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Superboys Part Three

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Three Months Later

Mon-El works tirelessly. He's been rushing from city to city, putting out fires, stopping gang wars, rushing people to hospitals, saving sinking ships, rescuing cats and interrupting human traffic.

He's exhausted.

Kal-El keeps telling him to take a break, that he can't be everywhere at once or save everyone that needs saving. He tells him to just relax.

Jason offers him herbal supplements to help him rest. Hemlock's recipe of cannabis, chamomile and lavender extracts seem like a good idea, but it isn't until Jason forces a Blue Kryptonite torque on him that he really gets some rest. Oh, he'll get Jason back for that but for now, he's just going to let sleep take him.

"What do we do, Clark?" asks Jason. "He's a complete mess. Ever since Supergirl got hurt he's been trying to pick up the slack."

"I know, Love," says Kal. "Let's just help him get some sleep when we can and maybe with a clear mind he can see that he needs to find some balance. I learned this lesson the hard way years ago."

"I know you did," says Jason. "Is there any way to teach him that? Like using a memory crystal or something?"

"He needs his own experience with this," says Kal. "He needs to realize on his own that he can't do everything. He's not God, and until he realizes that he can't save everyone, the things he can't help with will haunt him. We need to let this run its course."

"I just wish there was some way we could help him," says Jason.

"You already have. With my advice and you forcing him to rest, he'll have an easier time than I did," says Kal. "Just trust him to figure this out. I know I do."

"You're right. He's a smart guy. He'll figure it out," says Jason.

"Want to visit the boys today?" Kal says hopefully.

"I'd rather have some quality time with you," says Jason. "It's not often we get to be together at the same time. I'm busy with Gotham and Blüdhaven and Jay and Tim and you're busy with raising all the kids. Let's just take the afternoon off."

"Why don't we visit Arsenal and Roy?" says Kal. "They could use the reminder that we still love them."

Jason sighs. "Okay, you win. Visiting the kids on our day off together sounds like a blast," Jason says sarcastically.

"Don't tell me you don't want to see them," says Kal.

"It's just weird with Oliver in the mix," says Jason. "You know he's going to be there, right? They've still got him on suicide watch."

The reminder makes Kal cringe. He feels weird about Oliver. So many tragedies attached to the man and so many reasons to despise him. Okay, one reason to despise him, but it's a big one. That aside, he's been wonderful to Roy and Arsenal and was always a good friend until Kal found out how young the boys were when Oliver started their sexual relationship. He's really not a bad guy except for that one monumentally scummy, unforgivable thing he did. Probably over and over again throughout the years. For Arsenal, it's been all of his teenage years and that makes Kal's blood boil something fierce. Then there's Roy, the clone who rejected Oliver when he was nineteen only to go back to him a year or so later. If he wasn't so morally inclined, Kal would let Lex program his children to avoid Oliver, but mind controlling his children as a parenting technique is arguably just as unforgivable as Oliver's transgressions.

Oliver has paid his penance, but his continuing relationship with the young archers just seems wrong to Kal, especially now that they're engaged to him. Did they ever really have a choice but to be his? Were they always going to go back to him? Kal doesn't know, but his once friend who will now be his relative through marriage leaves him conflicted and reticent to interact with him.

In the end though, he loves his boys too much to avoid them on Oliver's account. He already knows where they are. Maybe a trip to surprise them is in order. After all, Jason will be with him to help make him comfortable and there is a café there… Yes, he decides. He's going to have a first trip to the bathhouse.

When he tells Jason, Jason just smiles and says, "I have the perfect mask for you!"


Clark adjusts his harness. It's a strange attire to him, being in a leather bikini, a harness that covers the tops of his shoulders and pecs, framing his chest and accentuating his muscles, and has an 'x' that forms across the chest from the shoulders to his flanks. At least the combat boots aren't so bad. They even feel somewhat like the boots on his Kryotonian armor, giving him at least something familiar. The bracers on his wrists aren't bad either and accentuate his forearm muscles quite nicely. It's the mask that feels the strangest, oddly enough. It's a black leather domino, matches the rest of the outfit and hides his identity well. Jason got him a pseudonym for the occasion, complete with fake ID and credit card.

