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Two people stood, deep in a conversation. The height difference between them was almost comical - nearly three feet from one head to another. Their conversation was quiet and clipped, despite no other soul being visible in any direction. It was still dusk on the day before the UA entrance exam. Toshinori knelt down to look at his young protégé eye to eye, a hand going to her shoulder.

"You're sure you're set on doing this? If you somehow do fail... " The greenette before him tensed, looking down at the ground. Her long hair forming a curtain that hid her face. "It will be hard to explain away failing the entrance exam, while also getting accepted through recommendations. And we both kn-" A quiet voice cut him off.

"So I won't fail. Simple as that." Her cold tone left no room for argument. Her mind was made up. Toshinori could see her small frame shaking almost imperceptibly. He knew her well enough to pick up on when she was truly angry. He moved his hand from her shoulder and brushed some hair behind her ear. Their eyes met. Hers were damp. His expression softened, mouth turning up into a small smile.

"I know you won't. You wouldn't accept anything less than perfection." He wrapped his lanky arms around her small frame, pulling her into a hug. She reciprocated, burying her face into his chest. He could hear her sniffling quietly. They stayed like this for some time before separating. They moved over to a bench a few feet away that faced Dagobah beach and sat down. He watched her, twiddling her thumbs with her eyes clamped shut. She wiped her eyes with her sleeve, before turning to him. She now wore a fierce look, that spoke to the countless emotions running through her. Without a sound she jumped up and grabbed the railing in front of them. They remained like this, a comfortable silence washing over them as they watched the sunrise sparkle off of the restored coastline. Neither of them knew how long they stayed like this, neither cared. Finally she spoke, still looking away from him.

"No matter what happens, even if I'm not attending UA. I will make you proud." Small wisps of green electricity were visible around her small hands as she gripped the metal bar with increased pressure. The #1 Hero looked at her with an unreadable expression, a mix of pride, admiration, and something else…

"Of course you will. I've no doubt. We've both worked too hard to get to where we are now." She turned to him, quickly approaching and wrapping her arms around his neck. His massive hand cupped the back of her head, holding her close. "Now go. Jogging the rest of the way will get you there with time to spare, and serve as a basic warm up." She broke out of the embrace, moving the other part of her long hair behind her other ear. Her face, now visible, radiated confidence and determination. With a small wave, she began jogging in the direction of UA High. He watched her until she was out of sight, before turning to look out at the beach once more. His heart swelled with pride whenever he laid eyes on the beautiful beach. He never could've anticipated her finishing cleaning the entire beach as quickly as she did. Locals had returned to the spot after seeing it returned to its former glory, now free of pollution and garbage. As he stood to leave, his eyes darted to where the small girl had gripped the railing.

The outline of her grip was visible, forever imprinted into the bar of steel. His brows furrowed and his eyes lowered. His voice was heavy, laced with many emotions as he lamented "Oh young Midoriya… I wish there was more I could do to help. Your physical progression has far exceeded everyone's expectations. But your mind proved to require far more than we initially thought necessary." He thought back to what he knew of her troubled past, and what Nezu had told him of their sessions together. He'd had spent a long while helping Midoriya hone her battle strategy and planning. After a while they also began meeting once it became clear that she needed help regulating her thoughts, whether she admitted it or not. She relented, willing to go through anything if it would help her become a better hero. That sentiment was what worried both Nezu and Toshinori. With her, everything was framed as to whether or not it would contribute to her growth as a budding hero. She had yet to fully appreciate the other aspects of growth she was going through as an adolescent.

The instructions for the UA entrance exam were quite simple. Destroy robots. Acquire points. That seemed off to her though. What about non-physical quirks? She sorted through her mental filing cabinet of pro heroes; many of them, despite having extremely potent quirks to fight villains with, would not be able to do well in the UA entrance exam. Ms. Joke was a perfect example. Her ability to combat and incapacitate human enemies was extremely potent, but she would be no more than a Quirkless person when pitched against faux villains like the ones they were now. Many had human-centric Quirks that would fail to perform in an exam like this. Were they aware of the flawed exam? Was there something she was missing? It couldn't only be based on combat points as Present Mic had let on. Right?


Her mind raced with many different questions before she realized she was alone. The large group that previously surrounded her had vanished. She saw the mob of people dashing into the exam grounds in front of her.


Green electricity enveloped her body as she began sprinting full force.

'Full-Cowling, 22%!' She screamed. Her eyes ablaze, glowing as green as the electricity that surrounded her.

