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Safe and sound

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Toshinori looked up from the book he was reading and barely managed to put it aside before he suddenly had a lapful of his boyfriend. Shouta smirked as he wrapped his arms around him and Toshinori automatically did the same, supporting the other man’s weight.


He felt a bit confused because Shouta wasn’t usually this needy – especially in the mornings. Had something happened to him during his patrol?

“Hi yourself. Are you alright?”

Shouta chuckled into his neck and Toshinori shivered slightly from the warm breath on his skin. His fingers gently carded through the other man’s long dark hair and he felt Shouta relax completely.

“I’m fine. Just really tired and I missed you.”

Toshinori hummed quietly and continued his ministrations, while drawing soothing circles on Shouta’s back with his other hand.

“I missed you too.”

Ever since he retired, Toshinori had been even more anxious and unsettled during nights Shouta went on patrol. He knew the other man was more than capable of protecting himself, but the thought of losing the one person that meant everything to him was terrifying. But now Shouta was in his arms – safe and sound – and he could relax.

Dark eyes, with circles just as dark underneath them, blinked up at him blearily, but there was a small smile on Shouta’s lips. He pressed a soft kiss to Toshinori’s neck, his cheek, forehead and nose – and finally made his way to Toshinori’s lips. The kiss was soft and reassuring; a silent I’m here, I’m okay .

He let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding and his shoulders slumped slightly. Deft fingers rubbed them gently and Toshinori kissed Shouta again, tightened his fingers in the other man’s hair.

“We should go to bed, love.”

Shouta sighed and nodded, but pressed himself closer to Toshinori’s chest instead of getting up. Toshinori let him and tightened their embrace. He was worn out – staying up all night and worrying always did that to him. But he could wait until Shouta was ready to move again.

Soft even breaths puffed out against his neck a moment later and Toshinori couldn’t help but chuckle slightly. Careful not to jostle Shouta too much, he grabbed the blanket they kept over the back of the couch and draped it over them. He softly kissed his boyfriend’s forehead and smiled. This wasn’t the most comfortable position to sleep in, but as long as Shouta was there, he would always be fine.