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Three-Way Freeway

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"Cut it out! Do you know what it took to get it like this?"

Celio swatted his brother's hand away as it reached for his hair again, a light scowl crossing his brown and tan furred face.

Arno rolled his eyes and let his paw fall by his side. "What? I can't help it. It looks good, and I'm bored! This line is too long," he gestured vaguely at the queue stretching ahead of them to the door of The Alternative Nightclub, from which a dull, muffled bassline could be heard. "And I still wish you'd told me before getting a trim. . ."

Celio cocked an eyebrow as the line, at last, began to move, some people being turned away at the door while others passed gleefully inside. "What, am I not allowed to look different than you?"

"Well, we are twins!" Arno teased, lightly elbowing his brother in the side as they walked slowly forward. "Besides, you just want Erik- excuse me- daddy to know which one you are in case we run into him tonight."

It was Celio's turn to roll his eyes. "As if your idea to wear our resort bracelets wasn't in case we met Cato here," he motioned to their wrists, which were adorned with contrasting event bracelets from their hotel, his own blue and Arno's red. "Prey indeed. In any case, Erik could tell us apart without the haircut. And I don't see why you don't like him. He is the one who suggested this club, after all. Says it has great nightlife!"

Arno picked his words carefully as they trudged closer to the front of the line. He watched an angry-looking lynx girl and her impressively large equine companion storm past them after being turned away. I hope we get in!

"I don't dislike Erik, I just don't trust him. He's clearly after my man!"

Celio rolled his eyes again but couldn't help but smile. The twins platonically laced arms as they stepped to the front of the line at the club door. A grumpy Ox bouncer was seated at the door to greet them.

"Name?" He grunted, buff arms crossed.

"I am Celio, and this is my brother Arno."

The Ox snorted. "Wow. Never woulda guessed you were related," his voice dripped with sarcasm as he eyed the identical twins. "You're dressed awful casual, aren'tcha?"

Celio looked down at he and his twin'sq attire- simple jeans and sleeveless shirts (his white and Arno's black). "I told you!" He hissed at his brother. "We should have dressed up."

Arno frowned. "Isn't this a nightclub? Historically you don't have to dress up for those."

"Historically there aren't clubs of this, ah, nature," the bouncer said, voice tinged with animosity. "In any case, we hold a higher standard of presentation here than most other clubs."

Celio felt a growl rise up in his throat but managed to hold it down.

"So will you let us in?" Arno's voice was nervous and bated.

"That depends," the Ox said, sitting forward in his chair. "You two are certainly lookers, you'd be welcome inside. However, the clothing situation is-"

"Erik sent us!" Arno blurted out suddenly. "Erik D'javel!" He stumbled to pronounce the last name correctly, but his words had the desired effect nonetheless. As Celio looked at his brother in disbelief, the Ox straightened up with widening eyes.

"Ah, well that sure changes things! Please, enjoy yourselves tonight!" He shifted aside and gestured the twins through the door.

They nodded in numb surprise and walked hastily through the door into the nightclub before he could change his mind.

"We should do that more often," Arno teased, but Celio kept silent, unsure how he felt about Arno using Erik to get them in it as well as why he cared. Unbidden, a voice drifted through his head. I am the one found him......

The first thing they noticed inside was the music. They'd been able to feel more than hear it from outside the venue, but inside it was perfect. Loud enough to be raucous but still low enough that one didn't have to scream to be heard over it. The music itself was interesting and dripping with sexuality. Darker than what most clubs played, with dirty darkwave/industrial synths. It had a decent beat, too. Rather infectious. Over the music could be heard an effeminate male voice. Not quite as good as Cato's singing, in Arno's mind, but still spectacular.

The second thing Arno and Celio noticed was the atmosphere. The club was very spacious, with high ceilings and a couple of balconies overlooking a small yet uncramped stage where someone with a vibrant pink Mohawk stood DJing. The dark room was lit only by stage lights that cut through the air in multicolored beams and tiny orange bulbs that lined the floor like one would see in a theater. Off to one side of the main raised stage was a mini-stage with a stripper pole and a thin, scantly-clad male mouse already swinging around on it.

