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A very fluffy Christmas

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Dean wasn't sure if it was a good idea. After all: they were still hunters and they always would be. Even if they were to retire, the hunting life would never leave them alone. They would always be in danger, they could always get hurt- but at the other side, Dean was all for the idea. Maybe it was actually a good thing, they could train it and it could protect them or at least warn them. That sounded like a pretty darn good thing to Dean. Besides, even if they hadn't been hunters they could still get hurt. Normal people got hurt all the time in their normal, every day lives. 

And, let's just for a moment think about Sam's face. Just for a moment. Dean thought about Sam's face a lot, obviously, but when he thought about Sam's face after he'd see his Christmas gift... It just melted Dean. Not just his heart, it melted his entire being into a small little puddle on the bunker's floor. Sam would be so happy, and if Dean was honest he would do anything to get it like that.

Even buy a damn dog.

The idea of having a dog in the impala wasn't a very great idea to Dean. Sure, it was still very small and it didn't exactly do much and Dean doubted the small thing could produce enough pee for him to stain the entire upholstery, but it was more of a principle. Dad had given him the car, had told him to take care of the car. (And of Sam, but never really of himself. But that sadness is for another story). But Dean took his father's orders seriously, so he was going to take care of the damn car and he was going to do it right. Which meant that there was no way a dog could ever be inside of the car.

But here he was, seated behind the steering wheel, dog on some towels in the passengers seat. In a box, of course. Dean can't have him moving around and accidentally causing a car crash. That would mean Sam would have the worst Christmas ever, and Dean really wouldn't want to be the cause of something like that. The puppy was small, very small, a tiny little lab. Black, of course, because black pets got adopted less quickly. Dean read that somewhere and then he vouched to himself that, if he ever were to get a pet, he'd get a black one. The puppy stared back at Dean, little tiny tail wagging and pounding into the side of the box. 

Okay, Dean had to admit that it was adorable. He really would be lying if he said he hated the puppy. Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea after all. The puppy was just staring at him, tail wagging, eyes wide and sparkling. Dean squinted at it before he sighed, reaching out to pet the dog. It had been a hassle getting the right papers for the adoption, but, he managed. And now he was going to make sure Sam had a Christmas he'd never forget. Cause Sam deserved that, 'cause he'd already gone through so much shit. And in return, Dean was sure Sam's happiness would make him happy as well. 

"You know," Dean started, watching as the puppy started licking at his fingers. Okay, weird feeling but again not horrible. It was actually kind of adorable, wasn't it? "Okay, we're gonna have to lay down some ground rules here, kid. No peeing or other funny business on anything but the areas I tell you are okay, okay? And no stealing my bacon, or my Sam. I can't just kick you out, but I will be very upset if you take away all of Sam's attention." Dean sighed, rubbing the puppy under the chin. "But, I have to admit you're adorable. You might even be more adorable than I am... Let's go home, huh? Sam's gonna be very happy with you, and you with him. Hopefully."

Dean sighed a little, turning on the engine and starting the ride to the bunker. He really hoped that finally they would have a nice Christmas. Just for damn once in their lives they would have a nice Holiday filled with love and absolutely no hunting. It was going to be great, Dean was going to make sure that it was because Sam deserved it. And he deserved this really adorable cute puppy...

"Shh, shh. No, stop it." 

"Why are you talking to a box?" Sam asked, making Dean squeak a little. He'd put the small puppy in a box, closed it (he wasn't going to be in there for a long time, and there were air-holes, Dean wasn't an animal abuser). But the damn adorable puppy wouldn't stop moving and Dean didn't think a moving box was really something that wouldn't raise suspicion. "Correction, why are you talking to a moving box?"

"Its... Damn it, it was supposed to be a surprise." Dean pouted a little, looking at Sam who moved closer to him. 

"It's still a surprise, isn't it? I still don't know what is in it. And I didn't think you were getting me anything." Sam softly said, getting on his knees next to Dean on the floor after Dean patted the spot. They didn't have any Christmas decorations up, but that didn't mean they couldn't celebrate the Holiday, right? After all, they never really did it. But every normal family did, so... Why couldn't they just try? Or do it their own way? Just being together, swapping gifts, eating some nice food and drinking Sam's way too spiked eggnog. It sounded like fun to Dean. "I didn't think we were getting each other presents."

"We weren't, but... I was. Cause you deserve a gift." Dean grinned, pushing the box over to Sam. It was suspiciously quiet now, making Dean chuckle a little. Sam looked... Nervous. Scared maybe. But he shouldn't be because Dean would never give him anything that could hurt him. The puppy might bite a little, but only when he was teething. "Open it, Sammy. You'll love it."

Sam slowly opened the box, eyes growing wide when the little tiny black head of the most adorable puppy in the entire world popped up. Okay, yeah, Dean was in love. And judging by the look on Sam's face, he had fallen in love with him too. Which was basically what Dean had hoped for so, mission accomplished. Boom. Happiness acquired. "Dean? Is... Are you serious?"

"Yeah, I am. I thought it was time. Besides, the little muffin could be trained to warn us," Dean said, even though he already knew he would never allow their puppy to get into the battlefield. Never. That tiny little thing should not get hurt. Ever. "And I guess this is a nice little addition to our family, right? Us and a dog. I haven't named him yet, thought you'd like to-" 

Dean couldn't really finish his sentence, Sam was all over him with kisses. And judging from some wriggling between them, the puppy was happy too. This was amazing, Dean was very happy. See? Sam's happiness did make him happy in return. Wasn't that just great? "Thank you, Dean. This is the best Christmas ever. I love you. I love you and Arlo."

"I love you both too."