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Author’s Note: This is my first Malec fic and first fic on this website.
It’s gonna be explicit! Don’t like = Don’t read. I know the summary sucks but I’m a huge fan of surprise and I’m trying to achieve that with this fic.
This first chapter is kinda like a tease.
I’ve written a couple thousand words already for the next 2/3 chapters. So at least I can promise you this doesn’t get abandoned straight away. :) 


Tomorrow was going to be an exciting day for Alec. He had his phone in his hand and made a new alarm to ring at 6:30 in the morning. He was going to make another alarm as well for 8:30 when he actually needed to be ready. Alec liked getting up early, getting ready for the day ahead. Sometimes he would just lie in bed for another half hour, sometimes even longer. Just like any other (mundane) person. Obviously, he wasn’t, but on rare occasions, he liked to grant himself a little normalcy in his hectic life. On other days, though he would do a few stretches, get a little workout in, just in his little room, all to himself. Of course, he could use the training room just like any other time of the day but there was something soothing about him and his thoughts, all alone in his room... something he couldn’t put a name to but was strangely fine with that.

Anyway, he was startled by Izzy rudely interrupting his business as he nearly through his phone to the floor being startled by his sister barging in the room talking a mile an hour. “Omg, are you excited? I mean how can you not be? You know, I am excited! We’ve never had a visit of a Downworlder in the institute, at least not any who came in peace or weren’t here for an interrogation. Don’t you think it’s exciting? I’m really looking forward to tomorrow...” she finally trailed off, waiting for her brother’s reply.

Sure, Alec was ‘excited’ as Izzy put it. It was definitely going to be a day like any other. He was looking forward to it. But he was also shitting his pants of nervousness. He was the acting head of the institute, Alec Lightwood and with the number of bad outcomes tomorrow could bring, everything that would go wrong would be on his head. It would all be his fault because even if this whole ordeal wasn’t his idea, he would still be the one who would have to deal with the consequences.

He was reluctant at first when Izzy and Jace pushed him to look for an alternative to help him with finding this demon, but even after 15 gruesome mundane kills and nowhere near a leed, Alec had to give in and listen to his team. Listen to any ideas on how to catch this demon who always seemed to slip through their fingers. They haven’t even seen this creature, yet which means that they couldn’t look up any facts, considering they had no evidence to even narrow down what kind of demon they were looking for.

“Yeah, I guess. It’s just going to be a stressful day... but hopefully, he can help us.” He didn’t need to look at Izzy, who now sat next to him on his bed, to know she was rolling her eyes at his ‘business-voice’, how she called it.

She used to start calling it the ‘head-of-the-institute-voice’ but with the amount of times she called him out on it, it got too long and so she went with ‘business-voice’ instead, after being scolded by Alec himself when she tried to make ‘grumpy-cat’ a thing.

“Oh, c’mon Alec. Don’t tell me you’re not at least looking forward to meeting the High Warlock? They say he’s very fabulous and even more handsome.” Now it was Alec’s turn to roll his eyes. Of course, his sister would point something like that out. To him, as well. Because she thought it wouldn’t hurt for Alec to let loose sometime, little did she know...! But he liked to keep it that way.

Alec, particularly, didn’t care if the guy looked 2 days from death. If he could help them, he had no problem giving away a priced artifact, as payment. He was no fool, he knew exactly that Warlocks always required payment, which was another reason why he was opposed to the idea in the first place, but now he would take just about any hint to stop the killings.

“Well, it would definitely be a step into the future if tomorrow goes well.” He said nonchalantly, but his head was already filling with too many things that could go wrong and he just needed to stop overthinking it. Tomorrow was going to happen and nothing he would think of now, would stop that. So, the best thing for him was to relax and get a good night’s rest.

“Listen, Izzy, I don’t want to-” he was cut off by the very same Isabelle “Yes, yes, you don’t want to kick me out but I’m taking you away from your beauty sleep. I get it, brother, you want to look well-rested for that gorgeous Warlock tomorrow” she shot him a wink and exited the room without looking over her shoulder, knowing that she won the argument.

Even though Izzy was wrong, Alec’s mouth still broke into a small grin at his sister’s antics. He knew she was just looking out for him, coming into his room the night before to show her encouragement and have his back for whatever happens tomorrow. And he loved her for it. They had a weird dynamic that nobody else got, but that’s exactly how he liked it.

Yawning, Alec shut his door behind his sister, undressed, brushed his teeth and stepped into his sleeping pants. He saw his phone lying on the bed, put in on charge and just after he unlocked it, a knock on his door made him look up and bid the person in. Of course, it was his Parabatai. A small smile graced his features while he asked, knowingly “come to wish me good luck?” Because just like his sister, Jace was predictable. At least to Alec, being Parabatai and family, he knows that Jace would worry his pretty, little head all night if he wouldn’t at least have a word with his brother about how he was feeling. But Jace being... well, Jace he had his own way of ‘talking about their feelings’, much like him and Izzy, they had their own special way of communication.

