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Can You Help Me?

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The bed creaked with every thrust, the room echoed with every moan, the sheets became soaked with every drop of sweat. I was laying on my back, legs wrapped around tan hips, as I moaned with every thrust into my vagina. I threw my head back into the pillow in ecstasy when my prostate was hit dead on, repeatedly being abused afterwards. Sweat covered my entire body, soaking into the sheets of the bed. Teeth brutally attacked my neck and nipples, hickeys being left all over my body. A hand pinched and twisted one nipple while the other was being sucked and nipped, cries of pleasure leaving my mouth. After a while, they switched. My buds became an angry red and extremely sensitive from the assault. My body trembled tremendously with pleasure.

After a while, the mouth and hand left, leaving my sore nipples soaked and ruined. The hand came up and cupped my cheek sweetly, warmth spreading through my face. My eyes were half lidded as I stared up at the dull gold eyes. The wet mouth connected with my moist lips, passion being shared between us.

"Do you want more, love~?" He asked, lips brushing against my own as he spoke. It sent shivers down my spine, my back arching.

"Ah~Yes~! Please! Please, alpha~!" I whined, knowing he liked it. He enjoyed hearing me whine as I begged, a turn on for him. I felt his dick harden even more inside of me. Our lips were connected again, this time biting and licking each other's lips as our tongues explored the other's mouth. He tasted like coffee and mint, a comforting combination for me. I felt my stomach twist with a familiar feeling. I gripped the soft hair of the other man, pulling his off my mouth.
"I...ah...I'm gonna cum!" I panted, the thrusts getting faster. My body bounced, my neglected cock flopping along. My moans became louder, higher pitched, as I got closer. The alpha above me was close as well, chasing his own orgasm. The bubbling feeling in my stomach grew, and grew, and...
"Ah~! Alpha~!" I moaned, my climax hitting me hard. I felt him slam his hips into my clit once more before cumming himself, panting hard.

"Oh, baby~” he groaned, his seed emptying inside of me in spurts. I could feel his knot stretch my pussy out and enter inside of me. I panted, catching my breath with the man above me. He leaned down and our lips locked again, a more passionate make out session ensuring. His sweat combined with mine and my cum, making more of a mess on ourselves. He didn't care, though, which is why I grew to love this man.

After a few minutes, he pulled out and stuck his dick in my asshole, thrusting in slowly. I groaned at the feeling from not really being fucked there a whole lot. Still, it felt great. He pulled out finally and layed next to me. He was breathing normally, breath hitting my neck.

"We should get cleaned up." He muttered behind me. I let out a low groan.

"Can we rest a bit?" I whined, too exhausted at the moment to do anything.

"...sure." He said with reluctance, taking his condom off and throwing it in the waste bin.

I snuggled up closer to my alpha, basking in his warmth as his arms held me tightly. His throat rumbled with a low purr, which had me doing the same in a more higher pitch.

"I love you, Kai~" I cooked sweetly.

"I love you too, Tomura~"




I was hunched over the toilet, spilling my breakfast out in the porcelain bowl. This has been going on for a few days now. Either I'll wake up and start vomiting or I'll get lucky to eat breakfast first and then throw up. All it was for me was a never ending cycle. A hand was on my shoulder, making me jolt in surprise at the sudden new presence. I recognized it all too well. The warmth emitting from it, the gentleness it possessed when on me, the perfection of it due to never having a scar or wound that would be noticeable and obvious, even the gloves that were on them were noticed due to the extra thickening that block our skin from making contact. I felt whatever tremors I had fade at the touch, almost purring softly at my alpha's care despite being highly disgusted at the sight.

"Are you alright, love?" He asked softly.

"I'm throwing up over a toilet like I have been for the past thirteen days. No, I'm not alright!" I snapped, making me feel bad instantly after those words left my mouth. He didn't take offense to it, though. He's used to my grouchy behavior when I'm sick.

"I'll go get some clean clothes for you and bring one of the doctors in." He said calmly, rubbing my back one last time before venturing out to get what he listed.

I stayed hunched over the toilet, my stomach gargling until whatever was in there came up. I vomited, the bile burning my throat. I let out an angry sob, furious at my predicament. Why was this happening? A soft 'flump' was made at the sink, a hand back on me. I panted into the toilet, hating the taste of bile. Soon, the sound of clicking heels were heard and someone, most likely a woman, stopped behind me.

"Hello, may I check him please?" She asked softly, the question bring directed to Kai. He grumbled but complied, standing in the corner to stay out of the way.

"Just don't stick anything in him." He warned.