A crack was left in her wake, marking the spot she launched off of. Thinking back to just a few seconds earlier, she did hear Present Mic scream "Go!", but was too distracted in all her mental rambling. In no time at all she had caught up to the group of students. By her rough estimate there were about eighty people in the group. That made sense… the auditorium they were in could only house about 500 people, max. Briefly increasing Full-Cowling to 25%, Midoriya leaped over the charging crowd, her small form visible only for a split second before landing a good number of yards ahead of the rest.

Now. Time to let loose.

Maintaining 22% power, Midoriya leaped from building to building, scouting the nearby city blocks for robots. Spotting a group of three-pointers, she changed her trajectory and took off towards them, slowly losing herself in the thrill of the moment. Nine points turned to twenty four. Twenty four to thirty nine. On she continued, jumping around at speeds any normal onlooker could barely fathom.

In the Judges Room

'Hmm. Midoriya is doing as expected. She's already racked up fifty two points from the robot villains.'

Nezu rubbed his furry chin as he changed an overhead monitor to view a different student. "There are many promising candidates in this testing ground too…" He tapped a screen in front of him, a two-dimensional map of the testing ground appeared, orienting itself until it was centered on whichever student was on screen. White lights dotted the map, all moving around in erratic patterns. Red lights appeared and vanished at seemingly equal rates. The test was designed to ensure there would always be a certain number of robots available to fight at any given moment. To the right, a graph updated in real time, showing various names and numbers. As the test continued the judges room remained largely quiet. The teachers only occasionally conversing to discuss smaller acts of heroism, awarding small amount of rescue points here and there.

"The damage to the testing facility is quite high…" Cementoss sighed. "This years batch of students seem to want to give me the most work possible." Quiet chuckles echoed off the walls of the small room. The UA faculty continued to enjoy the show before them, making comments occasionally on students who caught their eye.

Testing ground

"Hey! You stole that kill from me!" A girl with pink skin pointed an accusing finger at a blue haired man with unusually large calves.

"Did I? My apologies." He bowed deeply, his torso becoming parallel with the ground. "I'm sure the judges observing will see that you deserve the points for that robot." Without sparing her a second glance, the teen sprinted off in a cloud of dust.

She watched him leave, annoyed that she couldn't give him a piece of her mind. "Come on Mina. Worry about lip later." She shook her head after slapping both sides of her face, her hair a complete mess. She sprinted down an alleyway, coming out into a block with no other student in sight. She got a sinking feeling in her stomach. Her eyes narrowed and darted up and down the block. It was truly empty, but besides the occasional sound from behind where she came from, everything was silent.

'Creepy. I'm not gonna take any chances.' Acid flooded into her shoes, disintegrating the bottoms. She regulated the output from the bottoms of her feet to a constant pace, and began skating around the street. This allowed her to move at a full sprint's speed, but was far less taxing on her stamina. Turning onto a different avenue, she finally spotted what she'd been searching for. 'Bingo. A three pointer and a two pointer.' Fortunately, both were facing away from her. Without a second thought she skated towards the two pointer while forming a ball with her hands. She pooled her acid, and once in range she launched a wave at the two pointers treads. The treads became nonfunctional after one link was broken, effectively immobilizing the robot.

'Good. Immobilized counts as defeated. That's two more points.'

The two pointer turned to face her, the noise of which alerted the three pointer to her presence. It swung its arms around in an attempt to smack her, but she danced around just outside of its reach. She circled around it, making sure to keep the three pointer on the other side of the two pointer at all times. She was fairly certain the three pointers had some kind of ranged weapon attack, considering the red glowing circle on their faces. This continued for a brief moment, maybe twenty seconds, before the three pointer stuck its head into the air and made a continuous humming sound.

'Backup? Not good, I still need to get the points from this big guy.' Her panic increased slightly. The only way Ashido could effectively defeat these robots, due to their size and build, was by disabling their movement. Melting through them entirely with her acid would take too long, and wasn't feasible. The two pointers flailing was keeping her from lining up a good shot on the three pointer, who confirmed her suspicions of a ranged weapon. Seemingly finished with its call for help the three pointer shot red lasers at her, keeping her on her dodging as she skated around. The red lasers it shot, only barely missing each time, left fist-sized craters in the concrete. She did NOT want to know what it felt like to get hit by one.

'All I'm doing is wasting time as we play ring-around the two pointer. I need to end this and move to a new area!' She gathered more acid in her palms, and threw a globule in a large arc over the two pointer, aimed right for the head of the three pointer. Time froze as she watched the gray fluid fly. 'Let this work!'

