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This Love is Different

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Steven's P.O.V

If you asked me right now why I haven't even turned to face Connie during the whole party, it's mainly because of Kevin. Well mostly because of his friends. It was strange at first, even crazy, but I was enjoying my time with them, like I was really enjoying the party a lot more than I thought.

I honestly never really been in a party like this before. The drinks, music, and even the conversation was different than what I was used to. When I told everyone that I was really fourteen and not seven, everyone started to warm up to me and talk as if everything was normal. It was nice, I got to chat with others about sports and even shows I honestly never heard of before, but wanted to try them out. Kevin was obviously only doing this for Stevonnie, but he did stated how much he was having as well. Oddly enough, I was having fun with him too. We were even able to laugh at some of the others acting like goofballs for the girls on the other side of the pool. We danced and enjoy our time as things still kept kicking for the party. Even a few girls came up to me, giggling and even slipping me little pieces of paper. One of Kevin's friends told me they were hitting on me, but I didn't bother to figure that out.

All the while I was enjoying myself, I did turn to see Connie now and then with the others. She kept looking over to me, almost looking sad, maybe even angry. It confused me to be straight up honest. I couldn't figure out why she was so angry in the first place. I mean, their was the fight we had when I came back from Homeworld so it might of been because of that. Did she want me upset? Was she angry that I showed up to Kevin's party? I did only come to see if me and her and talk things out, but I had tried so many times to reach her before. Kevin stated it was better to just like her come to him anyway if she wanted to talk, and it wouldn't hurt to listen to him on this. Even if I still dislike their jerk.

The party was dying down slightly, but people still came over to Kevin's place. Right now, I was holding a can of soda while chatting and chilling with a few more of Kevin's friends, listening and enjoying the music. It came to the point of the conversation that Kevin stated to just lost his patience at this point.

"Why haven't you talked to her yet," He snapped a bit harshly, his friends all confused as I just look at him with odd eyes.

"You told me to wait until she came to me," I stated, shrugging as I look over at Connie again. "Besides, it looks like she's enjoying herself too much to care about me."

Kevin groans and rubs his eyes, glaring at me. "She's upset and sad now. Come on man, this is your chance to make up with her."

"And say what? 'Sorry that I gave up my life and saved you.' Connie left me alone feeling bad for weeks, so maybe I should show her that I'm moving on." I honestly didn't fully believe my own words, but when they came out they felt more right. Connie was upset that I betrayed her and made her so sad, scared, and angry. It was like she couldn't see how much everything that happened effected him to.

One of Kevin's friends jumped into the conversation before the tall brown haired teen could resort. "Whoa," He gasped slightly, looking at me. "You're saying that tiny girl is pissed that you saved her life?"

I nodded, tapping the drink in my hand. I answered honestly as I could. "Yeah, there were these bad guys that wanted to kidnap and take Connie and my friends away. I sacrifice myself to save her and the rest."

"Dude, that's fucking brave." Another teen commented, the rest nodding and agreeing.

Kevin shrugged, still looking annoyed. "Yeah, but now he needs to make up with her so you guys can meet Ste-"

"Are you out of your mind Kevin," Both Kevin and I gasped at the five small group of boys cutting their best friend off like this. The one with light skin and a shaved head rolled his eyes and said, "If my girlfriend was being a bitch cause I saved her from a rapist, I would break up with her too. The kid doesn't need to do anything."

Another guy, short with long black hair, nodded in agreement. "Yeah man. I say kick the crazy lady to the curb. If she wants to get hurt then let her."

"You don't need a chick like that kid. Some ladies are just ungrateful bitches," One place a hand on my shoulder, making me blush in embarrassment hearing them all curse.


My shoulders tensed, and the guys laughing with had stopped talking, even Kevin slightly jumped at the voice behind them. I knew who it was right away, but when I turned around to see her it made my heart fall down a deep pit. It was Connie in her light blue blouse and dark skirt, her short brown hair and even a bit of lip gloss and makeup I can see on her face. Kevin and the other guys walked over and away from me and Connie so we can talk alone, the jerk still giving me the stink eye as he walked by.

