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The lion, the witch and the goddess

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Harry and Helena were bored. It had been raining non-stop for over two days now and pretty much all of their friends were on vacation. They would go on a vacation later themselves on the twins birthday to a private island that Sirius his family owned, but for now, there was nothing to do. They had gotten letters from Dumbledore's pawns almost every day, inviting them to stay over at their places, but those letters always quickly found their way into the burning fireplace

The twins had already done a good chunk of their summer homework and pretty much any game that you could play inside, so they were very bored right now. Severus was brewing potions, so they couldn't disturb him either. Tom was still resting at gringotts. Sirius saw them looking all tired and bored and he made a decision. Standing up, he clapped his hands and drew everyone's attention to himself. "I know a game that we could play: hide-and-seek." He spoke up with a grin and both Harry and Helena raised an eyebrow at that.

"Hide-and-seek? What are we? Five?" Helena asked. "Well, I don't see you coming up with a better idea." Sirius replied and the twins sighed in unison. Knowing that it was either this or boredom, they agreed on the condition that Sirius wouldn't turn into a dog and Remus told them that he would make sure that the childish man wouldn't do that. Despite being free from Azkaban, Sirius was still seeing mind-healers to reduce the damage that the dementors did.

Sirius started to count and the twins ran out of the room. Running into one of the spare rooms, Harry saw a very big wardrobe. "Helena, in here." He hissed as he ran in. "Isn't it better if we find separate places?" Helena whispered as Harry opened the door. "We'll do that in the next round to catch them off-guard. Now, come on." Harry replied and Helena rolled her eyes, before finally following him into the wardrobe. 

Keeping the door open just a tiny smidge, the twins backed up in-between the old robes as they tried to find the back of the wardrobe. "How big is this wardrobe?" Helena whispered, before making a sound of surprise as her hand touched... snow?! Pushing the last few robes away, the twins were stunned to find a snow-covered forest. "What the..." Helena breathed, walking back to make sure that they were still in the wardrobe. Seeing that they were, she walked back. Curiosity getting the better of them, the twins cautiously walked further. 

The forest was quite beautiful, snow falling from the sky in flakes, but not too fast. Walking further, they saw a lamppost. A young girl was standing next to it. "Excuse me?" Harry spoke up and the girl turned around with a gasp, somehow not having heard them coming over through the snow. "Do you know where we are?"" Harry continued, showing his hands to tell the girl that they didn't mean any harm.

"No, I only just got here. It's beautiful, isn't it?" The girl asked. Helena looked her over. She couldn't be older than eight and was wearing clothing that had gone out of fashion several decades ago. Not that she could talk with how wizards dressed, but still. "It is, but who are you?" She asked. "Oh, I'm Lucy Pevensie." The girl replied, holding out her hand and the twins shook it. "I'm Helena Snape and this is my brother Harry." Helena introduced them. Lucy beamed at them, before they heard a noise. Someone was coming. 

Harry and Helena reached for their wands, before remembering that Sirius forced them to leave them behind, so that they couldn't cheat either. The footsteps were coming closer and a figure appeared from behind a tree. Both the figure and Lucy screamed, the former dropping his things and Lucy trying to hide herself behind the lamppost. Helena gave the girl a look, because the lamppost wasn't hiding her at all. 

Seeing that the figure, whatever he was, wasn't harming them yet, the three children slowly got closer. Harry and Helena probably could still blast him away with magic if he proved to be a danger. As Lucy picked up one of the things that the creature had dropped, he finally came out of his hiding spot, stuttering the entire time. Helena felt her jaw fall as she got her first look at the man's legs. He had the hind legs of a goat!

"Were you hiding from us?" Lucy asked, holding out the parcel. "No. I...I just didn't want to scare you three." The creature, a faun, finally managed to say and Lucy giggled, while the twins just raised their eyebrows, not trusting him at all. Lucy asked what he was and he answered that he was a faun. "What about you three? You must be some kind of beardless dwarves." The faun guessed. "We're not dwarves. We're children. And I'm actually the tallest in my class." Lucy told him as she handed him the last of his stuff.

"So, you are saying that you are a son of Adam and daughters of Eve?" The faun asked and there was something in his voice that made Helena feel uneasy. "My mom's name is Helen." Lucy started to say. "Yes, but you are in fact human." The faun elaborated. "Yes, of course." Lucy replied, not really understanding why he was asking. "What are you three doing here?" The faun asked and the twins shared a look, hearing the fear in his voice. 

Lucy told him that she had been hiding in a wardrobe like the twins, before the faun revealed that they were in a place called Narnia and introduced himself as Tumnus. "Pleased to meet you Mr Tumnus. I'm Lucy Pevensie and these are Harry and Helena." Lucy told him cheerfully, holding out her hand. Mr Tumnus just stared at it. "I don't think he knows what a handshake is, Lucy." Helena muttered.

Lucy immediately tried to explain it to him, resulting in Mr tumnus completely falling to do a handshake. "How would it be if you three came and had tea with me?" He asked, letting Lucy's hand go and opening his umbrella. "No, thank you." The twins chorused, very aware of Stranger Danger. Lucy declined at first too, but Mr. Tumnus managed to convince her by talking about he had delicious food. The twins tried to convince Lucy to go home, but she didn't see the harm in it. Mr. Tumnus tried again to convince the twins, but they refused. 

Seeing the faun walk away with the girl, Harry and Helena quickly ran back to where they came from. Managing to find their way back, they ran to find Sirius and Remus and pulled the confused adult men with them. "You know that it's supposed to be us finding you, not the other way around?" Sirius asked as they were pulled into the room with the wardrobe. "Not important right now." Helena muttered.

Harry opened the door of the wardrobe and walked in, only to meet the wooden back of it. No forest at all. "It's gone." He called and Helena joined him. "It can't be gone. It was just here." She replied, confusing and slightly concerning the men outside the wardrobe. "What was just here?" Remus asked as Severus joined them, having finished his brewing and having heard his children run around. Feeling defeated, Harry and Helena sat in the opening of the wardrobe and told their father and godfathers about Narnia and about the strange faun.

"Well, it's a good thing that you didn't go with him and tried to get us." Severus soothed them, seeing that they were genuinely upset that they couldn't help Lucy and knowing that they wouldn't lie about this. "I just hope that Lucy wil be alright." Harry muttered as the men gently led them out of the room. After a bit of thinking, Remus and Sirius decided to believe them too, saying that you couldn't make up a story like that in just a few seconds.

The twins smiled a tiny bit at that, still worried about Lucy. The men tried to cheer them up and distract them, but it didn't really work. They sighed and hoped that they would find a way to discover what happened to this Lucy girl soon, before the twins worried themselves sick. The twins were really concerned about the little girl and hoped that they could go back soon. Little did they know that they would go back sooner than they thought