The place itself was relatively uncrowded. The night was only just starting, and many people had been turned away at the door. Celio was confident it would fill up.

Celio hear a snigger behind him. He turned to see a pair of meerkats were eyeing he and his brothers clothes distastefully. They themselves were dressed rather lavishly. They would have fit in better at a gala than a nightclub. The male was in a conforming sleek suit with no tie and a watch that looked more expensive than Celio and his twin's entire vacation. The girl clinging to his arm wore a lavish red dress with open sides that showed off her form and curves, and a silky pink scarf wrapped around her neck and draped over her bosoms. We are very much underdressed!

Arno started nudging him.

"What?" Celio half turned back towards his twin, still feeling distracted and miffed by the meerkat duo's display of superiority.


"Look where?!"

"There, where I'm pointing. Turn your head, dumbass. Ahhh, too late."

Celio stared at his brother quizzically, then peered at the space between two bathroom doors, one of which was swinging closed, on the far wall that Arno had been pointing to. "What was it?"

"I thought I saw... Nevermind."

"What?! Tell meeeee!"

Arno shook his head but gave in nonetheless. "I thought I saw a guy getting a blowjob."

"You're delusional," Celio snorted.

"You asked!"

"You see sex everywhere."

"Only because you go everywhere with me~" Arno teased, licking his lips seductively and showing off his fangs. Celio couldn't help but blush a little. He was never immune to flattery.

"Come on," he slipped his paw down and entwined his fingers with his twin's. "I'm thirsty. Let's go to the bar!"

Celio began to lead his brother across the room, only to discover that Arno had tensed up suddenly, and was staring at their interlocked hands, heels dug into the floor.


"We're in public," Arno said, trying to uncouple from his twin.

"What, you're serious?! You were just flirting with me!"

Arno blushed embarrassedly. "Yeah, but only you could hear that. It's loud in here, if you hadn't noticed."

"You've never cared about people seeing us before. We have never kept our relationship a secret in any case." Celio tried to hold on tighter.

"We've never flaunted it either," Arno said crossly, jerking his hand away. "Some people wouldn't like seeing two guys- two twins together like this!"

Celio looked at him with wide, hurt eyes for a moment. "What do you mean, 'some people?' We have always said 'fuck what everyone else thinks!' And everyone we have met so far has been perfectly accepting! Reik, Erik, Dick," he ignored Arno's grimace at the final name. "Unless. . . ." His eyes narrowed.

"Unless what?"

"Cato doesn't know about us, does he? That we're together. You're worried about him showing up here and seeing us! You're worried about what he'll think!"

"Shut up! So what if I am? We agreed that we'd let each other 'pursue other prey.' And don't act like you're just thirsty, at least not in that sense. You had a drink on the way here. You're just hoping to run into your 'daddy' at the bar again!" Arno crossed his arms.

"Bullshit! Am not! You're the one who used him to get us in!"

"So defensive. You sound like a child."

"And you are sounding jealous and stuck-up!"

"Taste of your own medicine."

"Fine! If you want to not be seen together then you can have fun on your own!" Celio spun haughtily on heel and stalked off to the bar.

Arno grit his teeth angrily and turned to head towards the mini-stage with the mouse stripper. Normally that sort of show would amuse him, especially the cat-and-mouse angle. But emotions had taken too sudden a turn for true enjoyment. He felt angry, pissed! How dare his brother make such outlandish insinuations! I mean, I was hoping to run into Cato here.... But only to properly introduce him to Celio! Not like last time when I was recovering and rushed out of his apartment. Bah! This is all beside the point. And he won't be here anyway.

So wrapped up in his own mind was he that Arno didn't realize the music had stopped. As more people had filtered in from outside the chatter had grown, but not enough to mask the voice of a sudden approaching stranger behind the lone Siamese.

"I don't think I've ever seen a guy as cute as you look so miserable right by a stripper."

Arno looked round in surprise and saw the pink-haired DJ from before slinking towards him. Despite his new foul mood Arno couldn't help but notice that the boy was quite cute.

It's A Raccoon!

