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From Food To Friendship

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Work was boring as usual, at McDonald's, you get all types of customers, and I've met some strange people but none more strange than a young boy I met one summer afternoon. He wore all black clothes to match his jet black hair, and old bomber jacket, a silver skull ring on his right hand. I'm not trying to stalk him or anything, I'm just really observant, for example: he always comes in every other friday around 3:00 pm, and waits for a guy in a dark hoodie. They talk for a bit then leave, sometimes the boy buys a Happy Meal™ while it just happens to be my shift. 

Okay, maybe I'm stalking him just a little bit, but I feel so drawn to him, like we've met in a past life or something kinda drawn. So what Am I supposed to do? I follow him.

I was walking a few feet behind him when we reached an alley way near 5th street. The boy walked to the darkest part of the alley and the shadows seemed to curl around him, than he vanished without a trace. At first I wasn't sure what happened but I walked all around the place where he stood, and he really was gone. Weird. 

Now I've seen a lot of weird things in my short time on this earth, from monsters buying coffee at Starbucks across the street to kids who looked liked they just spent days alone in a muddy swamp. Heck, once I saw a boy jump off the Saint Louis Arch but nobody else ever seems to notice these things cause if they do, they don't say anything. Even with all that, the disappearing act was relatively new, so I planned my attack. I'd seen so much, now I want some answers and this boy might be able to give them to me. 


Right on time, the boy heads down the same alley way near 5th street but unlike last time, he picks something up and I hear a scraping sound as he attaches the object to his belt, a sword? I walk as fast as I can to keep up without being heard or giving myself away. I was lost in my thoughts again when the shadows started shifting, it was now or never! Or I could just try again next week, but I was already here and I was gonna do it! I grabbed his jacket sleeve witch resulted into a yelp of surprise from the boy as the shadows engulfed us. 

The next thing I know, we're in a forest That I've never seen before, but that- that's impossible! We had been in the city, miles away from any forest I know of. Was this where he went every friday? I turned to get up to find a black, very real, very sharp, sword pointed at me. This may have been a bad idea. 

"Who the Hades are you?" The boy demanded, he wasn't angry per say , just really annoyed, I hope? Yep, this was definitely a bad idea, what did I expect?! That I could hijack him, then have him answer my questions? I inwardly cursed myself for being such an idiot. 

"I-I'm Shawnna Patterson," I said, tripping over my words. I had to get myself together before he gets any ideas about using his sword, and by the looks or it, he knows how to use it, "What's your name?" 

I guess he saw me as harmless (which I'm not sure was a good thing or a bad thing) because he lowered his sword. "Nico di Angelo." 

Interesting name. He had put away his sword by now so I took it as a sign I could ask some questions. I had come for answers and I intended to get some.

"So how did we get here, and where are we?" I asked, it seemed the most reasonable and important at the time, seeing as I didn't know where I was and all. 

"I think we're near Brooklyn but I'm not sure." said Nico, looking around for a second, there wasn't much to see so it didn't take long, "And we got here by shadow travel."

"What's that?" I asked, "And why ca I see monsters? am I going crazy?"

"Its just something I can do," said Nico, "as for the monsters, you're not not crazy, I can see too but I try not to if I can help it, they tend to not like my kind."

"Your kind?"


Something clicked in the back of my mind. "Demigods? like from Greek mythology?" 

Nico sighed. "Yes but sadly, its not just mythology."

But I knew both my parents, why could I see the monsters, I asked him just that. 

"You're a clear sighted mortal, you can see through the mist, a thin layer of magic that covers up the evidence of our world," said Nico slowly, choosing his words carefully, "you were most likely a demigod in a past life and chose to be reborn or you have a half blooded family member."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing yet at the same time, it made a lot of sense. It was so exciting that i couldn't keep it all in, Nico was a real live demigod! like from my history class! I asked question after question, Nico was vague in his answers but was answering none the less. It was so mind blowing that I hadn't realized we had been walking around the forest the whole time we were talking until I bumped into him when he suddenly stopped. 

"Sorry," I said quickly when Nico turned to glare at me. he rolled his eyes before going back to whatever he was doing. "Where are we going anyway?"

"If you hadn't notice, neither of us know where we are, thanks to you, so I'm trying to find a way for us to get back to Manhattan," said Nico a bit annoyed, and I couldn't blame him. It kinda was all my fault.

"Do you live there?" I tried to back off a little on the half blood questions but it wasn't easy.

"No." And that was the end of that.