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My Sisters Keeper

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I started asking why my parents got married when I was five. In my eyes, they were as different as the sun and moon. My father was the sun. He practically glowed in my eyes. From the way his eyes looked when he had a new idea to the way his face glowed when he smiled. His laughter was contagious and things seemed lighter when he was home. He also had a temper that reminded me of the sun’s rays. His job didn’t help the matter since he is an auror, which is dangerous like the sun can be. 

My mother is the polar opposite. She could be a mystery, like the dark side of the moon. She also was always there, even when you can’t see her. She could be cold, especially when she was mad. Despite that, you can’t help but look at her in awe. She is beautiful and can be joyful, too. She is smart and analytical. At that age, I decided that their hair colour was the reason they married. My five-year-old logic had been that the moon can’t have red hair and the sun can’t have black hair. So they matched through hair. I was about seven when they told me why. 

My brother had been teasing me about why I was born. He said it was because our sister, Jasmine, is sick. I denied it and ran to my parents. I say it is because I am a skeptic, Charlus said I was sobbing and wanted them to punish him. 

That is when I found out that mum had Jasmine right out of Hogwarts when she was seventeen to be exact. 

“I wanted to be a professor at Hogwarts, but then we found out about your sister.” She said. Dad nodded, and I asked them to tell me more. They had Charlus at eighteen and me at twenty. Sadly, I ended up getting an abridged version of the birds and the bees talk, which was gross. They did; however, get into what my brother was saying.

“We already created you when she got sick.” Dad said, pulling me onto his lap. Mum nodded, running her hand down my back as she tried to calm me down.

“The healers only checked your core to make sure it would be compatible.” Mum added. I recall being scared that they only wanted me to have spare parts for her. I still think this before we head to the hospital.

“We love you even more because we knew who we were getting.” My mother was quick to tell me. My father agreed while messing up my hair. Their words didn’t help me. They led to more questions than I wanted to ask. Such as, if she wasn’t sick would they have kept me?, she is the Girl-Who-Lived. The next question being, if they decided not to keep me, would life be like it is now?


I never went to Diagon Alley alone, though this would be an exception. There weren’t many branches of Gringotts around Britain, well the United Kingdom had maybe five total, and Diagon Alley was my only option. There is a reason I refused to go though. One is that with my sister always being in St Mungo’s, I always had someone with me. The other is that the Alley was always busy. 

With shops overflowing with people and everyone going from shop to shop, it is easy to get swept away in the crowds. I had to dodge people left and right as I walked down the long pathway. In times like this, I loved not being noticed. Even when I knew that if my sister were here, that wouldn’t be the case. People not looking at me doesn’t bother me. It is when I feel as though my parents are like those random faces in the crowd-that is a bit off-topic. The bank was at the end of the alley which is where I needed to be. Through some careful steps, I made it without being stepped on. The fact no one stopped me for not having an adult said more about our society than it said about me. 

When I got to the giant doors, I paid little attention to the inscription. On my first trip here, my dad read it to me. He said it was a warning and at three that was scary. So he held me as we walked into the large building. I went into the building and went straight to the goblin that handled our vaults. 

“I would like to enter my vault.” I said, handing my key over. The goblin didn’t glance down at me, nor did he give any inclination that he cared. Instead, I headed to the cart that would take me to my family's vault. The more I contemplate it, the more it made me feel weird. The vault is for our family, but we were the only ones that may use it. My uncle Sirius had no access to it, nor did my uncle Remus. If they didn’t keep me, would I have access to it? Probably not, still, I would rather be with them than with my cousin Narcissa and her son. My other option would be my Uncle Sirius, who lived with his long-term girlfriend Marlene. My uncle Remus lived with us since Jasmine got sick. So, he wasn’t an option.

“We are here.” The goblin said, taking me out of my thoughts. I quickly took a handful of silver and gold coins before hopping back into the cart. If I thought too much about it, then I wouldn’t have enough nerve to go through with it. What would happen if things changed? I am not meant to be normal. Jasmine had not been born for normal. Charlus, well he could have been if he had been born first. My parents tried to give us normal, they really did. However, with Jasmine, well, that is impossible.

The doctors don’t know what is wrong with her. They told us that there is a mass on her core. The healers can’t remove it though, something about not being able to safely. Mum asked if it was a tumor and pointed out that her symptoms had nothing to do with her core. 

“Her walking is still off. I think there may be a connection.” Mum explained to us when we asked why Jasmine wasn’t getting better. Dad said no muggle ailments can affect her. So mum’s theory of it being a tumor went out the door. At the muggle school’s that my siblings had to go to, the one I am going to, mum said she has this tumor on her spinal cord. Which at least matched her symptoms, or so my mum said. I am not so sure. Maybe the Dark Lord did something. Her magical core isn’t creating magic when she uses it. Which is where I come in because I am her donor. When her core gets too low, I am getting a needle in my back. When her symptoms get worse, I am telling my teachers that I will be out for a few days. I am literally recharging her core with my magic. In theory, her core will learn how to generate its own magic. At least that is what the healers are saying. All I truly know for a fact is that I end up in the hospital when she does. I also stay longer than her. 

Don’t feel bad for me. I am not asking for your pity. All I am trying to do is tell you not to believe what you hear about me. Especially when it is from me. 

I was working on my summer homework. Since I missed a bit during the year, there is a lot of it. As I finished the math section I heard the sounds of heals on the hardwood in the room. I  looked up from my spot in the library and noticed it was only my mum. 

She was in her formal robes, which meant that she was going out. The way her skirt clung to her thin waist and how her hair was curled reminded me that she could be beautiful. The way her wavy red hair framed her heart-shaped face and her green eyes lit up, well it is easy to say she is gorgeous. At least, she could have been if she hadn't been a part of our lives.  

“There you are. How is homework going?” She asked, her voice sounded off. I could clearly see the dark circles forming under her eyes. I briefly wondered if Jasmine was sick again. However, the thought quickly left my head. She would have led with that if she was.

“It’s going good. What’s up mum?” I asked, closing my folder. She walked over to the table I was sitting at and pulled a chair out. She looked over my papers and I swore I could see a smile form as she read over my answers.

“I wanted to know if you were interested in going to London with us? I know you were in need of some new shoes and Jasmine-” She started, but something seemed to catch her attention. I thought she was trying to remember what she came up here for until she looked back at me.

“Did you hear that?” She asked, and I shook my head no. Though I knew what she thought the noise was. 

“Jasmine.” She said, rushing to the stairs. It didn’t matter if I, or anyone really, said anything about her. With Jasmine, only mum is right. The two of us made it down to the living room where Jasmine laid sobbing on the couch. My mom instantly sat next to her, rubbing her back.

“Honey, what hurts?” She asked her. My sister continued to cry, and I waited. Waited on being told to call my dad, Dumbledore or even Madame Pomfrey. Mum got into her face, her own looking distraught.

“What hurts?” She asked, and my sister sniffled, it was then that I noticed the book on the floor.

“This is the last book. I read the entire series.” She cried. Mum didn’t seem to believe her, but I wanted to laugh. This was normal, and for my family, it was like a breath of fresh air.

“The next book should come out soon.” I said, making her smile. I know the book, she asked me to read it to her when she was in remission last year. Since she was so out of it at the time, it made sense to me why she would reread it on her own. Mom left soon enough, and I sat on the floor since she was lying on the couch.

“What was this one about?” I was only asking to see if she was actually in pain. She would lie sometimes to mum about what hurt. She hated the hospital as much as I did.

“The main character left on an adventure with their friends. What else does it have to be?” she asked, smiling softly. I rolled my eyes and looked up at her, now noticing the pained look on her face.

“What hurts?” I asked. She shook her head, wincing again. It was starting again.

“Do you want me to get mum?” I asked. She shook her head, reaching for my hand. I grabbed onto it, holding on for dear life.

“Not yet.” She said, her voice failing slightly. This pain was bad. I could tell from her expression alone. I wait on the floor for her to fall asleep. The potions she takes daily do that to her, again since they don’t know what was wrong with her, to begin with. Once she was asleep, I went back upstairs to my shared room. My brother was out, probably in the attic, so I could grab my sack of coins I had been slowly saving up. From odd chores around the house, birthday and whatever my uncle would give me when I asked. It wasn’t enough, but with the bank trip, I was at about 300 gallons, which wasn’t as much as it sounded. Still, maybe my aunt Andi would give me a discount. Since I am family that is.

After I grabbed my coins, I climbed up to the attic, hoping over the clothes on the floor. I sometimes swear that he does this on purpose. He is the only one that goes up there. Mum refuses since it smelled, and dad doesn’t like to climb all the stairs. They only let him stay up there because he and I used to fight when we were younger. I also suspect that they felt bad about missing his football games when he was younger. Regardless of the reason he was up there, it still took a while for me to get up there. When I got to his door, I knocked on the side of the door frame.

"Go away." He called back to me. I sighed as I kicked the frame. At least he was home. During the summer he liked to stay away. Jasmine has her treatments during the summer if she didn’t have an incident within the past six months. Which made mum unbearable sometimes. 

"Can I come in?" I asked. There was no response until he answered the door.  His swollen eyes are visible in the dark, and from what I could tell, they were a little red. Which meant he had been out. 

“What do you want?” He asked, his voice quiet. I sighed and gave him a look. When he didn’t get the message I bit my lip and glanced around.

“I need some help.” I admit, not knowing how to bring it up. There was very little I had to say for him to summon the knight bus for me. What was a couple of chores more? Especially since what was about to happen to Jasmine if she got worse. 


The ride itself didn’t take long, though walking up those stairs felt as though I was walking to my doom. Still, I knock on the door. Pouch of money in my pocket. The doors opened, revealing a pink-haired girl. She had a smile on her lips when she saw me.

“Wotcher Harry?” She said I smiled brightly as she let me in. 

“Wotcher Tonks?” I asked. She ruffled my hair, leading me into the den. Their house was much more alive than mine ever would be. There were socks folding themselves on the sofa and a pot washing in the sink. In the middle of the room was my Aunt Andie. 

“Mum, Harry is here.” She declared. Auntie Andie looked over with a shocked look on her face. I forgot that I hadn’t called ahead of time, though she would have asked why I didn’t just come with my parents. She still would ask, unless I explain what happened first.

“Harry, what a pleasant surprise. What brings you here to our neck of the woods?” She asked, straightening out her skirt. I noticed that her apron had a few stains and her hair was messy. It was so unlike her sister’s hair. My aunt Andromeda isn't actually my aunt. She is my uncle Sirius's cousin, but since Sirius is my godfather, she isn't actually related to us. Regardless, she is my auntie for simplicity.

“I need your help.” I admit, playing with the sleeves of my jacket. She gave me a confused expression before looking around the room.

“Do you want to meet in my study?” She asked. I nodded, not looking at her in the eye. My aunt leads me up the stairs into a small room with a desk. I take one side and she takes the other. We both sit in silence before I spoke up.

“As you know, my sister isn’t getting any better.” I said, my voice isn’t steady at all. I could already visualize the sympathetic expression on her face, though she doesn’t respond.

“I need you to act as my witness in court. I need you to help me sue my parents for the right to my body.”

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Politics in the wizarding world are interesting. When you are raised in them, they seem simple. However, they are very limited. The laws are very sparse and we have departments for almost everything. Yet none of the wizarding laws and politics I am aware of could help me with this child. 

Muggle ones, on the other hand, may be helpful if they are sprung together correctly. That would require me to go back to the muggle degree I had gotten years ago, and I am not sure how that would fare in the case of the youngest Potter child. Let alone against his parents, who are very well known.  In our small community, something like this would be almost unheard of. Despite that fact, it also goes against every alliance rules I can think of. He is my cousin's godson, and since I have loyalty towards him, this may seem appropriate. Though I would be publicly against his best friend, which would put me against his alliance. I could clearly see that Harry was growing impatient, though I am not even sure what his case is. It would be best if I told him no. If I told him that the case would be impossible. 

"Harry, I am afraid that you not wanting a vaccination is not enough to sue your parents." I chuckle, hoping that this was the case. He only shook his head and gave me a look that reminded me of his parents. 

"Me getting a shot isn't the problem. Me getting a needle that is 100 mm into my back is." He said, making me wince. That is not exactly a small needle. Though it didn't make sense, vaccination needles aren't that large. 

"I do not understand." I tell him, purposely not answering his original question. I can see his eyes become darker, the room felt a little colder. Yet, his eyes also began to look around my office, as though he were trying to formulate any response that would make any sense.

“How much do you know about my sister’s treatments?” He asked. I thought back to what Sirius had told me, which isn’t much if I am being honest. I just know that her core gets doused with magic in hope it makes it's own. The procedure itself is risky; however, I never stopped to think about where they got the magic.  

"Not much, why?" I asked him. He huffed and leaned forward towards the desk. He began to play with the figurines I had left on my desk. 

"When I was born they took my stem cells to see if they could fix her core. That worked. When I was three months old the mass returned so they took a small part of my magic to see if it would help hers. When it did, they began to take more and more each year.” Harry explained. I didn’t respond, hoping the child would continue. Harry looked around again. I could tell he was trying to collect his thoughts. The short boy then looked back at me. The look told me he was expecting an answer.

“You can tell them no.” I remind him. The boy shook his head, his eyes glazed over, as though he was remembering something. When he came back, he shook his head again.

“I tried multiple times. They don’t listen.” He said. I nodded, placing a hand on his shoulder from across the desk.

“What made you say enough is enough this time?” I asked. I honestly hope that this was something easy. Something that I could easily tell the boy that I would talk to his parents and this would all ease right through with no issue. However, cases like this are never easy.

“The doctors told them they don’t know what is wrong with her. That they cannot find anything that would cause her symptoms. They also said that her core is growing and that if they keep taking from mine-” He trailed off, but I could easily connect the dots. His core wasn’t being allowed to grow on its own. If he continued, he would never be developed enough to go to school or worse. At that moment I knew that I had to take his case. This wasn’t right in any means.

“Here is 300 gallons. I know it isn’t enough, but it is all I have.” He said. Normally, from the few times I represented people I knew in court, I would charge more. The same went to healing; however, since Harry was so young.

“You need not worry about that.” I told him, meaning every word I said. I couldn’t charge him, not for something like this.

“No, you can’t. I mean, I have the money.” He tried. I shook my head, knowing that I could accept no money from the boy. He smiled and thanked me. I shook my head, knowing that I might make a bad choice here. However, from what it sounded like, this poor boy needed someone on his side.

“All right, so do you know how this will go?” I asked him. He shook his head, making me sigh. The kid couldn’t know everything, though this would be difficult to explain to a child.

