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Twist Of Fate

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Diana, Mina, Alec, Jace and Izzy set out on a warm August evening for mission. Izzy wasn't pleased that her parabatai Charlotte Carstairs and Charlotte's twin brother Liam couldn't come. She even begged Hodge to let Lottie and Liam come with them, but he was firm in his decision to forbid them from joining the others. Lottie and Liam had gotten into trouble and in retaliation, Hodge had grounded them and told them to stay in for a week, which meant they weren't allowed to help with any investigation, just eat, study, train and sleep. Mina shook her thoughts of her siblings being grounded. Mina hated leaving them alone. They were mischievous, yes, but they were family. She thought of her deceased siblings Lucie and James, as Isabelle excitedly picked out her fluorescent heels and flowing long white dress. Mina had the ability to see  ghosts, which was really rare between Shadowhunters, especially because she could hear and see ghosts that didn't want to be seen or heard she had figured it out when she was 4 years old, and when the one and only Will Herondale, her namesake and uncle, came to meet her; he was the first ghost she had ever met. He had  died happy and easily moved on, much like her older siblings did. But all of them came back, and were always there, if Mina or her siblings needed help. They were always there for them, as well as Mina's 'cousins' , 'aunts' and 'uncles' too. She was snapped out of her thoughts as Alec and Diana were waving their hands in front of her face. Mina blinked, startled, and glancing at them while Jace and Izzy were watching her worriedly. Diana and Alec frowned. "Let's go." Mina grinned cheerfully.  Mina kept one hand on her sword, Durendal. Forged by Wayland the Smith, it was the twin to Cortana, which her youngest sister Emma wielded, having been chosen by the blade at birth. She fiddled with the pommel of the hilt.  "Gather round. We're dealing with a rogue Faerie here. Be careful, don't listen to what they say, and under no circumstances, let them get away. This Faerie has commited various crimes, murder of other Downworlders etc. They were possessed by some sort of demon apparently. They also denied all crimes when in front of the Seelie Court, which is suspicious, because the Fae can't lie. Be on your guard. And bring them back alive." Diana whispered. Mina walked slowly towards the forest. Something felt wrong. Just then, she saw a hooded figure out of the corner of her eye, then a flash of light. As she whirled around, she could see the hooded figure recede into the forest. "Wait!" As she ran towards the forest, taking out Durendal and brandishing it, to cut through the foliage, she stilled. Where was everyone else? Suddenly she realised. The light must have been a portal into the Seelie Kingdom. The hooded figure stopped. It turned, savagely, and began running towards Mina.  Mina held out her sword in front of her. "I'm not afraid of you." she proclaimed openly.  The figure laughed throatly, regally. "Shadowhunter. Or not. Demon blood? I can taste it on the air you breathe. Half and half you are." the figure rasped. Mina clenched the hilt of the sword tighter. "Shut up. Fae or not, I'll guarantee your death." The figure smiled wickedly, showing rows of pearly-white sharp teeth. "No you won't. Because I know a secret. Something about your siblings." Mina clenched her jaw. "What. What could you possibly know about them." "They have demonic powers. And those powers are so powerful, that some people want to get their hands on them. To use them." "Who? Tell me, and I might let you live." Mina was annoyed. She couldn't let anything happen to Emma, Lottie and Liam.  "No." Mina exploded with rage. Taking her sword, she quickly cleaved through the Fae.  Then, she was back in the forest. The Fae's body was next to her. Using her stele, she quickly drew the iratze to heal onto her arm, which had a cut from the Fae's claws. She whistled, to alert Alec, who was up on the hill, scouting.  Suddenly, her legs gave out, and she fell into unconsciousness.  Before she fell into unconsciousness she thought she heard Alec and Diana shouting her name. Mina's eyes flew open as she saw a familiar green-gold eyed warlock hovering over her, as blue sparks disappeared in his hands. "Well, well, look who's finally awake," Magnus said softly before Mina could say anything. "Your parabatai summoned me, saying that you were really badly injured. She brought you here along with Isabelle Lightwood, cupcake." He sounded really concerned. "I-Is Diana still here?" Mina questioned, her voice was hoarse and weak. Magnus shook his head, "No, she is not. I've sent them out of the institute and promised them they can return as soon as you are feeling well and awake," Magnus sighed. "Would you like to tell me what happened?" Mina was hesitant, she knew she could trust Magnus, but this wasn't a small deal. "We were on a mission in the Seelie Court," Mina explained. "And then I was walking in the woods when there was like a flash of light, but it was a portal, it wasn't a regular portal. And then a faerie began chasing after me, but it wasn't that what bothered me, but the fact that the faerie knew that I am half-Shadowhunter, half-Warlock, and that faerie said that Emma, Lottie and Liam have really powerful warlock powers, and some people want to get a hold of them." Mina said quickly, feverishly. Magnus stared at Mina, his face was unreadable. "You need to be more careful, Mina. And keep an eye on Lottie and Liam so nothing will happen to them." "What about Emma?" Mina frowned. "Emma is safe, with Jem and Tessa. Don't worry, she'll be fine. But the twins have a penchant for getting into trouble. They're quick to anger, and fiercely protective. I admire them, but I want to keep them safe too. I'll double the wards on your house, just in case something does happen." Magnus sighed. "I've spent too much time here already. My clients are probably wondering where I've gotten to. Cupcake, please don't get into more scrapes. And look after yourself. You guys are my favourite Shadowhunter family after all, I would hate for anything to happen to you. Give my regards to Jem and Tess." With a flourish, he waved his hands through the air, forming a Portal, and swiftly exited. As Mina watched the portal disappear, the orange sparks soundlessly pooling on the floor, she mulled over the faerie's words. What powers could they possibly have?

When Mina next woke up, she met the eyes of her father and mother. Their expressions mirrored each other, full of worry and panic. As Mina met their eyes, they visibly relaxed.  "How are you, dear?" Tessa said, smiling a little, her face still contorted with worry. "In pain, Mum." Jem squeezed his daughter's hand gently. "You gonna tell us what happened?" Mina started telling them, but was interrupted by a loud bang. A familiar voice could be heard. "Let me IN! I want to see her! I don't CARE that she's HURT, just let me SEE HER!" As the figure burst open the door and entered the room, Mina smiled. It was Diana. Diana proceeded towards her, but stopped suddenly when she noticed Tessa and Jem in the room as well. "Hello Mr and Mrs Carstairs. I'm sorry for disturbing you, I'll come back later..." Tessa smiled up at her. "Diana, it's okay, come here. You weren't hurt right?" Diana shuffled forward, a little shyly. "No, Mrs Carstairs." Tessa hugged Diana gently with one arm. "Can you do me a favour, Diana? Can you make sure this one," gesturing to Mina with her head, "doesn't stress her body out during the next few days?" Diana smiled a little. "I'll try, but we all know how stubborn she can be." At this, Jem and Tessa smiled. "Your siblings would like to see you, but I told them to leave you alone, until tomorrow. And I'll ask Maryse if Izzy can stay the night. Try not to sleep before dinner." Jem said. "I'll see you in a bit, Mina mine." Diana left to go and manage the twins, who were probably restless and worried.  Tessa gently stroked Mina's hair. "My adventurous Mina. Be careful. You are the treasure of our hearts." Smiling, Mina slowly drifted off to sleep.