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Slow Dancer's Disco and Diner

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The last child shuffled out of the diner, Johnny waved goodbye and turned around to his team. Gyro stood at the register counting their earnings and Diego had started to clean. Johnny smiled and switched his prosthetic legs off to his wheelchair, “Great day huh?”

Gyro looked up, “Great yes but Valkyrie keeps bugging out and going down…” Those kids keep ruining him. Valkyrie was in the other room, He was an 8 foot tall horse animatronic, with blue tack and purple race blinders on. He commonly told jokes or danced for the kids.

“I can go fix him up!” Johnny said in excitement, this was his favorite part of the night. He set the Animatronic to follow mode and he obliged. Valkyrie started reciting punch lines.

“TO GET TO THE OTHER SIDE!” He boomed in a low voice and laughed heartily, “WHY YES I DO HAVE A LONG FACE! WHY DO YOU ASK?”

They walked into the garage attached, it served as a parts and service room and storage. Johnny closed and locked the door, everything was padded with sound proofing. Johnny told Gyro it was so customers wouldn't hear the repairs. He put his prosthetic legs back on, this way he could reach any tools he needed.

Johnny stood up and moved a crude looking work table in front of Valk.
“Ok Valk my old pal, what’s stuffing you up today?” Johnny asked.

Valk’s eyes lit up and his chest cavity loosened then swung open. Inside was a small boy. Johnny tilted his head.

“You ok!” He yelped, “Oh my God, how did you get in there?!”

The child sniffed and stuttered between tears, “H-he grabbed me…”

Johnny helped the boy out and kneeled down to his height, “Shhh it’s ok, I got you out.” He hugged the boy. The boy had little cowboy boots and a cowboy hat on.

“Hey… what’s your name little buddy, I can call your parents ok.” Johnny patted the boys head. His little blue eyes were looking around frantically. The American hugged him again.
“Hey, hey… It’s ok.” Johnny took in the boys scent, he smelled like birthday cake.

“M-my names a-Timmy.” Tim stuttered.

“Really?” Johnny asked, “Why, what a sweet name Timmy! My name's Johnny.” He wrote Timmy’s name down on a board next to 10 other names.

“What's that?” Timmy pointed at the board.

“I have to write your name for missing reports.” Johnny explained.

“Sit here I need to get a phone, ok?” He put Timmy on the work table. He turned around and logged onto a computer, he tacked on the keys for a bit then grabbed his cell phone. The workbench clunked and two cuffs snagged Timmy’s wrists.

He started to panic and cried out “Johnny! Johnny! It’s got me!”
He cried harder snot hanging from his nose.

“It’ll only take a second, Little Timmy.” Johnny whispered. He approached the table and roughly pushed Tim down onto it. The boy yelled for help struggling with his cuffs and kicking his feet.

“You seem like a fighter, huh?” Johnny smiled and looked at the boy up and down, he felt his groin heat up in excitement knowing exactly what would happen next.

“STOP!” Timmy’s little hat fell off and he kicked his boots loose.

“You choose how it’ll stop, Little Timmy…” Johnny grabbed Timmy's chin and examined his eye sockets. “Should I peel all your skin off and let you bleed out alive? Or should I slice you precious little testicles open and make you eat them?”

Timmy choked on his tears and Johnny's overpowering grip on his jaw. The blonde smiled wider, “Quiet huh? Guess I get to choose!~” He sang in excitement, he sloppily unzipped his pants and let his cock flip out. Johnny let go of Timmy and turned around grabbing his favorite tool. It was a large vice, spring powered, strong enough to crush metal. He loved to use it to crush children's leg bones.

“We can play a game Timmy, a game of tag!” Johnny hopped in excitement and turned around ready to use the vice. Timmy was sobbing now, silent.

Johnny lined up Tim’s left leg and snapped the vice on it, crushing his bones in a satisfying *snap*. Timmy screamed and flailed, begging to see his mommy, begging for his life.