“First, I need to send this case to the Department of Magical Law. They will then decide on if they want to take the case. When that happens, the case will be assigned to a specific member who will then decide on what type of case it is. It is unlikely that you will need the entire Wizengnot, so you might just meet with a judge. When that happens, they will question you and your parents. I will act as your defense since you have the right to a witness. After that, you will either receive a verdict or they will take it to the Wizegnot.” I explain. He nodded, letting me know he understood at least part of that. I didn’t tell him I knew this would be a simple case. Since no judge would ever force a child to donate their magic. However, with whom his sister is, well that might make it slightly more difficult.

“Do you know how to contact me?” I asked him. He gives me a small smile as he nodded.

“Owl or through the floo.” He said, pointing to my office fireplace. He then gives me a look.

“Do you know how to contact me?” He asked in a teasing voice. I nodded, rolling my eyes. I almost forgot how cheeky this boy could be.

I wished him well, sending him off with my daughter so she could get him a ride on the Knight Bus. Once I was sure I was alone, I pulled out one of my law books. I needed to prepare for this, then prep Harry before we made any plans. It wasn’t long before I found something that might help; however, it was a long shot. It was, in fact, a muggle defense.

“Honey, I’m home.” I hear my husband calling.

“In my study, dear.” I respond, knowing he would come straight to my room. When he did, he sat where Harry had been prior. I sighed, placing the book down before pulling out some ink and parchment.

“What is all this?” He asked. I sighed, looking down at the paper.

“I am about to help James and Lilly’s son sue them.” I say. He smiled sadly at me, standing up and giving me a quick kiss on the cheek. I could only stare at the blank parchment.

“I am sure that you have a good reason to help him. Though, I wonder where he plans on staying.” Ted says, mostly talking to himself. I sighed, pulling out another piece of parchment. I knew this would be a long shot, but if I knew the family like I thought I did, they would be his best option. 

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She was one when we found out about the prophecy. Dumbledore had brought us to Hogwarts to tell us about the interview he had with the newest Divination professor. When he got to the prophecy, it surprised us. 

"How can a baby defeat a Dark Lord?" James demanded. Dumbledore sighed and gave us a sympathetic look. 

"She is one of the few children born to parents who defied the dark lord thrice. You both were asked. The other option would be if Frank and Alice had a child." He said. We both glanced at each other and I held my two-year-old close to me. My giggly girl tried to pull away. She looked at me with those big brown eyes and asked me to let her go. I felt my eyes water as I loosened my grip. I could never lose her. So we went into hiding. 

Shortly after I had our son Charlus, and a year went by without an incident. We almost came out of hiding all together when we found out there had been no sightings in months. Then another attack happened. 

"I should go back out into the field." James told our old professor, He shook his head and gave us a solemn look.

"I am afraid there seems to be a traitor. One of my spies recalls that your current location has been revealed." He said. James and I sighed, knowing we would have to move and go under the fistulous charm to be safe. At the time Jazz was about two then and Charlus was a year old. We planned for Sirius to be our secret keeper. He declined, stating he was the wrong choice. So we settled on Peter, telling our headmaster we chose Sirius, along with Remus.  We tried to make things work, keep things consistent. Sirius would bring over Remus to our house. Peter would stop by every so often. The lot of them made our lives much saner.Then he came, and Peter betrayed us. We all survived, and I had thought the worst of it was over. That is until Charlus saw her walking weird.  

I heard the sound of my boy giggling. So I looked over and saw him toddling next to his sister. He was walking in a straight line with no issue, she was not. Jasmine’s feet were facing in a weird angle.

“Honey, is that how we walk?” I asked her. I knew my tone was one of amusement and the look on her face said she took it as a joke. She tried walking again, but she couldn’t get her feet straight. I walked over to her and crouched beside her.

“Are you alright sweetie?” I asked. She looked up at me and shook her head.

“Feet won't go right.” She shrugged. I straightened her feet for her, thinking it was nothing. We went on with our day after that. As the day went on, I caught her walking oddly though I didn’t correct it. That is until she began to fall.

“Sweetie, this is why we walk normal.” I said. She pouted her lips as she looked down at her feet. It was almost as though she was trying to will her feet to move right. 

“I trying mummy.” She pouted, her lip wobbling.  By the time they went to bed, she had fallen five times. When James got home later that night I told him about it. He didn't seem all that concerned, shrugging his shoulders when I asked what I should do. 

“Kids are silly. Maybe she was playing a game.” He told me, kissing my temple. I sighed and went back to drinking my drink. Later that night I was still thinking about it. I curled up with him in bed, silently hoping he was right. 

When I woke up the next day, Charlus was crying on the monitor. James had already headed out, leaving me with the kids. I quickly got my son ready for the day before walking down to the living room, only to find that my daughter had been still asleep. Which was an odd occurrence, she was normally the first one up. So I set my son on the floor to play and went upstairs to her bedroom. 

When I entered her room, I noticed that she was still asleep. So I went to her bed and touched her back. The small girl’s eyes shot right opened as she began to cry. I knew something was wrong with her, so I quickly picked her up and grabbed the two-way mirror. 

“Sirius Black.” I said his name and before long the mirror showed an exhausted man.

“What’s up Ginger?” He asked. The fear made it impossible for me to scold him, and I told him I needed to take Jazz to St. Mungo’s. He popped into the room without a second thought. He quickly found Charlus, and I took her to the hospital.

Once we arrived we were ushered to floor two. The healer checked her over and gave her a small dose of a calming drought. She seemed fine, though she whimpered from the small touch on her back. The healer sighed and began to look her over. I could see him noting where she seemed to react most. The potion also didn't seem to work that well since she started reacting shortly after. 

“Could it be a growth spurt?” I asked her healer, who was gently touching up her back. Jasmine was weeping quietly as he touched her.

“I don’t think so, but I may need to run a diagnostic scan on her.” He said, grabbing his wand. I held my daughter's hand, who was now looking at the wall. She giggled as the characters on the wall waved at her, making it easy for the healer to cast the spell. I hoped that her distraction made the pain go away. Though, I knew that wasn't the case at all. 

“All right, I will send these to the lab, and we will call you in a few minutes.” He told us, ushering us to the waiting room. The couple minutes felt like hours, and with Jasmine feeling too crummy to move, it was even worse on the toddler. However, the healer soon walked up. The look on his face told me that this was not good news.

"I have some good news and bad news." He said. I sighed and looked down at her.

"What is the good news?" I asked. He smiled softly.

"There is a treatment for what is wrong with her. It is entirely experimental though, and I will need your husband to also sign off on it." He said. This made my head spin. There was something wrong with her. Did I do it to her? Is this what happened to a child that was born from a muggle-born? What about our son, will he get it? The healer seemed to notice my thoughts since he went onto the bad news. 

“There seems to be something off about her core. It is much too low for an almost three-year-old.” He said. I sighed, silently wishing I had gone into the medical profession. If I had then I would understand what on earth he was talking about.

“What does that even mean?” She asked. The healer sighed, shaking his head.

“Well, witches and wizards have magic. It is a biological function that makes us different from muggles. Our magic is similar to the nervous system. It runs through our veins and through our entire body and takes control. Unlike everything else, it does come out in a nonphysical form, at least when we do not have a base point. Kinda like a static shock. Your daughter has something on her core, where the magic gets formed in her body." He explained. I sighed, not liking where this is going. 

"So we will have to take her up to floor four. Then we will run another test.” He added, making me sigh.

“Wait, isn’t the fourth floor for long term patients? Also, I thought you said there is a treatment, what happened to that?” I asked him. He shook his head.

“Well, in some cases yes. It is for spell damage. Since we do not know what caused her aliment, I am unsure that she can be treated here.” He said.  I followed him up, my daughter in my arms. Soon enough, they were in her next room, with another healer checking on her. I waited patiently as the healer ran another test. This one was a little different, and I didn’t fully understand what they were doing.

“So if you see here, there is this small mass blocking your child’s core. It looks like it is latched to the core.” I am told, being handed the photo they had. I could feel my hands reaching my mouth as I tried to hide the shock.It is one thing to be told, it is another to be shown. I am not sure who called James. Yet in moments he is next to us, hugging me as I cry into his arms. Jazz doesn’t seem to know anything bad is going on. Instead, she is sitting on the examination bed, looking at the characters on the wall.

“Mr. and Mrs. Potter, we will need to do a few more tests before we let you take her home.” The Healer said. We both nod and let the Healers do their job. They then allow us to take her back home. As we walked out of the hospital, I find it so difficult to think that the happy girl was sick. Think about what it would mean if she never got better. She would live with a low core, that is the best we could hope for if we can't help her. At worse, she could die from what was leaching on her magic when it finally runs out. 

"Mummy, ice cream?" She asked, her red curls framed her face. I smile and pick her up. She squirms around, reminding me how her spirit would never tame. How she would fight this with all she had. 

"Let's go home, Uncle Padfoot would want to get ice cream." James said, taking her from my arms. I laugh as she pouted out her bottom lip. We end up taking the floo back home and we give her a snack as soon as we arrived. As she munched on her animal crackers, we filled Sirius in on what happened.

“Maybe she is underdeveloped. They could have missed something.” He assured us. It didn’t help. We still took them to get ice cream when Charlus woke up. We spent the entire day out and about, trying to ignore what they told us about what could happen to our daughter. It was almost easy to forget. Seeing that happy face as she chatted with the waitstaff in the restaurant. The way she ran around in the park, although her feet were positioned wrong. 

 That night, James and I couldn’t sleep. Not when we knew that this tiny girl we have only known for two years could leave us. Not when that little girl was all smiles and laughter. Not our happy little girl. I could see every memory I have with her flash in my eyes. I knew that I could never let her go. I would do everything in my power to save her. I would even stick a damn needle in her arm five times to make those results go away. I would let them poke at her if they said it would get rid of the thing making her sick. I would give my life if it meant she would survive.  

"They kept giving her test. They said they knew what it is, but they kept on testing her." I whispered. James nodded and held my hand.

"They know something is there, just not what." He mumbled. I turned and looked over at him.

“I will save her.” I told James, looking up at his exhausted form.

“I am not letting anything happen to her.” 

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We find another Death Eater maybe once every two months. Tracking them down takes around two weeks and formulating a plan takes another two weeks. The process is long, and it is still the easiest part of my life. I think about the next big bad as I do my paperwork, trying to tune out the thoughts about my family at home. With Jasmine starting her next treatment soon, anything is a willing distraction.

“Potter, we have another case.” One of my co-workers say, placing a file on my desk. The file didn’t have much, though it did show the back of a ministry employee with a dark mark. I looked through the file, taking note of any indication of who it could be. I start with the usual signs. Hair color that peaked from behind the masks. The body language of the man, or woman. The way that they hold themselves. It  seems tedious, yet this is what made the job interesting. When I come up with a couple suspects I hand it off to my partner. 

Times like this I miss working with Sirius, who became a hit wizard for the ministry. He said it was much less paperwork and more freedom. I never comment on it. I know it is more exciting, though with my family life. Well, exciting is a luxury I can’t afford. 

My partner glances up at me as he rereads the file. I can tell he has some ideas, which might mean we can formulate a plan before I go home. If not, then I will be here all night. Which is not an option for me. Not when Lily wants to talk about the possibility of a new treatment. Regardless of what the treatment is, two of our children will be there overnight at the least. One of them will be stuck at home. It is always the same kids too.

“I am thinking it could be that older guy that guards the, well you know.” My partner suggest as they look through the file. I nodded, knowing who he was talking about. I could see where he was coming from on that one. Still, I  wasn’t convinced. There are a couple of new recruits who knew the layout of the ministry way to well. It was almost as though they had been here before. Granted that could mean their parents worked here. You can’t be too careful though.

“Do you think they would let us in there? Maybe we could set a trap.” I asked. My partner shook his head and told me that would never fly. I wanted to get in there for other reasons. I want to find the prophecy that led that monster to leave that thing on her. I closed the folder and handed it back to him. 

"James, I get why you want in there. Trust me, if it were my kid I would have tried breaking in by now. However, will knowing make it go away?" He asked. I shake my head and sighed, leaning back into my chair.

"Anything would be better at this point." I mumbled. He patted me on the shoulder as he stood up. I can see him stretch before he placed the folder closer to his chair. 

"Well, let me know when you want to start searching. For now, go eat dinner with your family. We will call you for the meeting." He said. I grinned before heading out, knowing dinner tonight would not be pleasant. Since it never is, not in between treatments. Especially if Lily found a new diet that promotes magical core strengthening. Still, long days at work meant two dinners. Which will at least give me something decent if she is on a new kick.

The first dinner is always spent at home. My bosses understand I want to see my kids. Also Lily enjoys being informed who is being caught and who is left. It makes her feel involved. When she is not at home, I get an extra hour. This way I can be with my daughter longer. We never know when it is the last time we will be bringing her home. This time we are at home, leaving me two an hour for dinner. Lily had been making Salmon and brown rice with steamed veggies. 

Today I am met by Jasmine at the table first. She was plopping into her seat as I popped in, which is always a pleasant surprise. She normally isn't hungry when she is having a treatment. The healers tell us it is because she is nauseous and that we should go easy on certain foods. Jasmine tells us that the pain makes eating unbearable. Which makes sense to me. If I were in that much pain, eating would be the last thing on my mind.

“Hey princess.” I say, grabbing her hand. She smiled softly at me, and I could tell it was a bad pain day. Her smile didn’t reach her eyes. Still, she tried to engage with me by giving me a small hug. That tells me that the pain was from a while ago and she is feeling better.

“What have you been up to?” I asked, hoping that she was at least feeling well enough for a conversation. Her smile didn’t leave her face as she looked back up at me, small dimples appearing on her cheeks.

“The usual, visiting far off places with my two amigos, fighting the bad guy with the power of friendship. In between core scans and my tutors, of course.” She said. I snorted when she gave me a look that was so much like her mother at that age. The girl was almost a spitting image of her, if it weren’t for the brown eyes. 

As though she heard my thoughts,Lily carried in the fish and set it on the table. She rolled her eyes at me, looking at my dirty shirt. When she turned around, I smirked. A small plan entering my head, and I planned to execute it right away.

“Don’t you want me baby?” I sang off-key, making both her and Jasmine laugh. Lily tossed her wand to me, and I caught it instantly.

"What are you trying to do, kill me?" I gasped. Lily rolled her eyes as she looked back at me. I figure she was trying to make sure I didn't drop the wand. Jasmine was giggling in her seat, making this a mission accomplished. 