"Oh... hey Connie," I said as calmly as I could, surprisingly even myself how hard it was to stay cool around her. It wasn't nervousness, or even embarrassment, but just a feeling of unease. It really looked like Connie was very upset about something.

Turns out I was sort of right with that. "Steven, what is going on!?"

Her shouting even shocked me, as did a few others who heard. "W-what do you mean," I ask slightly confused.

"W-What? I came here hoping we can talk," Connie raised her voice, looking even more hurt than from when we had that fight on the beach. She looks even more betrayed. "But it seems like you only want to talk to Kevin. I... I guess Kevin is your best friend now!"

Seriously, that's what she got from me hanging out with Kevin and his friends. That's what she was so upset about with everything tonight? She was jealous that me and Kevin were acting like friends. I mean, yeah I was having a bit of fun but that jerk is far from my friend. We can't even look at each other without insulting the other. I still hate him and thinks he's a totally creep and pervert, but I was only hanging out with him to get her to see that I was alright. Now thinking about it, I see how much of a mistake it was to even trust Kevin, but even with that I was just more shocked and upset that Connie would even think we were friends. Didn't she know me at all? She knows how much I hate him, even more so than she does.

"Whoa Whoa!" I raise my hands, cutting her off before she went on a rant or screamed at me. "Are you crazy Connie? Kevin and I are not friends, we can't even stand each other!"

Connie frowned, looking like she didn't believe me. "But you keep talking to him. You hung out with his friends and play games with him. You even danced with him on the dance floor! How are you not friends!?"

"I still hate his guts Connie. He just didn't want me ruining his party thinking about you, and for the record I was having a pretty good time with his friends. Not all of them are jerks like him," I answered more calmly than her, though i was getting a bit upset.

"Whatever Steven. If you wanna be friends and fuse with Kevin then go right on ahead. See if I care!"

Wait... what!? My mouth opened at the sheer shock and disbelief at what she was thinking right now. I would never fuse with Kevin. It would be like fusion or touching Lion's poop on a hot Sunday morning. I give her a look of disgust and shock. "Are you nuts!? Fusing with Kevin!? Is that all you cared about was if I fused with him?"

Connie sighed and hugged her arms close, looking like I tried to lie to her about something like this. She glared slightly and turned to walk away. "At least you're having a great time... that's all I really wanted to know anyway."

I saw her about to walk away over to Lion and I felt myself glaring back at her, snapping a bit too harshly. "Well I thought you were enjoying yourself too Connie. You must have without talking to me for a full week."

"What," She turned over to face me, but I just turned my head away, not wanting to face her. "Steven... Is that what you thought? That I was happy without you?"

Now that she was talking about that, I honestly couldn't stop myself at this point. I rolled my eyes as I answered her sarcastically, "Well why else were you not talking to me? Maybe your phone fell to the bottom of the ocean, was that why you didn't get my texts?"

"It wasn't like that at all Steven. I wanted to text you, but I wrote 'I can't talk to you' but then that would be talking to you." She blushed and groaned. "It wasn't making any sense, so I just decided to try and go talk to you, but then I saw the note that you went on vacation. You went away without me again!"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. She was really going to talk to me before I left on vacation? That part made me feel a bit of guilt, but the last sentence just threw me back to feeling like I was being shaken like a rag doll. "Connie, the gems and my Dad decided on that little vacation. They saw how upset I was and were trying to make me feel better without thinking of all that gem stuff. I was down right miserable without you. I thought you hated me!"

"I did hate you, I was mad at you! No matter what I do, or how much we are together, you never look my way or even care about me. If you did, you would have trusted me when we were fighting Topaz. You would have fused with me!"

