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Bangtan Pack

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“Thank You Army!!! WE Love You!!!” Namjoon said as he was bidding goodbye to the fans right after the Meet & Greet which the pack had just been at for the last two hours. After all of the pack bowed and gave their final goodbyes they walked out of the room into a large hallway.

The oldest of the pack left the room first, Mr. Worldwide Handsome, Jin. He was wearing an RJ headband on top of his light purple hair and a light gray sweater with some sleek black pants to accompany it. Behind him followed Jung-kook, who had his long black hair down and was wearing a simple white jacket with a blue shirt underneath and jeans. Next came Suga with his blond hair who was wearing a dark blue leather jacket with a loose vintage tshirt underneath with some dark jeans. Then came Jhope with his auburn hair, wearing one of his colorful suits for the occasion and wearing his big grin like always. After Jhope came Jimin with his light pink hair who was wearing a light pink shirt with small flowers on it and some white jeans, as he proudly wore his Omega collar that he had made for himself, it was pink. Nam Joon followed not far behind, striding by the security staff wearing one of his casual blue suits pushing his platinum bangs up. And last to exit was Taehyung with his raven black hair, who was wearing one of his football long sleeve shirts with jeans.

Everyone headed toward the green room to prepare for supper before the concert later that night. Taehyung's ears were still ringing from the deafening screams of the crowd as he went into the changing room to get into his new Gucci outfit he just bought. He wasn't feeling very well, and to be perfectly honest, he just wanted to go back to the house he shared with his band mates. To curl up on the couch, maybe watch a movie, and to be snuggled in between his Hyungs. He didn't care which of them it was out of the six pack mates, just as long as someone was holding or touching him. But unfortunately, he'd have to wait. That was just the fan meet and great, they still had a concert to put on later but first they were going to go get dinner at a nearby Korean restaurant.

Tae was exhausted and felt a bit feverish. Oh! This was all I need, to get sick right in the middle of the come back tour. he said to himself as he fanned himself with a random set list that was beside him. He pulled on a Gucci hoodie he found on a nearby chair next to his bag, it had Jimin's scent on it by the smell of it. He inhaled deeply, taking in the scent of chocolate and caramel, while smiling softly before grabbing his duffle bag and stepping out of the dressing room. Jung-kook and Jimin were the first ones ready to go, as usual, and were having a sword fight with balloons that they'd found God knows where. Tae walked out to be around the two younger members of the pack, trying to put on a calm expression. When he walked up Jung-kook gave him a strange look, concern etched into his face. "You all right, Tae Tae?" he said.

Taehyung shrugged, running a hand through his dark raven hair "I don't feel very well, to be honest. I probably just need some sleep." he responded. Jung-kook’s eyes searched Tae's face to see what was bothering him or if he was going to say anything else, but he was interrupted by Jimin, who was smashing a balloon into the side of his head. Tae took a seat on the floor against the wall, smiling lightly as he pulled out his phone while the two finished their dual. He scrolled through his twitter feed to see what people said about the Fan Event. He smiled while he read all of the sweet comments from the fans. Jung-kook came to sit next to him after he had beaten Jimin around for a little while. Jimin was on the ground laughing in pain as Kookie had just pinned him down on the ground and had tickled him for when he had slammed the balloon into Kookies face. Kookie scrunched up his face and sniffed the air around Tae. It smelled like cinnamon sugar that was too sweet. "Ugh, you stink." Jimin grimaced, waving a hand through the air dramatically, as he sat on the other side of Tae. Tae growled lightly, smacking Jimin's arm. "You don't exactly smell like peaches and cream either!" Jimin laughed, shaking his head before he stood and ran off down the hall. Most likely to go find Hobi. Tae was starting to feel worse as he was getting hotter by the minute and his skin felt itchy but he was just generally uncomfortable. He shifted in his spot on the floor, rubbing a hand down his face. He was sweating a little, his hair sticking a bit to his forehead.