“Cut up the fish won't you?” Lily asked. I nodded without a second thought, cutting up the fish with a flick of my wrist. Our second oldest came down as I cut into the fish. I could hardly see his eyes behind the hair he let be plastered in his face. When I did see his eyes, I saw that they were barely opened. Charlus slumped down in his chair, not looking at anyone. 

The deal we made is that he can take the attic, as long as he stopped fighting with his brother and he made it down for dinner with us. Sadly, that implied that he was able to sneak away as long as he came down for food. Lily didn't seem to mind, as long as he stayed out of the way during important events. These being his sisters treatments. I tried to spend time with him, but that never seemed to work. He always hid up in the attic. A part of me hoped he would grow out of this and become more engaged. The other part of me knows that it is better if he doesn't. If he did, then we would lose one more kid in the aftermath of his sisters ailments. There needs to be one Potter unscathed by this.

“You look like hell.” Jasmine said. He didn’t pay attention to her at first. Instead he put food on his plate, ignoring the fish. 

"You don't look much better." He rolled his eyes. She stuck her tongue out at him and he did the same back. My darling wife came back into the room, which I could tell from the footsteps. 

“Sweet Merlin.” Lily said, her voice sounded upset. I glanced over and saw that she was staring at the table. 

"I forgot the corn." She mumbled. I sighed and handed her wand back. She pocketed it and headed back into the kitchen.  I have no idea what is said about me that I am glad that she seemed oblivious to the fact that our son was covered in cuts and bruises. It was even worse than I am relieved that he is only fighting.  There was a point in time that I was worried he would turn out like Sirius. Granted Sirius was older when he picked up smoking, but with kids these days. You never know what they can get their hands on. Which was scarier than dealing with a sick child who might need the drugs.

“Still picking up fights with the street kids?” Jasmine asked, her tone snarky. Charlus gave back a quick-witted response, one that I couldn’t pick up on. Lily scolds them from the kitchen and it feels all normal. As though that tonight, I could pretend I have the perfect family. Until I noticed a missing person at the table.

“Where is Harry?” I asked the kids. 

“Wasn’t she in the living room?” Lily asked, walking back into the room with a bowl of corn. Once she placed it on the table she walked back into the kitchen, likely getting drinks.

“Not since this morning.” Jasmine said, looking at Charlus. The boy shrugged and glanced over his shoulder. Lily came back into the room and sighed.

“For goodness sake, Harry. Dinner.” Lily called. Jasmine rolled her eyes and unzipped her jacket, revealing a pink and purple shirt that said ‘Bad Witch’ on it. It was obvious she picked it up in muggle London, as there were no stores near here that would have sold it to her. 

“I got it at my last Hogsmeade.” She explained, seeming proud of herself. That made me smile, after all, she got to go to school last year. Before Lily could comment Harry slumped into his seat, not meeting anyone's eyes. 

“Where were you at?” Jasmine asked. Harry didn’t even grab a plate, instead, he rested his head on the table.

“Around.” He said. This was weird. After all, Harry was never the problem child. Charlus had a temper, and Jasmine was either doing very well or very poorly. Harry was a constant. He was the child who ate without any issues. The child that would tell us about the new thing he read in our library. He was the one who talked about the potion he recreated from Jasmine's books. On top of that, no one knew where he was. Which was never a good thing with these kids.

“Did something happen?” I asked, hoping to engage a conversation. Harry glanced at his sister. Only to give me a shocked look when he figured out she didn’t speak. That one hurt more than I thought it would.

“No.” He said, looking back at his plate. I sighed and leaned closer to the table.

“Are you feeling alright?” I asked him, making him do a double-take. I know the question is never asked unless it was to Jasmine. However, the kids shouldn’t feel like we don’t care if they are alright. 

“I’m fine.” He said. I pointed to his empty spot, and he sighed. The boy grabbed his plate and piled food onto it, shoving a spoon full of steamed carrots. The sight brought me back to little Harry giving me a toothy grin as he ate peas. 

' "Alright, what do you want to eat?" Lily asked our three year old who just came back home. His hand had a plaster on it from the IV. 

"I want peas." He decided after a few seconds of thinking. Charlus gave him an astonished look.

"Why does he get to pick?" He whined. I sighed and shook my head.

"Harry donated, so he gets to pick." Lily scolded the boy. 

"I am just saying, he shouldn't get to pick if he doesn't make good choices. I would have picked ice cream." Charlus grumbled.'

Lily came back with the drinks and sighed when she saw the shirt our daughter had on. She didn’t comment though, it wasn’t as bad as the things Sirius had worn. Instead, she served everyone and began to dish out the fish. When I took a bite of it, I wanted to spit it out. It was only cooked with lemon as an effort of keeping it fine for Jasmine. Before I could comment, I noticed that Harry had up and disappeared. No one seemed to notice that he even left the table.

I had enough time to help clean up tonight, which meant I also had enough time to talk with my wife. As the two of us clean up I drift back to a time when we were normal. Before the attack, before she got sick. It is hard to remember a time if I were being honest.

“They are prepping Jasmine for the transplant tomorrow. When do you get off work?” Lily asked, breaking the silence. 

“Around six, but I am on call right now.” I explained. She hummed, going back to the dishes. I thought back to dinner, wincing when the memory of noticing our youngest leaving dinner and no one noticing. 

“Did Harry look alright to you?” I ask, knowing that she probably didn’t notice. It's not her fault though. With everything going on, it is easier to forget the child who doesn't seem to need any help.

“Compared to Jasmine and Charlus? Yeah, he seemed perfect.” She said a sigh in her voice was obvious. 

“I mean, he didn’t really eat much.” I remind her. She glanced over at me and shook her head. I could tell that she wanted to drop the conversation. 

“Did Jasmine look alright to you?” She asked. I nodded, knowing that was the only thing she wanted to hear. Times like this, I am not sure that we would have survived if Jasmine hadn’t gotten sick.

A few hours later I was at the old HQ for the order. It was the only place that I had any peace anymore. The meeting I had been at earlier took much more time than I had hoped. Yet I couldn’t bring myself to come back home. Not to my exhausted wife who I almost don’t recognize anymore. Not to my sick daughter that we still have little to no idea what is wrong with her. Not to my sons who don’t get enough time from us. So, I wonder old HQ, looking at the photos we had put up around. It was at first made to make us feel at home. Now it is a place filled with haunting memories and an old feeling of hope. 

“Who is that?” I heard a voice ask. I jumped out of my skin before I looked down. Harry was standing next to me and was pointing to a set of redheaded twins. 

“Gideon and Fabian Prewett.” I say, my voice was softer. He nodded and looked up at me.

“Siri said you would be here.” He said, answering my unasked question. He was always good at doing that. 

“Does your mother know?” I asked. He nodded, not meeting my eyes. I sigh and grab his hand, leading him to the library. His eyes widen in excitement as he looked at the books. 

“Read to me?” He asked softly. Now how could I ever say no to that? 



Chapter Text

When I was younger, I always imagined that I had another family. That there was a copy of my family out there, and that I just got misplaced. The second family would have Jasmine not being sick and both of us had no problems with our magical cores. As I sit on the fifth floor of the hospital, I imagine them coming to meet me. I imagine them picking me up, giving me a big hug, and pulling me away from the life I am living in. Instead, I am stuck sitting here. Sipping tea as I wait for my mother and father to come get me. 

“What are you here for?” A voice asked. I looked over and spotted a blonde pudgy boy. He looked as though he was my age, and it confused me as to why someone else would be here. At least, someone under the age of twelve.

“My sister needs a transplant” I said. He gave me a confused look and I shake my head.

“Her core is very low. So they take my magic to recharge hers.” I explained. He winced slightly and began to look at his lap.

“That sounds terrible.” He whispered. I nod and walk over to the boy, placing my hand on his shoulder. It was a habit that I now realize I got from my family. The boy didn’t seem to mind though. 

“Why are you here?” I asked him. The boy looked up and sighed. The look on his face said that I didn’t want to know. 

“My parents are here. They got hurt during the aftermath of the war.” He explained. I was about to offer him some support when my mum came up. This meant that I would be needed soon. So I waved at him as we headed to the elevator. 

My sister’s room was always two away from the elevator. Her doctor liked having her in the same spot. He claimed that it was good luck, and who were we to discourage something that might help. The room had her connected to these specialized tubes. You could see the magic flowing in and out of her from them. It looked like they were trying to draw out any source of magic from her core, though the amount of magic that came back through the tubes looked like it was losing some. It is practically guaranteed that the mass was getting worse. 

“Does it hurt?” I asked her as I watched the machine. She shook her head, looking back to her book.

“The boredom is what hurts.” She laughed. I rolled my eyes, glancing over to our mother. She was reading a pamphlet of some kind and I went back to watching the magic flow in and out of her. 

“Harry, this time they are looking at half. They think if they cut back then it would force her core to react.” Mum said as she read. I shook my head, I knew why they were really doing it. Last time I had almost lost all my own because they made a mistake. I ended up in the hospital alone for three days. Uncle Sirius had visited as soon as he found out. He also hasn’t been around since. 

“What they are doing just isn’t right.” He told me. I asked him why he didn’t try to fix it. He only gave me a sad smile and a hug.

“When you are finally done, go visit cousin Andie.” He told me. That was the last of it. He left and the next day my parents had come to visit. Something told me it was because Jasmine had been released. 

“Mails here.” Mum said. She took the mail from the owl and handed Jasmine her letters first. She handed me the newspaper and glanced at a folded piece of parchment that she was holding. The look on her face was one of confusion, that is when I saw the name on it. My eyes shot wide open when I realized what this was. I couldn’t move since that would be suspicious. Instead, I stayed right in my seat, looking at the paper. I couldn’t see the writing, but I knew what it was for. Which meant that auntie Andie got it approved. 

“Mum, what is it?” Jasmine asked from her bed.

“I am not sure, sweetie.” She said, sitting on her bed. I couldn’t see what she was reading; however, from what I could see from her facial expression I knew it was not good. 

“Harry, what the hell?” Mum asked, looking at me with harsh eyes. She stood up and walked over to me. The papers were clutched in her hands and I shrunk into myself. 

“Mum, it hurts. Get the Healer.” Jasmine whined. Mum looked over at her and back at me.

“Mummy please.” Jasmine begs. I could tell that mum was stuck at a crossroad right now. She could either keep moving straight or turn entirely. Yet I knew who would win this war. Just like it always did. Mum quickly summoned a nurse and I ran. I knew I couldn’t go to the fifth floor and visit with that boy. I couldn’t even go down to the lobby. Instead, I wandered the hallway of the floor we were on. I stepped in front of rooms, looking at the people inside. Some were sleeping, and others were mindlessly chattering with each other. I did end up finding the blonde boy. He was with a much older woman, and the two were in a room with a couple that is my parent's age. Yet they seemed much older. The woman had the same blonde hair as the boy. She had a pixie cut and her face fit her hair perfectly. The man was a spitting image of his son. Except he had darker hair. 

“Thank you mummy.” The boy whispered, taking a rapper from her hand. I had to wonder if my parents would visit. If I ended up here. They wouldn’t be able to take my magic. For all they know, it would be the one thing keeping me alive. Still, from what my mother had shown today. I would be surprised if she spoke to me again. 

I ended up calling Sirius to pick me up. By the time he got there, I am informed by a staff member that my mum had the whole hospital turned upside down looking for me. 

“Let her know I am alive then.” I say, climbing into the sidecar of Uncle Sirius’s motorcycle.

“How did she react?” He asked me. I sighed, shaking my head.

“She called dad.” I said, remembering that I saw him in the lobby. Sirius shook his head, ruffling my hair. 

“I am proud of you.” He promised. I knew he was telling the truth. 

When they came back home, it was almost like a dream. Jasmine barely looked at me before father sent her up to her room. Charlus hung around downstairs, as did uncle Sirius. Mum slammed her bag onto the kitchen table before looking at me. 

“All right, what is going on?” She asked. Her voice was like ice. I could feel the temperature drop in the room from her. 

“I got a representative.” I said, refusing to mention who it was. My mother nodded, laughing to herself. 

“Of course you did. Well, call them and tell them you changed your mind.” She demanded, pointing me to the floo network. It takes all my willpower to shake my head no. 

“Harry, so help me.” She said, her voice not letting go. Dad grabbed ahold of her shoulders and began to rub them.

“Lils.” He said. The words were calm, yet they seemed to slice through the tension. 

“We agreed to let her explain.” He said. I sighed, looking between the two of them.

“I don’t want to do this anymore.” I said. My voice is shaking as the words left my mouth. 

“Well, Harry, neither do we. Neither does Jasmine. Guess what, we don’t have a-” She started but I cut her off.

“Well, I do have a choice. Which is why I did this.” I said. My mother stood in front of me. Her head leaning down at me as she glared. 

“So you bring a representative for this? You made them think this is all about you when it isn’t. This is about all of us.” She said. I knew she was trying to guilt me into compliance. My father leans down, getting between us, and places a hand on my shoulder. 

“Harry, I understand that you think you needed to do this-” He started, and my mother interrupts with her opinion on the matter. 

“Lilly, shut up.” He said. She glared as he continued. 

“But we need to talk about this. With no lawyers involved.” He tried. I wanted to explain, but I can’t. That would ruin everything.

“I can’t dad.” I say, my voice shaking. My mother apparently had enough of this, since she pushed dad back.

“Do you know what will happen if you go through with this?” She asked. I can hear the nonverbal question. What will happen to Jasmine? I could feel my throat closing and I know I blurted something out. Whatever it was, mum didn’t like it. She slapped me, hard. I knew there were marks on my cheek from the sound of my uncle and brother. 

When my brother and I started fighting, I was five and he was eight. It got so bad that mum and dad had placed me in Jasmine’s room until they could figure out something that would solve my brother and my problems. However, to keep things civil between my sister and I, they divided the room. I got the side near the window and she got the side near the door. The problem didn’t come from us sharing a room. You see, my sister was a brat and decided that the room had an invisible barrier and that I couldn’t go on her side of the room and she couldn’t go on mine. It wasn’t an issue until lunch that day. When Jasmine left to go eat, I was stuck behind the invisible barrier. I could have cried for help, or even try to get past the line. Instead, I decided to climb out of the window. 

I ended up stuck in the tree, and it was an hour before they found me. My mum was the one to save me. She climbed through the window and carried me back into the room. 

“You are safe my little bird.” She whispered as she carried me out of the room. We passed the barrier, and I got to eat. We made up very quickly, and I ended up back in my bedroom shortly after. 

I am hiding in said bedroom when Jasmine decides she wants to talk to me. I tried to hide and avoid her, but she is too smart for that. 