Everyone was watching us at this point, the music dying slightly down as everyone stopped talking and looked at us with mixed faces. I hardly paid attention though, my wide brown eyes completely at Connie's own blushing enraged face. All this time, she was still upset about that. Not that I have myself up, not that I made her scared for my own well being and ignored it, but for the fact we couldn't be Stevonnie. It wasn't the betrayal of giving up, but for not fusing with her when she wanted to while fighting Topaz.

Even if I realized it was the best course of option, I was too upset and clouded with guilt to even fuse. Garnet always told me that we needed to have clear minds in order to fuse, and in those moments I was far from focused. Even when she screamed it at me I was not in my right mind. I realized that was a mistake, and I do feel guilty for that, but I had no choice but to give in when I was backed to a corner. I was trapped, confused, and scared. My family, my friends, the girl I liked were under that damn blue tinker bell's hands while she laughed at me. I had no choice but to let her take me, it was the only way to get everyone to safety. I couldn't fight her or Topaz on my own. I messed up, but I knew I made the right choice in those moments. Why didn't Connie see that? Couldn't she see i had no other choice.

Maybe the others were right. Amethyst, Dewy, even Kevin's friends. Maybe they were right on how selfish Connie can be. It was like I was seeing a very confusing sight of her. First she was upset about me giving myself up, then about me and Kevin acting all friendly, and now about not being able to be Stevonnie back when we were captured. She was just too confusing for me to understand. I couldn't help but feel to take a step back from her, her eyes going slightly wide in confusion.


"...That's all you cared about," I spoke softly, almost not being able to let the heavy words push out of my mouth. "Is that's why you are so upset Connie, cause I didn't fuse with you?"

Connie slowly paled, looking to want to cover her mouth she was shocked that she said it. Her hands just stayed curled up, her eyes darting to everyone still watching us. "Steven... I was upset okay. We always win while fused, and when the time came you..." She bit her lip a bit. "You just gave up. You gave yourself to homeworld. It felt like you betrayed me."

I frown, shaking my head. "I get it Connie. I hurt your feelings... even more so when I came back and acted like it was no big deal. Like almost dying was normal for me on a Wednesday. I get that and I'm sorry," I saw her smile slightly, but I wiped it off when finishing with. "But I'm not sorry for what I did."

Her smile dropped just as fast as it came, her brown eyes widened in disbelief and utter shock. "W-What?" She gasped, only like she was choking to breath.

I didn't stop though, I had to speak how I felt. Really, truly for the first time in a long time. "I'm saying that I'm not sorry for giving myself up to Aquamarine and Topaz. I did what I thought was right, and I won't say sorry for it."

"How can you say that!?"

"Cause it's the truth. I'm sorry you and the gems felt awful when I was gone, might have even been killed, but I can't be sorry about surrendering myself to Homeworld the way I did. I did what I did to protect your and the others, and if I had to I would do it again," I kept my voice firm and clear, my heart tightening only slightly at the hurt I see in her eyes.

Connie looked ready to cry in front of everyone, her brown eyes watering as she just started to shout at me. "How could you Steven!? I came here to talk to you and you stupid things like that!? First Kevin and now this! I thought you were sorry! I thought you cared about me!"

"I do care about you Connie," I stepped closer, trying to comfort her but feeling as if I shouldn't. I just needed to tell the truth, to get what I have to say over with. "I do care, and its why I gave myself up. I would do it again, no matter what you say."

"You're awful Steven Universe!" She shouted, glaring at me with rage in her eyes, tears finally falling. "I hate you!" I watched with shocked and hurt eyes as Connie ran and jumped on Lion, the pink animal and my friend glaring at me before making a portal and leaving.

It felt like my heart was being crushed, like my body was made of stone and everything just faded away around me. I just stood there in shock as I looked on where Connie and Lion were just at. The hurt, the betrayal for both my best friend and companion was almost too much for me. Why/ why when I do everything right in my mind makes my heart hurt so badly. I thought I did the right thing giving myself to homeworld, but then why does everyone hate me for it. I wanted to save everyone, like my own mother tried to do, but yet i just hurt everyone in the end. I honestly felt so close to crying. Everything hurt so much and it was tearing my up inside now. I just stood there and clung hard to my chest and it felt like it was getting harder to breath. It was like my heart was struggling to beat and give me blood. It was aching and squeezing too tight. Why did losing Connie hurt so much!?

