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Hopes Peak Conversion Camp

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“Sorry ‘bout this kid.” Muttered the bus driver under his breath.

“Huh? Don’t blame yourself, this is my fault. If I tried harder, I would be at home right now...” Kiyotaka replied.

“Nah nah nah nah. Nothin wrong with likin dick, I’m straight but there ain’t no issue with that shit. Don’t let this camp change how ya are kid.”

Kiyotaka wasn’t sure how to reply to that. If there was nothing wrong with being homosexual, then why did his father give him scars and bruises over it? Why did his father tell him he was a disappointment to his awful family? Why grab him by the neck and tell him he is a reason society is so sensitive nowadays? It didn’t make sense.

“Do you know how long the journey will take for us to arrive?” Kiyotaka uttered.

“‘Bout 2 hours from now. ‘S just us, so get comfortable kid. I know the sign says don’t eat, butcha can if ya want to.”

“Ah.... alright.”


“Father, may I speak to you?” Kiyotaka said, playing with his hands.

“Yes, make it quick, I have work in 10 minutes.” His father, Takaaki replied.

“I have been thinking of how to tell you this for quite a while now. I’m not sure how to get this across, haha. It’s making me rather nervous but I suppose I will get to the point... I am a homosexual. I like men. Please don-“


Stinging. Ow. It hurts.

Huh? Oh.


Cold. It’s... very cold.


“M-my head...”

Kiyotaka slowly tried to shift his way out his bed. Turning the light on, seeing how he looked in the mirror... Bruises... Bruises all over his face...

“Huh? Wh-wh-what...”

He tried to remember, he just remembered trying to tell his father he is a h-


Oh that’s why.

Walking over to the light switch, he flipped it slowly and fell onto his bed. Pulling his sheets over him, letting his head hit the pillow. Succumbing to his senses. The ringing in his ears happened to be louder than usual.



The bus haltered.

“Aight kid, we’re here. Good luck.”

“Thank you, sir. Goodbye.”

The bus left quickly, as he couldn’t even wave goodbye to the bus driver. He must really dislike this place.

“Hello, I am Mr. Kirigiri! Welcome to Hope’s peak conversion camp. You are...?”

“Kiyotaka Ishimaru.”

“I hope you look forward to change!”

“Yes... yes, I suppose.”

“You...suppose...Alright. Ok, follow me.”

Mr. Kirigiri walked awfully quickly, Kiyotaka could barely keep up with his bags... Trailing behind him in silence, he had a few questions to ask. Such as, how long would his stay be? Who will be here? Do we have to share rooms? So many questions, yet he felt too nervous to ask any of them. His father didn’t give him many answers. All he knew is that once he woke up, there was a bus outside his house ready to pick him up.

Building up the courage, he asked, “How long is my stay?”

“Well, due to you still attending school, only until September. Then you will return to school, and join us again during winter break. If that’s needed, of course.”

“Oh... alright. Thank you.”

Kiyotaka didn’t spend much time at home doing things other teenagers would do, so he supposed he wouldn’t be missing much. He brought his study books, so he wouldn’t be missing his education. He would just miss his father, though he wasn’t sure would want to see him again anyway.

“Alright. This will be your room. You will share it with 5 boys.”

Kiyotaka thought that was hypocritical, honestly.

“The girls have another dorm. It’s on the other side of the building, but I doubt you would need to go there unless instructed to. Here’s a map, and some rules. You look like a good kid so I trust you to follow them.”

“Alright, thank you sir.”

Mr. Kirigiri nodded back, opening the door for him.

“I’ll leave you to get accustomed. The speaker will go off when you have dinner. Goodbye, Kiyotaka.”

Closing the door behind him, that left Kiyotaka and his... classmates? Strangers? Fellow homosexuals? He felt that last one was too crude. What would you even call these people...? His head immediately spun to the small boy with brown spiked hair, and the taller ginger boy with his arm around the smaller boys shoulder.

“Hello, I’m Makoto Naegi, and this is Leon Kuwata!” The smaller boy beamed.