“We need to talk.” She says. I didn’t respond as I hid under my bed. She walked over to the bed and pulled me out from under it.

“Now.” She declared. I sighed, climbing onto my bed. She sits next to me and we both sit in silence.

“You know, you don’t have to do this.” She whispered to me. I nod in response, looking at my hands. 

“I know, but it is done.” I say. I can’t look at her, it would hurt too much. 

“You are my best friend, and I don’t think I could ever lose you.” She whispered. I nod in agreement.  I would never be able to lose her, even if what I am doing might as well lead to that. As for the best friend remark, it might as well be true. She had no friends at school for how often she is in and out of it. With her core being almost empty by the end of the year, it is difficult for her to do her exams. Every year, they contemplate on sending her to school.

“I’m your brother.” I then say, hoping it explained everything. She nodded and gave me a sad smile. 

“That makes it even more powerful.” She whispered. She left the room right after, and I decide that I need to sleep. So I left and took a quick shower.When it was over, I climbed into bed and closed my eyes. Sleep didn’t come though. Instead my parent’s whispered arguments came. The words may have been soft, but they might as well have been shouted across the house.

“He is only doing this for attention.” Mum whispered as she opened my door. 

“Maybe he needs it then. When was the last time either of us spent time with him?” Dad whispered I could hear him enter the room. I could hear mum sigh in disappointment. 

“We can’t encourage this. You know what would happen if he goes through with this tantrum.” Mum whispered. 

“Who says this is a tantrum. Maybe this isn’t as crazy as it seems.” Dad tried to explain. Mum didn’t like that. I could tell from her heavy breathing. 

“Who’s side are you on?” She whispered. Dad denied sides existing, but we all knew that there were sides. With this, it might as well be a war. One side would win, and it would cost them greatly. I could only hope that there aren’t any casualties in the end. I heard my door close and opened my eyes. I almost jumped when I saw my mom sitting on the edge of my bed.

“I thought you were gone.” I whispered to her. She shook her head as she looked at me.

“What else were you thinking?” She asked me. I bit my lip as I looked down at my lap.

“That you hate me for doing this.” I admit. She shook her head and moved closer to me, pulling me into her embrace. 

“How could you ever doubt that I love you.” She whispered. I didn’t respond. Because I knew that she thinks she won this round. That we would go to Andie and sort this all out. I wish that we could do that, but this. She needed to learn how to listen. She needed to see that I am important too. 

Chapter Text

When we started the treatments, they did it at home. They were simple enough at the beginning. In addition, since we had Madame Pomfrey come over, they allowed us to keep her in the place she was most comfortable. Things were looking up, and her core was responding to the potions she was taking.

“Now, are you ready?” Madame Pomfrey asked her. Jasmine laughed as she looked around at the sparks James sent into the air. I produced bubbles, making her look over at me. We tried to make her treatment fun for her. Even though we have magic, it is better to give her muggle assessments. The first being how her walking is. For this, we have her walk in a straight line. Then we check her balance. Lastly, we see if there is any pain or light-headed feeling. 

“We need to make sure her normal growth isn’t being affected by the potions.” I am told. A part of me wonders if they are lying so I don’t ask as many questions. 

“Mummy.” Her voice called to me. I looked over and saw she had an accident. I sighed softly and went to get her cleaned up. It was no big deal, we just finished potty training and she is sick. There was no surprise here. Until it began to happen regularly. Then her symptoms began to get worse. And we were back on the fourth floor. 

“Room two, your healer will be right with you.” We are told before heading up. Jasmine looked around at all the different people as we headed up to the room. There were no sick kids. Children in the wizarding world don’t get sent up here. The thought made me feel more isolated than before. As though it is our fault she is up here, even if we had no part in her being like this. 

“Mummy, I lay down?” She asks me as we enter the room. I help her onto the bed, and they see her soon. Her healer checks her spine this time, instead of her actual core. It is there they find that the mass was practically going into her spinal cord. That it had to be caused by magic. 

“We never see this.” Our healer admitted. I sighed and slouched in the chair I was sitting in.  As they explained what the procedure would be like, I blanked out. I could only look at my daughter, who was giggling at the creatures on the wall. She clapped as the tiger jumped over the hay and giggled when the pigs began to play in the mud. It was as though she were watching a cartoon. Like she could be if it weren’t for magic acting strange around electricity. 

The healer explained the next treatments to me. This next one included something similar to the machine in the muggle world that takes your blood out and puts it back into your body. They will take the magic out of her core and flush it through her core again. 

“It will stimulate her core.” They explained. I wanted to ask how this would even work, but the healer was called out and the next one did her examination. Her vitals were good, her symptoms were given new potions. This time a nutrition one was added since she was rapidly losing weight from nausea. 

“Any questions?” I want to say yes. I want to ask why my three-year-old is risking her life. Instead, I shake my head and take her home, knowing that I would be taking her back in a few weeks, anyway. Still, her smile made me think everything would be fine. 


When she was having treatments, I didn’t sleep well. When I did sleep, I was plagued with visions of another child. This one looks just like James, though something was special about him. I shrugged it off though, putting it on my subconscious wanting another child because I was scared my daughter wouldn’t survive. When I didn’t sleep I watched her, making sure she was still breathing as they put the tubes in her mouth.

“It is standard procedure ma’am.” I am told. I want to tell them to bugger off. That I could do better than these experimental treatments. That my daughter was more than just a lab rat. Yet, I stayed quiet. I watched my daughter while they did their jobs. When she wanted me, I was there. When she wanted James, I was there. I couldn’t sleep when she needed someone there. Which wouldn’t be all that bad, if I had to actually shower and eat sometimes. On top of that, I had other responsibilities. I had to keep the house cleaned and buy food. Which is hard to do when you are at your daughter's bedside.

To make things worse, we had the baby to worry about. He was only one, so we couldn’t leave him alone and it was difficult when he was at the hospital with her. In a moment of desperation, we reached out to Remus. He decided he would be able to watch the baby, which was one less thing to worry about. Charlus was tended to, and I was able to focus on my daughter. Until I got sick. 

It started with me being dizzy, which I chalked up to not sleeping. When I was finally forced to sleep I noted that the symptom didn't go away. The next one was overall feeling sick. They made me go home after I puked. 

"We don't want Jasmine to get a new symptom." They told me. So I went home. The feeling didn't leave after a few days, so I ended up going back to Hogwarts and visit Poppy. She was excited to see me, after not seeing me and Jasmine for almost a month. 

"What seems to be the problem dear?" She asked, ushering me to my sickbed. I tell her what is going on and she instantly looked amused. 

"When was the last time you and James were intimate?" She asked, making me groan.

“I don’t understand how that is relevant. We are so careful.” I said to Madame Pomfrey, who rolled her eyes at me. She waved her wand and smirked. This told me what she was thinking is right. That also means my worse fears may come true.

“Lady Potter, do you have any other symptoms? Maybe food aversions, pain in your breast or even having to urinate frequently?” She asked. I nodded, those sounded right. Though I figured it was stress-related. With Jazz in and out of treatments, I was stressed enough as is. There is no way that I am, well...

“Couldn’t it be stress though?” I asked, making her shake her head. There is no way on earth I am what she is leading me to think. My symptoms could be anything. Maybe there is a wizarding version of the flu I could have.

“Congratulations, Lady Potter. You are about two months along.” She told me. I wanted to cry, both in frustration and relief. I don’t have to avoid my already sick child; however, it would look like I was replacing her. I called James that night, as he was away on an order related mission. 

“Are you sure?” He asked me. I nodded and he sighed. 

“Step back, I’ll be over in a moment.” He promised me. I did as he asked, and there he was. Right in front of me. We hugged for a few minutes, though it felt like hours. We only separated when we heard Jazz whine from the monitoring charm. 

“I’ll get her, you relax.” He whispered. I didn’t go to the couch. Instead, I listened to him humming a song to her. I could picture him swaying her in his arms. I could see her little curls plastered on her face from the cold sweat she likely woke up in. I could see her in my head, bringing me to the conclusion that we needed advice. That we needed to bring the whole situation to our mentor. He would know what to do.

The next day we went to see Dumbledore. Since it was the day of a full moon, we had to take both kids. The paintings entertained Charlus, Jasmine was squirming as I held her. Once we walked up the flight of stairs, I released our surprisingly energetic toddler. The small girl practically ran into the older man, who looked amused. 

"Who might you be?" He asked, ignoring us. She paled and ran back over to us, making the man laugh. When he saw who was standing in the doorway he smiled.

"James, Lily, what a pleasant surprise." He said joyfully. The old man flicked his wrist and a couple of toys appeared in front of Jasmine. Charlus also was given a small toy. 

"Yes sir; however, I wish it were on better terms. You see, Jazz's core is not developing much magic. In fact, it seems to be draining instead. The healers had found a mass on her core. I am worried that it may be from-well you know." I told him. His smile faltered and his eyes dimmed. 

"I see. May I have a look?" He asked. We both nodded and he waved his wand. Luckily our small daughter was preoccupied so she did not notice. He frowned again, this time it seemed to be out of concern. 

"Do you know what it is?" James asked. The older man sighed and gave a curt nod.

"I have my suspicions, though I hope I am wrong." He said. I wanted to whack him upside the head. That does nothing for us. Ideas are making her less energetic. We need results.

"Have you looked into a donor?" He asked. We both looked at each other and sighed.

"We have talked about multiple options. No one would be willing to donate a core, not that one is an option. We have no living family to donate theirs. So we are looking into a more risky option." I said, going over the magic transplant we were talking about with our healer.

"We are hoping a matching donor shows up. We aren't a match and neither is Charlus. With the new baby on the way, we haven't put much thought in a long term solution either. The healers haven't been very helpful with that." James said. Dumbledore seemed to be thinking before he spoke. I could see the twinkle in his eyes return as he looked at me.

“Would you like my advice?” Dumbledore asked. James and I nodded quickly. I glanced over to our daughter, who was still playing on the floor. Maybe he does have an idea that will work. I am willing to try anything at this point.

“Sometimes, from what I have heard, another sibling happens to be a better match.” He said. James looked doubtful.

"How can we tell this one will match?" I asked, not bringing up a time issue. 

"How far along are you?" He asked me. I tell him two months and he grins.

"The magical core is not formed until the seventh month of pregnancy. The core needs a body to form, and the magic the child takes from you creates their core. Which is why no child is the exact same as the parents. However, as you go into pregnancy, you are able to encourage the core to react in a way." He said. James and I glace at each other and smiled. This would solve one problem at least. We could bring it up at the very least. I could tell that James was thinking about the same thing. I wanted to talk to him about it first. Just to see if it is ethical. Messing with nature like this.

“We should at least try.” I hear myself saying before I could think. James nodded in agreement. 

“If this could save her, then I am willing to try.” He said. 

Chapter Text

Family is everything in the wizarding world. Who you are related to can either bring you to the top or sink you below ground. When I was disowned I decided to get as far away from my family's ideals as possible. This meant having a half-blood for a child and going into muggle politics. I had been on my way to becoming a muggle lawyer. I was still in classes, and far from certified. However, I knew enough to understand any law that was passed and anything that may help in this case. I was creating his case when Harry had run into my office. 

"Harry, what are you doing here?" I asked, not expecting a visit so soon. He sighed and sat in the chair. Before he could answer, I heard a bell from the fireplace. This told me that I was awaiting a call. Much to my surprise, Lily Potter's face was in my fireplace. The look on Harry’s face told me that he knew what was coming and that I wouldn’t like it. 

“Lady Potter, what do I owe the pleasure?” I asked. The woman on the other end sighed and closed her eyes. Clearly she was not happy, and from how Harry was hiding from the fireplace, she didn’t know he was here. 

“I want you to drop the case.” She said clearly. I glanced over at Harry and he glared at the fireplace. 

“Have you filed a response?” I asked, as though she hadn’t just said what she had. Lily sighed and shook her head.

“No, I spoke with Harry about the issue. He decided that he will do what he can to help Jasmine.” She said. I could see Harry in the corner of my eye and he does not seem happy with what was being said either. 

“Is that so?” I asked. When she didn’t respond I straightened my shoulders.

“I am afraid that I will be unable to resign the case without my client's verbal confirmation. Do you happen to know where he is?” I asked. She shook her head. 

“Sirius took him out and then he went on a run.” She said. I nodded in understanding. 

“I will be seeing you at the ministry this afternoon then.” I said. Once she responded we both left the fire call. 

“Is there something you wanted to tell me?” I asked the boy. He backed away and looked at his shoes. 

“No.” He said. I sighed, knowing he heard everything. 

“Harry, I cannot have you playing games. Now I completely understand why you would decide to not press charges. You have to tell me though.” I said. He looked up at me, giving me a chilling look again.

“As long as you are willing to represent me, I am willing to press charges.” He said. For a small moment. I actually forgot he was only ten years old. That he is only a child. Yet he seemed much more grown-up than some adults. It was almost scary. Though it was also undeniable that he was telling me the truth.

“Can you explain what happened then, because I need to know. If she comes in with some story, I need a rebuttal.” I tell him.

"I tried to tell her that I was serious. She wouldn't listen. She never listens." He said. I nodded and grabbed his hand. 

"Okay, now here is what will happen." I tell him. We go over what to expect in the room and I send him on is way.  Once he left, I went to the ministry to get checked in. Then I headed to the offices where the judges were stationed. I was there for maybe five minutes before I saw Lily and Harry walking up. Harry looked very out of place in the ministry. Lily looked frustrated beyond relief. Before long we were told we could wait inside, but Harry was to wait until he is called. 

Lily sighed as she walked into the room alongside me. We both sat in front of the desk, refusing to look at one another.

“I still don’t understand why you are helping him.” Lily huffed. I sighed, looking at the younger woman. 

“Because he needs someone on his side for once.” I tell her, my words firm. As the words left my mouth, Madame Bones walked into the room, holding a folder. 

“Sorry I am late, Susan has a fever and I needed to make sure it went down.” She said, not looking at us until she sat at her desk.

“Now ladies, would you like to fill me in on what we are doing here today?” She asked. Lily nodded firmly, her eyes shining with determination. 

“Mrs. Potter’s son, Harry, wishes to become medically emancipated.” I  responded. The woman fixed my posture as I spoke, presenting myself as a professional. 

“There is no wizarding or muggle law that allows that. There may be legal emancipation in the United States; however, the law there states fourteen being the age.” Lily shot back, obviously, she had been studying her law. Madame Bone’s nodded along, from what it seemed she was showing that she was in fact listening. 

“I am aware of the law Lady Potter. I am also aware that in muggle Britain there are cases for ‘consent to treatment’ which can be applied here.” Madame Bones replied. Lily did not appear to be happy at these words.

