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Walking through an endless void of black. The color which consumed all the light yet hosted all the colors, too. Walking without knowing the destination. Walking without complaining until seeing that bright yellow. Yellow which burned through that endless void to reach its hand to him. Luring him to walk a path that is too dangerous to even consider. Too dangerous but too tempting. Yet very much inviting that even taking a little step towards that color could paint him yellow to the brim. Could make him stand out in that void of black. Maybe even save him from that black.. Or maybe cause him turn into a hue which could never host other shades anymore.



The golden sand stretching along the boundless sea, where the sun barely peeked from the horizon, Jeon Mansion still stood strong against the beach, as well as eyes of the judging world. At the second floor, looking out the window and watching the ocean, there, stood Jungkook as well. 

He pulled at the burlywood curtains after noticing the familiar grey car getting into the front yard, that dark feeling beginning to consume him, yet again, at the sight of the pale blond hair coming out of the car in a hurry. Once the comforting sounds of the waves turned into a suffocating melody with the sounds of footsteps rapidly getting close to him, pulling him lower and lower into that cold, dark place. A void Jungkook fell into after that day and never managed to come out again.


Jungkook closed his eyes and crossed his arms on his chest, trying to remain calm. Trying to grab onto that rendered realism, a never ending expanse of burning black. 

"Are you fucking kidding me?"

The voice -of the very reason why the once vibrant hues of his life turned into nothing- said.

"Look at me Jungkook!"

Jungkook flinched at the loud sound of a fist slamming the wooden table to get his attention. He clenched his hands on his arms and took a deep, yet still not satisfying, breath before turning around himself and wearing that usual disgusted expression of his whenever he looked at that face, "What do you want, Namjoon?" He addressed the face of his nightmares -said face turning into a dark shade of red, fire of fury smoldering in his dark eyes, jaw clenched just as tight as his fists on the table.

"Tell me you are kidding.." He hissed out, the tone of his voice making something churn into Jungkook's stomach with anger.

"No, i'm not." Jungkook answered calmly, even managing to smile at the end, seeming unbothered by the rage of the man in front of him. Of course it made it even harder to hold back for the said man -Namjoon.

"You can't." Namjoon managed to utter after taking a deep breath to control his nerves.

"I can. And i will." Jungkook answered back in a breath, already determined and confident.

"Jungkook!" Namjoon called out loud, like he could somehow express what he wanted to say by just yelling his name, "You are only twenty! When there are so many young people around you, why him? Why.." He whispered the last word with pure desperation, Jungkook almost pitied him. Almost.

"I love him." Jungkook answered quitely while staring at the floor, not able to hold Namjoon's gaze.

"You are lying." 

"I'm not."

"You are, Jungkook, lying." Namjoon repeated, this time emphasizing his words with clenched teeth. Jungkook couldn't avert his eyes from Namjoon's burning ones now. They rooted him into his place, as if suffocating him inside the cruel reality.

"I- I love him." Jungkook spoke in a lower tone, scared, almost like a little kid who just got scolded by his father. His father— At the reminder of him, Jungkook's whole body felt rigid and a shiver ran down him as if the temperature of the room suddenly fell ten degrees. His eyes, burning with only one thing in his mind -revenge- fixed on Namjoon's. "I love him." This time words came out more confident, "He loves me. And we're getting married. Even you can't stop it now, Namjoon-hyung."








Only a few kilometers away, on theother side of the beach, the bright lights of the warm, summer sun washed the baby-blue walls of the small room on the third floor of Min mansion. Red-orange glow danced around the room as Taehyung tidied his bed and looked at his brother's messy one briefly before walking to the floor-to-ceiling window. He stood there and watched the ocean for a moment, smiling at the sight of the waves softly hitting the sandy shore with a comforting rhythm. Soon he heard the familiar voice of his younger brother from next door, complaining about having to wake up so early in the morning even though it was only weekend. Taehyung walked out of the room, peeking at the next room -which belonged to Miss Suran- to watch his brother pout up at Miss Suran while she was fixing his collar with a fond smile on her face.

"Good Morning, Noona." Taehyung greeted her cheerfully, ignoring his brother -Beomgyu- who turned his head to him sharply.

"Good morning, Taehyung." Miss Suran greeted just as warm.