For today, he's Dick Long.

Clark argued that no one would believe the name, but the attendant at the front desk wasn't fazed in the least.

Jason's in a more revealing outfit, in a red and grey camo thong speedo, red and grey camo collar, complete with matching leash, red and grey domino to match the swimsuit and collar and a backwards red and grey camo baseball cap. He's wearing grey and red gladiator boots and a dagger belt on his thigh.

The sign at the front said no weapons but he showed them the Black Lantern Ring and they decided the dagger was a better alternative if he had cause to use it.

They go inside and get their fluffy bath towels and keys and head upstairs, avoiding the gym where they can hear three familiar heartbeats.

When they've gotten to Jason's room, Clark says, "They probably already know we're here."

"I doubt it. I've been listening in on their conversation, and I don't think they're focused on anything but Oliver's muscles. Apparently he's gotten a bit more athletic for them and they are loving it."

"T.M.I., Jase. I didn't need to know the details."

"Kiss me, Dick!" says Jason suddenly.

Clark kisses him gently and lovingly. When they withdraw, Jason says, "I love you. You're an amazing person, and I can't wait to be with you."

"You are with me, Jase."

"No, Dick. I mean with you. I bet we could put on a show in the steam room."

"I'm not really an exhibitionist. But if you want to umm… be together after that, we could try out the sling here."

"Fucking AWESOME!!!"

"Okay. You ready to face the music?"

"Yeah, let's go."


Roy and Arsenal are watching Oliver work out. Thanks to hormones, supplements, whey protein and proper diet, he is much more muscular than he was three months ago. His muscles ripple as he weightlifts and he grunts in effort as he pushes himself to his limits.

They only have eyes for him until a leather clad man taps Roy on the shoulder.

"He's coming along, isn't he," says Clark. His sons gasp in shock as they recognize the voice. His Superman voice!

"Dad!! What are you doing here?!! Is that Jason?!" Roy says in utter shock. Arsenal is making babbling noises as he stares at his father's outfit.

"Clark!" says Oliver as he drops the weights. He quickly takes the lead box from his gym shorts pocket and places his Blue Kryptonite ring inside, shedding it as fast as he can. He's half ready for a death battle with Superman, but his attire makes no sense.

"We came for a visit," says Clark. "And today, I am Dick. Dick Long. Nice to meet you. Can we buy you coffee?"

"Sure, Dad!" says Arsenal. "Does this mean everything's okay? You're okay with—"

"No, Arse. But I want to show you I love you and check up with how you're doing. Ollie, you're peeking out of your shorts."

"Goddamn it," says Oliver, grabbing his towel and wrapping it around his waist.

"See something you like?" asks Jason coyly.

"Actually yes, but it would be far too inappropriate to hit on my soon-to-be father-in-law."

The Roys laugh at that, but Clark shifts his weight uncomfortably.

"Nice to know you care, Ollie," says Clark. "Anyways, I was hoping you would join us for lunch at the café. You can tell us the best dishes, I'm sure."

"Sure," says Oliver. "They make a mean Monte Cristo, if you don't have to worry about the grease and empty calories."

"Sounds great," says Jason as he turns around, walking seductively out of the gym, showing off his gluteus maximus and killer thighs.

"Oh fuck," says Arsenal. "Dad, can we borrow Jason after this?"

"Absolutely not!" declares Clark. "Your Emperor decrees no weird sexcapades!"

"Too late," says Roy.

"I mean with us. No swinging with me or Jason."

"I saw the way you were ogling Ollie's dick," says Arsenal.

"That's not… just no! We're still on weird terms and I'm not going to get fucked by my son-in-law!"

"So you're the bottom in that scenario?" asks Oliver curiously.

"Just drop it, Queen. We still have a long way to go before we can joke like that."

"Okay, sorry, Dick. I didn't mean to push any buttons."

"Our fault," says Roy. "We were inappropriate. So Dad, how's it going?"

