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Collector's Item

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Katsuki was tired of this signing. 


He fucking hated doing these things. But fucking Miruku had threatened to suspend him for a week if he didn't, and like fuck was that gonna happen. Too many criminals to fight. 


So he relented, albeit reluctantly.


But signings were a pain . First of all, anytime he growled or cursed, the fan girls liked it , screaming and waving wildly like fucking idiots. Second of all, whenever he did, fans would camp out for a chance to meet him, which meant that most of the time, he would be there for fucking hours, signing t-shirts and posters and whatever the fuck else they handed to him, shoving their underdeveloped boobs in his face like he would somehow ever go for them.


Katsuki was tired of this signing.


Two hours in, he was done, and signaled for his agent to cut the line, who in turn signaled for the security guards standing to the side to intervene before the next overly make-uped, heavily perfumed teenager could get to him.


“We’re very sorry, but Ground Zero has to leave due to an emergency. Please exit in a quiet, orderly fashion."


"W-wait! Wait! Please, I'm so close!" A female voice called out desperately.


He tsked softly and turned around, ready to curse whoever the fuck was behind him out, only to stop when he saw her.


It was a young girl, maybe 18 years old or so, looking at him with big, impossibly green eyes. She was dressed in a modest school girl outfit, her skirt just brushing her knees, and her long curly hair, also a vibrant green, was pulled into two high pigtails.


What caught his eye, though, was what was in her arms wrapped protectively in a black, obscure bag that was subtly slipping down to show the side of a horribly familiar box.


It was a Ground Zero — no, THE Ground Zero dildo. The one that Miruko had convinced him to make when he was young and stupid. The item he only made five of made to make sure it was so rare that he would never have to see it again.


And this fucking slut wanted it signed. 




“Let her through,” he commanded.


Security raised a brow, but let the girl pass while shooing everyone away, ignoring the females cries of disappointment as they let the slender female scamper through their herding arms.

Izuku couldn’t believe it. Ground Zero was so kind for letting her through to meet him.


She stumbled a little bit as she ran up to him, staring at him in awe. 


"Wow! Ground Zero! Hi! It's nice to meet you! I'm a big fan!"


He hummed, staring down at her in...amusement? 


"Well, Freckles, you got something for me to sign?"


She blushed, green eyes darting around the open space apprehensively. "U-um, c-could I just...could we go over there maybe?"


She pointed, off to where a small hallway connected to the area inconspicuously.


He hummed, a subtle smirk tugging his lips. 


"Lead the way."


They walk away from the small crowd that's still hanging around, her glancing over her shoulder ever so often to make sure that he was following and him letting his eyes drop to her swaying hips when she turned around again.


And then they were alone, in a tiny hallway where the bathrooms and a small janitor's closet was. 


Izuki was flustered, looking anywhere but her Hero as her hands fiddles with the bag in her hands. 


"G-Ground Zero, thank you so much for letting me through! I-I'm such a big fan of yours-"


She squeaked as the package was yanked from her hands, the bag discarded a moment later. 


The silence was deafening, her wide green eyes trained on the box in his hands before a rumbling chuckle had her eyes snapping up to his face.


"Well, well. Haven't seen one of these in a long time," he hummed, staring down at the box in amusement before meeting her startled gaze. "Just how many times have you used this thing, Freckles?"


She sputtered, red racing across her cheeks. "Wha-! I never! I'm getting it signed as a collector!"


Her excuse was practiced, said in the mirror repeatedly over the course of days and weeks up until today. She delivered it with confidence that she felt in her bones. 


A confidence that was quickly and unapologetically ripped away in the face of his stare. 


"Bullshit. The tape's gone, and the edges are worn down from repeated opening and closing."






She hadn't thought about that. 


She struggled to think up another excuse, frozen as she spiraled into her own thoughts.


“W-what? Not every collector keeps their stash in perfect condition!” She stutters defensively, her eyes darting around the small space nervously. “I-I just wanted to see if I got what you paid for?”


Ground Zero hummed, stepping closer and closer until she was pressed up against the wall, her knees quaking as hot breath washed over her ear. 


“Well, tell me. Did you get what you paid for?” he murmured teasingly.


She shuddered hard, her eyes rolling back as the thick scent of toasted marshmallows and campfire smoke invaded her senses. 




A deep chuckle filled the air as he pulled away again, eyeing her slumped form with a cruel smirk.


“You still claim that this is only a collector’s item?” he asks, wiggling the box in her direction.


Tears filled her eyes as she realized that he was just mocking her. This was a disaster! She couldn't believe she was so stupid! Collector’s item her ass! Of course the tape was missing. As many times as she had used it, she was surprised that the box didn't fall apart altogether! But what could she say now?! She didn't have another excuse! Fuck! He was going to think she was weird! He was going to call security and they would haul her away to prison and he would get a restraining order against her. They would have giant posters with her face on them, advertising that she wasn't allowed in the building. Fuck, why did she think this was a good idea?! She was gonna-!


"You're muttering."


She clapped a hand over her mouth, tears finally escaping and dripping down her cheeks. She was embarrassed in a way that she had never experienced, shame washing over her the longer Ground Zero stared at her.


"I-I'm so sorry, Mr. Ground Zero, please don't hate me, I'll just go," she babbled, lunging for the box in his hands only for him to snatch it away at the last second. 


"Ah ah ah," he tsked softly, a smirk curling his lips as he stared down at her shaking form. “I haven’t signed it yet.”


Her head jerked up in shock, staring up at him incredulously. “R-really? You’re still going to sign it?!”


“Of course, I am. It would be rude of me to not sign it. You’ve come all this way after all. I just have one condition.”




She yelped as he pressed his entire body against hers, something long and hard poking insistently at her belly. 


“Y’see, I’ve been pretty pent up lately,” he murmured softly, just for her ears. “The stress of hero work and interviews and public signings can really take its toll on a man.”


She whimpered softly as he started to grind his erection against her stomach, sending heat pooling low in her gut.


“And I’m not going to lie. You have a very attractive face. So, I’m willing to sign your collector’s item , on the condition that you come to my hotel tonight, and let me give you the real thing.”


Holy fucking shit-


“So what do you say, Freckles? You wanna feel the real deal?”


“Please,” she blurts out, uncaring of any and all ramifications. She will be goddamned if she misses this opportunity.


“Great. Give me your cell phone.”


She fumbles it out of her coat pocket, handing it to him with shaking hands.


“...Now unlock it.”


“O-oh! Yes, of course!” she says, hurriedly typing her password into the devie.


“‘GoundZeroSlut’, huh?”


Her face might as well have caught fire, and she didn’t meet his smirking eyes as he punched in his phone number and pressed call, waiting for his own cell phone to ring in his pocket before giving it back.


“I’ll text you the address once I’m ready for you to come over. Be sure to bring extra clothes for the next morning, and when you get home, I recommend taking a nap.”


“A nap? What for?”


Ground Zero smirked darkly, and it immediately ruined her panties for all time.


“Like I said, I’m very pent up.”


She swallowed.


He turned away waving over his shoulder.


“See you tonight, Freckles. And be sure to bring that dildo with you.”

He left her standing in the small hallway, embarrassed, aroused, and wondering what the fuck had just happened.