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When The Darkness Closes on You

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The slap of a manilla folder on a desk shook Wynonna away from her daze. She blinked up to see an unimpressed Dolls staring at her intensely.

"Geez Dolls you interrupted my daily daydream of-" Wynonna began.

Dolls interrupts, "two more are dead. Same M.O. Same markings. This is the 6th this month. We do not have time to sit and daydreaming about whiskey and donuts!".

Wynonna narrowed her eyes, "But what if it was about nachos?".

"Earp" Dolls scolded.

"Fine fine. I was joking man, lighten up" Wynonna sighed. She lifted her legs off the desk and sarcastically opened the folder. What she saw reawakened that sickening feeling that is getting super old. Inside the folder housed crime scene photos of the new victims of the vampire clan running rampant in purgatory.

The amount of death the clan has wrought has made the entire city on edge, forcing BBD to call "all hands on deck". Wynonna played with the edges of the photos nervously. Dolls was right, the wounds were the same but literally everything else was different. The randomness of the locations and victim identities is one of the main reasons why they haven't been able to track down a single vampire. Every time they would get close to a lead, or maybe a location, it's as if they would…


To say that tensions were high would be an understatement.

More and more drained bodies keep piling up as if they were taunting the hunters. The vampires didn't seem to have a preference on humans to feed on, making it impossible for Jeremy to find mathematical patterns. What they did find in common, is that these vampires were barbaric. They loved to make the victims suffer. Bruises and cuts covered the bodies. They were stripped naked and bled dry, with distinct puncture wounds not just on the neck, but on places like the thighs, arms and stomach. It seemed like they were bound wherever they were with the evidence of chain-like bruises around their wrists. Wynonna took a closer look to one of the victims. It was a female, she was shorter, almost like a child-

Dolls broke Wynonna from her thoughts "Morgan Baker. She was only ten" Dolls explained. "She was taken at the same time as her mother" Dolls pushed the other photo closer to her. The other photo shows an older, middle aged woman who was a spitting image to Morgan.

"Jesus" Wynonna exhaled. She placed the photo down and rubbed her face exhaustedly.

The door opened quickly sometime later.

Waverly rushed in through the door "Hey where's the fire? Sorry I was-"

"There have been two more victims. A child and her mother. We need everyone on this" Dolls interrupted again.

Waverly hadn't even shut the door before she was given the bombshell. She took in the information wide-eyed. "Jesus" she whispered. Waverly slowly walked over to the file Wynonna had in front of her and ran her fingers over the photos. "She is so young… those… those shittickets!" she said to herself. A tear already threatening to escape. "What do you need me to do?" She asked, already snapped into focus.

"I need you to follow up on any information you have on vampire hangouts. You had some possible locations the other day, correct? Look closer into them" Dolls said. Waverly nodded to all of it. Wynonna had a blank stare to her, emotionless. All humor in her was replaced by a sickening feeling in her stomach. They needed to find these bastards.

"Oh and Waverly?" Dolls asked. Waverly hummed in response. "Do not perform any stakeouts without us. Are we clear?"

"Crystal" she said with a shake in her voice.


After another long night of research that seemed to be going nowhere, Waverly found herself hunched over a glass of whiskey at Shortys. The names and pictures of the victims replay over and over in her head. They were still getting nowhere. At this point, Waverly was numb. It was a waiting game to see the next move of the clan, which surely would be soon.

They didn't have absolutely nothing, however. They did have some names and faces of the clan, but no locations. No one has seen them recently,

until one of them just walked into Shorty's.

Waverly glanced over to the open doors and she stilled immediately. She felt the chill of the night air caress her skin as they swing shut. It wasn't a good feeling. The woman no… vampire was gorgeous. Waverly searched her mind for the name attached to the face. Then it clicked.

"Rosita…" she whispered to herself. Thankfully the vampire didn't seem to notice. There was little accurate information on real life vampires. Sure, there was Twilight and all those boring cliches that the media think the vampires have, but it's not like anyone has seen people sparkling in the sunlight or anything.

What Waverly did know was this: their senses were heightened, they could glamor the weak minded, their fangs are hidden and only come out when hungry, and they could survive in the sunlight. They may be weaker when exposed to the UV rays, but they don't catch on fire or anything like that. Any other information she does not know. What she does know now that one of the vampire clans they were tracking, the one that recently murdered a child and her mother just walked into Shorty's. Waverly tried as best as she could to compose herself, to act normal. She ran different options through her head. Should she confront her? Call Wynonna? Dolls? Tail her?

Finally after months and months of searching and hunting that led to nowhere, they have one of the bastards right there! She can't mess this up, or be right back to square one, or even worse… dead.

I should call Wynonna she thought.

Waverly was so lost in her head, she did not notice the figure swaying over to the seat next to her, right as she was going to reach for her phone.

"This seat taken?" Rosita asked playfully.

Waverly almost jumped out of her seat to the voice that shook her out of her thoughts. There Rosita was, smirking and looking amused. Her elbow rested on the bar next to Waverly.

Waverly Earp was talented in a lot of things: she could expertly recite all the numbers of pi, translate several dead languages, even read a 300 page book within a few hours and remember every word. One thing Waverly was not, was smooth.

Waverly stammered, "hi! That seat? Or that one? I mean it could be? Uh- I don't think it is. Did you need it?". Her eyes were comically wide, and she was practically hyperventilating. Rosita watched her ramble, Her dark eyebrow raised higher the more Waverly spoke.

"This seat right here, yes, next to the one you happen to be sitting at, is it taken?" Rosita chuckled. Her smirk was all sly and seductive. Clearly mocking of the flustered girl next to her.