"Which dad?" asks Clark, suddenly confused.

"Are you high? I mean you!" says Roy.

"Oh. Well, things could be better," admits Clark.

"Sorry to hear that," says Oliver. "Anything we can do to help?"

"Not really. I'm just dealing with a lot right now. Mon-El is having a personal crisis, my amoral estranged husband is running for office, Lois is mad I'm spending so much time on New Krypton, Conner's having trouble with assassins from Bialya, Zar still hasn't got the concept of personal space, Jon's dual citizenship was denied and Oreo has the draconic flu. All in all, I just need a break from everything, but my family needs me."

"If we need to babysit Oreo, we can," says Arsenal.

"That's okay," says Clark. "He's at the vet clinic in New Argo. He'll be staying there for two weeks."

"Ready to get some grub?" asks Oliver, clasping his hands together and hoping to give Clark relief from his stressors.

"Sure, Ollie," says Clark. "Let's just get some food and talk. I'm still very angry with you, for obvious reasons, but you are important to my sons, so I have to respect that."

"Wow. Are you sure? I can go upstairs while you talk with the boys."

"It's alright, Ollie," says Clark. "I'd rather have you where I can easily keep track of you."

"Ouch. Whatever you say," says Oliver.

They all walk to the café, awkward silence among them. Arsenal grips Oliver's hand and Roy walks side by side with Clark. When they get to the café, they find that Jason has ordered six Monte Cristos and is munching on his happily. They all sit down and Arsenal says, "Why six?"

"Two for me," says Jason. "I'm getting chili dogs after. Hey, Roy. Have any of that nectar on you? I think Ollie and Dick need to fuck it out."

"Jase!!" shouts Clark.

"I'm serious. Both of you take me at the same time and you'll have an unforgettable bond. It's about time you buried the hatchet."

"I… Di– Clark. I never want to make you uncomfortable, and I don't expect you to ever forgive me. I just hope I can make it up to you and the boys. That's all."

"But you want to?" asks Clark.

"I'm not going to answer that. It's all up to you Clark. I don't want to influence your decisions or make you uncomfortable in any way. All I care about is making things right with Roy and Arsenal and their family so you can be in our lives. They love you so much and I can't bear for you to spend so long away from them."

"I have a lot to think about," says Clark. "I can't forgive you for what you did, but you've paid for it enough. I don't want to punish the boys because of how I feel about you."

"Just to clarify," says Roy, "I do have a ridiculous amount of nectar in my room."

"Great Rao, Roy. Not the time," says Clark.

Clark gives Oliver another look. "You've changed. Do you have any of your missing memories back?"

"Not yet. I'm half-hoping I never do."

"I understand completely," says Clark. "Your therapist says things are going well."

"You're talking to his therapist?!" demands Arsenal, "Not cool, Dad! Not cool at all."

"I said he could," says Oliver. "And he's talking to our relationship counselor as well."

"He assures me Oliver isn't being abusive," says Clark. "If he was, you'd never see him again."

"Really Dad?!" says Arsenal. "What are you gonna do? Throw him into the sun?!"

Clark gives him a dire look.

"Oh my God, Dad, you were going to throw our fiancé into the fucking sun!" says Arsenal.

"Fortunately," says Jason, "that isn't an issue. Let's just enjoy lunch. Then we can work on getting Clark to bottom for Ollie like he really wants to."

"Jason!!!" says Clark, nearly shouting. Heads around the café turn and Clark calms himself down.

"Would it be okay with you? Roy? Arse?" says Jason.

"Fine by me," says Roy.

"Only if it gets them to stop fighting," says Arsenal.

"We're not fighting," assures Oliver before looking tentatively at Clark. "...Are we?"

Clark goes gentle for the sake of his boys. "No, Ollie. We aren't fighting."

They finish eating in silence, but this time it isn't as awkward as before. It's more peaceful. Oliver catches Clark looking at him differently than he ever has before. It's almost admiration but mixed with something else.

"Oliver," Clark says once everyone's finished eating. "Can I talk to you in my room for a while?"

