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Paper Cranes

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“Hey, Hisashi? Do you think I can be a hero? Just like Dad?”


“Yeah, I know. I’m not like you or Dad, my body is weak and I can’t even get a quirk but- It still wouldn’t hurt to try, right?”


“The doctors do say I’m slowly getting better, so maybe whatever I have will pass the older I get! We could even do what we planned together, to be the kinds of heroes who help ease the burden off of Dad so he doesn’t have to stress himself out more than he has to.”


Midoriya Buri took a breath as he stared at the shut door. The door that remained shut for around eight or nine years now, when he was only five and his brother vanished off the face of the earth.

He brought a hand to the door, setting the palm of it against the wood.

“Hisashi? I’m going to find you and bring you home. And then, we can work towards achieving our dreams.”

He gave a sad smile before turning away from the door. If he remembered right, his Uncle Shoto and Uncle Tenya would be stopping by with Tensei and Enji.

“I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”


“With the formation of the Hero System, overnight the largest group of Vigilantes all became known as the First Pro Heroes with Deku leading them- Are you two even paying attention!?” Enji shouted, his voice going from the standard monotone drawl that’s standard of someone lecturing history to one of pure frustration.

“My dad is literally Deku, so I can ask him for history help when he’s available,” Buri said, in the middle of folding his paper into a crane.

“This is quite literally one of the first things we learn in school,” Tensei said, pencil balancing on the bridge of his nose. “Besides, I’m already following my dad’s study plan.”

“Don’t you mean your brother’s?”

Tensei just gave a cheeky smile.

“Well I am not having you two fail your entrance exams! If we’re all to go to UA then you have to pass the written alongside the practical! You aren’t taking the recommended exam, so I have no guarantee that either of you will pass!” Enji continued to lecture, pointing his pen at the both of them.

Buri just gave a small smile. “Well, I still haven’t asked my dad about going to UA. I only recently got clearance to go to a public school from the doctors,” he admitted.

“God damn it Buri! Quit procrastinating on this!”

Buri just continued to smile, still feeling guilty over not telling either of them of his real plan. Being quirkless and unable to receive any quirks from his dad, thanks to his frail body, his doctors told him that it was impossible to be a Pro Hero. That instead he should try other career paths.

His dad tried telling him that there were so many other fields he could go into to help people. Doctor, detective, even possibly building support gear or going into a management department. However, none of those fields were ones he wanted to go into.

Because he doubts any of them could get him clearance to search for Hisashi.

“Enji, not all of us are relatives of the Number 2 Hero, then again Buri has us beat but he’s not taking the recommended exam so…” Tensei said.

“Tch, only reason why my old man got that spot is because Explosion King fucking vanished over a decade ago. He didn’t earn it.”

Buri only remembered meeting Explosion King once, also known as Bakugou Katsuki. Apparently he was there to declare that he would take the Number One spot from Deku by any means necessary.

Only to disappear days after making that declaration of war.

"Enji, that's enough of your Daddy Issues. Why don't we just go and train for the practical portions? Since I'm pretty sure we're all set for the written," Tensei suggested.

"Yeah, we could go to your house Enji! Didn't you mention having a training room there?" Buri asked.

He would have offered his dad's, but that one is located at his agency. In a spot where he can't enter without his dad and a couple doctors there to supervise him. All to make sure he doesn't strain himself.

"Fine, I'll talk to my dad about that. But first, Buri, just ask yours about UA. Worst he can do is say No and suggest other schools. Or have you stay homeschooled..."

Slowly, Buri gave a nod. “Right, yeah. I’ll ask him- I mean, he might be ok if I tell him which program I’m applying for?” More like lie to his father about which one he’s applying for. However, he can’t let either of his friends know cause they might rat him out.

“Yeah, he should be fine if you go for General Studies!”


“Looks like the Hero Commission is considering our search for Explosion King a lost cause, then again it’s been over a decade and the trail has long since run cold.”

“I refuse to believe that, Bakugou isn’t the type to completely disappear without a trace. If there was a kidnapping then he would have put up an explosive fight, you two should know this as you went to highschool with him.”

“Deku, considering the last time we saw him was his declaration of war on you-”

Izuku just ran a hand down his face before shaking his head. “I’ve received countless declarations of war and rivalry, the two of you even gave your own declarations when you came to intern under me,” he said.

“Yes, but Bakugou was more serious about it than us. The way he went about it suggested that he could have possibly-”

“If you’re trying to suggest Bakugou turned Villain then you really haven’t been paying attention to him. He was one of the students I kept an eye on while you all went to UA together, he’s passionate and determined to be a hero who surpasses me.”

Izuku looked towards his former students, now turned best friends ever since they reached the same age he’s been stuck at for a few centuries now, and shook his head. “Todoroki, Ida, we’re not giving up on this.”