Her confidence crashed as the two pointer extended its long arm above itself, catching the globule and disintegrating the end of its arm. Even the robots at UA were capable of heroics, it seemed.

Ashido screamed in anger as her plan was foiled. 'I need to break this pattern. I cant afford to spend another minute running around this two pointer.' She skated further down the block, putting a good hundred feet between her and the two robots. The lasers seemingly had a max-range, as the three pointer no longer fired at her. She spun to face the two thorns in her side, trying to come up with a new plan. She didn't get long to think however, as three loud crashes shook the ground behind her.

Three more three pointers blocked the way. She was now stuck between the two robots from earlier, and her three ambushers. Without hesitation one of the new arrivals shot its laser at her. She fumbled as she tried to dodge, her mind still getting over the surprise. The laser struck her right calf. Pain shot through her, her exercise clothes provided no protection against the burning laser. Her focus was shattered, unable to produce acid under her feet, she tumbled to the ground. She gripped her leg as she formed a ball on the ground. Her heart sank, she knew that if she was injured further she wouldn't be able to continue to fight. If she couldn't fight, she couldn't get points. And if she couldn't get points… She heard the now familiar sound of the three pointer charging its laser.

'Its over. I failed.' She steeled herself, preparing for the rest of the lasers to strike her.

But… A green flash crossed her peripheral vision.

"SMASH!" Ashido's grimace faded, replaced with unfiltered surprise. She looked up just in time to see bits of robot flying in all directions. Where the three pointers previously were now stood nothing but heaps of metal.

'Someone saved me.' She glanced around, searching for the source of her salvation from her position on the ground. Her ears perked up. Quiet footsteps approached from behind her.

"A-Are you okay? Can you walk?" Ashido twisted her torso to face the soft voice. Approaching her was a short girl with long dark green hair tied back in a ponytail. Her face was round and freckles dotted her cheeks. Her eyes were almost entirely hidden behind long green bangs that hung infront of her face. She was dressed in a modest black tracksuit that had some interesting designs on it. Ashido had never seen one like it before. "U-Um. Hello? Do you need me to carry you to safety? What are your injuries like?" The concern in the short girls voice broke Ashido out of her thoughts.

"Oh! I think I'm fine. I was only hit once, and it wasn't the worst thing in the world." Ashido took the green girls outstretched hand, and yelped as she was hauled upwards with much more force than she was expecting. Standing now she quickly flexed both her legs. She could walk. The burn on the back of her leg was not too bad. Testing skating would come in a moment.

"Thats g-good." The greenette looked at her feet, her eyes still hidden by her curtain of hair. Ashido took a moment to look the girl over now that she was standing.

'She's short. I'm 5'5 and I'm looking down at her.' was all she thought as she remembered where they both were.

Her green savior spoke again, still looking at the floor. Her voice barely a whisper. "I'm sorry I took your points. I didn't mean to, but… but you looked like you were…" her voice trailed off. The greenette turned around, and Ashido swears she heard a sniffle.

'Was she crying? Did I do something?! Wait, why was she apologizing?' Her thoughts were interrupted by the crackling coming from the girl infront of her. Green lighting extended off her body. Without preamble she leaped forward with astonishing speed, and as quickly as she arrived, she was gone. Ashido stretched out a hand as she watched the green blur leave. Her eyes breifly fell as she whispered "I didn't even get a chance to thank you…"

Ashido dusted herself off and she surveyed the area around her. The three robots that had ambushed her, all three pointers, were gone. Nothing but bent metal and mechanical rubble remained. Her mind briefly flashed to the two robots she was fighting earlier. She spun around, eyes searching for them. She let out a small gasp as she saw the pile in the distance. Both those robots were gone as well, in their place were similar piles of destruction.

'Five robots in under ten seconds. And she still came to check on me… What a strong power.' An image of All Might, Ashido's favorite hero flashed in her mind. She smiled with renewed determination. She clenched her fist and looked towards the sky. 'I can still fight. And I must pass. You, green haired girl, will without a doubt get into UA's hero course. I'm sure of it. I will get in so that I can thank you properly.' After briefly testing her acid output, Ashido skated off to find more robots. This time, she wouldn't fail.

Judges Room, thirty seconds earlier

"Mic, in one minute go ahead and announce two minutes remaining. Then we can move into the final stage of the test." Nezu didn't look away from the screen infront of him. He heard Present Mic's sound of acknowledgement, but barely registered it. Instead, he was focused on Midoriya helping a pink girl stand. A small smile tugged at the sides of his mouth. 'I wonder how she'll approach the Zero pointer. If at all…' Nezu rolled his eyes at his own thoughts. 'Of course she'll get involved. What am I thinking. The real question is, who else will get involved?'