"Of course. Whatever you want. I'm all yours."

The meaning of the last part isn't lost on Clark but he doesn't adjust himself in his leather bikini because he knows his sons will see it. Instead, he leads Oliver up to his room and closes the door.

They sit on the bed before Clark looks him in the eye and says, "Why did you do it?"

"Do what?"

"You know what. Why did you take them so young? If you'd waited, they would have given you everything they had. You'd have a healthier relationship and I wouldn't have to abhor you."

"Clark, I don't remember. I don't remember doing it, I don't remember why I did it. They told me it's what they wanted to begin with – that they initiated it. I can only imagine that I wouldn't deny them anything. Even… that."

"I believe you," says Clark. "I don't forgive you. But we have to move past this. For their sake."

"How?" asks Oliver.

"Go get some of that nectar from Roy. We'll do what Jason said. Just a little. Then maybe I can see what my boys see in you."

"I think this is a bad idea, Clark."

"It's a horrible idea. I may never forgive myself. But for them, for peace between us… it's worth it."

"Can I kiss you?" asks Oliver. "Before the nectar, I mean."

"Yes, Oliver. You may kiss me."

Oliver touches Clark's masked face like he's beholding a miracle. In his eyes, he is. When their lips touch, electricity runs through them both. It's a chaste kiss and only lasts a few seconds, but Clark's gaze intensifies and Oliver smiles.

"I've always cared about you, Clark."

"You too, Ollie. Not this way, but as a friend. Maybe we can get back to that."

"I hope so,' says Oliver. He brushes his lips against Clark's again before saying, "I don't need the nectar for this. Do you?"

"I need the excuse," admits Clark. "I need to be able to tell myself I wouldn't do this sober."

Oliver touches his face again. "Whatever you need Clark. I'll give you whatever you need."

Clark looks down. "This is what you're like with them, isn't it? Caring, accommodating… kind…"

"When we aren't being kinky, yeah. I try to give them whatever they want. Whatever they need. They're a miracle in my life Clark. I couldn't bring myself to hurt them if I tried."

"I see that now. Maybe you should hurry up and talk to Roy. I might not wait otherwise."

"Whatever you need, Clark. I'll be right back."


When Clark wakes up the next day, he's still with Oliver. They're tangled in a mess of limbs on Oliver's spa bed and Oliver is snoring with his face in Clark's neck. Clark is all too aware of the pleasant ache in his ass. He wants more but knows it isn't right. He's cheating on his husband. He's letting his future son-in-law dominate him. He's starting to love someone he should never love. He has to stop himself and he has to stop himself now.

"Ollie. Wake up."

"Hmm? What?"

"I want us to… just take me again. I won't let this happen again, but I want you one more time."

"We have all day, Clark. The nectar doesn't wear off that quickly."

"Oh," says Clark, conflicted. "Let's take a shower then. We can… oh fuck it. Fuck me, Oliver Queen. I want it hard and fast. No mercy, you understand?"

"Clark, that's the pollen talking. I'm going to be gentle with you, like you deserve. But yes, we can go again. You want to suck it first?"

"Boy, do I! But I want a kiss first."

"You know you're going to regret this."

"Maybe not, Ollie. Maybe not."


"I think refractory periods are completely foreign to them," says Roy.

"Well, look on the bright side. At least they're getting along," says Jason.

"They've been going at it for hours!" says Arsenal. "I'm not complaining, but I want a turn!"

"With whom?" says Jason suggestively.

"I don't know! Both of them maybe? I gotta admit Dad's hot and before he adopted me I used to fantasize about him."

"Arse. This has BADWRONG written all over it," says Roy. "We're already going to be sharing our husband with our adopted dad. Let's not make it more incestuous than it has to be."

"He's right," says Jason. "Happiness is important and too many chiefs and not enough Indians makes a poor combination."

"That is so offensive," says Roy.

"I'm not exactly known for my diplomacy and political correctness," says Jason.

"But they're both our adopted dads," says Arsenal, "so maybe it's not so badwrong."

