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Broken Mirror

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Evangelion: Broken Mirror

Prologue: The Road Beyond Instrumentality

Gendo Ikari lowered the gun, watching Ritsuko Akagi fall dying to the floor, splashing in the LCL fluid spilling there. He felt a small flash of regret, more for what might have been than what he was doing, then the brown haired man turned away, knowing what he had to do.

Rei Ayanami waited there patiently, nude, gazing at him with empty eyes as the blue haired nude girl seemed to almost hang in mid air. Her red eyes seemed to peer right through Gendo, somehow, even though he knew that the only thing guiding her was the programing he implanted.

Pulling off his while gloves to reveal the Adam entity implanted in his palm Gendo stepped up only to freeze as Rei suddenly moved. Her hand shot up to grab him by the front of his Nerv uniform, holding him off easily.

"Rei...?" Gendo gasped.

"No," the eerily familiar voice said.

"Yui," Gendo's eyes went wide with a unholy combination of joy and fear.

Yui Ikari looked at him with a blank expression, but her true emotions swam in her startling red eyes. With a almost limitless contempt she asked, "Even with my soul in the Evangelion, did you not think I wouldn't be aware of what was going on?"

"I just wanted," Gendo said weakly, "you back."

"I went into Evangelion for a reason," Yui's voice was without mercy as she continued, "or did you just not care anymore?" Moving with a eerie sort of grace she took his hand in hers, then the Adam entity implanted there seemed to wiggle free, leaping to her as Gendo staggered away with a cry.

"Don't do this," Gendo begged, finally realizing what her intentions might be.

"Memory and consciousness is a strange thing," Yui looked down at her hands as the Adam entity flowed into her substance, "who knew that a few strands on RNA and DNA could hold so much? I remember it all, in this final moment."

"All?" Gendo felt his stomach drop.

"Naoko Akagi," Yui was coldly angry, "Ritsuko. The betrayal of my hopes and dreams, and the betrayal of everyone else."

"Please, Yui," Gendo begged from where he knelt in a puddle of LCL.

"It's over, Gendo," Yui turned away from him to where the Lilith entity was trapped on it's cross and floated towards it. There was but a moment's hesitation, then she seemed to flow into it like water.

"What have I done?" Gendo cluched his now Adam-less palm to his chest, his glasses half falling off his face.

Even as the Lilith entity shifted, it's body visibly reshaping itself, she tore free of the massive cross she was bound to, inhuman features rapidly becoming something much more pleasant. Absorbing any available LCL it shifted, growing and in a moment it had become a perfect replica of Yui, but on a immense scale.

"Goodbye, Gendo," Yui said as she seemed to ascend, rising towards the roof, "I'd wish you good luck, but there seems little point."

Ascending through NERV Yui got a sense of the chaos, seeing the United Nations forces battling against NERV troops and staff, the dead and dying. A rage kindled in her as she reached the surface, seeing first hand the actions of SEELE.

Asuka Soryu Langley's Unit 02 was torn to shreds, the pilot laying somewhere in the wreckage. The girl's mind was nearly broken from the trauma, only the last of her will keeping her from breaking down completely.

High up in the air Yui's son Shinji Ikari was trapped by the mass production models of Evangelion, his Unit 01 held captive like a fly in amber. Unlike the hardier Asuka he had finally broken, retreating from reality into a dream world of his own making.

Turning away from them Yui set to work, sending out pices of her spirit and essence out to the survivors. Ghost like these Rei copies passed through walls and obstacles, reaching each person and manifesting as their greatest wish or desire. As each individual fell they reverted to LCL, their souls freed for the next step.

Drawing from the earth the Egg of Lilith Yui drew the souls in even as she reached out to Unit 01 and the last part of herself. Taking that in she was whole for the first time in a age, cradling the now nearly catatonic Shinji in her hands. With a mixture of pity and tenderness she reduced him to LCL too, combining his soul with the rest of humanity.