As the test neared its last few minutes, the judges room gradually became louder as minor acts of heroism increased in frequency. The students were tiring, and as they all tired, mistakes were made. Who would rise above these mistakes? As chances to help your fellow test attendees increased, the upper echelon would quietly rise to the top. Those truly worth of enrolling at UA. That was the true purpose of the UA entrance exam. After all, rescue points were worth far more than those awarded from the robots. Overwhelming destructive power could not be ignored however. Nezu's eyes shifted to a screen that showed a blonde haired boy with an explosive type quirk. He currently led all examinee's in villain points. He too would make an incredible hero, provided he truly learn from what UA had to offer in the hero course. The teachers watching certainly took note of the front runners actions. Jotting down notes to keep on file for those they expected would get accepted to the Hero Course.

Aizawa scribbled in a notebook on his desk. 'Katsuki Bakugo. While the expression he's making doesnt scream "hero", his abilities are undeniable. He seems to have the most combat sense out of all examinee's so far.' The boys expression stuck in Aizawa's mind as he swapped the screen infront of him to a different student. 'Truly a harrowing expression for a hero to wear. We will have to work on that, no doubt.'

Nezu's voice brought all faculty to attention. "It's time. Lets see how they react to the true UA Hero Course test…" Nezu pressed a remote that had been on his desk from the start. "Now show us, fledgling heroes. What will you do in a moment of crisis? Show us your true colors!" Nezu laughed, his small hands shaking up above his head. The teachers nearest to Nezu shifted uncomfortably. Nezu wore a gleeful smile, his eyes spoke to the joy he got out of releasing the giant robot. The lab experiment turned principal derived a sick pleasure from getting to 'experiment' on humans, especially considering he had legitimate good intentions for the test.

Testing ground

The widest street was chaos. Projectiles of all kinds flew around every which way. Most sounds were drowned out by the never ending chorus of combat. Dozens upon dozens of robots littered the streets, some entirely destroyed, some half functioning, and some brand new. UA hopeful's were everywhere also, some stood atop buildings, some ran on the ground using close range to their advantage.

Without warning, the ground heaved. A shockwave similar to an earthquake rippled throughout the nearby area, causing many to fall to the ground. A building located at the end of the block seemed to disintegrate from the inside as it fell away into nothing. Emerging from the building was an absolutely massive robot. As it unfolded to its full height, it easily dwarfed the nearby six story buildings. It was probably at least eleven stories tall. It's size completely prevented anyone from passing by it, its treads seemed to fit perfectly inside the width of the block. For a brief moment it stood there, unmoving. The momentary pause did not last long, as the remaining robots sprung back into action, resuming whatever fight they were in before the emergence of the zero pointer. As minor chaos began to take hold of the large city block, many ears turned to listen to a particularly commanding voice.

"EVERYONE!" A blue haired teen with glasses tried to gather the attention of as many as he could. "Work together to defeat any robots blocking our escape path! We can continue gathering points after we have moved everyone out of range of the giant robot! Safety of our comrades is top priority" As he spoke he gestured wildly, pointing towards the open section of the city block.

Thankfully, a fair portion of the students within earshot of him seemed to follow his orders. Some abandoned their skirmishes with robots to move away from the zero pointer, or to help others facing groups of smaller robots. Iida watched from atop a destroyed robot as the crowd hastily moved away from the end of the street where the zero pointer waited.

'Good. They're listening. Some are even teaming up. My work is done, I will go assist those closest to the zero pointer. I hope you're watching, UA judges!' Iida smirked as he watched his plan come to fruition, before sprinting off at breakneck speed towards those still in combat. As Iida ran towards the zero pointer, he got a good look at how many people were still within its range. He observed the battlefield. 'There are seven applicants still occupied. Two are on the ground, a black haired girl and a blonde boy, possibly injured. I can carry them both if needbe. First I will check with those closest to the zero pointer, and get them to head out. I'll also need to…' His thoughts were abruptly interrupted by a shower of concrete. He barely had time to hide behind a destroyed three pointer. After the hail of stones stopped, the blue haired boy popped his head above his hiding spot. His eyes widened. The situation had drastically changed. The zero pointer had swiped a nearby building, showering a large portion of the block with rubble. Thankfully due to its size, it had to prepare for another strike. He had time to act. 'Go!'