"Arsenal, it's badwrong. But that's not necessarily a bad thing," says Jason.

"Exactly which way are you trying to sway us?" says Roy. "I'm getting mixed signals here."

"I'm just commenting. I'm cool with it either way. The question is, are you? They won't do anything you have a problem with, and we don't even know if this is a one off or something they want to continue. They may not even know yet. Decide what you want and go for it. Hopefully, that's what they're doing."

"This whole thing is too confusing. Maybe they'll just be friends with benefits," says Arsenal. "That is something I can live with."

"And if they decide to have a romantic relationship?" asks Roy. "I want to be their son. You're the one who wants to marry Ollie."

"I still do," says Arsenal. "With all my heart. But if bigamy was legal, I wouldn't mind sharing him. Hopefully with you, but maybe with Dad too."

"Then marry Ollie and ask Dad to live as Ollie coparent/lover the same way I'm his son/lover," says Roy.

"Holy shit, you might be onto something!" says Arsenal. "You really think they'll want to?"

"Let's wait and see what happens today," says Roy. "Then we can make decisions on what we want and let them know. Let's not jump the gun."

"I think Roy is right on both counts," says Jason. "The living arrangement could do you some good and you shouldn't make plans before you know what they want."

"What about you? What about Lex?"

"I'm not going anywhere and all of us have the resources to build an estate that could be the perfect place to live. Neutral ground so to speak. With plenty of room for Mon-El and I to be there. Even with room for all of your brothers to be there. It could be near Lana and Lois' farm so that you could all visit your little brothers easily. But like I said, don't make any plans yet. Just be aware of the possibilities."

"You didn't answer the question about Lex," says Roy.

"I don't know. That will all depend on him. But he'll be moving to Washington D.C. soon enough, so Metropolis can be your turf again. I still have business in Gotham, but it's only a stone's throw away."

Through the ceiling, with their super-hearing, they all hear Clark say, "We heard you."


"So Ollie, what do you think?" asks Clark.

"What do you mean?"

"About what the boys said. They need us both. We don't have to move in together but it would make everything easier. I can divorce Lex. I don't think he'll ever be the man I need him to be."

"But I will?"

"You weren't. You made a horrible choice that possibly screwed up my sons' chances at happiness. But it didn't. They are happy with you. And the man you are now… I can't approve of your past but I approve of your present. Possibly your future. If you screw up again, there's no redemption. But if you don't… Ollie, will you move in with me?"

"Clark, we're still affected by the nectar. You might change your mind later. Why don't we give it some time so you can decide what you want."

"I want to divorce Lex. That much I know for sure. Oliver, you're gentle and kind. I had this image in my head that you were completely different, but I was wrong. And when the nectar wears off, I'll still want you in my life. Friend, lover, concubine… husband?"

"Clark are you proposing?"

"Not yet, but since the boys said it, it's crossed my mind."

"I'll never give up Arsenal. Whatever he wants goes. Understand?"

"Yeah, Ollie. I wouldn't expect any less of you. Not now anyways."

"But Clark. If Arsenal wants us to. My answer would be yes."

"Holy cow! Are you serious?! That's great! I don't care if it's a legal marriage or not. We can have a ceremony and you can marry Arsenal too!"

"Slow down, Clark. This is all up to Arsenal before we even discuss it. Plus… you know… the nectar."

"Oh right… let's ask Arsenal and Roy to join us. I think we should ask them about the marriage thing."

In a flash there's a knock on the door.

"It's us!" Roy's voice calls out.

Oliver gets off the bed and opens the door, without bothering to cover himself up.

The boys rush into the room and Oliver quickly closes the door.

"So, what do you think?" asks Clark. "I know you heard us."

"I'm okay with you two getting married," says Arsenal. "But I want to exchange vows with Oliver in a small ceremony and I want to share his bed most of the time. Dad, you have my permission to propose to my fiancé.

"Holy shit balls!" says Oliver.

"Great Rao!!" says Clark before disappearing in a flash.

"Where'd he go?" asks Oliver.