When the hurt continued, I hardly felt a hand on my shoulder. My world was so blurry and my heart was beating so loud I couldn't hear a word. All I know at that point was Connie's loud and screaming voice repeating her hate to me. The pain was almost choking me alive, but just as I was about to scream and cry, I slightly choked at the liquid that entered my mouth along with something hard with it. It didn't feel like ice, but it tasted awful. I almost spat it out, but I swallowed and shook the dizziness from my head. Looking up, I saw Kevin's old friends looking down at me. They held looks of slight concern while one of them held a red up and handed it to me.

"Dude," He said in a slightly empathy voice. "That was cold for her to do, but don;t worry. This will help you feel a bit better. At least until the party is over."

Another came and placed a hand around my neck, my head feeling slightly fuzzy. "Yeah man, forget about that chick for right now. Just because she hurt you doesn't mean you can't have a good time."

But I didn't want to have a good time. I felt completely awful and just wanted to go home at this point. Coming to this party was a waste of time, and it was better to leave before Kevin forces him to. I was about to hand the cup back to the guys and just walk home, but my head felt funny. They kept trying to get me to stay, saying to forget Connie and just have fun. I didn't want to, starting to get annoyed, but they were practically pleading to me at this point. I still felt slightly awful, my heart was beating a little slower now. Whatever they gave me was making the pain slowly go away, and I didn't feel like crying anymore. They kept giving me the red cup so I gave up and took up, taking a small sip. I was feeling a bit better. Maybe I should stay for a little while longer. At least I didn't feel hurt anymore, in fact... I felt really good right now.

Since when did Kevin get more lights for the party? It was hard to tell, but they were awesome none the less. Man I felt so light and happy right now. Honestly why was I ever so upset before. I mean yeah, Connie did hurt me before but now I felt great. I look up at the dudes and smile happily at them, taking another sip of the odd bad tasting drink in the cup. It was bitter, but not pleasant. It was nice. Maybe I can stay a little while. The party was just getting started after all!

?? P.O.V

Well that was some scene. I wonder what the girl was screaming about to that poor boy. Whatever it was, it was really hitting the kid hard. He looked just about ready to cry. After the girl left with that pink Lion, everyone went back to partying. My friends and some of the girls hitting on me are trying to speak to me, but really I just couldn't stop looking at the kid. Maybe I should go and talk to him. This is a party, and he looked just about ready to cry and leave. I could try to cheer him up.

Before I could though, I saw Kenneth pulling the kid back over to the edge of the pool by the slide door of Kevin's house. Something didn't sit well with me when seeing the guy pulled the boy over to the other gang of bastard perverts. Still, it didn't look like the boy was fighting them back. It didn't even look like he saw them while he was just in his own little world. It made me feel a bit odd in my stomach, even more so when I saw Dennis put something in the red cup and shove it to the kid. They made him drink it and then started to pull him over to the stairs and into the house. What the fuck were they going to do to him!? My heart beat rapidly, and quickly I pushed the groping drunk girls off of me and handed my best friend my cup. He almost spilled it but at this point I didn't really care. I needed to get to the boy.

"Whoa dude," my friend Andy coughed, getting some of my drink on face as he glared slightly at me. "What the hell man? Warn a guy-"

I rushed off to get into Kevin's house, calling back to him. "No time Andy. Something is wrong, go tell my sister to get me the cops if I'm not back."

I didn't bother to look back when my friend shouted in shock as I pushed past a few people and made it into Kevin's sliding door to get inside. As I opened it and stepped into the house, I was quick to hear chuckling going up the stairs. I even heard a few whispers coming from the three guys in the house, telling the giggling voice to quiet down. I swallowed, knowing what was going to happen if I didn't do something thinking quick, I pulled out my phone and turned on the video recording and audio to send to my sister just encase. With my phone in front of me, I processed to walk up the stairs slowly behind the group. I heard them enter and slam a door shut, making me pale rapidly when that happened. I wanted to shake off my fear, but I know what was happening now.