"Tidy up your bed, Beomgyu." Taehyung reminded him before walking through narrow corridor -passing by Jimin's room- to stairs; barely hearing Beomgyu's voice, still complaining to Miss Suran.  Checking up the diningroom on second floor and finding no one, Taehyung continued going downstairs; some random pop song playing in his head and him mumbling it carefreely. 

"Good morning, Taehyung-ssi." Hana -one of their housemaids- greeted with a smile; a watering pot in her little hands, ready to go upstairs.

"Good morning, Hana! I watered the ones in my room, by the way." Taehyung informed while turning to his left to open the door which connected the large entrance of the mansion to stairs that went to ground floor. Where their other staff were staying -having their individual rooms- and also where the kitchen was. 

"Thank you!" Taehyung heard Hana saying. When he went downstairs and got closer to kitchen, he was greeted by the delicious smell of his favorite food, bagel with chocolate syrup, his stomach clenched with hunger in response. 

"Good morning.." Taehyung greeted the staff as he pressed a kiss on Mr. Sohyun's wrinkled cheek. 

"Good morning, my little cinnamon." Mr. Sohyun greeted back affectionately. Taehyung giggled at the nickname Mr. Sohyun always called him with. Mr. Sohyun was the oldest in the mansion -around his seventies- and even though he was one of the servants of this mansion, everyone was still respecting him. Not only because of his age but also because Taehyung's father always treated him more of a companion than a servant.

"Good morning, Taehyung-ah." Miss Saera -Mr. Sohyun's wife- and Jihye -their nephew- also greeted back. Taehyung smiled at them while sneakily grabbing a bagel and running out.

"Ah, Taehyungie!" Miss Saera gasped -though fondly. Taehyung only giggled and shot finger hearts at her before jumping in excitement and walking outside the mansion to backyard merrily. He felt no need for pretentious manners as he devoured the small bagel bread in one bite. Chocolate melted in his tongue and attacked his taste buds in the most pleasent way that Taehyung couldn't help closing his eyes and moaning satisfiedly. Though he gasped and opened his eyes in shock when he crashed into someone and almost fell backwards. Hoseok -their driver- though held him by the arms to support him and prevent his fall.

"Hoseok-hyung!" Taehyung screamed happily at the surprised man as soon as he was safe from any danger, "Good morning!" He greeted with his boxy smile. Hoseok sighed and pulled back slightly.

"Good morning, Taehyung. Firstly, stop running around with your eyes closed. And secondly..." Hoseok pointed at Taehyung's face and raised his eyebrows before continuing, " have chocolate on the corner of your mouth." 

"Eh? Really?" Taehyung pulled at the sleeve of his white button-up shirt to wipe at his face but Hoseok held his wrist before Taehyung could reach up.

"Are you crazy? Were you gonna wipe the chocolate with your sleeve? Which is white." Hoseok scolded as he wiped the chocolate from Taehyung's face with his bare hand and then wiped his hand on his worn-out pants.

"Eww, hyung.." Taehyung made a disgusted noise but he was actually giggling, "Thank you!" He then added and pressed a kiss onto Hoseok's cheek. 

"Wh- what?" Hoseok held his cheek and stared at Taehyung with wide eyes. Taehyung shrugged and ran towards the marble stairs in the backyard which reached up to a little cabin which Yoongi -his elder brother- used as his workplace, where he had his piano to create his own heavenly-melodies.

"Suga!" Taehyung yelled while running towards the cabin as soon as he saw Yoongi playing piano behind the window which covered the whole south wall of the cabin. Yoongi stopped playing and turned towards the voice. Taehyung opened the door and threw himself on his brother's back, hugging his neck tightly, as the latter made an 'oomph' sound at the sudden affectionate attack, "Good morning, hyungie!" Taehyung purred as he rubbed his cheek to Yoongi's. 

"Good morning, Taetae.." Yoongi managed to greet back while also trying to breath in Taehyung's grip. Thankfully soon Taehyung got off of him and sat at the couch next to piano, linking his hands on his lap and looking up at Yoongi with wide expectant eyes.

"You were working on the melody you were prepearing for me, right? Right?!" He asked like a little excited puppy and Yoongi couldn't help ruffling his hair affectionately in response.