“She is still trying to get you to change the law. That case is for sixteen and seventeen-year-olds and can be overruled in some cases. He is ten years old. He can’t decide what he wants for breakfast most mornings.” Lily stressed. 

“Lady Tonks, what exactly are you here for?” I handed her a folder, leading Lily to do the same.

“I am here as Harry’s charter of rights to present witnesses for his case. After all, as lady Potter has stressed, he is a minor. I also request a limited temporary removal of parental rights. At least until the case is over.” I requested. 

“The defense is looking for summary dismissal?” She asked, raising an eyebrow to Lily. The redhead nodded, slouching back into her chair. The dark circles under her eyes were visible.

“Today if possible, again he is ten. He can’t possibly understand what he wants or what is even going on.” She sighed. Madame Bones gave her a look before looking over to the other woman present. 

“Lady Tonks?” She asked. 

“I am only looking at the best interest of Harry.” I said. Madame Bones nodded and placed the folders on her desk.

“I will need to speak to Harry before I make a decision.” She declared. 

“Madame Bones, I was hoping that we wouldn’t bring Harry into this. I mean he is only a child.” Lily said, looking shocked. Whether it was because the other woman was actually considering the case or the fact that she wasn’t getting her way, well that is for anyone to guess. 

“Lady Potter, you are claiming that he doesn’t understand what he is doing. I need to explain to him or see what he does know.” She said. Lily sighed, leaving the room along sides me.

Chapter Text

I imagine my funeral a lot. When you live in a family that death looms over, it tends to come up. I don’t think anyone would go to my funeral. Well, that is a lie. My uncle Sirius would come. He might bring his girlfriend. Uncle Remus might come too, and my cousin Andie with her family. Though, they would be the only ones who willingly come. I can see my teachers throwing a small funeral at my school. Hermione would be sad, and maybe some of the other students. That would be it. Mum wouldn’t come unless Jasmine was feeling better. Dad might visit when he gets off work. Charlus would come if someone dragged him along. Other than them, no one. 

If Jasmine died though, everyone would be there. There would be people dressed nice and would speak sweet words about her. How she was the light of the ward on floor four. How she was a great student when she wasn’t sick. Family, healers, and professors alike would come. I can imagine some guy would talk about how he wished he could have had the courage to ask her out when he had the chance. That would just be the private funeral. 

The entire wizarding world would have a memorial. Shrines and speeches would be made in her honor. The entire wizarding Europe would celebrate the Girl-Who-Lived. It would be the front page of every paper.

“What happened?” I asked Andie, who gave me a reassuring smile.

“It will be fine.” She said. My mum glared at her, making me want to run and hide.

“I would like some time to speak with my client.” Andie requested. Mum glared at her. She still thought she was trying to help me. That was scarier than my original theory. 

The older woman they had been talking to then walked out and ushered me in, not giving me the time to talk to either of them. The woman looked formal, though her demeanor said she was less strict than she looked. With the way her hair was pulled back told me that she had a long morning. I remembered that she was raising her niece, so that was probably it. At the same time, her collar was straight and ironed. That meant she was professional. 

I tried to find more information about her before she made me talk. When I couldn't find any she smiled softly at me.

"Hello Harry, I am Amelia Bones." She introduced. I recognized the name, she was the woman my aunt was trying to get to cover my case. She is known to be fair enough. I shook her hand before sitting down in the chairs. I noticed that there were coloring books in the office and tissues. That meant Susan was here often enough. That also meant that she didn't deal with children in court that often.

"Will there be a trial?" I asked her. She looked shocked by the question. I figured that she expected a child who had no idea what was being done. 

"It depends, if your parents agree then there won't be a need for one." She said. I sighed, knowing that it would never be that easy. After all, I am ten. In any world, there would be no chance of me being allowed to make my own decisions. 

"If not, then we will have one. In this case, you have already requested to be emancipated. So, it is likely a trial will follow." She explained. I sighed, placing my face into my hands. This would take a while, and my plans on going to Hogwarts seemed so out of reach it was ridiculous. 

"How long will the case last?" I asked her. She sighed and looked around.

"Again, depends on how your parents react. This can be done in six weeks or it can be done in a few days." She said. I nodded and looked around again. Begging for something to be there so I can take my attention off of her. I needed the distraction to stop the overwhelming sense of guilt I felt. No one deserved this case, yet here they are. Forced in the middle of it.

I tried to hold it together, knowing that if I cry then she will see me for what I am. A scared child who has no idea what he wants. Yet, she seemed to be taking this seriously. I smiled softly as she pulled out a cup, pouring water into it.

"Would you like anything?" She asked. I shook my head, thinking back to the time that Jasmine told me about spilling water all over her pants to get out of class. Apparently she was in her potions class when their professor continued to insult a student. So she spilled some water on her pants and fell to the floor. She screamed loudly to get his attention and once he looked over at her she began to shake. She told me that a student swore she was having a seizure. Though, I remember that case vividly. It was the first time they tried to borrow from my core twice in a year. This time sent me to the hospital for almost a month. My father visited as often as he could and my mum visited once.

"I am sorry baby, your sister needed me with her." Mum whispered as she petted my hair, hours before I was being released. I sighed and curled in my bed. I wanted to stay. Maybe if they saw a functioning core that was producing magic, it could help my sister. 

After that trip, I didn't want to donate for a while. That decision didn't last long since a year later I was back in the room. Different healers on my case though. They didn't want to risk the problem happening again. I briefly wonder if I would get the same healers this time. I hoped not, I hoped to never see one again.

"Harry?" I was called back to reality. I felt tears beguine to flow as I shook. 

"I can't do it again. It might kill me." I sniffled. She handed me a tissue and I blew my nose, trying to compose myself. She gave me a look of pity before handing me another tissue.

"You know, there is no healer or doctor in the world who would operate on you if you tell them no." She tried. I shook my head and glanced at my lap.

"No, being scared and telling them no. It is apart of the procedure. Not only that but mum and dad, they sign off on it. They tell them to go ahead. It isn't my choice." I tell her. She sighed and glanced over.

"What they are doing, it isn't right. In muggle Britain, this would be against the law." I heard her whisper. She then looked back at me and gave me a reassuring smile. 

"I will assign you a temporary guardian. Just until the case is over." She told me. I sighed in relief as she called my mum and aunt back in. 

"Here is what we are going to do. Harry will be given a temporary guardian. This guardian will come to visit with him until the court date." She told them. 

"Your honor, If I may, I do not think it would be wise to keep Harry in the same home as his opponent. She may try to convince him to drop all charges." Aunt Andromeda tried. My mum did not look happy about this.

"Are you asking for her to take my child away from me? She has no grounds for that." My mother cried, clearly furious. I have never seen my mother look like that. Madame Bones sighed and shook her head.

"I am not authorized to remove him from the home." She said, she then glanced at her papers before looking at my mum.

"You will not talk to him about the case. Is that clear?" She asked her. My mum huffed and nodded, grabbing my hand as we left the room. I saw dad walking over to us, a bag in his hand. It is clear that he went out to get us food, though, from the way my mum sounded, it may be a while before we eat. 

The trip home was a nightmare. Since we had to leave the ministry first, it took a while to get to a point where we could even get home. I stayed quiet as my mum led me to the exit. I didn't even have the time to say goodbye to my aunt Andie. As she tried to find her way out of the hospital she managed to get lost. It wasn't until dad catch up did we find the way to the exit.  When we reached the point where my mum got her wand back she grabbed onto my hand and we were soon home. My sister looked shocked at how furious my mother was. Dad appeared soon after, looking shocked. The bag of food still in hand. 

The parents left the room quickly and I followed the two of them to the kitchen and dining room area. Dad set the food on the table and mum began searching for a cup in the cabinets. Jasmine and Remus entered the room, though Remus left as soon as he saw mum. Charlus came into the room as well, wanting to see the commotion. 

"What happened?" My sister asked. No one said a word, not knowing how to answer. Mum grabbed plates and slammed them down on the table, making me jump. My mother glared at me, as though she was daring me to even speak. I decided it was not the time to battle, it was the time to stop casualties from the war.

"Not so high and mighty now that you aren't in front of the judge." She scoffed. I didn't respond. If If I spoke, she would be mad. If I stay silent, I am proving her point. I am not sure which one is better. 

"Why did Harry talk to a judge?" Charlus asked from the door, I had almost forgotten he was there. Mum didn't seem to notice that he was there before, yet she wasn't above directing her anger towards him.

"Get out of here, this has nothing to do with you." She said. He sighed and ran past her, ignoring all of us. I could hear him slam the door to his bedroom. No one commented on him leaving and my sister went into the kitchen to get water. I sat on the chair closest to the door. Mum was still fuming, declaring that this was not the time to talk.

"Lily, we need to calm down." Dad tried. She was not happy with the response at all. Her glare was now directed at him and she looked like a harpy. Her eyes were full of anger and it was reflected in how she spoke. A part of me wishes that I could stop her from taking her anger out on everyone. The other part of me is happy to be ignored.

"Calm down? Our son practically signed away his sister's life and you want me to calm down?!" She yelled, shocking us all. Jasmine dropped her cup, revealing that she was there to the parents.

"No, Jasmine I didn't mean that." Mum said, but the damaged had been done.  

"I'm going to die?" Jasmine asked. Mum looked horrified as my sister ran away, I could see the tears in her eyes. Mum ran after her, and I ran outside and didn't stop until I reached the church. Once I was there I snuck inside and bowed my head. Praying that I was doing the right thing. That this was my only option. That no one got taken out during this fight. Even then, I knew the last part was not an option.

Chapter Text

I started fighting with the neighborhood kids when I was five. Harry was too little in my mind at the time and my sister was off-limits. I learned that one the hard way. When Harry turned five I constantly picked on him. I pinched his arms and pushed him around. My parents suddenly got concerned and moved him out of our room. I went back to fighting the neighborhood kids again. I was nine when they brought me into the club. 

“It’s a place where guys like us can get out our aggression, you know?” The leader said. I agreed to show up, it’s not like my parents would notice. I was supposed to be their easy child, the one they didn't need to notice. Now they will tell anyone I am their troubled child. Jasmine is sick, so she can’t be. Harry is the mediator of the family most of the time. I once thought I was adopted, it would make sense. That is until I stole dad's wand right before I went to school.

“Hey Harry, watch this.” I said. The raven-haired boy looked up at me and I levitated a book.

“Can you use that to throw something?” He asked. I smirked and tossed the book across the library. He only grinned and asked if he could try. If I am adopted, so is he, and he looks way too much like dad to deny their relationship. 

Granted, we all know why Harry is here. Now more than ever, and it is causing more problems.

 I heard yelling downstairs, which meant that I would be expected to stay still for longer than normal. I decided to take that as my queue to leave, going back to my old group. After Hogwarts, I found that magic was much more satisfying to scratch that itch. The need to take my aggression out lessened when I used magic. Maybe this is why Jasmine and I aren’t a match. She is pure and I am stained. 


It was a new guy every day. I would slip out the window and climb down the tree near the roof of my house. Once I was a good block away, I would run across the cemetery and the guys would already be there. They would always be in a circle and two people would be beating the shit out of each other in the center. It was like a muggle dueling club, but much different. 

“It’s Potter.” One of them would say as I walked over to them. My shirt was already shoved in whatever bag I decided to bring, and I would jump in. Taking the place of whatever scrawny new kid they picked up. They are always thankful, not knowing what they were getting into. I don’t tell them that I am doing it for me. 

“You can do better than that Potter.” One of the guys yells. I swing, hitting his jaw. The guy stumbles back and I take the chance to tackle him down. I keep throwing punches, getting many back in return. I could easily see the fear in newcomer's eyes. I hope that they will never come back. My hopes are pointless though. I see the glint behind the tallest kid’s eyes. He would come back, and there is nothing I can do to stop him. Blood in and blood out, but there is no coming out swinging. He would learn that soon enough. 

“Potter, off.” I am told. I look down and see that I have blood on my hands. I sighed, wiping my hands on the grass below me. The look on this guy’s face reminds me of the look on my mother's when I came home after the first time. 

I had been initiated, there was no one willing to take me out and finish the fight for me. The guy they selected was one of their senior members. I didn’t find out about that until I went back the next day.

“You sure about this kid?” I heard a boy ask, he was no older than my sister. The older guy nodded and pushed me into the circle.  I don’t remember the fight. The last I remember of it was the leader pulling the other guy off of me. I walked home, blood matted in my hair. I had a broken wrist, and mum rushed me to the healer. 

“Who did this to you?” She asked. I told her it was some guy and it was nothing. The next few times I had only come back with bruises and minor cuts. It only took three serious damage for mum to learn basic healing spells. Now she just flicks her wand to heal a broken bone. I figured it was because Jasmine took a turn for the worst. 

“You good Potter?” The voice of the guy I just beat the crap out of asked. I shook my head, this was not something I could keep to myself. 

“Is she getting worse?” I nodded, letting my head fall back. I heard some sympathetic noises. I know this would only solidify that kid staying. I don’t care, it doesn’t matter anymore. 

“Go home Potter, let us know what’s happening next time.” I am told. So I drag myself down the road. This is a picture that had happened so often, it was almost muscle memory. Every time I come home, I am worse for wear. The last time I came home on a bad day, I had sent the guy to the hospital. It was a new kid and it was when Harry had been in the hospital for three days. I walked out with a broken tooth, he had a broken wrist and a concussion. When I got home after that time dad was furious. He went on and on about how my magic could have killed the kid. Mum was stony-faced as she fixed my tooth and the rest of the wounds I had gotten.

"I don't understand why you do this." She whispered as she took away my cuts. She would leave the bruises behind. I once heard her tell dad that it was her way of punishing my behavior. 

I winced when I saw that the front door was opened. That meant Harry had run out to the church. I walked around the house, finding my tree with ease. It didn’t occur to me that I could have easily gone through the door. That no one would be there to see. Dad probably went to find Harry or got called back in for work. Still, up the tree I went, and back into the attic I had to go.

The house was quiet. That was not normal after a fight. I quickly washed my face, luckily there were only a couple of bruises and all the blood was from the other guy. I was about to head back to my room when I heard my mother sobbing from downstairs. 

"Lily what's- Jazz! Now is not the time to do this." Dad said, his voice carried throughout the house. I heard a thump, telling me that someone fell to the floor. Mum's cries continued and I could hear dad running down the hall. The loud footsteps come to a complete stop and the sound of something hitting the hard floor echoed through the house. 

