
Little by little they become friends and kinda more because he have kissed one night Zhu Yi Long for saying Goodnight. 
And this kiss have made something to Zhu Yi Long where he have kissed him harder. 
It's was his first kiss, first everything and he wanted Bai Yu. He wanted him so bad. 

Then Slowly Bai Yu realize that Zhu Yi Long is the dragon that he have tried to kill him. 

Lots of things made sense between the two colors who are in the cave, the weird stuff, the licking, the fangs and also the eyes. 

Zhu Yi Long as human have fangs and he have bitten him sometimes and he said  "You are mine" 

Then also he had some cute ear who looked like the stuff of dragon that he liked to pet. 
And He could never forget those eyes. 

He was so shocked, he doesn't know how to react, he even becomes sick because of this, one headache becomes to be with nausea. 
He wanted to take some big breath to clear his mind. 

Then he saw Zhu Yi Long transform as a dragon it's was the same dragon that he wanted to kiss except he was smaller. 

And he could talk  "I don't know how humans react, I'm not used to be with someone, I didn't want to hurt you when I see you, you were just in my territory" Say ZYL

He was trying to comfort Bai Yu, then Bai Yu decides to kiss his forehead then Zhu Yi Long appeared as human and very naked. 

They have seen each other naked some times but Zhu Yi Long was so shy, that he have run for the search for one cloak who was the color of the dragon.

At the Coerthas, the kingdom becomes worried for Bai Yu that he wasn't back is been 5 months, lots thought he was dead. 
His dad become a little worried and the future princess (aka arranged marriage) was waiting for him, she couldn't wait to see him so she could be a princess. 
So the kingdom have chosen to launch one attack where the dragon is to taking revenge. 

And they try to hurt him but when they were trying to hurt him, Bai Yu came out from the cave and he said "Please don't hurt him, I'm alive and safe, I will come back to the kingdom, put please don't hurt him" 

He was protecting him like a shield like he was a knight for protecting him. 

Bai Yu is sure that not all dragon are evil, so he have a plan that when he will come back to Coerthas he will change all of this.
Except he have to leave for a while Zhu Yi Long. 

He kisses his forehead then his lips like a promise kiss "I will come back, please be safe, my dragon" 

During days he couldn't stop thinking about him and try to change things in the kingdom but it's complicated and now he have a plan to search Zhu Yi Long and maybe be like one advisor/minister for help the relation between human x dragon because he would make him pass as the human représentant of dragon. 
So he goes back to the cave and saw Zhu Yi Long in human form, but he was sad. 

Bai Yu was with his crown, his clock, his knife, and shield. 

"I will not hurt you, my beautiful dragon" 

He throws his weapon and his shield on the floor and he is on his knees "Please come with me, I can't live without you please come with me, I will take you as an advisor/minister and we try to do something so people would not be afraid of dragon and work in relationship dragon x human. What do you think?" 

Zhu Yi Long was afraid, he was too afraid to be with people to leave his safe haven, his cave. 

Bai Yu goes hug him and tell him "Everything is gonna be okay, everything will be fine" and then take his hand, they leave the cave holding hands. 

During their travel, Bai Yu was thinking of marrying him but first, he had to get rid of the princess. 
The first thing is to get rid of the princess. 

He wanted also to kiss his wonderful dragon who looks so beautiful under the snow. 

When they arrive in the kingdom, Zhu Yi Long was very shy and kinda feel small against all of this. 

Yes, he was a powerful dragon, but he doesn't want to hurt people, he just wanted to be in peace. 
But he wasn't okay totally because bad things happen little by little between him and the princess Meng Jia. 

She started to make him trip, while they were walking, first people thought it's was an accident that he was just not very stable, Bai Yu thought it's was because he is not used to walking with his feet for a long time so he said nothing. 
Then she started call him worthless, useless, unable to do something, and that he is a shame for the kingdom. 
And he started to believe all these words and it's hurt a lot. 

So he takes some of his affairs and leave "Why are you leaving?" say Bai Yu who saw him

"I'm not at my place here, people are right I'm useless and worthless and not got at something. It's will be better that I come back to my cave where I should live and not leave this place. Because this is my home and my save heaven."

Bai Yu catch him before he leaves the kingdom and he kisses him" Don't ever think of leave me ever. I love you"

Bai Yu put his forehead against the one of Zhu Yi Long and try to stop his tears "Let me show you how much I love you, how much I care about you" 

This night they made love where Bai Yu worship Zhu Yi Long and show him that he is loved.

Bai Yu knew he liked when Zhu Yi Long was curled in the lap of Bai Yu in dragon firm but he loved that when they are cuddled in human form where sometimes he is also curled at the lap of Bai Yu

What they didn't know is that the princess saw them kissing and was a big fury. 

So the next day, when Zhu Yi Long was walking, she pushes him to the floor and Bai Yu saw this. 

He saw the face of Zhu Yi Long and it's killed him to see this. 

He said to Meng Jia "Don't ever think to touch him again, and if you try to hurt him, I will kick you by myself and you will be in the street. It's clear and one thing to say to everyone in the palace that if someone dares to touch him or hurt him, you will have your life one hell. "

The princess was not afraid of all of this so she tries one last thing and it's to poison his food, unfortunately, nobody test it and the poison had one effect that he transform as a dragon...

People began to be a little afraid, but not Bai Yu who leave his clock and put it at Zhu Yi Long. 

"Keep Calm, my love, I will keep you safe, I will protect you, my wonderful dragon" he kisses his forehead. 

Zhu Yi Long was just afraid. 

Bai Yu knew who was responsible and slap the princess then, he takes her and throw her outside. 

"If you ever think of doing something else again nobody would believe you, because I would make sure that nobody trusts you. I have never loved you and I never will. And now I hate you for what you have done. So for your life, you should leave far far away and leave all of this and forget about all of this"

The princess finally leave and Bai Yu run to comfort Zhu Yi Long "I'm here my love, don't worry I'm here I will protect you" 

He just pets his hair and kisses his forehead. 

The father saw all of this, he was a little scared because the lover (yes it's was the lover of his son) was a dragon but little by little Bai Yu told him

"We could gain allies with the dragon, they are not very bad, and some can save you and take care of you," he said with a big smile 

The dad understands it little by little because he now understands their love and how they care about each other. 

Then he decides to have a talk with Zhu Yi Long where he assures him "I will protect him as much as I can, I can be his Bodyguard."

He was already his bodyguard when he becomes his advisor and that they have a meeting and stuff like this

"So I have your authorization for marrying him?" say Bai Yu

"Yes you can" 

Bai Yu was jumping of joy but then he had a little issue on how to propose to your lover who is dragon and human. 

When he ask for advice at  his father, he is laughing so wide because of the absurdity "You are in love with a dragon and you don't know how he will react and how to propose to him, and you ask me

Son you asking me, and I can't help you, you do what you think is the best" then he slaps his shoulder "And Good luck" and he continues laughing. 

Then he décide to do very simple like dinner under one peach tree that they have in the garden, where now food gets tested all the time. 
It's was safe now, they had one wonderful dinner. 

Then Bai Yu is at one knee and said "Zhu Yi Long, Long Ge, My wonderful dragon, my lover I would like to ask you one question" 

"Yes my love" 

"Will you marry me and be my husband because I don't want to live without you, you are too important to me, I just love you so much" 

Zhu Yi Long is crying and kiss Bai Yu and said "Yes of course yes" 

Bai Yu is crying from all of this too.