"I was.. But i will only play it for you when it's ready and perfect. Okay?"

"But hyung!~" Taehyung whined and jutted his bottom lip out. Yoongi shook his head fondly at his brother's cute demeanour. 

"Come on, we are having breakfast in the garden today. I'm sure they already prepeared the table, let's not make them wait." Yoongi stood up while covering his piano with red, velvety cloth. 

"They didn't set the table yet, hyung! I saw them while coming here! We still have time..." Taehyung continued to whine but Yoongi only laughed quitely at him while leaving the cabin to go to the back garden. Taehyung didn't stop complaining but he still trailed behind his brother like a lost puppy. 






"Come on Beomgyu, tidy your bed so we can go downstairs for breakfast." Miss Suran encouraged the little boy who lazily folded his pajamas. 

"I could do it after bre-" Beomgyu stopped his whining as soon as he heard a car honk from right outside the mansion. Ignoring Miss Suran's complaints, Beomgyu ran towards the window and looked at the black Mercedes car waiting for the enormous gate of the mansion to open up, "Jimin is here! Jimin is here!" Beomgyu yelled excitedly as he jumped around. 

"Calm down Beomgyu!" Miss Suran tried but 12-years-old boy already left the room to run downstairs. As he saw Jimin handing his car key to Hoseok -for the driver to park it into the garage- Beomgyu ran down the outdoor stairs while yelling Jimin's name.

"Hey, handsome!" Jimin chocked out as he caught Beomgyu who jumped on his lap unceremoniously. 

"Welcome, Jimin-hyung!" Beomgyu smiled brightly as Jimin put him onto his feet after tickling him for a while. 

"Thanks." Jimin smiled back and ruffled Beomgyu's hair who giggled in response.

"Why were you late? Weren't you coming back yesterday?" Beomgyu asked as they walked upstairs.

"Well, a beautiful lady begged me to stay one more night. I couldn't possibly reject her kind offer." Jimin answered with a cheeky smirk on his face and Beomgyu giggled as he was always enjoying Jimin's stories about said beautiful ladies. 

"Ah, welcome, Jimin-ssi." Miss Suran greeted when Jimin and Beomgyu just stepped into the mansion. 

"Oh my. As beautiful as ever. Thank you, Miss. It's so nice to see you again." Jimin said with a lady-killer smile and took Miss Suran's hand to kiss it softly. Miss Suran smiled kindly in response and informed him about the breakfast in the garden. They walked towards the yard as Jimin talked about Paris and his funny experiences. And when they arrived the garden they were going to have breakfast at, Beomgyu started to run and yell excitedly:

"Jimin is back!"

Both Yoongi and Taehyung -who were already having their drinks- turned their heads towards Jimin. Though Taehyung faced front as soon as he saw Jimin walking towards them with a grin and moving lazily like he had all the time in the world. 

"Oh? You finally managed to find time to spend with us, huh?" Yoongi jabbed with an amusing smile. Jimin chuckled softly, kind of embarrased, while taking his place at the end of the table.

"Sorry, Yoongi-hyung. You know how it is.." He tried to explain.

"I'm joking, don't worry. Though it would be actually better if you spend more time with us, too. We miss you." Yoongi reassured Jimin with a fond smile.

"I miss you, too." Jimin answered honestly and his warm smile turned into a smirk as soon as he noticed Taehyung glaring at his food, "But honestly, i didn't actually miss this one." Jimin teased as he ruffled Taehyung's hair roughly.

"Ya! Stop it!" Taehyung yelled loudly and tried to pry Jimin's hand off. Jimin ignored him and continued to mess up Taehyung's milky brown hair while laughing at Taehyung's high-pitched whines.

"Enough, Jimin. Let him eat in peace." Yoongi intervened softly but he was also laughing quiely at the scene he missed witnessing after Jimin left for Paris for about two-months. 

"Okay, i'm letting you free.. But don't hit me back, okay?" Jimin informed as he backed away, his arms in front of his face as if he was guarding up, "You can't control your strength sometimes since you're in puberty." Jimin added while chuckling at Taehyung's failed attempts at fixing his messy hair.