This was it... the opportunity to return humanity to the Garden, to innocence... so why was she hesitating? Raising the Lilith Egg to her face she realized she could feel the souls within, and a few that cried out over the mass of humanity.

'This can't be the end,' Makoto Hyuuga struggled desperately.

'Sempai, I always wanted...,' Maya Ibuki grieved softly.

'I don't want to be alone,' Misato Katsuragi sounded fierce, 'but not like THIS.'

'I'm not giving up,' Shigeru Aoba fought on.

'Damn you, you are NOT hurting my sister,' Toji Suzuhara vowed.

Yui felt shock and even surprise as she turned the sphere of souls in her hands, hearing the voices of so many beings crying out against the unison. She had entered the Instrumentality project herself feeling that this was the best hope for all their children, that it could even be the begining of a new age.

Was she wrong?

Turning from those voices Yui Ikari reached out, seeking a certain voice and found only silence waiting for her. Shinji Ikari had simply pulled back into himself, torn away even from Instrumentality to hide away within the corridors of his own mind, the horrors that he had experienced too much for him.

"Oh my son," Yui murmured, "what have I done?"

'Then make it better, baka!' the voice demanded furiously.

'You?' Yui felt rather than saw the furious red-brown haired young woman, dressed in her red plugsuit.

Asuka Langley Soryu faced Yui directly, a mortal unaffraid in the face of something very like a god. 'I understand what's going on,' Asuka said defiantly, 'this... group mind-soup we're in told me that.'

'So what is going on, Asuka?" Yui challenged the younger woman.

'We can still go back,' Asuka said fiercely, 'the LCL is still there, we just need to put our wills into it. But first YOU have to let us go.'

'You have been hurt, betrayed, even killed by others, Asuka,' Yui mused, 'isn't this unity a better thing for all?'

'No,' Asuka said flatly.

'And why not?' Yui looked curious.

'A life without pain is death,' Asuka looked pained as she remembered her biological mother and added, 'or worse, insanity.' She seemed to take a breath, 'Even with the pain I've been through, the friendships make it worth it. Misato, that baka Toji, Hikaru even Shinji... I'm glad to have known them.'

'The world is in ruins,' Yui pointed out reasonably, yet still feeling the younger woman winning her over.

'I'd kind of think you could fix that, too,' Asuka noted, looking over the giant being, blazing with unearthly power.

Drawing her mind away from Asuka she looked across the now gutted wreckage of a world as Yui carefully weighed her words, as well as the wants of all those within the Egg of Lilith. Finally, it came down to humanity... the human soul within herself and the ones trapped inside the Egg. Raising the Egg of Lilith she focused her will and it seemed to almost explode as the souls within screamed free, racing back to their bodies.

"I don't have much time," Yui murmured.

Drawing on all her power the Yui/Lilith/Adam entity began to shrink, glowing brighter and brighter as energies built up within her. Weilding a power only slightly less than a god's Yui Ikari reached out, and the world...



Yui Ikari awoke to the buzzing of her alarm, the light haired woman hitting it till it was silent. With a groan she got up, stumbling into the kitchen to start up the coffee. She frowned faintly, the fragments of a disturbing dream at the edges of her mind, but she dismissed it as nothing important.

To be continued...

Notes: Yui's consciousness only became active in the Rei body in Terminal Dogma with Gendo there. She was NOT having incestuous thoughts about Shinji throughout the TV series, tho BOY would that add a creepy little dynamic to the show.

"Hi, my name's Rei Ayanami. I am NOT your mother despite bearing a eerie resemblance to her and I am not thinking of having hot monkey-sex with my son."

Shinji, dumb as post, "Hi, nice to meet you."

lol This is, basically, a explanation for the AU universe of Broken Mirror and how it became so different than Eva. AS to why Yui would arrange that world in the way she did, consider that she had access to everyone's minds & souls while they were within the Egg of Lilith. That, and she might have wanted her own happy ending too.