"Who knows," says Roy, "but he seemed excited."

They don't see Clark for four hours. They go to the pool and the hot tub and the sauna, still waiting for him to return. Jason has joined them, and he gives encouraging quips now and then, indulging himself and kissing Roy, Arsenal and Oliver in turn. He does nothing more than kiss, keeping hands above the waist, but he knows what he wants and it's a big polyamorous family. He has high hopes, but counters it with a healthy amount of skepticism.

They're in Roy's room playing cards when Clark finally returns with legal envelopes and a smile on his face. He isn't wearing his wedding ring.

"I have something to tell you. Lex still has visitation rights and partial custody of the kids, but I got a divorce. It's final. I am no longer married to Lex."

"Whoa, Dad, are you sure?" says Roy.

"Yes. I talked to him on the phone and he agreed to the divorce as long as he gets custody of the kids for five days a month. That's more than he's seeing anyone now. Jason, your arrangement with Hemlock is separate from this, and I hope everything you do regarding your son is a wise decision."

"You're a multibillionaire," says Jason.

"It's not about the money. If it was, I would stay married to him. But I plan to use some of the money to build us all an estate."

Oliver nearly faints. "Clark, the nectar."

"I had it purged from my system at the Fortress of Solitude. This is all me, Ollie."

"One more condition," says Arsenal, and he hooks his hands around Clark's neck.

"Oh God, I'm going to Hell," says Clark.

"I hope this makes it heaven," says Arsenal and he gives Clark a fierce open mouth kiss. After a moment's hesitation, Clark returns the kiss passionately, holding Arsenal gently to him.

When they part, Clark says, "I accept your terms."

"He's all yours," says Arsenal.

To everyone's surprise, Clark pulls out a ring. It's a wedding band with three diamonds framed by two emeralds on each side. It's titanium steel, not vibranium, but it's all he could get on such short notice. He turns to Oliver and kneels down on one knee.

"Oliver Queen. Will you marry me?"

"Clark… are you certain this is what you want?"

"Yes, Ollie. More than certain. Will you?"

"Yes, Clark! I will marry you!"

They kiss passionately for minutes on end and Oliver knows Clark is kissing him because he truly wants to. Clark puts the ring on Oliver's finger and kisses it to his hand before passionately kissing his lips again. Oliver knows in his head that the initial motivation for the proposal was to give the boys a good home with a functional family, but he knows in his heart that Clark really does love him. Maybe he always did. Either way, he's marrying a great man and still has his boys. He can't help but start to take off Clark's shirt, but Roy says, "Allow me." The boys start to strip their adopted father and move out of the way for Oliver to take him in his arms. The boys and Jason snuggle close and Oliver realizes he has his work cut out for him.

When Oliver and Clark part, the boys cut in, Arsenal kissing Oliver and Roy kissing Clark. Jason begins kissing Roy's neck and rutting against his backside. Clark already knows what's going to happen and the biggest shock isn't that it's going to happen, but how much he wants it to happen.

Jason grabs Roy around the waist, pulling him away from Clark and pushing him up against the wall before kneeling behind him and putting his tongue to work. Oliver reaches out to Clark while Arsenal kisses Oliver's neck and pulls Clark up behind Arsenal.

"It's okay Clark. He likes two at a time."

Arsenal moans out a 'fuck yeah!' and eyes Clark with lust. Clark's immediately as hard as he gets and moves forward a little, his chest pressed up against Arsenal's back. Oliver lays them down on the bed, grabs the lube and tells Clark to do the honors. Clark has lots of practice from doing this with Mon-El and Jason, but he's just now realizing this is a sixteen-year-old boy – his son – and the shock to himself almost makes him stop. Almost.

Instead of applying the lube, he spits between Arsenal's cheeks before diving in head first and licking his way into Arsenal. Arsenal moans with delight as Clark prepares him for what's to come. The taste is amazing and Clark can't believe how good it feels. Again, he almost stops himself, but then he remembers, this is one of Arsenal's conditions. Arsenal wants this. And Clark does too. He gives in to the hunger and drives his tongue even further inside.