"Shut up! You look at yourself, first. You're like a deviant pubescent, spending your life trailing behind every omega who smiles at you." Taehyung retallated with a pout, "And i'm not in puberty anymore."

"You are!" Beomgyu joined Jimin at teasing Taehyung.

"You are the one who is actually at the age of puberty!" Taehyung glared at his brother. 

"But you are the one who is not able to come out of puberty even though you are almost eighteen!" 

Jimin threw his head back, laughing loudly at Beomgyu's words. Beomgyu also started to laugh, more because he was proud he said something that made Jimin laugh so hard. Taehyung glared at both of them and then gave a puppy look at Yoongi which made the eldest finally shut Jimin and Beomgyu up. 

After that they caught up with each other while eating their breakfasts, most of the time four of them laughing at Jimin's jokes and stories. When they finally finished eating and were ready to go to their individual works, Yoongi asked them to stay a little longer.

"I want to tell you all something." He started as others listened him intently, "Well.. I actually wanted to talk about this before but since Jimin was abroad and i wanted to say it when you all were here, i couldn't."

"Is it something bad?" Taehyung cut in, panic coloring his features instantly.

"No, no. It's not. At all. Don't worry." Yoongi assured his brother immediately and comforted him with a smile and a pat on shoulder. Taehyung immediately relaxed at the touch and when Yoongi deemed it was okay, he continued, "You know, you are the people i care about the most. I love and trust four of you with my whole life. There was only one other person i loved and cared just as much other than you and my parents. And i'm sure all of you know who it was."

Jimin averted his eyes to the table at the remincense of the woman Yoongi loved so much and lost only four-months after their wedding, with their baby in her belly. When he raised his head again, he noticed others were also looking sad at the memory of the said person. 

Her name was Cheonsa and she was an angel just like her name meant. Yoongi and she knew and loved each other for as long as they remembered. But Jimin had to admit, Yoongi was an unlucky man. He lost his parents at the age of 23 and lost her wife as well as his baby at the age of 25. After that he never took anyone into his life, insisting that his brothers are more than enough for him. Now, though, after ten years of losing his wife, Jimin was sure Yoongi deserved and needed someone by his side as a partner. Even if Yoongi looked cold from outside's eye, Jimin knew actually how nice of a person Yoongi was inside. Warm, gentle, kind.. Actually Jimin knew the best. After all, Yoongi was the one who reached his hand to 9-year-old Jimin who lost his family and was refused to taken care of by his own blood-related relatives. Jimin owed Yoongi his life. No, he owed him even more than his worthless life. Yoongi was like a father to him than a brother.

"So.." Yoongi continued and Jimin blinked as if he was just in a trance of memories. He quickly focused on his hyung again, with a smile, since it seemed like it was good news, "After spending ten years without her.. Without someone i can call as my life-partner.. I-" Yoongi gulped nervously unlike himself, "I found someone to share my life with. And i want to introduce them to you all as soon as possible. If possible, tonight."

Even though Jimin was expecting it, he still didn't think Yoongi was already introducing that someone to them this early. But he was still happy. On the other hand, Taehyung ducked his head down, eyes brimmed with tears, as Miss Suran quickly wiped the shocked expression from her face and wore a sad smile, instead.








"Hmm, so you don't know the person who Yoongi fell so hard for?" Black haired girl murmured into Jimin's bare chest from where she was lying beside him, cuddled into his side tightly, "Or you are hiding it from me?" She raised her head and propped her chin on Jimin's hard chest, peering at him under her long lashes.

"I already told you no. He didn't tell us who it is, Yui, stop this." Jimin huffed in annoyance as he threw sheets off of himself and walked towards the door which connected the bedroom to bathroom. Yui's house was not nearly as big as his -or more like Yoongi's- but it was enough for him to escape from the somehow always loud and lively mansion and take a rest.

"Why did you go now?" Yui asked, disappointed, as she watched Jimin go into bathroom, put off by his boyfriend's ignorance and lack of attention. 

As Jimin showered and put on new underwear he left in Yui's house in any case, his phone rang at least five times. When he checked the missed calls -from Taehyung- he noticed that it was already fifty-five past seven which meant he only had five minutes to dry his hair and go back to mansion to make it on time before Yoongi's special and mysterious guest arrived -which was impossible considering the at least ten minutes of ride with deadly traffic. 