Iida blasted from his hiding spot, analyzing as he ran towards those in need. Of the seven people within direct range of the zero pointer, five were trapped under rubble. Thankfully all but two of the robots the applicants closest to the zero pointer were fighting had been destroyed by the attack. The blonde haired boy had blood running down his head, Iida turned his head to watch the boy run towards the large mob of people watching. His heart skipped a beat. 'Large group of people watching?! The zero pointer would attack again soon! What are they doing! We need to rescue those trapped and leave as soon as possible so we don't ourselves get trapped!' There was easily 40 people still within range of the zero pointers attack, considering how far the first one traveled. They stood, most with fearful looks on their faces. Many seemed to come to the same conclusion as the blonde boy running; they turned and ran.

Iida's eye widened. He had no time to care about the exam anymore, or what anyone else was doing. He had to act. He had to save those trapped, and quickly! He dropped down, legs bent as he put his hands infront of him, his head down. His form perfected after years of running training in middle school. After a second of readying himself, he screamed in his mind 'Recipro… BURST!' Blue flames shot out of his calf exhausts, and he dashed forward with remarkable speed.

Two girls had managed to free themselves of rubble, and were limping away from the zero pointer. Without asking he scooped up the two girls, one under each arm and blasted towards the crowd. Within two seconds he reached the group. He gently let the girls down before pointing to a nearby boy with red hair. "YOU take them to safety! I must grab the other victims before my engines stall!" He didn't wait for a reply, before he turned and ran back towards the giant robot. Facing the robot again, the sight of the robot almost made him stop in place. Its arm was reared back, about to strike another building. And he was running right towards it. Hesitation gripped him. No, he knew this feeling.

'Fear. I'm afraid… Can I rescue everyone? Will I avoid this attack? Do I run to hide behind another robot? No, I can't leave those closest to the zero pointer to take another attack. If they are buried further they could sustain further injury, or worse! I only have about 15 seconds before my engines stall. Can I make it to all the remaining students?' Time seemed to slow as his mind thought at a mile a minute, the zero pointers fist was maybe half a second away from striking the building. Even at his speed he wouldn't make it to the closest person, let alone have enough time to free them from the rubble they were under. A bead of sweat dripped down the side of his face. He swallowed. Fear.

He couldn't worry about himself right now. Choosing to ignore the zero pointers swing, he resolved himself to rescue whoever he could. He would worry about the results of the zero pointers swing later. Three people were still trapped. He arrived to see a boy was unconscious under many stones. He heaved the largest one off, and grabbed the boy under the shoulders. Lifting the boy while he was still partially covered caused many of the stones to scrape the unconscious boys skin. Iida's eyes fell. 'No. Focus. Apologies for my inexperience come later!' He dashed back to the group. Many had stopped running and were facing the zero pointer with exasperated looks on their faces. Mouths open wide, a perfect example of "jaw hit the floor". Iida couldn't believe what he was seeing. 'Are they stupid? Are they paralyzed by the sight of the zero pointers attack? It must have struck the building by now… right?' He briefly recalled the last three seconds. Now that he stopped to think, he did hear a crunch like he did when the first building was struck. Where was the hail of stones that came after? He laid the unconscious boy behind a destroyed robot, before turning to look at the zero pointer himself. Iida's mouth too, fell open at what he saw.

The zero pointer was angled backwards. Its face was demolished and its arms were in the air. Slowly but surely it began to tip backwards. Up in the air, as small figure was surrounded by a large amount of green lightning. 'Someone struck the zero pointer? Their attack was successful!' Iida briefly let himself be amazed at the display of raw power the student high in the air had shown before they started plummeting back towards the ground. His mind got back on track. 'Right. People.' Assuming the zero pointer was dealt with, he ran back towards those still trapped.

Iida's mind stopped again. Realizing what he had witnessed before. 'Plummeting towards the ground. Don't tell me they leaped up there without a plan to land!' He craned his head upwards as he ran towards the remaining two trapped examinee's.

The zero pointer finally fell backwards. It would no longer be a problem, seemingly. Now then he had to...

His engines stalled.

The sudden loss of speed tripped him up, and Iida tumbled forward over his own feet. Due to his speed, he somersaulted multiple times before crashing into a destroyed robot. His hands shot to his head and he groaned in pain. 'I must have lost focus one too many times. I couldn't keep Recipro up for nearly as long as I normally can'. To make matters worse, a still functioning two pointer rolled up to where Iida crashed. He turned his head to look, but had no energy to even attempt to stand. Then…


The robot was crushed flat under a huge force. Completely destroyed. Iida craned his head to look, and the scene he saw then would be forever burned into his mind. The first time he had been saved.