Soon, Arsenal is ready and Oliver is the first to penetrate, laying on his back with Arsenal on his chest. Clark is kneeling behind Arsenal, watching as Oliver's oversized meat slides all the way in.

"You're turn, Clark. Just gently slide in on top of me," says Oliver.

Clark is hesitant, unsure of how to position himself, but Arsenal says, "It's okay to lean on me. Once you're in, lay forward on my back. Then you do all the work. That okay, Dad?"

"Arsenal…. Yeah, that's okay. I love you, son."

"I love you too, Dad," Arsenal says.

Clark begins to penetrate and realizes there's no turning back. He's going to make love to Arsenal, potentially again and again. Roy, too, when Jason is done fucking him against the wall. Clark lets go and for the first time in forever, feels free.


When Clark wakes up again, he finds himself naked with Roy and Arsenal, also naked, pressed up against him. When he listens for it, he can hear Jason and Oliver talking in the café, probably over coffee. He kisses both of his boys' heads and begins to move, but they just snuggle closer, making it impossible for him to get up without waking them. He tilts Roy's head up and kisses him on the lips, waking him with the magical feeling of Clark's lips and tongue working his mouth open. Roy moans and begins to open his eyes. Then he sees that Arsenal is across Clark's chest, blinking the sleep out of his eyes and muttering, "Best dream ever!"

"Not a dream," says Roy sleepily.

Arsenal wakes up quick after that and begins kissing Clark with vigor.

"Whoa, slow down, buddy," says Clark "I'm not going anywhere. You want to shower with me?"

"Sure, Dad. Whatever you want."

"Roy? Join us?" says Clark.

"Nah, I need a little more sleep. Come get me in an hour if I'm not already downstairs."

"Okay, Son. Damn! I can't believe this is real!"

"Me neither," says Arsenal. "It's a fucking dream come true."

Clark smiles. "I'm glad. How long have you wanted this?"

"Since I met you," says Arsenal.

"Arsenal, you were twelve."

"What can I say, I knew what I liked."

Clark heaves a sigh. He's starting to get a better picture in his mind. Arsenal was probably undeterrable in his advances on Oliver. It's like Oliver said – Arsenal probably initiated everything.

He kisses Arsenal again before kissing Roy on the head and carrying Arsenal bridal style to the showers.

They clean off and go to Oliver's room to put on some fresh clothes. Clark didn't bring anything to wear but his leather getup, so he borrows some of his new fiancé's gym shorts and a tank top. He finds a suitable domino and puts it on so he won't be recognized and takes Arsenal down for breakfast.

Only then does he realize it's only one a.m.

"It just occurred to me that it's one in the morning," says Clark.

"It just occurred to me that we'll have to have the estate here," says Arsenal.

"What do you mean?" asks Clark.

"Age of consent. It needs to be sixteen."

Clark laughs. "I can't believe that applies to me now. Yeah, Arse. We'll figure something out. New Jersey might work."

"I'd rather stick to Washington State," says Arsenal. "We could zeta to Metropolis any time."

Clark sighs. "We'll talk about it with Oliver and Roy. Maybe we should involve your other brothers in the discussion too."

"We already have the Fortress of Metropolis," protests Arsenal. "They have a base there and if we buy a place out of the city, the natural world here is great. Big trees, mountains… it's a great place to live, Dad."

"Like I said, we should talk to the others first," says Clark.

"I wonder where Jason and Ollie are," says Arsenal.

"We're here," says Jason as they walk into the café. "Just made a run to the bathroom. That coffee hits like a train."

"Where do you want to live, Ollie?" says Arsenal eagerly.

"Star City, I hope," says Oliver. "There's land for sale outside of the city. I already looked online."

"I'll buy it!" says Arsenal. "You aren't the only billionaire in the room."

"Are you sure?" says Oliver. Arsenal nods vigorously. "I'll show you the website. Just let me pull out my phone." Oliver pulls up the website and shows Arsenal, and Arsenal uses Oliver's phone to email the seller.