Arno vaguely saw the outline of a new DJ step forward and a moment later the music started back up again.

"You mean me?"

The coon nodded, leaning against the stripper stage just beside Arno. While his voice had been confident and sneaky his features actually looked somewhat shy, perhaps due to the glasses covering startlingly green eyes.

Arno took a half step back and gave the stranger a once over. He was wearing artfully torn black jeans laced with a hot pink belt, combat boots, a black shirt emblazoned with a white И」(no doubt a logo for some band or other) and a spiked choker at his neck. He was fairly tall, at least as tall as Arno himself was, not counting the several inches of teased up pink hair. A piercing in the shape of an industrial bolt rest just under his bottom lip, and several more piercings adorned his ears.

"Boy, I hope this means you like what you see," the coon commented. Arno blushed hard, realizing he'd been staring.

"S-sorry! There's just.... A lot to see."

The coon laughed at this, and Arno could have sworn he saw a forked tongue between fangs the brief moment his mouth was open. And then he was extending a pink-clawed hand.

"I'm Ethan," he said, "Ethan Bedlam." This time Arno was sure the other boy's tongue was forked. Oh, the things a tongue like that could do!

The still-blushing feline took the offered hand and was surprised by the firmness of the coon's grip. A second look showed muscles in his build. "Ethan.... Bedlam. Quite a name." They shook and released paws.

"You hate it," Ethan said, though he didn't sound hurt.

"I didn't say that!"

Ethan waved it away. "It's fine. I have many other features that make up for the edgy name." He wiggled his eyebrows knowingly, and Arno noticed that these too were pink. He couldn't help but glance down at Ethan's crotch.

"Other features? Sooo the carpet matches the drapes?"

Ethan laughed again. "Flirting already? But I don't even know your name."

"Neither did you when you started flirting with me," the feline teased. "It's Arno. I'd shake your paw, but we've already recognized that formality." Arno silently swore at himself. I sound like Celio!

"Well, it's nice to meet you, Arno. And where's your twin?"

Arno very nearly jumped. "What?! You know I have a twin?"

"Well... Yes. I saw you two come in."

"Oh! Right!" Arno let out a held breath and relaxed.

"And you two fucked an Orca on the beach."

It was a good thing Arno hadn't gone with his twin to get a drink because he would have spat it out all over someone. His fur stood on end and he stared in wide-eyed disbelief at Ethan.

"You... You saw that?!"

"Not at all," he chuckled. "But thanks for confirming that it was you~"

"I don't understand... How'd you know about that?"

"Well, just a tip, but when you have sex in public people tend to see it, even if they don't report you to the police. And as a DJ at the city's sexiest nightclub, I hear all the gossip. Besides, there can only be so many new twins in town." Ethan leaned closer, setting an elbow on the stage and resting his chin in the center of his paw.

"You don't sound like, well, like you don't like what you heard."

"Mnnn. Quite the contrary. Everyone here, well, we don't care about small things like public sex. We encourage it, in fact. As for the rest," his green eyes swept up and down Arno's body, "well, I have a particular interest. Especially if your brother is as cute as you."

Arno almost blushed. Almost forgot that he was angry with Celio. Almost. But it all came flooding back to him before any of the positives of Ethan's insinuation could reach him first.

"I... I'm sorry. I'm not interested."

The grin slipped from Ethan's face and his ears drooped a little. "Oh... I'm sorry, I'll leave you alone, then. Excuse me." He turned to leave, showing a long black and grey striped tail with pink and green streaks in it. Arno found his eyes traveling up Ethan's tail to his firm and full ass outlined by his tight jeans.

"Wait, I'm sorry!" Arno quickly grabbed Ethan's shoulder.

Ethan turned back to him, left eyebrow raising in curiosity. "I'm getting mixed signals here... Should I stay or should I go?"

"Stay, please."

"I don't want to intrude."

"You're not, I'm sorry. When I said I wasn't interested... I am. You're cute and intriguing. I'm just not interested in Celio right now, and you seemed to want the whole package."

"Celio.... I'm assuming he's the mystery twin I saw you with earlier? With the cute haircut?"

