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An Alpha's Alpha

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It was a calm night. One of the few nights they had off, Kirishima demanding they go out somewhere. It landed them in a bar they've been to a few times, sitting together in a small booth in a dimly lit corner, sipping their drinks. 

Kirishima had his arm around Bakugou's shoulders, leaning back and closing his eyes. Content. "You know, I never thought this would be my life." Kirishima spoke, raising an eyebrow as he looked down at the blonde. 

Bakugou snorted, taking a swig of his beer, "The hell does that mean?" Kirishima grinned, tilting his head to bump his forehead against Bakugou's temple, "To be this happy." Bakugou closed his eyes as well, his thumb instinctually grazing the gold wedding band on his ring finger. 

He grunted in response, leaning against the red head. Kirishima pressed a kiss to blonde hair, inhaling the alpha's scent. Bakugou drained his glass, nudging at his mate, "My turn. Gonna get us another round." Kirishima rolled his eyes, lifting his arm off the blonde.

Bakugou stood, walking to the bar, leaning against it casually until he got the bartender's attention. He handed the woman cash, telling her to keep the change, drumming his fingers on the lip of the bar as he waited. 

A thick scent made him exhale sharply through his nose, upper lip curling back as he glanced over his shoulder. Some alpha stood in his group of friends, the group hyping him up over something. Bakugou rolled his eyes, turning his attention back to the bartender as she brought him their drinks. 

He turned to walk back to his mate, stopping in his tracts when he heard a loud whistle, turning to look at the jackass alpha that smelled so strongly of pride. The man was walking towards him, hands out, "Bring those over here, bitch." 

Bakugou's grip on the glasses got dangerously tight, his lips curling to bare his teeth, "You wanna see a bitch, I'll gladly turn you into one." The alpha scoffed, striding right up to Bakugou, reaching forward to take the drinks from him.

It was instinct. Bakugou couldn't help himself. He poured both drinks out, right onto the floor, a small smile on his lips as he spoke through his clenched teeth, "You thirsty? Lick it off the floor like the bitch you are." 

The alpha slapped both glasses out of Bakugou's hands, the glass shattering against the floor loudly, earning the attention of everyone in the bar, including a certain red head.

"I'll fucking drop you." The blonde set his jaw, baring his teeth to the man, his hands clenching, smoking lightly. The man balled his fists, "I bet once you have a knot in you, you're more of a slut than an omega in heat." Bakugou growled, his palms crackling, "You smell like a beta bitch, talking like one too. Let's go outside and I'll bury you in the sidewalk." 

Bakugou's own snarl was cut short, overwhelming alpha scent filled the room, several people choking on it. His alpha. Kirishima stalked two steps past him, snatching the man by the collar of his shirt and slamming him into the nearest wall. He launched a hardened fist into the concrete next to the man's head, large chunks falling to the floor from the sheer strength of the red head. 

Bakugou felt his cock twitch, his mouth salivate. His mind could only focus on Kirishima's scent. Pissed off alpha, dominating alpha. His alpha. Showing everyone that Bakugou was his mate. His bitch. A sick grin spread over Bakugou's face, his tongue ran over his teeth. 

"Was that your hand on my mate?" Kirishima snarled, showing jagged teeth off to the man he had pinned, "Babe, you wanna see him leave here on a stretcher?" Not a soul could smell how aroused Bakugou was, even if it radiated off him in waves. The scent of pure alpha shutting everything else out. 

Bakugou walked up next to the pair, placing a hand on the wall opposite of Kirishima's fist, leaning casually, "Ya smell that?" The man Kirishima had pinned glanced at the blonde, panic clear in his eyes. "You fucked up. You pissed off an alpha, that was mated to an alpha." Bakugou glanced Kirishima up and down, licking his lips. 

"Did you think you were going to keep that hand? After you touched my Alpha?" Kirishima's voice shook Bakugou to his core, drowning out how loud his heartbeat was in his ears, his cock strained against the confines of his jeans. The man clawed at Kirishima's hand, a joke of an attempt to free himself. Kirishima pulled the man forward only to slam him back into the wall, hard.

"I wouldn't want to piss him off." Bakugou tsked, leaning against the wall with his shoulder, crossing his arms over his chest, "He's a big alpha, isn't he? He's a strong alpha. Can you feel how strong he is?" Kirishima glanced at his mate, arousal mixing into his own scent. 

The man clenched his jaw, his gaze dropping from Kirishima's fierce gaze to the floor, submitting to him. The red head alpha snorted through his nose, his grip tightening on the man's shirt before dropping him, pulling his fist from the wall. "Car. Now." Kirishima's alpha voice made Bakugou's cock leak. 

Bakugou made a bee line for the door, grabbing for his alpha's arms, needing physical connection with his alpha. Kirishima snarled, tugging the blonde's hips back against him, losing his control. He needed his cock buried in his mate, his knot locked in him.

"Fuck, Eiji, need you in me." Bakugou's own growl made Kirishima's grip on him tighten, hoping to bruise his mate's hips. "Gonna fuck you, baby. Gonna knot you, gonna pump you full, 'Tsuki. Fucking sexy little bitch." Kirishima's cock was thick in his pants, "Just thinking of another alpha's scent on you, gods, gonna knock you up, baby." 

They barely made it to the car before Bakugou bent himself over the hood of Kirishima's truck, arching his back, looking at his alpha over his shoulder, "Fuck me, Eiji. Breed me, Eijirou. Knot your bitch." Kirishima grabbed the back of Bakugou's pants, ripping them down over Bakugou's ass, the growl that tore from his throat making the blonde moan. 

"You slick for your alpha? Gonna take all my pups, huh?" Kirishima tapped his cock on Bakugou's ass cheeks. "Fuck your bitch full of pups, Alpha." Bakugou hissed, grinding himself back on his mate.