"This is all moving really fast," says Jason. "Are you okay with this Clark?"

"Oddly enough, I am," says Clark.

"This is really out of character for you," says Jason. "I'm all for it, but I think–"

"Jason. I'm ready for a change," says Clark. "I'm ready to move back to Earth. And I want my family together. My relationship with Oliver and the Roys is… confusing. But I think it's a good thing."

"As long as you're happy, I'm happy," says Jason. "I have to admit, I played around with Oliver some too. While you were asleep we went to my room and… well, I hope that's okay."

"Of course it's okay. I can't blame you for it, and I did the same thing, Besides, I don't own you, Jason. You can have sex with whoever you want. I mean, within reason." says Clark.

"How's your first venture into the poly lifestyle?" asks Jason.

"Poly?" says Clark with a curious look.

"Polyamorous. We sort of had that going with Lex but this is different."

"Way different," Clark agrees.

"Do you feel guilty?" asks Jason.

"Not about Oliver. I feel a little shocked with myself about the Roys though, but I don't think 'guilty' is the right word for it. One thing's for sure. We can't tell Lois or she'll never let me see Jonny or Little Chris again."

"This is very different from that," says Jason. "She's a smart woman. I agree with you though, maybe keep her in the dark until they're old enough to visit you on their own."

"On New Krypton, they are," says Clark, "but here, Lois and Lana call the shots."

"Yeah, I'm calling about the land for sale?" Arsenal says on the phone in the background. "I'll pay a million over the asking price if we can fast track this and change ownership of the land within forty-eight hours. …. Oh, okay, well do your best then. The clock's ticking. Yeah, my email is Got it? Great. Email me the details and I'll email you my information."

When Arsenal hangs up, Clark stares at him. "A million over the asking price?"

"'Red Arse'?" asks Jason.

"We have to start construction," says Arsenal. "It's going to take forever if we don't fast track things. Besides, I doubt they can get moving on it that quickly. This just gives them an incentive to move on it faster and gives me a shoe in over any competition for the place."

"I can probably build the house faster than any construction crew," says Clark. "What's the land like?"

"One hundred and twenty-four acres of forest, one hundred acres of cleared land and multiple rivers, streams and ponds throughout the area. Road access on three sides of the property and it's close to electrical and phone lines. We can put a zeta-beam location in the basement and it'll be an easy trip from the house to the Arrow Cave, the Cavern and the Fortresses. And if we do it right, we can put in streets and street signs with actual addresses."

"One, Red Arse Circle," ponders Jason. Oliver, Arsenal and Clark laugh.

Clark says, "Why not something a little more subdued. Like One, Manor Drive or something."

"I bet Manor Drive is already taken," says Oliver, "but we'll figure something out."

Roy comes down the stairs and they all turn towards him and he approaches.

"What? Is my hair doing something funny?"

"No," says Clark. "We all just love you and are glad you're here."

"Oh, okay," says Roy. "Someone order me a cinnamon roll. I'm still wiped out."

"I'm on it," says Oliver, and he goes to the counter to order a cinnamon roll.

Roy sits down in Oliver's seat and gives a big yawn. Clark stares at him in admiration before turning the same look on Arsenal.

"I love you, boys. This whole thing is a new experience for me and it's a little out of my comfort zone but now that we've… now that I know you like that, I wouldn't want it any other way."

"We love you too, Dad," says Roy as Arsenal beams. "I'm glad everything's okay. This whole thing could have turned out devastating. When you tapped me on the shoulder, I couldn't have imagined this."

Clark laughs, "Me neither. I always tried to see you as my children, ever since I adopted you, but now, I see you as more than that."

"We're still your kids though?" asks Arsenal hopefully.

"Yes, Arsenal. You two are my kids. I'll never forsake you."

The Roys smile at that and Roy abandons Oliver's chair to pull up one by Clark, leaning his head on his dad's shoulder.

Oliver returns with Roy's cinnamon roll and places it in front of him.

Roy eats his cinnamon roll with gusto and the five of them admire each other as they talk of the future and its potential.