"Alright. How long has this been going on for?" She asked me, not daring to put her hand on me.

"Thirteen days." I muttered out, immediately retching out more of the dissolved breakfast.

"Do you happen to have any other symptoms?" She asked, her tone hinting that she knew something.

"Fatigue, dizziness, slight overconsumption, um...and a few mood swings." Kai listed off for me. If I wasn't so scatterbrained, I probably would've snapped at him for speaking for me.

"Hmm. Do you mind taking a urine test for me? It'll only take about five minutes." She said, grabbing something from her bag.

"What?!" I turned to look at her, eyes hard in a glare.

"Do as she says, Tomura. This is for your own good." Kai called to me, eyes soft. He didn't want to get me riled up anymore than I already was. We had a small stare down, my eyes hard and his relaxed. I sighed.

"Fine. Give it." I demanded in defeat, my hand held out for whatever test she was giving me. The two filed out of the room for me to do my business and such. Once the test was set, I sat against the wall next to the toilet.

"You all set in there?" The doctor asked.


It was silent as the seconds ticked by. I kept my focus on the gurgling sounds my stomach continued to make in case it was going to come up. A knock on the door told me that five minutes had passed. I slowly stood up as the woman took the test. Kai wrapped his arms around me, his chin on my shoulder.

"What's the result?" I asked lowly, wanting to just get it over with.

"What I expected. From the symptoms you said you had and your morning sickness, I predicted that it might have something to do with a pregnancy. And as I suspected, the test is positive. Congratulations!"

I stared at her with a parted mouth, eyes wide in shock and arms falling limp by my sides. I was...pregnant? I thought we were safe, he used a condom. How-?

"The condom must've broke." He muttered into my ear so she wouldn't hear, conflicting feelings evident in his voice. I felt the same way.

"Could you...give us a minute?" I asked breathlessly.

"Yes sir." She said, walking out briskly.


"Don't act like you're not as well." I said back, sinking to the floor.

The news were difficult to take in. I was pregnant. I had a tiny human growing inside of me. Everything that I've been working for was going to go down the drain. I couldn't do this. I couldn't take care of it!

"I want an abortion." I said suddenly. The arms around my waist tightened.

"Love, please think this through. It's not just you that this is going to affect. Let's just talk about it, please." Kai said softly. I choked back a sob as he lead me to the sink.

He started washing the bile off my face and handed me my toothbrush and paste. He pulled my shirt off and let me start brushing my teeth, getting rid of the bile taste in my mouth. The whole time I was brushing, he was undressing me and rubbing alcohol onto my skin. I was used to the burning feeling, so it didn't bother me. He wiped away the excess and moved to grab the clean clothes. I bent down to spit the paste out. A clothed crotch pressed into my dear, a hand holding my hip. I squealed and looked back at the alpha. He was smiling sheepishly, rubbing my hips. I scoffed and wiped my mouth, the man moving to dress me. Even if I disliked the sudden contact, it made me a bit giddy. While most people see a cold hearted yakuza boss, he was secretly a perverted sweetheart. It was a side only I was allowed to see, or at least the perverted one. He was always caring towards me around the others and got aggressively defensive of me if some fool started flirting with me. The thought of last time had me break out into a smile.

Once I was dressed, Kai lead me into the bedroom and sat next down on the bed. I wore an extravagant dark grey kimono aligned with golden trims and a red ribbon tied beautifully with black slides. It wasn't usually what I would wear, but I would allow it when Kai wanted me to take a day off. It annoyed me that he wanted me to not do anything just because of my pregnancy. At least the clothes were comfy, though. He sat in front of me, eyes boring into me in an intense stare down.

"Can we please talk?" He asked softly. He really wanted to discuss this, but I really didn't want to. I didn't want anything to do with the growing fetus in my stomach.

Still, Kai has been kind and patient to me. I sighed.

"I don't want it." I said softly. He took my hands into his own, leaning forward to meet my gaze when I looked down. He wasn't angry or harsh.

"I know you don't, but I want you to think about this. It doesn't just affect you, it can affect me. This child is both of ours, our offspring."

"But...what will everyone else think? They'll look down upon me. I can't lead if they only think of me like a-"

"Leader. This may affect them as well, but they won't look down upon you. Most of them would be ecstatic to know you're expecting. They would want to help care for them anyway they can. They wouldn't think any less of you even if you were pregnant." He explained calmly. How can he be so calm in this situation?


"Tomura, love, please listen to me. I want you to really think this through. Why don't you want a child? Do you have no interest in being a parent? Are you nervous about committing to the responsibility? Are you-?"