"James, call a healer. We can't get her to the hospital in time." She said. I hear dad popping away and mum's cries worsen. I tiptoe down the stairs and glance over the railing to see mum holding onto my sister. She looked like she was spazzing on the floor, that is when I knew it might be the end for her. We suspected it, but this was new. The spazzing, in the muggle world seizures, wasn't a good thing. Especially when they start out of nowhere. 

"Charlus, go find your brother." Mum ordered me when she noticed I was on the staircase. I quickly ran out of our home and down the road. I knew where he would be, it is where he always is during these times. Still, I took my time so mum wouldn't be suspicious. I didn't want his secret hiding spot to be discovered. Once I reached the church, I waited to go in. Harry might be mad and it was never fun when he lost his temper. Sometimes I wonder who's temper he got. Jasmine claimed mum's.

"If he had red hair, he would look just like her when he is mad." She said. I disagree. When Harry gets mad, he looked like dad. His eyes darken and he tends to throw things. Mum is never violent when she is mad. She will scream and threaten to hex you, but she never does. Dad will send the hex without the warning. 

"You can come in." Harry whispered. This tells me he was never mad. He was depressed. He gets that from uncle Remus. The hiding while depressed thing, not actual depression. That came from the situation. We all were depressed, or angry. Harry and Mum were both. 

"She is having a seizure." I tell him. He just looks past me, as though he is looking for her. Harry then looked back at me. I don't like that I see relief in his eyes. Even if I knew that death would be the best thing for her.

"So this is it huh? This might be the last stretch?" He asked me. I shrugged and began to walk towards the house. I glance behind me and saw that he was following behind. 

"I don't know." I tell him. If I were being honest, I would say he hit the nail on the head. There was no turning back now since she might not live if we give her the next treatment. I didn't notice that Harry hadn't come with me. Mum didn't either since she took one look at me before the healer came by. I didn't recognize this one, but they took their wands and stopped the seizure before apparating away with her. Mum grabbed my arm and took me along with her. It didn't take long for the healer in charge of my sister's case to come by to our room.

"He was right." The healer said. I had no idea what was going on, but my parents seemed to know. Mum brought her hands up to her mouth.

"It's a-" Mum started and the healer nodded, giving her a sympathetic look.

"It's a Horcrux." He said, not caring that I was in the room. Dad looked horrified and mum looked distraught. 

"We can try to remove it, but it would be dangerous. There are only muggle procedures unless we want to risk killing your daughter." He said. Mum looked as though she might kill him for suggesting such a thing. 

"What is a Horcrux?" I asked. They all paled when they noticed I was still there. Mum and dad gave each other a look I can't read. The healer looked helpless as he stared at them. He did seem to decide he was the best option to explain.

"It is the object that hosts someone's soul. Your sister, in this case, is the Horcrux. However, the soul is the issue here." He explained. I nodded and looked away. There was something they weren't telling me. Yet I can almost put the pieces together on my own. When I looked over, I saw my sister's face. She didn't look shocked. Instead, she mouthed words to me. I tried to understand them, but I was too frustrated to make them out on my own. 

"Tell Harry." She finally signed to me. Which made me more confused. Tell Harry what? That she was dying? He already knew that. Tell him it's a Horcrux? He won't know what that is. Tell him that we were right? That this is the end? I know that she won't ever be given the time to explain.

Chapter Text

The timing of my pregnancy was a coincidence. Jasmine getting sick was not planned, nor was this baby. My friend Alice getting pregnant at the same time, an even bigger coincidence. While she found it great, after all our children were bound to be best friends, I thought that the universe was punishing me. What I am doing, it isn’t ethical. We are questioned constantly about why we are having another child. Friends give us sympathy. They think that we are mourning. The secret of what we are actually doing burns inside me when we play along. In a moment of weakness, I told my sister. She told me that I was playing god. 

“Your child dying was meant to happen. Saving her with the next freak will send you to hell.” She said in her letters. I chose to ignore her. She would do the same thing if her precious son were dying. Plus, I didn’t genetically clone her for another set of parts. I would have had him regardless of my oldest getting sick. This was a coincidence. A coincidence that worked out well for me. That worked out for Alice, who needed a friend during this. For her child, who would gain a friend. For James, to have another son. It worked out for everyone. This is what I tell myself in my head as Alice talks to me about her cousin's new baby. 

“He looks just like his brothers. I don’t know how she does it.” Alice laughed. I smiled, leaning into the park bench. We were about eight months pregnant at the time and both of us needed to get out of the house. So she decided to meet in a park, for the fresh air. 

“I think she wants a girl.” I laughed, wincing internally about my daughter. Maybe if we made sure the baby was a girl it may work better. 

“I don’t know. She is like you, you know. Red hair and popping out babies early.” She laughed, making me wince. I know her cousin is busy. However, being compared didn’t sit well. 

“I mean, look at you. Baby number three and you aren’t even twenty-five yet.” She laughed. I rolled my eyes and looked back at her. Her face was still free of lines and she looked as though she was still ready to face the world. Her blonde hair framed her face as she grinned and her big eyes seemed less clouded lately. It was a nice change. 

“Oh, I’m not trying to offend. I think that’s pretty neat.” She assured me. I laughed and pushed her shoulder. This was nice. Being out here was nice.

“So what about you? Baby number one is a big change. Are you and Frank ready for it?” I asked. She nodded, laughing to herself. She and I had the same due date, though the likelihood of us giving birth on the same day was unlikely. It was pretty much any moment now since we are out of the danger zone for premature babies. 

“Yeah, we just found out our peanut is a boy. What about you and James? Do you know the gender yet?" She asked.  I nodded and sighed, I forgot she didn’t know.It was hard not telling her that my son had a deeper purpose than just coming. If I were being honest, I wanted to stop at two. If it weren’t for Jasmine, well I am not sure I would have kept him. I know it would have killed me to give him away. However, with Jasmine, well she needed to be able to defend herself. She saved the wizarding world. She needs to save herself now.

“A boy.” I chirped. Alice smiled softly and began to talk about how excited she was. How she and Frank were going to name him after his grandfather. I listened to her rambles and gave her an affectionate smile. It almost hurt that I didn’t have a name for him. The thought never came to mind and I certainly didn’t feel as attached to him as I did the other two. I still did everything right, taking the correct potions and eating healthy. That was the extent of it. No looking at baby books. No sonograms other than the two. Nada, nothing. Jasmine was in the hospital so often.

We continued to talk about her son and her cousin's baby. I didn’t realize how much time had past until Alice pointed it out.

“Oh, Frank requested that I meet him for lunch.” She said, making me laugh. She was always so bright. I helped her stand up and she waved goodbye as she waddled away. I began my journey back home, lost in thought about what had just happened. 

That night James and I put up the nursery. The crib was put in place and James painted the walls. There were designs to replicate the Hogwarts quidditch pitch. There were goals and brooms painted across the walls. A giant golden snitch was in the center of the wall across from his dresser. I never would have taken James as the painter type. He still surprised me now.

“He will play quidditch.” He declared. I rolled my eyes, not wanting to admit that I had never thought about who he would be. Would he like books or sports. Would he look like James or me. The same thoughts I had about the other two. I wondered if Alice helped Frank put up their nursery. If she spent hours coming up with every possibility of how her son would look. If Alice had the same worries I did when I was pregnant with Jasmine. I sincerely hoped she never had to worry for her son's life. That she would never have to go through this pain. 

“Lily, we need to go!” James yelled, telling me that it was not the time to think about our son. That my thoughts on Alice needed to leave my mind. Our daughter needed me now. 

Shortly after this event Jasmine was in and out of the hospital frequently. Through test and other means of potential therapies that might not need any form of surgery. After all, wizards were not fond of the idea of cutting anyone open. Which weirdly made sense to me. If they had no real way of looking at a person's inside in a safe way. I wouldn’t trust others opening me up. Also, since magic is a thing, I guess they could spell or potion their way out of problems. Until my child, I never thought about this. How would they get a mass out of someone.

"Lady Potter, we are looking into muggle means of taking the mass out. Though we need to see if it is solid or not." They said, proving me wrong. This confused me on multiple accounts. It’s a mass, doesn’t that mean solid. Also, why can’t they do this in a safer way? How would they stitch her up when they are done? What is even in her? Instead, I agreed with the procedure and went back to my daughter's room.

Jasmine was well behaved during all of this, or as well behaved a toddler can be. She sat still when needed and hardly cried. The healers called her brave, I didn't want to tell them how scared she is before they entered the room. On top of that James and I were terrified. There was the issue with not knowing what is wrong with our child. There also was the issue of James being called out constantly with new death eater activity. I found out why a few days after my due date.

"It was Alice and Frank. They were attacked." James whispered when he came home one day after work. 

I was in shock. Alice and Frank had been tortured to the point of insanity. It had happened hours after their son was born. I had seen her only days before. At least that is what I thought. In reality, it was closer to a few weeks. I wasn't given that much time to process it since I went into labor a few hours later. 

James and Sirius started to joke about how I should cross my legs and let him be born in August. James did it because the mood needed to be lightened. I had glared at them and went back to packing my hospital bag. Jasmine was already there since the healers were removing the mass before they gave her the cells to repair her core. 

We got in relatively quickly and the birth itself lasted around half an hour. James made sure they took care of the placenta as I was checked over. We didn't stay with him after he was born. Instead, we went straight to the observation window of our daughter's room. James and I sighed as we watched the procedure. The healer had his umbilical cord. The procedure didn’t take long, and Jasmine slept right through it. We hoped it would take right away. That it was only the cells she needed to form the tap fully. That the mass would never come back. A small part of us knew though, the damn Potter luck never helped out with us.

Chapter Text

I was in the kitchen when I got the call. Ron had been sent upstairs because he was fighting with Ginny. Ginny, on the other hand, was sitting on the stairs for breaking Fred-no George’s screaming Yo-Yo. I wasn’t actually mad at her for it, though I couldn’t let her think she could get away with breaking things. The twins were up in their room, the explosion sounds confirmed it. 

“Mum, there is a lady in the fireplace asking for you.” I heard from the living room. I set down my book, leaving it face down, before heading over to the fireplace. That is when I saw the familiar face of Madame Bones. I smiled slightly and crouched down so she could see me. 

“Hello Amelia, how is Susan?” I asked her, assuming this was on friendly terms. She smiled softly at me before shaking her head. This told me that it was not what I saw earlier.

“She is doing well, though I am afraid this is a business call.” She informed me. I frowned slightly at the tone of her voice. It wasn’t often I got business calls. The last time was when she needed me to watch Susan because of a late-night court session. 

“What is it?” I asked. She sighed and looked around, as though she was searching for any reason not to tell me. There were many thoughts running through my head. Is one of my older children in trouble? Did something happen to Arthur?

“I need you to be a temporary guardian for The Potter’s youngest son, Harry. I know it is last minute, but you have children around his age.” She explained. I sighed and nodded fiercely, it may be a tad bit of a squeeze; however, if a young boy needed help, then I could do it.  I started a mental list of things I would need to move around for this.

“What do you need me to do?” I asked. She went on to explain how I would go and talk to Harry, then his family and Andromeda Black. Andromeda was going to represent him in court, which was almost unheard of. I glanced back at my clock and wished her well before going off to find my oldest in the house.

“Percy, I need to head out for a few hours. Can you watch the children?” I called. I heard a yes and I apparated to the Potter’s current estate. 

When I got there, I was in awe. The house was much smaller than I imagined, though now that I thought about it this was likely their hiding home. Regardless of the size, the house was stunning. Their yard was lovely, with flowers planted around the walkway. The house was two stories, though it might have been three with what looked to be an attic. As I walked up the walkway, I realized that I hadn’t heard anything. There were no lights on in the house and it was absent of the usual noise I have grown accustomed to.

I walk over to the door and knock. Surprisingly no one answered. Which was strange, from what I knew, Lily didn't work. All the children should be home since they were all on holiday. I tried knocking once more before I turned to leave. When I did, I saw a young boy walking up the road. His hair was messy and he was rather scrawny. His knees were wobbly and he seemed exhausted. 

"Are you Harry?" I asked as he unlatched the gate. The boy looked up at me, and I saw that his eyes were a lovely shade of green. Defiantly the shade of green Lily Potter was known for.

"Depends on who's asking." He said, looking around. I sighed and pulled out my wand. 

"I am Molly Weasley. I was sent to go visit you by Madame Bones." I said. He nodded and looked around, frowning. 

"I can see you are a witch, but some kid almost got kidnapped a couple weeks ago." He said, looking nervous. I should be happy that he is protecting himself, Merlin knows that I wish my children were less trusting. 

"Well, would some stranger tell you that I am the guardian that she sent to visit?" I asked. From what I knew, this was to be kept hush hush until the trials started. He nodded and looked up at me.

"I guess not." He said, giving me a soft smile. There was no way this child was doing this out of nowhere. The way he examined everything he saw, it looked as though he was taking everything in before his next move. If I were to sort him, a Slytherin he would be. With that, he probably had a Gryfindor in him somewhere. It took bravery to go against your family. Especially when it came to taking them to court.

"So, where is everyone?" He asked. That was concerning, his family left without their ten-year-old. That wouldn't be an issue if it were for a few minutes I presumed. They didn't tell him where they were going? That couldn't be right.

"I was hoping you would tell me." I said genitally. He sighed and looked around. A look of understanding entered his eyes as he took a look at the front door. 

"They might have taken her to the hospital." He said. He didn't look all that worried, which told me that something was off. St. Mungos is not for a scratch, it is for dangerous ailments. 

"Do you want to go somewhere?" I asked him. Harry gave me a confused look before nodding. I smiled before grabbing his hand and popping away. I decided that it would be nice for him to be around people his own age. So I went back to my house. 

The burrow was nice enough and we had things for them to do. Ron and Ginny met me at the door, both ranting about something the other did. Ginny noticed Harry first. 

"Who's this?" She asked, moving in front of me to get a better look at him. Ron smiled when he saw that Harry was a boy. 

"This is Harry, I am helping Madame Bones with a case." I said. Ron didn't seem all that interested but Ginny began to ask me more questions than I could answer. I humored the girl as I lead Harry into the Burrow. He seemed interested in the structure, with how his home was this must be different. 

"I was thinking we talk first, then you can go off and hang out with the boys." I said. He nodded and sat at the kitchen table. 

"So, what do you like to do?" I asked, hoping to spark a conversation. Instead, he shrugged, looking out the window.

"I play football, well used to." He said, not meeting my eye. I furrowed my eyebrows, not knowing the sport. I assume that it is a sport anyways. 

"Football?" I asked. He laughed and looked at me. His smile was barely there, though I could see that he was happy with my response.