"Fuck- Yui, i'm going. I'm already late.." Jimin called into house while tying his shoelaces.

"Wait- I was preparing dinner for us!" Yui came after a little while, peeking into bedroom confusedly, wearing only one of the oversized shirts Jimin left here, a spatula in her hand.

"Are you playing house, Yui? You can't even cook.." Jimin chuckled weakly as he wore his jacket, not even once looking at Yui who's expression fell immediately after his boyfriend's words, "Don't pout, i'm joking.." Jimin said while while passing by her and pressed a hasty kiss on her lips. 

Traffic was indeed horrible but Jimin still couldn't keep his smile at the revelation of Yoongi finding someone he actually loved. Jimin was happy for Yoongi, no doubt. But it was still kind of funny, the ever composed Min Yoongi losing his composure over something as simple as love. So it all made Jimin even more curious about that mysterious person. 

Thankfully traffic started to run again so Jimin wasn't going to need to wait to long.








"They arrived?" Jimin asked while handing his keys to Hoseok. 

"Yes, they just arrived. They are at the back garden, going to have dinner there." Hoseok answered quitely, not looking at Jimin's face once. Jimin ignored him and ran towards the front door of the mansion, running upstairs to the third floor -to his room, to change his clothes into something more presentable. It took him almost ten minutes of styling his hair and putting on his favorite cologne. 

Mansion was eerily quite when no one was there, the servants serving to the back garden. Jimin couldn't help shivering at the dead-silence while going downstairs. Even if he complained about the-always-lively atmosphere in the house, he would still prefer it over this cold atmosphere.

When Jimin finally walked towards the dinner table in the back garden, Beomgyu was the first one who noticed him -as always.

"You finally arrived!" Beomgyu jumped in his seat excitedly and kind of relieved. When the heads turned around to look at him, Jimin realized Yoongi wasn't there and there was a foreign yet kinda familiar face staring at him. Taehyung was sitting awkwardly next to Beomgyu, never leaving his eyes from his lap, looking awfully unpleased. Miss Suran was sitting across Taehyung, looking nervous. Jimin could guess the atmosphere was awkward as hell before he arrived.

"Well, hello..." Jimin greeted with a confused smile as he finally got close enough to the table and recognized the unknown face, "Kim Namjoon? Don't tell me-"

"No, i'm not that person.." Namjoon quickly explained, saving Jimin from falling into a panicked state of learning your fatherly-brother getting married with the person you are most compared to, for some reason. Namjoon graduated from the same school and major Jimin was attending to with the best degree one can ever get. So people were always comparing him to Namjoon because Namjoon was also rich but he still managed to study hard and it was amazing unlike Jimin who was repeating his first year for the third time. Even though Jimin didn't really care about these all, he somehow found himself growing hateful towards Namjoon.

"Do you know each other?" Beomgyu asked curiously.

"Not really.." Jimin explained with an awkward smile, then stared at Namjoon who stared back at him. He also was not looking very satisfied with what was going on. Jimin asked, "If it's not you then-" Namjoon cut him with sigh and pointed behind Jimin with his chin.

"There he is, my brother." Namjoon mumbled and even before Jimin turned around, the smell of lillies filled his nostrils. As if every ounce of oxygen was taken from his lungs floating into the thin air like midnight smoke and being replaced by only that floral scent.

Jimin turned around himself in lightning speed to see the mysterious person who made him forget how to breath.

And there he was. The prettiest man -no, the prettiest human being Jimin ever laid his eyes on. Slightly long, silky black hair falling on his forehead and creating shadows over his eyes, contrasting his milky white skin as if proving that those two colors were the heaven-match. Natural yet radiant. The shyest smile etched on his cherry colored lips, a beauty -indeed beauty- mark right under his bottom lip. Everything was beautiful about the man in front of Jimin. His height which was slightly taller than Yoongi, meaning he was also slightly taller than Jimin. His proportions, his confident yet somehow innocent figure which sat perfectly on his slim waist. But the prettiest part of him was his eyes, undoubtely. Doe eyes. Innocent yet ambitious. Searching and looking for something that only he could see. Behind Jimin, behind everyone. At somewhere where only the bravest one can dare to stare. Not Jimin. Not anyone.