I heard of party rapes happen all the time to drunk or drugged girls, even some boys thanks to his father being a police officer. It was crazy to believe that now the poor boy could be another victim. No! I couldn't let him be hurt. Even though I'm shaking in my pants and boots right now, I wasn't going to let a sweet guy like that get hurt. With a deep determined look on my face, I made it to the top of the stairs and listened carefully, keeping my phone in front of me as I tried to see in which of the many doors could they be in. I pressed close to the first three, finding no sound whatsoever or even light under the cracks. I was about to go down the other hallway, but then I heard a little squeak from the four door on the left, light shining underneath it. I heard more noises, even some ruffles of what sounded like sheets. Oh no...

"Hold still kid... we're just... yeah relax... good boy..."

I felt my blood rush to me ears and my eyes widen when I heard slight sounds of rejection. It must have been the boy, but then my vision went red when I heard another guy whisper loudly out.

"Just give him more... he won't fight as much..."

With a growl I kicked the door open, making sure my phone was now flashing a few photos as well as recording these guys. The three shouted and screamed at the bright flash, but it was already too late as I too three good pictures of their faces. I was able to see them for a split second, showing that Kenneth was putting his hands on the boy's hips as I pinned him down to the bed. Dennis was opening a bottle of pills while the third guy, Joey, was putting his hand up the kid's white shirt, the pink one he wore now already on the ground. I could see the kid's eyes as well as he grinned like a drugged goof at me and the others. They were blown shot wide. Honestly i couldn't even see the irises anymore. It was just black pools as he giggled now and then. I don't know what they gave this kid, but it was clear it wasn't meant for his age.

"What the hell man," Kenneth screamed at me, glaring as he now was trying to cover his face from the camera. "Can't you see we're busy!? Scam kid!"

He sounded terrifying, but the look of the boy is what kept me glaring and shouting back. "I see you busy with a child trying to get into his damn pants! What the hell did you feed him!?"

"Turn that fucking camera off!" Kenneth shouted, getting up to try and take my phone from me, but I just flipped it to face mode and showed him my thumb on the send mode. It made the fat bastard and his friends back off me and the kid as quickly as being burned.

"One more move..." I glare at them and kept my phone close to me and facing them to record. "And I send this to me sister, who is calling the cops, and my father who is a police officer. Now I'm only going to say this once; Step. Away. From. Him."

Kenneth and his friends slowly backed away from the kid as he just laid on the bed and giggling. I step slowly to the side and pointed out, keeping my camera on them as they growled at me and left. Dennis whispered, "We didn't even get to try his ass..." before getting pushed by his friends and to tell him to shut up. I stopped the video and sent it to my sister anyway, with a note for her not to call our dad or the cops if she hasn't already.

Sighing in relief, I put my phone away and walk over to the boy on the bed. I spoke softly, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Hey... are you alright?"

The kid blinked slowly at me, but then just grinned up at me. He spoke in a happy but deeply slurred voice, "Mee oookaay..." He looked around my face and down at his hands, gasping. "Whoa~... I can taste the lights on my tongue!"

"Damn it they drugged you," I cursed a bit under my breath, looking down at the bottle Dennis had dropped in fright. It read on the label some sort of acid drug. I looked back at the boy and put back on his wrinkled pink shirt. "We got to get you to the hospital, or at least back home."

The kid just kept smiling and giggling at the pretty light, holding onto my shirt when I helped him up to his feet. He turned his face to mine and purred softly at me. "You're warm~... and your eyes are so pretty."