Arno scoffed and Ethan quickly held up his paws in surrender. "My bad! We don't like the haircut! We're mad at the haircut. Okay then. But he is your twin?"

Arno's features softened and he nodded, turning back to face the stage. "Yeah, he is."

"And you two had a fight? Do you want to talk about it? No judgment, I promise. Maybe I can help? I'm a good listener."

Arno nodded, then sighed. Despite having earlier been wary about people knowing he was involved his his brother, he found the words tumbling out of his mouth to this stranger. He needed to talk with someone, to get the angry weight off his chest. And Ethan didn't seem to mind that he and Celio were an item. In fact, he seemed into it.

"He's jealous that I like another boy. But we always like other boys! That doesn't change how we feel about each other! He's my brother! I'll always love him, and I'll always want to be with him. But he's acting like me being careful around this other guy means I don't care about him. Meanwhile, he's going around after other boys and doesn't see that he's being hypocritical. It's stupid. And it came out all of a sudden when he... He was holding my hand and I got worried about people who didn't already know about us seeing it and judging. And talking to you I can already see how ridiculous that is."

Ethan shook his head. "No no, it's not ridiculous. It's true not everyone shares my, ah, interest with your brand of relationship. Fuck, even I had to get used to my feelings for shall we say pairs when I first recognized them. Even if your feelings were born from a jealous place they weren't over the line."

Arno sighed and inclined his head slightly. "Thanks... You're not what I expected, you know, from someone who looks like you do." He eyed the gothic clothing Ethan wore.

Ethan nodded in understanding, turning to press shoulder-to-shoulder with Arno. "I get that a lot, though normally not in this context." He watched the mouse, now wearing only a thong that did nothing to cover anything (and 'anything' was very apparently erect), swing around the pole a couple times. His pink claws tapped rhythmically on the stage along with the club music.

"Of course, there's still the rest of our fight," Arno told him, jerking his head over his shoulder towards the bar where Celio sat. "The jealousy, not just the hand-holding."

Ethan paused, then opened his mouth to speak. "Forgive me for being so direct, normally I would be more diplomatic... Especially since I want to fuck you. But if there are always other boys, and you know that you still love Celio first and foremost just as well as he should, why is there a problem at all? Couldn't you just remind him of your feelings for him above all and skip to the happy ending?"

Arno blushed. "I know... But I'd have to make concessions."

"Isn't the two of you being happy together and having a good time tonight- a time I would love to make better- more important than you winning the argument?"

"You would think, but we're brothers as well as lovers. If I concede now I'll never hear the end of it. A month from now we'll be home and I'll find out he used my toothbrush my mistake and when I confront him about it he'll say 'remember at that club when you apologized for making a fuss for no reason?'" A hint of laughter touched Arno's voice.

"You two live together?" Ethan asked curiously, then blushed cutely and looked away. "Sorry, not the point. If you want, I could go talk to Celio for you? I bet he's feeling lonely anyway. But anything I can do to help heal this minor rift between you two, I'd love to do."

Arno looked into the brilliant eyes of the raccoon and nodded before he'd even thought over the proposal. "Yeah... That way I'm technically not giving in! Why don't you buy him a drink? I can cover it."

Ethan shook his head and wrapped an arm slyly around Arno's waist, paw snaking up under his shirt to rub sensually against his belly. Arno, who secretly had a thing for bellyrubs, tried to fight away a purr.

"No need," Ethan said, batting his eyes playfully. "I'll cover it. I'd love to trade whatever I can do for whatever the two of you can do, if you catch my meaning?"

"Hard to miss what you mean," Arno winked. "Still, you'll need to be less subtle with my brother. I'm sure he'll be willing, but he doesn't always catch on straightaway."

Ethan chuckled and turned to walk towards the bar, where Celio was. "Oh, that won't be any problem at all."




Celio found himself slouched in a seat at The Alternative's bar, ceaselessly stirring a straw through an otherwise untouched piña colada. He wasn't sure if he'd ordered it because Arno was right about him and Erik, or if he'd ordered it simply out of symbolic
spite for his twin. Perhaps a mix of both?