He was wearing white, head to toe, which only helped Jimin believe that, yes, there was indeed a God and only He could create such a flawless beauty this man was. 

"Introduce yourself." Yoongi reminded Jimin with a smile, as if kicking him out of his trance.

"He- hello. I'm Jimin. Yoongi-hyung's cousin." Jimin managed to stutter out as Yoongi and the-angel-boy walked closer. Words were heavy on his tongue, Jimin could barely let them out as soon as his eyes met with the boy's dark ones.

"Hello. I'm Jungkook." The boy introduced himself gracefully, his voice so smooth with an agreeable trace of huskiness. His lily scent was suddenly repressed and Jimin wasn't sure if he was glad or disappointed. 

"Well then..." Yoongi chuckled as he motioned them to sit around the table. Jimin settled in his usual place, at the end of the table, and put his elbows on it to rest his chin on his linked hands. Jungkook was sitting at the right side of Yoongi who was sitting at the head of the table, Namjoon on his left, "I was showing my workplace to Jungkook." Yoongi explained as servants started to serve the food.

"It was really beautiful. Inspiring. Now i can understand why those melodies of yours are always so peaceful." Jungkook said with a honest smile, looking at Yoongi with star in his eyes, mirroring Yoongi's expression. Other occupants of the table watched the pair look into each other's eyes like that for a few seconds. Jimin averted his eyes from them to see Taehyung clenching his eyes shut and and holding onto the edge of the table as if it was helping him stay sane. On the other hand Miss Suran was smiling and staring at his plate being filled with delicious food, avoiding looking at the pair. 

"Yoongi-hyung is indeed very creative." Jimin cut in to save everyone from the uncomfortable silence, "And he loves his piano a lot. Almost as much as he does love me." Jimin joked, helping the heavy atmosphere around the table to get lighter. 

"I'm sure he does, even more than he loves you, actually." Beomgyu said cheekily. Everyone except Taehyung laughing at his words. 

"I thought you were on my side." Jimin chuckled sadly, pretending to be offended. But soon his eyes caught Jungkook who was smiling so big which extended to his eyes and turned them into two beautiful slits as his front teeth showed with all their glory. A smile that just seemed so genuinely sweet with just the right touch of shyness that an unexpected warmness flood through Jimin. 

"I'm on Jungkook's side from now on.." Beomgyu said, staring at Jungkook dreamily while leaning his head on his hands. 

"Well, thank you." Jungkook chuckled, amused, and reached his hand across the table to ruffle Beomgyu's hair. 

"Wow, i thought i was the one who you always took side with." Yoongi hummed with a fake disappointment, "Know your place, Beomgyu, he is your brother-in-law." Yoongi warned jokingly. 

Brother-in-law. Jimin thought. He was blinded by the beauty of the boy that he almost overlooked how young Jungkook seemed. He was acting so mature but Jimin still couldn't help thinking how pure and childish Jungkook's smile was. Yoongi wasn't that old either but, the alpha was very much mature even compared to his age. Still, Jimin was sure Jungkook could bring any men onto their knees with just a charming smile of his. Yoongi was also a mere man, in the end. He probably lost himself into that sweet smile and doe-eyes. Yet, Jimin still couldn't help wondering just how old Jungkook were. Since he looked almost at the same age as Taehyung. So he blurted out:

"I'm sorry, how old are you Jungkook-ssi?" 

Everyone turned their heads to Jimin as if he asked something that must have been taboo. Jimin smiled awkwardly, confused about the reaction he got.

"Jimin-ssi. You shouldn't ask people of their age." Miss Suran reminded kindly. Jimin was going to apologize even though he couldn't understand why it was so wrong to ask someone's age. But Jungkook was faster at speaking:

"It's okay, Miss Suran." He reassured the woman with a warm smile and turned his face to Jimin, causing something akin to wild-fire ignite into Jimin's heart, "I'm twenty." He explained and Jimin let out a soft 'oh!', understanding by now why it was a taboo to ask age. Or more like asking Jungkook's age.

He was young. So young. Only two years apart Taehyung. Jimin wasn't old either, only 21, but Yoongi was 35 and the age gap between the pair was too much. At least for Jimin. Yoongi didn't mind it, it seemed. So Jimin tried to ignore it, too. 