I blushed slightly at the drugged comment towards my eyes. Yeah, hardly everyone thinks their weird or cool, but no one ever called them pretty. If it wasn't for this kid being so far out of his mind, I might had been saying thank you. As I helped him down the stairs, the party down stairs was still going on, giving me a clear answer that the cops weren't called yet. I was placing the boy on a seat in the dining room before I heard the slide door open and close. I turned around to see it was Kevin, Andy, and my sister Raelynn rushing inside. I smile at them as I gave the kid a slow pat on the back, his body already shaking from the effects of the pills. Andy had decently long wavy black hair and bright green eyes, wearing a plain black and white T-shirt and grey jeans. He had his head phones around his neck and looking between me and the drugged kid beside me in shock and wide eyes. My big sister Rae had long brown hair she had tied in a loose ponytail and light blue eyes, and she was wearing a shoulder less jeans shirt and white shorts with brown dress shoes to match. She was looking at the boy in shock, looking to want to scream while Kevin looked close to being sick.

"What the hell happened here dude," Andy sort of shouted, looking at me for answers.

I glared over at Kevin as I tossed the bottle I found to Andy. "I saw your friends Kevin, take this kid to the bedroom and drugged him with that. They were going to rape him."

"Oh my god," Re gasped, moving over to take a look into the dazed bot's eyes. "He's completely out of it, those things are strong."

Andy glared at Kevin and spoke harshly. "Hell yeah they are. They gave him Rohypnol, these are date rape drugs!"

Kevin shook madly, mumbling under his breath, "I didn't want them to do this to Steven..."

Steven? So that was the boy's name. Kevin knew that those bastards were going to hurt him. It almost sounded like he wanted this to happen to Steven. I was seeing red again at this point. I look down at him being treated by my sister as I turn over to the jerk and grabbed his shirt in anger. I didn't even care if he was taller or older than me, I was pissed. "You mean to tell us you knew they were planning to rape him!?"

"N-No," Kevin raised his hands in defense. "I just wanted them to best him up for messing up my party with that stupid fight."

"You had no right asshole! I have just the right mind to fucking call the cops-"

"Ethan," My sister cut me off, my rage disappearing as I turn to face her and Andy now trying to comfort the drugged boy. My friend put him in his spare jacket as Rea looked fearful at me. "We need to take him back to his home. The effects are wearing off but he needs help."

I growled, turning over to Kevin again. "Do you know where he lives at?"

"Y-Yeah. On the beach in that weird female statue. You can;t miss it past the Big Donut," Kevin said in a shaking voice.

I nodded and moved to pick up Steven in my arms, the boy whimpering at how dizzy I bet he was now. It was strange, because I heard that Rohypnol takes hours to wave off but they were waving off in just twenty minutes for this kid. He must have a pretty strong body. As I held him, I moved him to give him a piggyback ride as best as I could before heading out the door with my sister and Andy. I turn over to Kevin and gave him one last glare before leaving.

As we got to my sister's car, I felt the kid breathing on my ear and moan slightly in what sounded to be pain and aching. He might have a slight fever after the drug fully wares off. I let Andy go in first before slipping Steven into the car, the kid looking up at me with still dazed and confused eyes. For a second though, they locked eyes with me, he started smiling at me. The smile was doing something to me, but I didn't know what. As i got in next to the boy, he leaned against me and nuzzled into my shirt. Andy even chuckled slightly at how he purred. I couldn't help but blush and feel a bit worried. He looked up at me again with his big brown eyes.

"You're eyes are so beautiful..." He whispered, slowly passing out as I looked down at him in shock.

Rae just smiled through the rear view mirror, hearing the whisper somehow as she spoke to me. "Aw~ That sure is a sweet kid."

Andy just chuckled as he nudged me. "Looks like you like me looking at your eyes dude."

I blushed and snapped at my friend, holding Steven close. "Shut up!"

Andy just kept laughing, the three of us heading over to drop off steven at his place. I couldn't help but touch his head a bit as he clung to me, feeling his soft curly brown hair between my fingers. This kid was odd, and I couldn't help but feel something for him. I looked out in the night, thinking of my eyes for a bit, seeing the red and light blue reflection of them in my window. How can he find them beautiful?