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A Gun to Your Temple, My Finger on the Trigger

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Breathing raggedly, Steven staggers along the sidewalk as he tries to catch up with his Lieutenant on the other end of the phone, huffing as he hurries along, "I-I heard there was a robbery just outside of the Bank Nationale...and that it's right across the street from Dogimo's and --"

"The threat has already been dealt with, sir," buzzes the monotone voice of his associate over the phone, "and I can assure you that Miss Watch had no inkling of what was transpiring, either."

Steven suddenly stops in the middle of the sidewalk and sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose as he continues, "That girl is going to be the death of me..."

"I counselled against the protective detail because of the trouble the girl seems to attract, but you insisted that --"

A shout from across the street alerts Steven and he tears his ear from the phone to spot said brunette just coming out of said pizzeria, all smiles and sunshine as she waves to Steven; it's no surprise, then, that Steven's stress and exhaustion suddenly fade into the smog around him as he greets her with a breezy smile of his own.