After Jimin's question, the atmosphere turned heavy as brick, again. Thankfully Yoongi managed to soothe it a bit as he talked. Jimin watched Jungkook the whole night. He couldn't really help it, even when he tried to focus on others, Jungkook was shining among everyone like a very beautiful, rare emerald. 

And Jimin liked beautiful.

Jungkook was smiling a lot. He looked geniunely happy but Jimin would sometimes catch his smile fade for a second whenever his eyes met with Namjoon's. In only that brief second, darkness would consume Jungkook's face like a big scary beast. Even from where he was sitting, Jimin could feel the utter disgust and hate dominate Jungkook's pretty figure. Yet there was an unspoken sadness oozing under that darkness, too; though already defeated by that great darkness. As if that darkness was only a shell, protecting the delicate feelings of the boy from the outside world. 

Jungkook was geniunely happy whenever he looked at Yoongi, like a little kid who looked up to his saviour. But underneath it all, there was more than that sweet smile the boy always wore on his cherry lips. Jimin already felt addicted. As if the dark yet bright cloud around Jungkook was gradually sucking him in. And Jimin felt helpless and extremely curious.

"Well, it was really nice to meet you all." Namjoon said finally when they spent a few hours only sitting there and talking about mostly Yoongi and Jungkook, "We shall leave now, Jungkook?" He looked at Jungkook, saying more than asking. 

"Okay.." Jungkook answered quitely before getting up as others also got up. He looked around the table and met everyone's eyes except Jimin's, with a warm smile, "I'm really glad to get to know all of you. Yoongi talked about each and every one of you so dearly. I could feel just how much he cared about his family." Jungkook averted his eyes to table to hide his eyes which hosted a deep sorrow. When Yoongi put his hand on his shoulder and squeezed in comfort, Jungkook raised his head and looked at Yoongi with a gentle smile and slightly glazed eyes, "Thank you." He whispered, "For seeing me worth of joining your family." 

"I should be the one who is thanking, Jungkook. Thank you for letting me look more at myself than always looking around me." Yoongi responded. 

Jimin saw Taehyung support himself on the table as if he was going to fall. Though he couldn't give more attention to him as they started to walk towards the front yard. Hana brought Jungkook's and Namjoon's jackets as Hoseok brought the car they used to transport their guests. 

Jungkook turned to Yoongi and others to say his goodbyes, hugging Beomgyu -who was giggling cheerfully- and shaking Miss Suran's hand. Taehyung, though, didn't even meet Jungkook's eyes once; instead muttering a goodbye under his breath. Jimin kind of wanted to slap some sense into Taehyung's head since Jungkook's face fell at his rude behaviour.

When Jungkook met Jimin's eyes and only smiled -which didn't seem to reach his eyes- before saying goodbye, Jimin realized it was going to be Jungkook's last words to him today. So his hand unconciously reached for the boy, like it was an instinct Jimin had no control over. Jungkook looked at it with wide eyes for a brief second. And then he met Jimin's eyes. Jimin knew he couldn't reject his hand now and Jungkook didn't, either. He accepted Jimin's hand and shook it only for a second before processing to pull back. But, as if that unknown instincts were acting upon themselves again, Jimin didn't let the boy's hand go. Instead grabbed it tighter and brought it in front of his face to press his lips softly on its back. His eyes never left the boy's wide ones while speaking with a low tone:

"Jungkook-ssi.." He called, almost testing the sweet name on his tongue, "I am so glad to have you join in our family."

Jungkook's mouth opened slightly as if he was searching for words he couldn't find. But then, suddenly his face contoured into somethig dark that sent shivers down Jimin's spine. 

"So am i." Jungkook said with a smile that somehow seemed dangerous.

Jimin watched Jungkook as their guests finally left the mansion. The illusion of Jungkook's eyes played in his mind as he tried to remember the smell of lillies, perhaps the most addicting scent Jimin ever inhaled his whole life. Even if he felt it only a few short seconds, an unexplainable curiosity filled him to the brim, the urge to smell that lillies were too much -almost suffocating him through thin air.

A feeling Jimin never knew nor named before, never in all of his life.






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