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Lean On Me

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Oliver's cheeks burned as he watched Percy trudge through the house in his clothes, oblivious to the turmoil in his head. Not that it was unusual of his flatmate to be so inconsiderate.

"Don't you have your own clothes to wear?" Oliver asked, hoping that his voice was casual and wouldn't somehow give away the fact that he thought Percy looked hot as hell wearing his clothes.

"Of course," Percy grumbled, tugging on the sleeves of Oliver's shirt, attempting not to be drowned by the large clothes. "I'm waiting for our laundry to finish, and your clothes are much softer, anyway."

Oliver sighed, momentarily distracted from the whole clothing situation. "You know how to use a simple cleaning charm, I'm sure Molly at least taught you a few before you moved out."

"I do, really!" Percy said, "it's just that- well, you know cleaning charms aren't the same thing as getting them washed, seeing as they aren't nearly as thorough, and it doesn't even have that nice scent that the washer gives them."

"Percy..." Oliver said, "I really don't see how wearing my clothes are a better alternative to a simple cleaning charm, regardless of your preferences."

Percy blushed lightly as he played with the seam of the sweater. "I told you, they're softer."

"I didn't say I minded," he laughed.

"Well then don't say anything!"

Poor Percy was overwhelmed with embarrassment at this point, so Oliver decided to have some mercy and let it go in favor of making some breakfast. It was both of their days off, and it was the least Oliver could do, considering Percy was doing the laundry.

He turned from Percy to open the fridge and see what he could make.

He wasn't an expert chef, but he knew his way around the kitchen, and Percy appreciated his cooking, so he counted that as a win. He had nothing on Mrs Weasley's cooking, but that didn't seem to bother Percy, seeing as he never failed to dig in to whatever he had cooked up.

"Are you making pancakes?" Percy asked from over his shoulder, making Oliver jump slightly.

"If that's what you want," he said, taking in the sight of Percy's long eyelashes in the light of the fridge.

In turn, Percy paid no notice and reached past Oliver's waist to grab the pack of eggs, pushing his chest flush against Oliver's back, almost giving him a heart attack in the process.

"Want help?" Percy asked, oblivious as usual, pushing himself up onto the counter next to where he had set the eggs.

Merlin, Percy was definitely going to be the end of him. First with wearing his clothes, and now sitting on the counter where he would constantly be within his sight.


"I can stir the batter, if you want?"

"Don't you want to use magic?" Oliver asked, turning his face to the cool of the fridge in an attempt to keep his head on straight.

"It is a lot slower this way, so we can spend more time together while we work on it," Percy said, fussing with the hem of his shirt, apparently oblivious to Oliver's bewildered stare.

"Oh, uh- sure, alright," he stuttered, setting out to gather the rest of the ingredients. Not that he didn't appreciate Percy's efforts to spend time together, but he was usually diving right into his work first thing in the morning, despite it being his days off.

He measured out and dumped the ingredients into a bowl and set to work, stirring them together.

"Hey!" Percy yelped, flapping his sleeves in protest. "I thought I was doing the stirring!"

"Well," Oliver said, "you're always busy, and seeing as you're actually relaxing today, I might as well let you at it for as long as it lasts. You look tired anyway."

It was the truth, Percy did look tired. He had the usual dark circles under his eyes, and his general colour looked somewhat off. He also happened to know that Percy's sleep schedule was horrendous.

"Just relax for a bit," he pleaded.

Alright, so maybe he was crushing on his flatmate, but it wasn't that big of a deal. Percy never seemed to catch on, and he wasn't disrupting the comfortable atmosphere of their friendship. At least, if Percy ever noticed that Oliver was constantly trying to coddle him, he never mentioned it.

"I have to head out this afternoon to play quidditch with the group, so if you want to join in, you're welcome to," Oliver said, hoping to prolong Percy's relaxed attitude.

"I'd love to, but you know I don't really like playing quidditch..."

"I get it," he assured. "I just meant that you were welcome to tag along, see everyone."

"Oh well then, yes, I suppose I wouldn't mind."

"Great," Oliver smiled, chest filling with warm bubbly feelings. He would get to spend more time with Percy!

He proceeded to pour some of the batter into the pan, practically vibrating. He may have been too excited at the prospect of possibly spending the whole day with Percy, but what could he say? He was a simple man. Any time he got to spend with Percy was honestly a miracle now days.

They spent breakfast together, Oliver occasionally staring at Percy in marvel as he wolfed down the pancakes like a man who'd been starved for weeks.

"Right," Oliver said as Percy had finally eaten enough pancakes. "I'm going to pack my gear, I'll be right back."

Oliver skipped his way to his room and filled his bag with his quidditch gear. It had been a while since Percy had been to one of their quidditch meetups. Even if the group was made up of mostly Weasleys, due to their old Gryffindor team being Weasleys (some of them married in, like Harry, Angelina, and Lee), and giving Percy a chance to see them at family gatherings instead, there were some that Percy didn't see often.