In any case it had been free. The bartender, a seagull Celio thought, had taken one look at his "street clothes" and long face before announcing that the first one was on the house. Any other day Celio would have taken this as a chance to flirt, maybe try and get the avian to go out back with he and Arno. But he just wasn't in the mood.

"Oh wow! You're even cuter in person!"

Celio's ears twitched and he craned his neck around behind him to see who had spoken. A punk raccoon with a large pink mowhawk and a small grin stood admiring him.

"What, me?"

The coon nodded and stepped forward. "Yeah, you. I was just talking to your twin. He's cute too, but I wanted to know you both. Mind if I sit here?" He nodded to an empty barstool beside Celio. The feline hesitated, then nodded slowly.

"Sure, why not. I assume Arno sent you to talk to me?"

"After a fashion," the coon said as he sank into the seat, "though truth be told I volunteered. The name is Ethan, by the way."

"Celio. I would say it's a pleasure to meet you, but that would be a lie."

Ethan feigned hurt and pressed a paw over his heart. Celio's eyes widened and he quickly shook his head, doubling back. "No! Sorry! I didn't mean it that way. You actually look great! Tonight just is not really my night."

"It's okay. That's why I'm here. Can I get you a drink?"

"I've already got one..." Celio glanced down at the now melted piña colada in front of him.

"Yeah, but you can always use another. If you drink that one quickly I can get you another. Or even something new." He summoned the bartender with a raised finger. "Get my friend here something top shelf, please."

"Thank you," Celio said, eyeing Ethan's torn black clothing and shaggy pink and green tail, "but you really don't have to." Can he even afford this?

"It's no big deal. If you don't drink it, I will."

Celio shrugged. Who was he to argue with more free refreshments? And the top shelf at a place like this did seem enticing.

"I like your hair," Ethan commented conversationally as the bartender poured Celio his new drink. He sounded as if he were trying to restrain himself from flirting more in the wake of some other topic. Arno, no doubt, but Celio, still brooding, was in no hurry to arrive at that topic.

"Thank you! I was actually going to say the same to you." He began sipping at his piña colada as the bartender slid him his new drink. "And thank you for this. I hope I'm not putting you out?" He eyed Ethan's clothes again.

Ethan caught the look and chuckled. "I know, I know, I look out of place here among all the fancy rich people," he jerked his head over his shoulder at the now somewhat crowded room full of people in high-end dress wear. "You do too, although between us I think you and your brother are the sexiest people in here.

"But anyway, I'm one of the venue's nightly DJs. They pay me handsomely. As do some of the patrons here," his eyes twinkled mischievously and he winked.

"What, you mean-?" Celio turned to look at the crowd again.



Ethan nodded. "I thought you knew? Assumed that was why you were here."

"Knew what? Here for you?"

"Not me necessarily, no. But surely you know? Why else would two boys of your reputation be here?"

Celio flicked his tail in annoyed nervousness. "Are you going to keep being vauge or will you explain what you mean?"

Ethan smiled apologetically. "This is a hookup and prostitution bar."

"It's a WHAT?" Celio's eyes bulged. He remembered earlier when Arno had told him he'd seen someone receiving a blowjob. I suppose you were right, brother!

"Its for rich people, mostly," Ethan explained. "They want a roll in the hay but don't want to degrade themselves with 'dollar store hookers,' so they come here. It has class, exclusivity, safety, and no judgement."

Celio was nearly at a loss for words. "But. . . But. . . The man who told Arno and I about this place..." He imagined Erik sitting at this very bar, perusing the club occupants for a suitable consort and taking them to a private room. He imagined himself being chosen.

"With your reputation it's no mystery why he sent you here."

Celio shook his head. "My reputation? You keep saying that..."

"Well... I already went over this with your brother, but you two aren't exactly a secret. And I didn't tell your brother this but I actually know Cato. Not very well, he's more of a mutual acquaintance due to our line of work, but I did hear him talking about a cat twin who fainted, and how he'd grown close to him. He didn't come out and say it, but judging by the way he talked, your brother fucked him."

