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Friendly Competition

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“And thankfully, that was the last time we had to deal with them.”

The others at the table all laughed as Waverly concluded her story. 

“Truly Dear, I hadn’t realized until we met you that their was another town as… colorful, as ours.” Regina, the oldest of the group, chuckled. 

Clarke shook her head.

“Me and Lexa never have stories half as crazy as you guys to tell.” The young blonde offered, sounding half rueful and half relieved.

“And I think I’m happy for that.” Her wife, Lexa, added. “I have enough normal problems on my plate already.” 

The four women were sitting together on a sunny veranda around a table with six seats. Their meeting was an, at least, semi-annual event, the group usually finding a way to get together every few months and individual members occasionally getting together between. 

Theirs’ was an odd and miraculous group by any measure. Each couple was very thankful for the circumstances that brought them together. It had been a North American policing conference, one of those events where departments across the continent could meet up, collaborate, and share knowledge and techniques. Sheriffs Nicole Haught And Emma Swan we’re both attending. By chance, Lexa Woods’ company was in attendance to to unveil new systems they were hoping to contract to law enforcement, and she personally chose to attend. 

These three women alone might have noticed each other in such an overwhelmingly male dominated environment, but likely nothing more. However, Waverly would never give up an opportunity to travel, and so had come alongside Nicole. Regina, being the mayor who Emma reports to, could actually help make decisions about policies to adopt or purchases to potentially make (though this was largely an excuse to travel with her wife). And lastly Clarke, well, Clarke was just tired of Lexa being away so often.

So with three beautiful wlw couples noticing each other in the same unexpected place? They had to talk. At first they just laughed and joked about the surprising gathering of gay in the least expected place. Soon though, they found themselves talking about more, they learned quickly how much they had in common. By the time they parted ways, they had become fast friends. 

Right now, the group was waiting for Emma and Nicole, both of whom were held up on the way there. Regina’s phone dinged where she had left it on the table. Waverly hadn’t intended to peek, of course, but it was instinct to glance when she heard the tone.

“Oh.” The older woman picked it up. “They’re almost here.” 

“Daddy’s cumming?” Waverly really couldn’t help but snicker. 

“Oh really?” Regina cocked a brow. “You’re one to laugh I suppose? Nicole isn’t your ‘big red daddy’?” 

The group, especially the three subs, had become fairly open about their more personal activities as well, even having shared intimate details, such as which girl had what equipment. So they all knew the three tops had a penis, and to a degree the roles each girl enjoyed. That Regina, for example, liked a sort of power play from the bottom, leaning heavily into a role as a “brat”, teasing and prodding Emma into getting angry and taking charge. Clarke kept her life and roles firmly separated, a successful doctor, headstrong and every bit Lexa’s equal out of the bedroom, but intensely submissive in it. Waverly took a more moderate role as Nicole’s Babygirl; spoiled and obedient, but not bratty, nor so extremely submissive.

They hadn’t, however, discussed such matters in enough detail to start talking about daddy kinks, or other specific details. Waverly wasn’t surprised though, just curious how Regina knew about her. 

“And just  how would you know that’s my thing?” She asked teasingly.

“Oh please!” Regina snorted. “Nicole is just about as daddy as it gets. And I might have seen your contact name as well.” She finished. 

“Nosy mayor.” Waverly retorted.

“Always.” The older woman smiled smugly.

Clarke was smiling and shaking her head at the exchange.

“You two might have some good daddies, but I’m pretty sure Lexa here has the role locked down tight.” She weighed in. 

“Oh my god, Clarke.” Lexa lowered her head into her hand and looked like she was trying to figure out how to escape that place.

“What? I’m just saying, you are easily the daddy-est daddy. No offense to Nic and Emma, but they’re competing in the wrong game.” She smugly grinned.

“Why are you doing this Clarke?” The brunette groaned. 

“Yes Clarke, why are you doing this?” Regina gladly took Clarke’s bait. “Don’t start something you can’t finish Dear. Emma is a Sheriff and, in the perhaps crude terms she might describe herself in, a badass. You are lovely people and dear friends, so don’t take this the wrong way, but your Christian Grey wannabe has nothing on a real daddy.” 