Taken aback by the loud introduction from such a tiny person, Kiyotaka thought it was only right to give an equally loud introduction!


Maybe that was too loud... he thought to himself.

“Damn you’re loud. I guess we could understand why you’re riled up though.” Leon said, patting the top of Kiyotaka’s head.

“Ah... sorry, supposed you startled me! I thought everyone would be rather quiet in a place like this!”

“No no no, we like to be nice to the new people here so they feel welcomed!”

“That is very kind of you all!” Kiyotaka shot with a wide smile.

“We? More like just you two.” Murmured the... extremely tall man who was sitting on top a bunk bed. Sliding down, Kiyotaka saw his hair. A... what even is that? A baguette on his head? Kiyotaka had no idea how to reply to him. But, he looked very strong, which... Kiyotaka couldn’t deny he liked...

“Sup. Name’s Mondo Oowada. Nice to fuckin’ meetcha.”

“R-right. My name’s -“

“I heard. So, ya gay or bi? Or sumthin else?”

“I suppose I am gay, but this camp is meant to help us change, isn’t it not?!”

“Jeez. This camp ain’t gonna change ya. I’ve been here ‘bout two years. Hasn’t done shit.”

“Right... uhm... I’m sorry.”

“Why? Don’t be. Ain’t your fault, is it?”

“I suppose not. But, uhm. Off topic I guess but you can all call me Taka... instead of my full name...”

“Will do, dude. Need help unpacking ya shit?”

“Yes, where shall I put my things?”

“Just over here.” He spoke, gesturing to a big box.

“I’ll help too!” Makoto chimed in.

“Yeah yeah me too dude don’t worry.” Leon said.


“All done, thank you!” Kiyotaka said shaking Mondo’s hand.

“No problem, Taka.”

“No problem!!”

“Our pleasure dude.”

“Uhm, one more thing, Mr. Kirigiri said that there would be two more boys in here, where are they?”

“Byakuya and Hiro are cleaning up the bathroom, they will come in here soon though, don’t worry!” Makoto replied.

“That is very kind of them to clean up the bathroom!” Kiyotaka blurted.

“Only cos Hiro had the shits.” Mondo mumbled.

Practically the whole room burst out laughing. Kiyotaka thought that was inappropriate, but he giggled along with them... Suddenly the door slammed open, and in strolled two tall men. One with glasses, blonde hair, and a suit on. The other, near enough the complete opposite.

“Heyyyy!” Exclaimed the man with the scruffier clothes on.

The other just passively walked past, and sat down onto his bed.

“Hello sir, I am Kiyotaka Ishimaru!”

“Suppppp... I’m Hiro. You don’t have to call me sir, I’m not fancy like Byakuya is!” He pleaded.

“Stupid man... making me sully my suit to clean the bathrooms with him...” The blonde man croaked under his breath.

“Oh my apologies, Hiro! I thought you were an employee, I thought you looked older than you must be...”

“It’s alright kid, don’t worry ‘bout it. Anywayyyyy, since he won’t do it himself, this is Byakuya!” He spoke, pointing towards the blonde man.

“Hello, Bya-“

“It’s Togami, to you. As it should be to Hiro.” Bya-Togami, contorted.

“Sorry... I wasn’t sure.”

“What did you say you’re surname was?”


“Oh... I’ve heard of your family... Quite disappointing the grandson would end up here, isn’t it?”

“Well I-“

“The Togami family can’t say shit cos you’re here as well, bitch!” Mondo yelled at Togami.

“Oh the narwhal again! My Togami family will success much more than the Oowada ‘family’ and the Ishimaru ‘family’! But we all know neither of you have much family left. Isn’t that right?” Togami retorted.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” Mondo warned... punching him across the face and smashing his glasses onto the floor. Makoto, Leon, Hiro, and Kiyotaka stood back. Kiyotaka has witnessed many fights. He’d been beaten many times for several reasons. Watching it happen so suddenly after just arriving, left him startled. Mondo slammed the door open, fixing his hair as he walked out...