Celio's mouth fell open, mortified. People know about us?! "I... I didn't realize what a small world this is."

"Hey, don't take it like its a bad thing," Ethan rested a paw on Celio's knee, squeezing both seductively and consolingly, "there's nothing wrong with getting some. In any case, I have to admit I'm jealous of those other boys who have gotten a taste of you two~"

Celio felt a blush rise in his cheeks. "Considering your usual clientele, I'm not sure Arno and I could afford your rates. In any event, I'm still mad at him." Celio sucked some more of his tropical drink up.

"Well you've already saved money on drinks tonight," Ethan teased, his paw still on Celio's knee. The feline felt no desire to move it. In fact, he was feeling the beginning tingles of arousal in his gut.

"Plus, you two bros are so cute and so refreshing after all the stuck-up one-percenters I have to deal with that I'd be willing to drop the fee completely. And in all honestly, I've always had a thing for twins." His paw edged up Celio's thigh a bit.

"Oh... Goodness! This is a truly tempting offer!" Celio fought to keep a self-satisfied smile off his face. He could feel his member stirring beneath his jeans, growing the closer Ethan's paw came. "But I have to turn you down, I'm afraid."

Ethan stopped his hand's approach. "Because of Arno?"

Celio nodded.

Ethan slowly withdrew his paw. "He told me what happened. He's really sorry, you know."

"If that were true then he would be here instead of you. Or maybe with you. Either way, he isn't here now!"

"It is true," Ethan told him. "He told me that he loves you more than anyone, that he always will. He told me he knows he wasn't fair to you and that the whole argument was silly. The only reason he isn't here is because he's ashamed and doesn't want to be even more embarrassed. Well, that and I offered to talk to you first."

Celio drained his piña colada with a raised eyebrow. "He really said all of that?"

Ethan shrugged. "I'm paraphrasing a smidge, but that was the gist, yes."

Celio picked up his second drink but didn't sip from it. He swirled the contents slowly around a moment, a strange look on his face. "Honestly...." He paused.

Ethan leaned forward, placing a paw on the feline's shoulder. "It's alright. I'm here to make things better. I haven't got a side."

Celio chuckled and finally took a swig of his new drink. It was like a sensual fire filling him all the way down, both soothing and invigorating his nerves as it warmed him from within. He let out a refreshed "aahhh," then "you sure you're not a therapist? I must admit you have that friendly and calming atmosphere."

"The son of one, actually," Ethan winked. "And I can get you riled up when I need to, don't worry. But I'm getting ahead of myself. You were saying?"

Celio took another quick sip then hurried on. "It is not even the jealousy or the hypocrisy that's getting to me. We have always known there would be other boys on the side, maybe even more serious than just quick fixes and one night stands. It was the hand-holding that got to me. It was not even intentional on my part, but natural. There was nothing sexual there, I just wanted us to be together and to get a drink. And I understand his wariness, but when he pulled away it felt as if he were ashamed to be seen together. You would think years of fucking would get rid of that, but apparently not." He ended with a miffed snort.

"We actually talked about that, you know."

Celio shook his head. "It doesn't matter. It's not the kind of apology that can be delivered by someone else."

"Then let's go talk to him," Ethan stood and extended a paw. "He does want to talk to you, he's just afraid of your scorn, I think."

Celio eyed him hesitantly. "Are you sure?"

"Yes! Honestly he seemed lost without you even for just the few minutes I was with him. It was actually adorable, in a heartwrentching way."

Celio stood, tipping back the remainder of his drink down his throat. "You're not just saying that because you want to fuck us both?"

Ethan chuckled, liking his lips with his forked tongue. "Well, that's certainly part of it, I'll admit, but it doesn't make what I told you any less true. Come on, now. He's waiting."

Celio looked down at the pink-clawed hand Ethan was offering him. At this point, though the fight was still fresh, he wasn't even mad
At Arno anymore. He longed to embrace him and more. And considering that their row had been sparked by a decline in affections this was hardly a surprise. Celio set his face and took Ethan's paw in his own, shaking it firmly.

"You're right, thank you. Take me to my brother."