Johnny lined up the second leg, crushing it in an instant. Timmy couldn’t even scream, he just panted and felt his head spin. Johnny released the cuffs.

“Now go run along and lets play tag, why don’t we?” He tilted his head and watched the boy as he just lay on the table breathing slowly. His body shook slightly and sweat dripped from his skin.

“Hm, not much of a runner?” Johnny asked.

“I want to go home…” Tim whispered.

“Later,” The blonde responded. He pulled Timmy’s pants down. Tim couldn’t even fight, he just lay still. Maybe this was a dream? Johnny gently played with Timmy’s testicals and anus, it flexed with each cool touch.

“Too tight, that’s ok! We can fix it, right Little Timmy?” Johnny pressed his lips forcefully against the boys. He started to pump his cock and rubbed against Timmy’s pelvis.

“Oh but it wouldn’t be fair if you didn’t get to see…” Johnny pouted, he spun the table around and propped Timmy on a large horse stuffed animal. A mirror was in front of him. Johnny held up a baseball bat and slathered it in lubricant.

“Let’s try this. Do you like baseball Tim?” Johnny asked.

Timmy looked away and wavered. This wasn’t happening to him. It couldn’t. Mom had warned him of kidnappers and mean adults but this… It couldn’t be real.

Johnny forcefully pushed the bat inside of Timmy’s small anus, blood spurted as the bat splintered and scraped the walls. Timmy shook and screamed, he passed out.

“Timmy! Wake up!” Johnny scolded slapping the boys face, waking him up. He started to beg again.
“I want Mommy! Stop please!”

“Later!!” Johnny growled, “Be patient!”

He pulled the bat out and forced it back in, earning another yelp. He repeated over and over until the blood stopped, forcing Timmy’s anus to rosebud. Timmy watched every second of it in the mirror, he felt dead and cold. He didn’t want to be alive.

“Kill me.” he whispered.

“You finally broke huh?” Johnny whispered, centimeters from the boys ear. He licked the lobe gently and nipped. “You want me to kill you? You want me to murder you in cold blood and defile your corpse? You want me to use your slutty body and make you my sex toy? You want to feel the warm hands of death?”

Timmy nodded tears in his eyes, “I want to die.”

“You’re only nine…” Johnny stepped back and held Tim’s face gently, “You poor, poor thing… you poor little thing…” Johnny's frown turned into a gruesome smile, “I can’t wait to eat you up.”

Johnny grabbed his screwdriver and forcefully shoved it into Timmy’s left eye socket, trying to pry it out. Timmy screamed, he felt his skull pound in pain and then he felt limp, he panicked. He couldn't move. His body was in shock. Johnny giggled, “Oh! He popped!” The eye flung out onto the floor, muscles and nerves trailing it. Before matter filled the empty space Johnny quickly shoved his erect penis inside of the hole and started to pleasure himself. He ejaculated inside of Timmy’s socket and pulled his cock out. He looked down and leaned in to kiss Timmy. He held it for a bit.

Timmy was barely conscious, his head hurt, but it was dull. He didn't feel too bad. He felt ok. Not bad, not good, just ok. Johnny smiled at his work.

“Good night, Little Timmy.” Johnny smiled softly, he kissed Timmy one last time. Then pulled out a revolver and put one right between Little Timmy’s eyes.


Johnny walked Valk back to his stage. “Valk’s good boys!”

Diego and Gyro were sitting at a table drinking coffee.
Gyro smiled, “Ah Johnny! Your coffee’s cold. Valks Repairs took long tonight huh?”

“Yeah his AI was all wack, some sort of bug I missed.” Johnny sighed. Diego handed Johnny his coffee.

“Well we made good money today, everyone ready for the big party tomorrow?” Diego asked.

“Oh, we’re ready…” Johnny smiled looking back at his three other animatronics on stage, “They’re ready…”