A small girl with green hair, splayed up above her from landing, was surrounded by crackling green electricity. Her green eyes sparkled, alive with electricity. 'So pretty…' The thought involuntarily crossed his mind. He could also see the fierce determination in her look as she recovered to a stance. He could briefly see freckles that dotted her cheeks. Her hair fell back down only half a second later, covering her face under a curtain of curly bangs. Her head moved slightly, and he felt her looking at him.

"Are you OK? I-I saw you trip. Can you… walk?" She nervously wrung her hands. 'Please don't make me carry him… He's so tall it would look ridiculous…' Other similar thoughts clouded her mind, before being interrupted by the blue haired boy speaking.

"I am fine. Just exhausted, literally, and a bit disoriented." He stood up with a hand on the metal pile he tumbled into.

"G-Good. I'm… I'm gonna get the rocks of those people over there." She pointed. "Could you grab one of… them?" More hand fidgeting. She stepped down from the crushed robot and stood a short distance away from him. She brought her feet closer together, shoulders slumped forward.

'This girl leaks nervousness… If I hadn't witnessed her actions just now, I never would have pegged her as powerful. Let alone heroic.' Iida thought quickly, before answering her request.

"I uh… Of course! Although I might not be able to move large rocks in my current condition."

"Oh… I c-can do that. I'm… strong you could say." she brought her hands up, hugging herself briefly. Once again green electricity flared around her, crackling audibly. She made her way towards the trapped people, much faster than Iida expected she would move. He watched her go for a brief moment. More thoughts quickly entered his mind.

'Her voice is cute. And she's short! I can see the top of her head from a few feet away… I wonder what her name is.' Iida shook his head before clearing his mind. He still had a job to do. He hastily walked after her. Not wanting to be viewed as slacking, or lazy. Although he was injured, it was nothing compared to true battlefield injuries. He could still act in this condition. He had to. He caught up to her and was surprised by her actions once again. The same green electricity crackled around her body as she lifted up a large rock with one hand. Seemingly not straining to do so at all. 'I'd have trouble moving that, even with two hands…' Quickly she unearthed the person trapped underneath. They were unconscious, same as the previous person he'd found. He stood next to her before realizing she was finished, and had turned towards him subtly.

"Oh! Right. Please continue with your actions while I bring this student to a safer location" As Iida spoke he pointed repeatedly with his sharp, angular hand motions. She nodded at him, before walking in a direction with unnatural speed. 'Her name…'

"AND WITH THAT, THE UA ENTRANCE EXAM IS OVER!" Present Mic's voice reverberated throughout the entire testing facility.

'What? The exam! I had completely forgotten.' Iida thought as he dropped off the student he was carrying on a white sheet that had been set down by someone. Other injured student sat around in this general area. Iida looked around, and saw many people milling around, confused as to where to go now that the exam was over. Iida spotted a small figure walking towards them, who he recognized as UA's Recovery Girl. He smiled. All the injured would be fine. His thoughts drifted back to his unnamed savior. 'She would be accepted. I have no doubt. I must meet her again in person, to thank her. But also… I wish to learn alongside this person. Her actions were truly remarkable.' He thought back to her quirky (hah) mannerisms. 'She's without a doubt a nervous person. But no one can deny her heroism in the face of danger. She was the only student to even bother trying to attack the zero pointer. Regardless of the success of her attack, her actions spoke wonders to the strength of her morals, and motivation to save those in need. She's truly an enigma. Whoever you are, I hope I get to meet you again.' Iida shielded his eyes from the sun, now high above them. He put his hands on his hips, closing his eyes. He took a moment to simply bask in the moment, his feelings, and his thoughts.

Author note:

Hey thanks for actually reaching the end. This is my first time writing... anything that isn't a school assignment.

I'm still learning a lot about writing. Style, format, and dialogue usage will hopefully get better as I go. Any and all writing feedback is greatly appreciated. Like grammar and such I miss.

I'm very open to the direction this story could go. I have a roadmap for a couple arcs I want to cover, as well as some key scenes I know I want to build towards. Please let me know if you have any feedback on what you think would make for an interesting read.

Why is Midoriya a shy girl? Why not. It's the story I wanted to tell. :)

Also obviously stuff will be explained as the story goes on. Like why Midoriya can already control 25% Full-Cowling and up.

~Till next time.