"It is a muggle sport. You kick a ball around on a field, trying to get it to another goal. I can't really play anymore. Since I am about to go to Hogwarts. Not that I would be able to if I wasn't. Since I am in and out of the hospital."He said. I sighed when I saw his frown come back. It was interesting though, how much he thought it through. 

"What about friends?" I asked. He looked up and I swore I saw annoyance flashing across his face.

"No one wants to go to the house of someone who has an overbearing mother. I can't go over though, it's not fair to them. Not that mum would let me, Jazz might need me." He said. I sighed, looking around. I didn't how to get him to open up. He was like a clam, not letting anyone or anything inside. 

"Do you want to tell me about your sister?" I asked. He looked up and nodded. Strange, my children would rather degnome the garden than talk about each other. 

"She has this thing on her core. So I donate my magic. It isn't working though, and the thing on her core is now starting to latch onto her spinal cord." He said. I had no idea what to tell him. I knew why he wanted to stop, but at the same time, I was worried about his sister. The backlash would be horrible for him if he let her go through it. However, every adult would turn on his mother for what she is putting him through. The situation is messy at best. 

"Do you want to go hang out with the boys?" I asked him. He nodded and shot up, heading to where he heard my sons. I smiled sadly since I couldn't say I wouldn't do the same things for my kids. If one of them got as sick as her, I have no idea what I would do. It was a hard call. So I can't crucify her for her choices. If she didn't try everything, was she even a mother?

I headed up the stairs and peeked through the door and saw Harry with Ron and the twins. They had cards on the ground and were laughing. Harry had a large smile on his face as he laughed. His cheeks were light pink. Fred patted him on the shoulder, looking amused. I left them to it, there was no telling how much he needed this. It hurt me when an hour past and I had to take Harry home. I decided to apparate to the church, thinking that we could talk some more. That didn't happen at first. 

The two of us started the short walk in silence. It didn't look like he wanted to talk. His eyes were trained on their home. Still, we needed to speak. 

"Have you talked to your parents about this?" I asked him, breaking the silence. He stopped looking at his house, instead, his eyes were now on his feet. He tightened his fist if his nails were longer I'd be worried about him breaking skin. I could tell it was taking everything for him not to bolt away. 

"No, not that I haven't tried. Dad is never home and I can't exactly tell my mum about this. She would have flipped. Whenever I said anything, I got the parent response." He said. 

"The parent response?" I asked, not knowing what he was talking about. 

"You know, the whole: 'I understand that you are scared. However, we know that this will be fine. You are doing so well, one more time won't hurt'. They don't even give me a choice when they ask. They know the answer." He said. I sighed, thinking back to my children again. They were parents first. However, they are both kid's parents. I didn't get the chance to ask another question when I saw a young woman rushing out of the house. 

"Harry! Where have you been?" Lily yelled as soon as Harry began to walk up the pathway. She was defiantly living up to her image. Despite the fact, she was only an inch or two taller than me. The look in her eyes said she was furious. Her lips were thin and her eyes were squinted as she began to pull Harry by the arm to the house.

"I apologize lady Potter. I had thought it would be easier to take him back to my home while we chatted. Since no one was here when I arrived, I didn't want to leave him alone." I said. She took one look at me before her fierce glare turned into a pleasant smile.

"Oh, Molly. I didn't see you there. Thank you for bringing him home." She said. I could tell that something had happened. That she was trying to hold it together. 

"No problem. I was hoping I could talk to you though. Since it was an order and all." I laughed, trying to ease the situation. 

"Oh, maybe another time. Jasmine got sick again and I really need to be with family. I am sorry for wasting your time. This  case will blow over soon." She laughed. I shook my head and sighed, this was not going well. She was not saying something, then again, so was Harry.  He was not the same boy I spent the afternoon with anymore. Instead, he was a shell of that boy.

“I am sure you were only trying to do your job. However, we need to go.” She said. I sighed and looked at Harry, who did not look happy at all. He shrunk into himself as he was ushered into the house. The boy waved at me before his mother closed the door. 

Two things went through my head as I walked to the apparition point. One is that there was no way I was given the entire situation. The other is that if Harry lived at home, how would he not be swayed by his mum. I sighed before apparating to the Tonks’s house. Once I was there I knocked on the door, only to be met by my second oldest son’s friend.

“Dora, nice to see you again. Is your mother home?” I asked. She nodded and led me inside. Andromeda Tonks was in her office and was not all that surprised to see me.

“I take it that you were selected?” She asked once I entered the room. 

“Yes, though I wonder why she didn’t remove him.” I sighed. Andromeda looked at me with understanding. 

“Well, I do think that we should start the conversation we need to have.”

Chapter Text

When I got home from the ministry Ted had been home already. The two of us instantly headed to my office and closed the door. This told Dora that we were talking. 

"How was it?" He asked me as soon as I sat down. I jumped into what had happened, how Lily decided to represent herself. He let me go on until I finally got it all out of my system.

"How was your day?" I then asked, letting him know I was done. Ted smiled as he told me about work that day.This was nice since  I hadn’t gotten to see much of him. Normally when his work got busy we would have this system where we chatted at dinner about our days. When we both worked; well, that doesn't happen that often. We still make time for each other, which kept our relationship alive. As he talked about his day we both heard the door open. We then heard Dora talking, though her words were faint. 

“I’m sure it is the guardian Amelia chose.” Ted said. I sighed quietly, not wanting my alone time with Ted to be interrupted.

"Or it could be that Weasley boy she was smitten with." I suggested. Ted rolled his eyes and began to head to the door. I smiled and waved goodbye as he left the room. Right after he left, Molly Weasley walked in. I wanted to sigh in relief, Amelia took my suggestion. She raised plenty of kids, so she would know we have an actual case here. I was worried that she would involve a closer relative since family troubles stay within the family. At least here it does. 

When she came in we talked briefly about the case. At first, it was how Harry was, and how he was left alone. This proved neglect, another serious crime against children here. The topic then went to what she needed to know. Legally speaking, she was not a witness for Harry. However, she can speak in his favor. 

“Does it seem odd to you that they are letting him stay at home?” She asked me once we got to the part about his living situation. I nodded, leaning back in my chair. If she was seeing it, there may be a case to remove him from the house. Not that she would let us do so. 

“What do you mean?” I asked. She fiddled with her shirt, maybe there wasn’t a case. 

“Lily is strong-willed. Harry doesn’t seem to be as strong-willed as her. She is also convinced that the trial won’t be happening.” She said, making me smirk. There it was. We have an actual case against the Potter matriarch. 

“If she is talking about the case in front of him, we can get her to leave the house. I can get Harry under a fidelius charm.” I started to ramble, making Molly frown. This was the same look I gave Dora when she said she wanted to do auror training. Granted that isn't a bad idea for her, it did tell me to reconsider. Maybe she didn’t want to go all the way through. There might be a simpler answer.

“I am not sure that removing him from the house is a good idea. Have you spoken to him about the case?” She asked me. I shook my head, I haven’t gotten the chance. Not since we saw each other at the ministry. He could have called me by now, though it was not likely that he would have had the time

“Not in the detail I would have liked to. He knows the process, though I am not sure that he knows what will happen after.” I told her. She nodded and stood up. I took this as it was time for her to leave. So I stood up as well, preparing to walk her out of the room.

“Well, I would like the records. So I can look them over.” She told me. I nodded and handed over the paperwork, making sure I had a copy of them first. She clutched the file in her hand before moving to grab her wand.

“I will stop by to discuss them with you.” I tell her, now knowing that she wasn't planning on leaving the way she came. She nodded and disapparated, leaving me alone in my office.

I stood there in silence before decided that I needed to meet up with Harry. That he needed to know more about the trials. At least I should answer any question that he may have. 

“Ted, I am heading to the Potter estate.” I called through my door.

“What time will you be back?” Ted asked, walking to my office. He was holding a cup of tea. I could tell that he had just made it by the amount of steam coming from the mug. 

“I’ll be no longer than an hour.” I promised. He gave me a curt nod before walking away. With that, I popped right over, landing at the end of the block. The neighborhood was clearly a mixture of muggles and magic folk. The area looked old fashion, with a candlelit street light at the end of the road. The houses also all looked old. I didn't spend much time looking around though, wanting this meeting to be quick. 

I walked up to their little house. It was different than the manor, which I visited when Sirius ran away. This one could easily be seen as your average muggle home. I figured that was the idea. If they weren’t seen as less than normal, there would be no suspicion.

I walked up to the door without a second thought. It took a while, but Harry eventually answered. He looked tired, which could be accounted for. He spent the morning traveling. Though, I am surprised it was him that answered the door.

“Is something wrong?” He asked, letting me into the house. I shook my head and looked around. The inside was far from the outside. The home was filled with moving objects. There were clothes being folded. I looked over at the open door, seeing that the kitchen was being cleaned as well. With a broom sweeping the floor. The living room also had a large fireplace in the front room as well. This house was far from a muggle home.

Harry dodged a blanket that was being folded as he walked back to the couch. A book was laying on the coffee table, and he picked it up. The book seemed new and I didn't recognize the title. The cover page did not look as though it were a title he would pick up.

“So, you are a reader?” I asked, shuffling awkwardly. He glanced up at me before looking at the armchair that I was standing near. I sat in it and his eyes went back to the book. He did not seem focused on the pages in front of him. Telling me that he was listening. 

“Not really, Jasmine is though. She likes me to read the book she is when she is in the hospital.” He said. I nodded and looked around. This was new territory. The last time I had a conversation with him up until recently was when he was five. Dora had been babysitting at the time. 

“What is this book about?” I asked him. He sighed and placed the book back on the table. His eyes bored into mine, a sense of uneasiness overcame me. I have to remind myself that he is only ten, even if he seemed much older.

“What do you need?” He asked. I shuffled in my seat as I tried to look at him again.

“Has your mother tried to talk to you about the case?” I asked.  He huffed, adjusting himself so he was actually looking at me.

“She only talks about Jasmine. That is how it always is. The case only came up when something happened. She is mad.” He said. It was hard to remember that the case was only was established earlier today. It felt like a lifetime. 

“Do you want to leave the house?” I asked him. He shook his head. I could tell that he wasn’t lying. He looked scared when we mentioned him leaving. 

“No, then she would be losing all her kids.” He said. I wanted to tell him that she wouldn’t lose any of them. That this case would leave everything fine. I can’t promise him that, not when I didn’t know for sure. 

“You aren’t really good at the whole comforting thing.” He tells me. I want to deny it. He wasn’t wrong though. Ted did all the cheering up at home.

“ I don’t normally do this.” I admit. He nodded and gave me a smile.

“I don’t either.” He says. I gave him a confused look. He rolled his eyes and laid back down.

“I don’t usually have hope.” He tells me. 

I leave shortly after, knowing that I need to talk to Molly. After this, we need to make a plan. Well, I need a plan. I also need her caught up on the entire case.

The burrow is much different than the Potter’s home. The Weasley’s house is tall and wide to accommodate their large family. It was also bursting with life. I could hear laughter from the hill I landed on. The walk itself did not take long, thankfully. It was just down the hill and a short walk to the door. Once I was there, I took in the warmth I felt from out of the door. It was much different than my own home.

“Mum, someone is here.” I heard a male’s voice call. The door was then opened, revealing a flustered Molly. 

“Oh, I didn’t expect you so soon. Come in, supper is almost done.” She tells me. I smile and follow her inside. Her home was bright to say the least. It was also loud. If I were to come up with a word to describe it, I would say it was busy. There were children running around and the food seemed to be making itself. I could hear two of her kids arguing over a badge being missing. 

“Mum, tell him to give it back!” A voice called. Molly sighed and sent a glare over at the two redheads. 

"George, give Percy back his badge." She ordered. Her voice was low and firm. The boy pouted out his bottom lip.

"I am Fred mum." He said. She frowned for a second. The boy could sense he won this round but handed him back the badge regardless. Molly began to head back to the kitchen but was stopped by a young girl.

"Mum, Ron has my jumper." She said. Another boy came in with a jumper with the letter G on it.

"I was just borrowing it." He complained. 

"Ron, give her back her jumper. Ginny, go take your laundry to your room." She said. Both children went straight to it, complaining as they went. I didn't let her go back to the kitchen, knowing that if I did she would get interrupted again.

“I talked to Harry.” I said, making her look back at me. She rose an eyebrow, as though she was asking why it was brought up.

“He doesn’t want to leave. I don’t think it would be right to take him out of his home.” I said. She nodded and looked around.

“So, what do we do now?” She asked. I am not sure what to tell her.

“Why don’t we talk about what we need to find out about the family.” I advise. She nodded, looking around again.

“Percy, go tell Ginny and Ron to wash up.” She said. She then looked at a pair of identical boys.

“You too.” She said. The two boys ran off and she went back to the kitchen. I had a feeling that I would not be coming home to Ted any time soon.

Chapter Text

I didn’t find out what was going on until eleven that night. I forced myself to stay up, waiting for anyone to let me know what had happened. It was dad who called through the mirror. 

“Hey kid.” He greeted. He looked paler than usual and his eyes were surrounded by dark circles. His usual messy hair was sticking to his face and it was much greasier than normal. 

“You’re staying at work overnight aren’t you?” I asked, slouching into the couch. He nodded, looking remorseful. Since mum was out and Remus was too, I was alone. For all their faults and all that we have been through, my parents never left us alone overnight. We were sent to family friends or neighbor's homes. Charlus was sent to a friends home last year. Was it my fault that I was left behind? Maybe if I hadn’t ran off I would be with someone. 

“Mum is staying at the hospital.” Dad said, breaking through my thoughts. I bit my lip and looked away from the mirror. I don’t want to be alone. The house may be small, but it feels huge when you are the only one in it. 

“Can I go to Siri’s apartment?” I asked. Dad looked like he wanted to argue but a loud sound went off in the background. Dad looked back and nodded before looking back at me.

“Yes, give him a call. Give me a call in the morning.” He told me before ending the call. When the screen went blank I shot up and headed up the stairs. I quickly shoved a few outfits into my bag and a notebook before heading downstairs and calling Sirius on the mirror. My thoughts ran rampant over the brief conversation I had with dad. Was Jazz okay? Did something happen? Was the donation needed sooner? All of these thoughts went to the back of my mind when my dog father's face appeared in the mirror. 

"What's up pup?" He asked. His hair was messy and his eyes were still mostly closed. I probably should have figured he was asleep at this time. 

“I was left at home.” I mumbled. He nodded and sat up, looking a little more awake. His eyes opened a little more and I could see the concern in them. 