He was about to announce that he was finished packing, when Percy appeared at his doorway, clutching a letter in one of his hands while he used his other hand to support himself against the frame.

"I'm sorry, but I have to cancel that quidditch thing, I've just received an owl from work. It is very urgent, and my boss says that he needs me right away," Percy informed, his eyes apologetic. "I'm really sorry, Ollie."

Oliver tried to fix a reassuring smile on his face, but the effort was wasted, as Percy was gone as soon as he had appeared.

He huffed and lowered himself on to his bed, elation quickly sinking. He really shouldn't have let his hopes soar so high when he knew that Percy was always so busy. He was lucky enough to get the morning with him anyway.


Quidditch with the Weasleys was draining as usual. Oliver collapsed into the grass with exhaustion, broom lightly gripped in his hands.

"Good game," George crowed as he and Fred high fived each other, somehow still full of energy.

"Yeah, great moves as usual, guys," Fred said, plopping himself next to Oliver. "especially to the seeker couple, nice maneuvers!"

"Honestly," Ginny sighed, stripping off her gloves as she fondly looked over to her husband who was doing the same, "if he thinks that the feints are going to work on me, he's kidding himself."

"Same to you," Harry quipped. "Although I have to admit, trying to pull that off when the snitch is in front of my face is a nice effort, points for trying."

"Shut it, how was I supposed to have time to look at your face when I'm trying to keep my ruddy team together?"

"Hey!" Lee and George cried.

"No one ever said we had to take this seriously!" Said George.

"Yeah, we're only having a bit of fun!" Lee piped up.

"Well, next time we should switch Angelina with Lee, see how that goes. What do you think, Oliver?" Ginny asked, turning to him.

Oliver groaned in response.

"Hey, you good?" Ginny asked, stepping closer to nudge at his form.

"Fine," he grumbled, annoyed. They would laugh if he told them anyway.

"C'mon Wood, be a nice sport and tell us what's wrong or you're buying rounds at the pub after this." Lee challenged devilishly, although Oliver knew that it was just his way of being concerned.

"Sorry, guys, I'm not trying to be a spoilsport, I was just having trouble with Percy this mornin', that's all."

George snorted.

"Don't let our stuffy brother get you down," Fred smirked. "The rest of us are better humored anyway."

Oliver frowned and muttered, "that's the problem" though no one seemed to hear him, too busy chattering with excitement for the pub.

He grumbled and pushed himself off of the ground, determined not to feel sorry for himself. It wasn't like Percy had promised anything, and they weren't anything more than friends either, so Percy didn't owe him a single thing. Oliver had no right to feel so down.

Resolved to have a good time, Oliver forced himself to smile and catch up with his group.

"Alright?" Harry asked him as they made their way to the pub. "Did you two have a row or something?"

"Nah," Oliver assured, "just me being silly."

Oliver was startled by Ginny's strong arms setting themselves around his shoulders. He made a mental note to ask her what routine she was doing to get muscles like that.

I know you two are close," she said, "and I may even say that you're the closest person to Percy, at least. Might even be the same for you. If something's the matter, you two will work through it."


"Of course," Ginny winked. "Now tell me about Puddlemore United- who should I look out for next season?"

Oliver laughed and launched into his usual speech of standards and principles, glad to have such good friends and quidditch players by his side.

At six, Oliver unlocked the apartment and let himself in. The lights were off, which meant that Percy wasn't home yet.

He sighed and hoped that Percy wouldn't stay in the office too late, because Oliver didn't think that he would be able to stay awake past ten tonight. He had used much of his energy playing quidditch and socializing, not to mention escorting drunk George and Lee back to their house. Oliver wondered when they would become responsible adults. Probably never.

Smiling fondly at the thought, Oliver lumbered into the kitchen, ignoring the heaviness of his body in favour of grabbing a pot to cook some stew in.

If Percy was going to work late, he would probably end up going to bed without a proper dinner, as he had done for the first few weeks of them sharing an apartment together before Oliver had decided to intervene. He had started with trying his hand at making soups, then moving on to more difficult foods.

He found cooking to be enjoyable, as it was somewhat involving, but it had also brought him closer to his mum. In the beginning, he had only known how to make simple foods, like sandwiches and such, so he had called her for insight, allowing for them to discuss recipes and then some more.

He had set up a muggle telephone in is apartment with the help of Mr Weasley's tweaking. His mother (who was muggle and preferred muggle technology) was overjoyed, to say in the least, and they spent about an hour a week talking on the phone.

Of course, Percy was a bit disturbed by the presence of the phone in the beginning, but after seeing how it made Oliver happy, ceased his complaining. Oliver liked to think that maybe Percy returned his feelings somewhat, although he never pursued to find out. They were both too busy for anything anyway.

Ignoring the aching in his chest, Oliver set to work.