Waverly played out her options. The last thing she would want is to ruin everything they have worked so hard for. There she was, trying to get Waverly to play her game with her. To put her chess piece into position. She is an Earp, one of the best. Waverly damn well isn't going to let one of those bastards slip away.

Waverly took a deep breath, and gave herself a thousand pep talks all at once and said, "nope, it isn't taken. I assume you are asking to sit?” Okay, good so far, “because that would be totally up to you, you can sit there! Yeah!” and now she’s lost it. The whole situation was killing her. Her nerves were being anything but calm, more like performing thousands of jumping jacks while shooting tons of cocaine. Why is she imagining this? Rosita is right there! She really wishes Wynonna was here. The queen of snark and coolness would have this situation handled with ease.

Rosita chuckled at her response. Waverly could tell Rosita was enjoying this. Enjoying a game she was frequently the winner of. Looking into her eyes, Waverly could see rims of black shimmering into gray, like it was working at something. She almost could be mesmerized by it if she wasn't focused on the task at hand. Blinking to herself, she watched Rosita slowly seat herself next to Waverly, flagging the bartender for a drink. The bartender, Doc, he calls himself was no stranger to beautiful women. He sauntered over to her, asking what she would like with beautiful blue eyes and a smirk.

"I'll have what she's having" Rosita told the bartender, nodding towards Waverly. Doc winked before preparing Rosita her whiskey. Rosita smiled charmingly at him before turning her attention back to Waverly.

Waverly tried to hide the audible gulp but she didn't have much luck.

She only had a tidbit of information on Rosita. Waverly knew that she was apart of the clan, but not her rank or role. She started out with a normal life until a few run ins with a bad boyfriend led her there. Waverly would feel sympathy for her if she didn’t know all of the barbaric acts her clan has committed.

The clink of the glass on the bar stirred Waverly from her thoughts. It was then she noticed that she has not said anything and has been staring like a deer in headlights at Rosita.

“You can take a picture, you know, it would last longer” Rosita chuckled.

Fudgenuggets, Waverly thought. What was she going to do? Flirt? Scream?

“I- uh” she stammered, Think Waverly! You are a freakin’ Earp! “Sorry about that. I am not usually approached by such… beautiful women” she said. She mentally patted herself on her back, but also screamed at herself, flirting? Really? Are you trying to get killed?!.

Rosita chuckled at her comment and bent her head down like she was feigning a blush. When she looked back up, she flashed Waverly a million dollar grin. Damn she is good Waverly thought. If she was not a ruthless killer she would definitely fall for her charm. Every move was calculated. She was radiating coyness and seduction. She could easily take anyone at this bar home with her but there she was, flirting with none other than Waverly freakin’ Earp. Her mind began to wonder. How many people have fallen for her charm? How many lives?


Does she know about me? Does she know I am helping hunt their clan? Is she going to kill me? Waverly started to panic. It's not like Waverly went out on stakeouts with Dolls or Wynonna. She was always hidden behind the scenes. It was not her choice, however. Wynonna was stern in keeping Waverly in the background to make sure she was safe. There was no way that they would know Waverly was helping the hunt…


Only one way to find out. Draw out as much information as possible.

“What’s your name?” Waverly asked, doing a pretty good job at hiding her shake in her voice.

Rosita smiled wider, “you can call me Rosita, and you are Waverly Earp”.

“Uh-” Waverly really started to panic. How did she know her name?!

“Oh don’t worry, everyone knows your name around here. You’re quite the popular girl. A smile that lights up a room, sweeter than candy…” Rosita began. As she spoke she started to lean closer but slowly. “And really, really good at research” she spoke, almost a whisper.


Waverly started to quiver a little. She really was in for it now. She looked around, everyone unaware of the death machine flirting with her, also possibly threatening her? She looked for Doc the bartender, hoping to relay a message with facial expressions, but he was nowhere to be found.

“Oh Waverly, do you really think we don’t know about all those hours you spend in that office? Researching our little… escapades?” Rosita’s lips were close to Waverly’s ear. She could barely feel the breath tickle it. Waverly shuddered almost violently. Her instincts were screaming at her, run! Hide!.

Shit. Shit shit shit.

“H-how?” Waverly managed to breathe out.

“Oh come now Waverly, why do you think your little team hasn’t been able to find us? We are everywhere and nowhere. It was only a matter of time. Oh, and don’t even think about causing a scene, unless you want my friends and I to rip apart your darling sister limb from limb” Rosita threatened. Waverly gulped audibly. “You have seen our handiwork. Unfortunately for you, that is not the worst we can do” she said.

“What do you want from me?” Waverly asked, she was full on shaking now. The thought of losing Wynonna…

“You are going to come with me. Quietly. We are going to have a little chat” Rosita’s face was stoic now. She was in full on predator mode now, and now Waverly was in her crossfire.

Waverly thought for a moment. Rosita was right, her people were everywhere. They could be in the bar as they speak. People she knew, people she loved could be apart of the clan. The realization of the situation drained all blood from Waverly’s face. What were they going to do to her? What are they going to do to Wynonna if she doesn’t comply? Or Dolls? Waverly screwed her eyes shut, pushing thoughts of her sister suffering by their hands out of her head. She made her decision.

“Alright Rosita,” she breathed “lead the way”.

“I knew you were a smart girl, Waves…” Rosita mocked

“Don’t call me that” Waverly said coldly. They began to make their way out of the bar.

Drink left unpaid.

Once they reached the cool night air, Rosita led her to the alley beside the bar. Before Waverly could ask what happens next, she felt a thud against her head.

Everything went black.