“Alright, I’ll meet you at the church.” He said, hanging up right after. I stared at the mirror before setting it down. My eyes began to sting with unshed tears, and I seriously began to wonder if it was worth it. If doing all this worth it. 

“You have to do this. There is no choice.” I whisper to myself as I looked around the house. My eyes landed on the photo of my siblings boarding the Hogwarts express. In old wizarding families the family would track its history through paintings. Our manor is filled with paintings of our family. It goes back generation after generation. A few generations back began the Potter tradition of keeping photographs. Paintings were still done, after all we needed something to be kept for long term. We haven’t gotten our portrait yet, there was never enough time. We do have photos though. On our fireplace has everyone's baby photos. Every first day of primary school. Every first day of Hogwarts. Except for mine.

I sighed and grabbed my shoes, shoving them on a second later. I then locked the house and headed down the road. I still couldn’t shake the thoughts about the photos we had in the home. I have a baby photo, but other than that there is one more of me. It is with my brother and sister on her first day of Hogwarts. The photos just stopped. Maybe it was because I am the third child. Maybe they got sick of taking them all the time. After all, Charlus and Jazz have done it all. Maybe it was because they forgot. It was no one's fault. I don't ask to have photos taken. Still, with the thousands of photos and paintings we have, you would think they would want to share the moments they were happy. To keep up the history of those living in this house. To show that they wanted to remember me. Before I knew it, I was at the church and Siri was waiting there, leaning against the building. He waved at me when he finally looked up. 

"Any news?" He asked. I shook my head and grabbed onto his hand, knowing that we were going to apparate there. 

"Nothing." I mumbled. He sighed and glanced down at me.

“You’re doing the right thing kid.” He tells me. I shook my head, I wasn’t. I was choosing myself over her. There was no other way. 

I hated apparating, the feeling of being sucked through a straw is not my cup of tea. Still, the wizarding world didn’t have a better idea of travel. So I am stuck with it. Sirius didn’t seem to mind it much, though I am pretty sure he would have preferred the motorbike. Though mum would kill him if he took any of us on it again. 

Once we got into his apartment Sirius led me to the living room area. I sat on his couch and watched him as he grabbed two mugs.

“Do you want anything?” He asked. I shook my head and looked down at his carpet. I found myself counting the lines in the tile floor. Fifteen lines led to the coffee table, thirty to the bookcase. There was a stain on the rug that laid under the table. It took fifteen squares from the bookcase to get to the outer part of the rug.

“-arry?” I looked up at him and he sighed, running a hand through his hair. He looked half awake right now. I felt a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach, I shouldn’t be here. 

“Yeah?” I asked. He placed a hand on my shoulder and gave me a slight smile. 

“If you ever need to get away, know that you can stay here.” He said. I gave him a smile in return. Sirius let out a loud yawn and stretched a little. 

“You can take the guest room.” He told me, heading back to his room. I nodded and headed to his second bedroom. Maybe I could stay here until the trial. 

Maybe leaving would make it easier on everyone. I won’t be in the way until I am needed. Mum wouldn’t have to deal with three troubled kids. Dad, well dad would just stay at work like always. 

As I climbed into the bed I wondered if things would get better. If the case went how I wanted, would I get to still say I have a sister? Would Charlus say that he was the middle child? Would mum and dad say they have a daughter? Who would I be without her?


The next morning I was brought to one of the old HQ’s. Sirius wanted to do something at the ministry and said that I couldn't come with. He also apparently contacted dad since he met with us once we got there. 

"How was your night?" He asked me when we got there. I noticed that Sirius gave him a sad look before popping off again. Dad didn't even flinch at the loud noise the apparation made. It was weird to see them not talking. 

"Ready to go home?" Dad asked, grabbing my hand. He didn't seem to notice the lack of response from the first question, or the second one really since we also popped back into Godric's Hollow. Dad seemed so far away, even though he was holding my hand. I wanted to ask him what was wrong or even if he was okay. I knew better than to ask. I didn't need to. Jazz is in the hospital. There wasn't need of there is a reason other than that. So I kept quiet until the silence became suffocating.

“Why are you still fighting?” I asked as we walked back down the road. Dad refused to look at me, instead, he placed a hand on my shoulder and directed me towards the house.

“We aren’t fighting. Things, things are just hard right now.” He said. He was lying. There was something else about the situation. Something they weren’t telling me. I don’t get why they won’t tell me anything. I am apart of this. I should know what is going on, it’s not like I won’t understand most of it. 

“Did something happen?” I asked him. Dad didn’t seem to hear me, instead, he continued our walk down the road. Every time I walk down this path of dirt, it feels much longer. The road was not that long, though the silence seemed to drag out the time. Something might have happened to Jazz this morning. I would never know. They don’t think I should know. Maybe I shouldn’t.

“Jazz is doing better.” Dad finally said as we passed through the gate. I wanted to smile, but that meant that there was still time. Time was not something that would help the situation. She-

“That’s good.” I said quietly. Dad stopped walking and looked at me for the first time this morning. He did not look good. His hair was more greasy than the mirror revealed last night. He looked as though he hadn’t slept in weeks. This I knew couldn’t be true. He always slept better when he was in his office. 

“Harry, about what’s going on…” He started. I had no idea what I should tell him about this, or if he wanted to know. Merlin knows that they didn’t seem to care unless it involved Jazz. She was the sick one though. She needs attention.

“Nevermind, we can talk later.” He said, leading me into the house. I should feel relieved that he didn’t want to talk about it. Still, it would be nice if they ever wanted to hear what I had to say. 

The house was always weird when it was quiet. It was not something I ever got used to, even though it was empty a lot. With Jasmine going to Hogwarts, Charlus always being out and about before he left for school and dad’s work there was never a time when it wasn’t mostly empty. However, when it was full it was full. Full of life and noise and hope. We never really ran out of hope in this house. 

“Hungry?” Dad asked. I was about to confirm when we both heard a voice calling. Dad and I walked further into the house and into the kitchen. The voice seemed to grow quieter when we entered the room. Dad gave me a sad look and left the room to go see who was on the floo network. Once again I was alone in this house. I hate the feeling. The open room seemed to swallow me whole. Every corner of the room held memories of the people who should be there. My mum standing near the counters, cooking something new. My brother slouching against the island. He would be messing with the paper that was scattered across it. My sister would be talking my dad’s ear off and I would be right where I am. Completely isolated from the moment. You never see the person who took the picture. The person who took it is never remembered when you look back on the memory. I guess that is where I stand in this family.

“Hey, I’m needed at the office. I’ll be back later and we can go visit your sister.” Dad said when he came back into the room. I wanted to smile at the news. I missed her and I wanted to see her. Would mum let me see her is the question. 

“See you later.” I said as he walked to the fireplace. He nodded and stepped into the large opening. Soon green fire covered his body and he was gone. Leaving me truly alone. 

Chapter Text

I hate leaving Harry alone, not that we leave him at home alone. This would actually be the first time we did so on purpose. This being because I did actually need to get back to work. We had another call two this morning.

There was suspicious activity in Diagon Alley. My partner and I headed over and took interviews with the witnesses. Some say that it was the old muggle studies professor at Hogwarts. Other note that he was wearing a turban. This did not help them in the slightest.

"He was very pale." One of the witnesses stated. The woman seemed lost in thought as she tried to come up with another description.

"He also seemed very nervous. I felt bad for the poor man." She said. We sighed and headed back to the ministry to put together a profile. It probably was some poor bloke that was caught in the crossfire. Still, a suspect was a suspect. I ended up spending the night, which was almost always a relief. When I am at work, I know what to expect. There is always something going on, something to do. When I am at home, it’s never just something. If Jazz is not in treatment, Charlus has something. If not Charlus, Lily was breathing down my neck. At one point in time, Harry was the consistency at home. Now I wonder how little I know my own son.

“Long night?" I am brought out of my thoughts and turned around, seeing a ginger woman who had to be older than I am. I tried to place where I have seen her before, she looked familiar. I also noted that she was holding two mugs of coffee in her hands. The hot liquid was calling to me.

“Kind of, more like a long week.” I chuckled. She had a kind smile on her face, which reminded me of how Lily used to smile. That seemed like forever ago.

“I would have shown up earlier to speak to you, but I had an emergency at home.” She told me. Why would this woman come see me? Where did I-wait. Ginger hair, a little plump. Kind of short. Oh, this is Arthur's wife. I wanted to slap myself when it came to me. She also was the woman that would be talking to Amelia about the case. Which, well I guess makes sense why she is here.

“That’s fine, I just got back from dropping Harry off at the manor.” I told her. She gave me a puzzled look, and it barely occurred to me that leaving a ten-year-old at home was not normal.

“Mind if we chat here?” She asked me. I shook my head and invited her into my office. She accepted and sat in the chair, and I sat where I sleep.

"How is Jasmine?" She asked me, handing over a coffee. I took it and frowned. I talked to Lily before getting Harry. She was fine, no incidents. Slept through the night. Charlus had apparently been a bit grouchy, that was normal though. He was always off.

“She’s fine, for now. That’s all that matters right now.” I tell her. The words felt odd in my mouth. It was as though I have recited them thousands of times, but I never quite got the wording correct.

“Why is that?” She asked me. I had no idea what to tell her, that is how we always looked at things since she got sick. After a few minutes, I came up with an analogy that fits.

“When your child is sick, it’s like you are surrounded at wand point. Regardless of which person you defend yourself against, you have so many others about to curse you. I have work, my friends, the Order. I can potentially fend myself against them, they all play for the same side. Then I have my family, which doesn’t normally interfere with me defending myself against the others. However, that is only one side. On another side I now have my daughter’s illness, I have my oldest son with his issues. I have problems with my best friend. Now I have Harry’s court case. When you look at what I had to deal with before I had my family, it seems so small in comparison.” I said. She frowned and patted my knee, almost as though she was asking me to continue. I had no idea where I was going with this. It didn’t seem like it made sense when I said it out loud.

“If I look at my work and the order and take on one of the issues things are manageable. What I pick will make everything else cave in around me. I go to Jasmine and my other children suffer. Work falls through the cracks and I lose my friends. Everything else falls right behind it. Regardless of what I do things will crush me and shoot me down.” I tell her this and she sighed. I don’t think that she understood.

"How do you think Harry is doing?" She asked me, proving my point. Though I honestly don't know the answer to this one. I am not sure if I have known for a while now.

"Would he do what he is doing if he was?" I asked. She shook her head and I sipped my coffee. It was good. I hadn't been able to sit and talk for a while. This was almost nice.

"I think I know why he is doing this, but I can't know for sure." I told her. She gave me a look and I shrunk back into myself. She would understand part of it, she has so many kids that it was almost crazy. She may also think that we are monsters for what we are doing. She has every right to judge how many kids she is parenting.

“When the kids were younger, they liked to come visit me. Lily would bring them over when I had a night shift or if one of them had a particularly bad day.” I suddenly said, making her look up at me. I have no idea where this came from.

“Whenever they came over, Jazz would ask me to stay the night. She would cry, and throw a fit if we ever told her no. Which was often. Once I asked her why and she told me that I kept the bad guys far away. She felt safe when she was with me. So, I started coming home as often as I could. As the years pass I slowly stopped.” I don’t know why I am telling her this, bust as I went on, I kept spilling my guts as to why I am never home. The memory was clear in my mind as I spoke, I could see my eight-year-old little girl, coming into the office with tears pooling in her eyes as she begged me to stay. I could remember when she no longer wanted to come over as I started to stay longer.

“Maybe it’s the stress. Maybe it’s because I refuse to believe that she could be dying. I am a coward. There are many times when I just stay a couple of hours longer. Last night I could have gone home. I could have stayed with Harry. I could have gone to the hospital. I could have even spent the night with Harry at Sirius’s apartment. I stayed here, and came right back as soon as I could.” I laughed. I knew it wasn’t funny, but that’s all I could do. I am pathetic. She didn’t judge me though, instead, she continued to pat my leg like I am some twelve year old who just fell off his broom.

“You aren’t a coward for not wanting to watch her. You should go home and spend time with them.” She told me. I sighed and looked right at her.

"How do you do it?" I asked her. She smiled sadly and took my hand. It was comforting and warm. How Lily used to be. Merlin, when was the last time I held Lily's hand?

"When you have kids, someone is always an easy child. The child you can count on being easy-going." She tells me. Harry happened to be that child.

"Harry needs someone to listen." I knew that she wasn't saying it with malice, yet it stung just the same. We listened. At least we tried to listen. I couldn't count how many times he begged us to not make him do it. How many times he told me that he didn't want to anymore. I took it as him being scared. He was six when he first said something.

"I wish it were as simple as us taking him out one on one now. With his sister and all..." I trailed off. I wanted to think I was on the right track. That the truth was just about to come to me.

"I have children. I am aware of the fact that it is difficult to give them all the attention they require. You manage. I never had the hardship of having a sickly child, Merlin knows how we would survive that. However, Harry needs to know someone has his back. That someone will be there for him." She tells me. If only it were that simple. I loved my son. I tried so hard to work him into my world. When he was a baby it was so easy. He took everything we gave him and gave us back his love and adoration. He was always the first to greet me at the door when I came home. He was the first to tell me about his day. Always sitting on his sister's bed and telling her about his newest discovery in our library.

Then he got older. Then he started to ask us about why he was around. Why he had to go to the hospital with Jasmine. Why he couldn't see his sissy when we got there. I can still visibly see him crying for us as they carried him into the room the first time he was fully aware of what was happening. I can still hear his cries when they were done.

"If we stop now, who is going to help her?" I asked, feeling doubt about what we were doing. When Dumbledore suggested this years ago, it sounded so simple. This was a risky solution to the problem; however, the alternative is her death. What about Harry though? This wasn't supposed to last this long.

"As a parent, I know you are struggling. However, as a parent, I also know that you are doubting that this is what is right for him." She tells me. This was not the first time I wondered if we were doing the right thing. This was the first time I was worried that we were doing the wrong thing.

"Come with me, there is someone that you should meet." I tell her. She smiled and stood up and we headed out of my office and down the long hallway that belonged to the ministry. With every step we took, I could see the war that we were entering. The battle where no one would come out a winner. No good guys no bad guys. No dark and light. Just a dying child and one who was becoming invisible every single day. The one who's life was depending on the other and the other who couldn't live when the other is alive.

The worse part is that it isn't even the dying child who was fighting for this transplant. It was his wife. She was keeping Jasmine alive for as long as possible. I am starting to get worried about how far she would go with it. Also, why wasn't Jasmine fighting for this transplant? When did Jasmine want to stop? Did she want to keep fighting? Of course she did, who wanted to die. At least this is what I told myself.

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