“I actually came to ask if you’re shitting your pants already or if I should come by tomorrow morning and ask then?” Alec chuckled. What was he expecting? Nothing less, certainly. “I was just about to go to bed actually, trying NOT to think about what could go wrong tomorrow” and as if Izzy and he would be related, he rolled his eyes with a huff. “It’s going to be fine. And even if something goes wrong..., which it won’t, Izzy and I are going to be by your side.”

And what more could Alec ask for than the encouragement and confidence of both his siblings? “Yeah hopefully. Just don’t be late tomorrow. We can’t afford to make a bad impression. After all, this is a first for all of us and who knows? Maybe if tomorrow goes well, we could have an alliance with this warlock and keep the mundanes safe from future attacks.” Because this was what Alec was excited about if in a million years he’d let himself believe that the odds against that happening weren’t 99.999%.

“Exactly. Who knows? Ok, go to bed, grumpy.” Jace winked at him before he continued “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Alec let out a small groan at the nickname, he definitely picked up from his sister in that angel-awful time where she tried to make ‘grumpy cat’ stick. Reluctantly, and annoyed he replied, looking at Jace’s back as he went out of his room. “Shut the door will you?” But, of course, Jace being the little shit that he is, didn’t close the door all the way, meaning for Alec to get up again and close his door himself. He cursed his brother while still hearing him snicker. He locked the door with the actual key, already thinking ahead to Jace being his annoying self and barging in tomorrow, thinking it was funny to get on his nerves. And just to be safe he picked up his stele and drew a locking rune on the door. He was just about to retreat to bed when he had another thought. Better safe than sorry. After all these years, Alec knew his brother...and sister quite well. Another rune drawn on the door, the one to soundproof a room, and Alec basically jumped into bed. Soon after he closed his heavy eyelids, dreamland took over and he didn’t wake up till morning when his first alarm rang.





Alec’s alarm rang and he opened his eyes feeling thoroughly rested. Just when he turned his alarm off, an idea wandered into the forefront of his mind that maybe, just maybe, today wasn’t going to be a total waste. That maybe, it was going to be a good day. A small smile appeared on his face and suddenly Alec was far from wanting to lie in his bed for a while. He wanted to start the day and not overthink what was to come. Kicking off the covers, he let his legs fall to the side of the bed and made his way into the middle of his room. Years ago he rearranged his room so that his bed was against the wall, his dresser against the same wall and his bedside table next to his bed on the adjacent wall. A carpet was lying in the middle of the room, with nothing else around it so that he had space for some exercises.

Alec liked to start with a couple of stretches and then continue with Yoga for the first half-hour.

The next half hour was filled with push-ups, squats, lunges and sit-ups. He was breaking a sweat now and adrenaline was swimming through his veins. Alec was high on life and decided that another half hour or so, filled with a couple of pushes, a little bit of mixed martial arts, would do him some good.

Done with his workout, he checked his phone: 8 o’clock. I still have half an hour he told himself. Choosing a playlist, he made his way into his en-suite bathroom. Possibly one of the worst disadvantages being housed below an old abandoned church is that the bathrooms couldn’t possibly have windows. At least not the en-suite bathrooms of the dormitories and considering Alec liked to shower with scorching hot water running over his body, he learned early on the leave the door open to his adjacent bedroom, which is why he always locked the door with the key AND the rune.

Once he placed his phone on the cabinet closest to the shower, he stepped into the shower and turned it on rapidly as a shudder made his way over his body from his toes to the tips of his hairs. The refreshing cold water felt lush on his heated skin but also made him shiver a moment after. He just loved the contrast between being sweaty and hot and in a tiny moment, being cold again before the water temperature began to heat up and surround him in a cocoon of heat. He picked up his shampoo and quickly washed his hair, massaging his scalp and sighing as the feeling grounded him. He continued to massage his head for another minute just because he could and the feeling was nice.

Afterward, he quickly rinsed his hair and lathered up his body with the musky scented shower gel he owned. He started with his neck, which he decided could grow for another day. He couldn’t be fucked shaving today and besides, it’s not like anybody would care. It was just a one-day-old-scruff, nothing too noticeable. Washing his armpits, his arms and his chest, rubbing the shower gel down his body, he covered himself from head to toe before rinsing it away again.
The first song just came to an end, so Alec knew only about 3 to 4 minutes passed. He still had about 25 minutes to spare...


Okaaay, so I hope I’ve already made up the shitty summary but fear not, there’s a LOVELY *cough* scene coming up next ;) *cheeky grin*
I would love to hear your thoughts on this, on what’s possibly coming next, how you liked this short teaser, just anything really. It would really make my day :)