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Love letters from me to you

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Dear Taka,

God, how do I start? I look at you, and it's like the world isn't so gray. I haven't felt that way in forever. Remember that time I almost beat that guy's face in? I didn't realize it then, but in any case he said some horrible about you. I didn't realize I actually cared until you stopped me. I sound like a dork, don't I? I'm gonna keep this short, I've never been one to dance around the point. I think I love you. Like, in a not friend way, in like a love love way. That sound stupid, I know. Have a nice day.


Though short, the letter made Ishimaru flush up. Was this real? He found a note he had confiscated from Mondo, trying to pass it to someone. The handwriting matched up. Could it still be a joke? His mind said yes, but his gut said no, he does feel this way. So, he sat down, and penned his own letter.

Dear Mondo,

I can't Belive you feel the same way. I hnever thought someone would like me like that, ever. Needless to say it was the best suprise I have ever gotten. Being completely honest, I have had feelings for you as well. It was strange, having feeling for a man that I have been taught should be towards a woman. I guess this means it's not wrong then, because what wrong thing is perfect? Anyways, I would like to keep this short, and talk to you later about this. I love you too. With warmest regards and love in my heart, Kiyotaka Ishimaru.