"Yes! No! I don't know!" I was in tears now. Confusion plagued my head, the hormones doing nothing to help.

"Are you...scared?"

There was silence save for my staggers breathing and small sniffles. The question was quiet, asked in a soft voice. It echoed in my head on repeat. Was I scared? What was I scared of? My hands curled into tight fists unconsciously, anger boiling inside me out of nowhere. I didn't even realize what I was doing until I swung a hit at Kai's cheek. I felt my eye twitch slightly, stopping and widening at the realization of what I just did. He was rubbing his cheek, eyes narrowed slightly.

"Kai! I'm so sorry! I-!" He held a hand up, silencing me.

"It's alright, love. I forgive you. I know the topic of starting a family is frightening." He said, his voice more bold and understanding.

Starting a family? Was that why I was scared? Small bits of memories from my childhood flashed in my mind, the blood and screaming and-


He looked at me with concerned and caring eyes. Even after hitting him, he was still patient with me. I stared at him with teary eyes, his naked thumb wiping them away affectionately. He was so sweet.

"I...I'm start a family. I don't want to lose it because of my my other..." I broke down in the end, jumping into his arms. He held me close, hand petting my hair soothingly.

"It's okay, love. It's okay. You don't need to worry. I'll help you every step of the way if you'll let me." He said, making sure to emphasize the fact that I had a say in his assistance. I choked back another sob.

"O...okay. I'll keep them." I said finally in a quiet voice, not trusting it to talk very loud. He knew what I said, anyway. It almost took me by surprise at the fact that I finally referred to the child as at 'them' and not an 'it'. It didn't bother Kai, though.

We stayed like this for a while, both of us taking the day off. When it came down to informing the rest of the precepts and league about it, they were excited and congratulated us. I was nervous at first, but Kai refused to let me tell them alone knowing about my anxiety.

Kai was so nice, sweet, and caring. He was the best.




I've endured brutal training under Sensei, I've received blows from my own father, I've loved on the streets for a few days in hunger and in the cold, but none of those experiences could prepare me for this.

The contractions that came had me in agony, my body spasm getting more violent as I panted and yelled. I felt tears falling down my cheeks, everything being too much. I was being held so they could stick a syringe in my lower back, the liquid being the only thing to numb the pain. I was layed back onto my back, a familiar hand gripping mine.

"Tomura, look at me." I looked over at the alpha, golden eyes meeting blood red ones. His vacant hand went up to play with my hair, distracting me from the pain I was feeling. I tried to follow his breathing, calming down only slightly.

"It hurts!" I whined loudly.

"I know it does. Just breathe with me. You're doing great, love." He said, his hand moving from my hair to my cheek to force me to look at him.

"Alright, push!" As soon as that doctor said that, I pushed as much as I could. I screamed in the end, my back arching until I fell back on a panting mess.

Several minutes went by, which turned to hours of the same process. I was on the verge of passing out, a string of saliva slipping down my mouth. Hands between my legs were visible now, the baby coming out. My toes curled and my hand squeezed Kai's.

"One more. Push!"

I did. I let out one more scream, which was cut off by a baby's wail. I panted heavily, my vision blurry with dark spots. Once it cleared, I sat up slowly. A hand cupped the back of my head and bumped my forehead with Kai's, tears of joy streaming down our faces. We pulled away when a doctor came up with a bundle cradled in their arms, handing it to me.

"Congratulations! It's a boy" She said, backing away with the other doctors.

I moved the blanket out of the way, peering down at the ivory face. His eyes were closed as he cried until my fingers brushed against his cheek. He instantly calmed down and cooed. Kai took a glove off and brushed his forehead delicately. His eyes opened to look up at us, shock running through me. His right eye was red and his left was gold, perfect replicas of our eyes. He gave us a gummy smile, laughing a Kai poking his nose.

"He's adorable." Kai gushed, chuckling lowly.

"He's as sweet as you." I commented thoughtlessly, a deep blush spreading across my face. He chuckled and kissed my cheek.

"What do you wanna name him?" He asked.

I shifted him a bit. We haven't really thought about names. We wanted his gender to be a surprise, so we never really discussed names. There were many things that came to mind. What would his quirk be like? If it was the combination of both of ours, then it would be something dangerous. Very dangerous, deadly even. A lighthearted laugh brought me back. I huffed out a laugh of my own. He was like an angel, an angel sent from heaven, a very deadly angel.

I smile grew.

"You know what you want to call him?" He asked, noticing my wide smile. I nodded.