Todoroki shook his head. “Easier said than done, Mr. Hero Commission’s Puppet, you know what will happen if you go against what they say. What might happen to Buri’s future if they suddenly tar you as a-”

“Todoroki! We know that won’t happen, the public wouldn’t fall for that!”

“No, Ida, Todoroki is right. If I take one step out of line then they will destroy everything I’ve worked hard to achieve,” Izuku said.

He honestly hated it. Being forced to do what the Hero Commission says, stuck on the tightest leash ever just because of the nature of his quirk, but what choice did he have? Considering his best friend at the time had-

He also had his companions at the time, people who have been following his lead in doing good. Trying to help out the world during the chaotic times that followed the emergence of quirks. With the government putting together a plan they got from America, Izuku’s companions were at risk of having their entire livelihoods stripped away as they’re labelled as quirk wielding villains.

Izuku refused to allow for that to happen to them, so he did the only thing he could to save them all.

His willingness to save lives was what allowed them to put that leash on him.

“I may not be able to, but the two of you can continue the search in my stead,” Izuku said, feeling ever grateful to have friends who are willing to break the rules when he knows he can’t afford to.

He was already treading on very thin ice by continuing his own search on a case that the Hero Commission had frozen only a week after he started. Their excuse being that as Hisashi is the son of the Number One, if there wasn’t any ransom put then he’s more than likely dead.

They also say he can’t afford to let personal feelings and attachments blind him from the truth.

Ida just shook his head, but did give a small laugh. “Like when Todoroki and I decided to go and do a small bit of vigilantism in highschool?” He asked, bringing up the moment when Izuku decided to take them both on as interns.

“Exactly, just remember the number one rule I taught you both!”

“It’s not illegal if we’re helping people and if we don’t get caught without a license.”

Izuku smiled at them both before turning when he heard a knock on the door until Buri walked in.

Shifting awkwardly in his oversized sweater and baggy pants, Buri gave a very small smile. “Uh, Dad? Can I ask you something?” He asked.

“Of course, you know you can ask me anything,” Izuku said, seeing Enji and Tensei standing behind Buri. Both giving encouraging looks to Buri alongside their smiles.

He seemed to shift more, obviously nervous as he tugged on the end of his sleeve. “Um- I- You know how- Well, I just- You know how the doctors recently gave me clearance to go to a public school?” Buri asked, taking a breath as if he was steeling himself for what was to come.

“I- I want to go to UA,” He finally said.

Izuku could understand why his son would be nervous. If he was going for the Hero Course then the answer would be a definite No, only because of how it might impact his health and the simple fact that he knows how dangerous this career path is. From first hand experience especially- if it wasn’t for the longevity and countless healing quirks he has in his arsenal, Izuku is sure that he probably would have died or sustained a serious injury a long time ago.

Especially when pitted against villains like Overhaul and Dabi, the latter being how he found out what exactly One for All had become.

“Which course are you applying for?” He asked, knowing that he can’t say No if Buri is going for any of the other courses.

He gave a smile when Buri seemed to get a hopeful look, even pulling out some papers.

“Well, I have the application for General Studies right here! It only needs the signature of a parent or guardian!”

“Alright, hand it over,” Izuku said, already feeling the relief that Buri seemingly already decided on which path to go down. “Have you thought of what you plan on doing as a job?” He asked, finding the correct line and giving his signature.

Buri just gave a small smile. “Well, you know how I loved reading your old comic collection? I kind of want to be a writer,” he said.

That...was unexpected. Izuku did know Buri loved reading, it was one of the only things he could do while he was stuck on bed rest from when he was four until his ninth birthday. He also knew that Buri really wanted to join in on his search for Hisashi, which is why he suggested being a detective as an option.

Does this mean Buri, like the Hero Commission, also believes finding Hisashi is impossible?

Shaking the thought from his head, Izuku handed the papers back to Buri and gave a smile. “Well, I’ll be sure to give you my support in whatever way I can.”

“Thanks Dad! I really appreciate it!”


When Buri went back into his bedroom, he could feel guilt start to well up as he looked over the paperwork he had his dad sign. As he brought out an eraser, he moved to where he had checked the box for General Studies- marked in pencil though it seemed like his dad actually trusted him not to trick him.

Which made him feel all the worse as he pulled out a pen and checked the box for Hero Course.

He was breaching his dad’s trust like this, but what choice did he have? He knows that a detective wouldn’t get nearly as much clearance to certain cases as a Hero would, not able to access all the right files because some cases are just out of reach.

And he already knows his brother’s case would be one like that.

“I hope you can forgive me for tricking you like this, Dad, but I have no other choice. This is the only way I can work towards finding Hisashi.”

And find him he will.