“Oh it is on!” The blonde fiercely snarled. Even Lexa shot the haughty looking woman a glare. 

“Now don’t fight you two.” Waverly rejoined the debate. “Especially over something that’s a moot point when Nicole is obviously more daddy than either of yours. I believe you yourself described as ‘as daddy as it gets’?” 

“I was speaking in objective terms as being a daddy, not quality. At which, she is essentially Emma when she was still a young pup and not yet Sheriff.” Regina retorted.

“Yeah, don’t think being a redhead gives her some sort of free pass.” Clarke concurred. 

“What does that even-?” Lexa tried to interject, but was, of course, interrupted. 

“As fun as it may be, trying to argue to the tragically uninformed the obvious virtues of my daddy, I don’t think we have a way to settle this debate.” Regina observed.

“That is true.” Waverly grudgingly nodded. “Unless you want to admit the obvious, that the same Nicole who can kick the ass of drunken hicks twice her size and look amazing doing it is clearly the best daddy, we probably can’t settle this argument.” 

“How sad.” Clarke shook her head. “Well, it looks like my daddy will just have to win by default then. Oh well.” She faked a wistful sigh before grinning. 

“Actually,” Lexa spoke up firmly this time, and didn’t stop to be interrupted. “I think I can solve that.”

“You- What?” Regina was already preparing a biting retort when Lexa’s declaration registered on her. 

“Yeah, what exactly are you talking about?” Waverly agreed.

“I do have a lot of resources at my disposal. Most of them aren’t play rooms.” She directed that at Regina. “I could host a special website on my private servers, I might also know where to leave word to get visitors.”

“Oh, I like how you think.” Waverly seemed to guess what she was getting at. 

“Excuse me, but just what are you thinking?” Regina, however, wanted to hear the whole plan. 

“Our three couples can each make a video showing off just how daddy you are, in the bedroom at least. The viewers will vote on who did best. Don’t worry about privacy. In addition to only sending word to a select audience, I can have some beautiful custom eye masks made for each of us. No one need know who we are.” Lexa concluded her explanation. 

“That is an impressive plan.”  Regina admitted. “It is a rather bold move to plan steamy sexual encounters before an audience to show off our partner’s, and your own, sexual prowess and dominance.” 

“So are you too scared?” Clarke goaded her. 

“Hardly.” Regina scoffed. “I said it is bold, not that I don’t want to take part. Emma will handily prove herself.” 

“I’ll have to run this past Nicole of course, but I’m in.” Waverly agreed. 

“So it’s settled.” Regina announced. “I’m surprised you of all people would try such a plan Lexa. You’re normally the deadly serious one.” She teased.

“I don’t necessarily support Clarke’s methods here, but my princess always strives to be the best. If that includes best at pleasing me, who am I to say no?” She subtly smiled.

“So the power suit can get devious. That’s my girl! I should call you an honorary Earp sister.” Waverly laughed.

The four hadn’t noticed in their banter the final two members of their group approach. 

“So what’s up?” Emma Swan’s voice suddenly cut into their chatter. 

All four women suddenly fell silent. 

“Uh oh, why do I sense something is up?” Nicole said after looking the abashed group over. “Emma, are your cop senses going off the chart?” 

“Definitely.” The blonde nodded. “Regina, what did you do?”

“Oh! I must be the one who causes trouble?” She gasped indignantly, placing her hand on her chest. “Sometimes it doesn’t even feel worth it to remain the final bastion of dignity around hooligans, certainly not after having married one anyway.” 

Nicole chuckled at seeing such a typical exchange from those two. 

“Babygirl, what are you three planning?” She walked over, pulled Waverly into a hug, and kissed her on the forehead. 

The Earp girl smiled and kissed Nicole back. 

“It’s not important now, let’s just enjoy our lunch now that we’re all here. Oh,” She added as an afterthought. “And it’s four Lexa was part of it too.” She looked at the brunette accusingly. “You big bad doms can get in trouble too you know.” She rolled her eyes.