"Gross," He heard from above him. He lifted his head and saw Yoongi, whose brows were pulled together and he had a frown across his lips. Tae whimpered, pulling his knees up and resting his head on them. Jung-kook reached over to place a hand onto Tae's back, rubbing soothing circles. "Shut up Yoon! Can't you see he's not feeling well?" Jung-kook snapped, as he glared up at Yoongi, wincing once he realized what he just said to his elder. "Watch your mouth Pup, I'm still your elder" Suga said in a stern tone. "Sorry Hyung " Kookie said putting his head down in submission. He may be an Alpha but Suga still held rank, not just as a senior alpha but as the oldest alpha in the pack. A mixture of hurt, concern and anger flashed across the oldest rappers face as he crossed his arms over his chest. It wasn't like Jung-kook to get that defensive and he surely wouldn't talk to one of the Alphas like that. Something must really be bothering him.

"Don't let it happen again" Yoongi said as he turned to walk away back into the greenroom to sleep a little next to Hobi who was on the couch. Jung-kook himself was surprised by his tone...why had he snapped at Yoongi like that and why did he feel the need to protect Taehyung so much at this time. "Ready to go?" Jung-kook asked, taking his hand off of Tae's back, and stood up. Tae shook his head, not lifting it from it's resting spot. "I guess not” Kookie replied as Jin came around the corner. Tae didn't even have to lift his head to know it was him. He could smell the Betas calming scent of Lavender. Tae and Jin had always had a different type of relationship compared to the others. It ran deep and had since day one and for that Tae loved being the one Jin doted on all the time. "Hey you okay, Tae Tae?" Jin asked with a worried tone. He took one look at the second youngest, sitting on the floor, with his head down and knew that something was wrong. His Beta instincts kicked in and he knelt in front of Tae. "I'm just tired." Tae mumbled against his arm.

"Baby, look at me."Jin said as he put one of his hands down to Tae’s chin, lifting it up softly. Tae looked up slowly as he couldn’t resist the pet name that Jin used, even if he tried. Jin scrunched his brows, his lips turned down into a deep frown. He shuffled forward slightly on his knees, getting closer, seeming to examine Tae. "Are you sure you're -" Jin said worriedly but was cut off by Tae. "Yes! I'm fine. I'm just tired!" Tae practically growled, not minding his tone as he thought to himself in anger. “Why the hell haven't we left yet? God, I just want to get this day over with.” Jin stared at him thinking he should mention the tone in Tae’s voice before he just nods. "Alright." He said as he turned around and walked back into the greenroom looking for Namjoon, seeking his mates comfort since he couldn’t give it to Tae.

Walking into the greenroom, Jin searched for Namjoon’s scent, the scent of the earth before a rainstorm, but couldn’t sense it. He looked down to the ground defeated, pouting and sat beside Suga on one of the couches that was beside him. Suga was half asleep, as he barely got any sleep the night before as Jhope kept him up all night with his snoring. As the movement of the cushion beside him went down, he felt uneasy as he sensed one of his pack mates was upset. He looked over to his right to see Jin, who had his eyes down and his brow furrowed. He stretched out his arm to rub his hyungs back lightly, hoping this would bring any comfort to whatever was going on with him.

Jin looked over to Suga and smiled lightly, still looking lonely. He leaned over and put his head onto Suga’s shoulder. He sighed and relaxed with the presence of a dominant Alpha close to him. Suga paid no mind to the skin ship that was going on as Jhope’s head was in his lap, looking on his phone. Suga moved a hand through Jhope’s hair making the Sub-Alpha look up lovingly. Suga motioned his head toward Jin in a nod, hinting that Jhope might help with whatever is going on. Jhope sat up and looked at Jin, who still had his head on Suga’s shoulder with his eyes closed. That should be for ME only! I’m the one who is trying to be a mate to Suga! Jin your already mated with Nam joon. Hobi thought with jealousy. He than started to smell a scent of cinnamon coming from the hallway. But it was too sweet, like fresh baked cinnamon rolls. He looked over to Suga, who shrugged and just went back to sleep.

Hobi was about to say something to Jin when Nam joon walked into the room and said “Alrighty everyone! The car is ready to take us to dinner.” He looked around the room and saw Jin on Suga’s shoulder, a small growl escaped his mouth. Which woke up the two oldest members as they looked around confused. Jin looked around and saw his mate behind him, who had a fierce gaze. He looked down and went toward his mate, neck bared, showing that nothing was going on. Nam joon placed his lips on Jins neck giving it a light peck and inhaled deeply. He calmed down and was wondering why he just did that. It was weird he never did that, unless he was getting closer to his rut or an Omega in heat was near. “But Jimin already had his heat so it couldn’t be him.” he thought to himself. He dismissed the thought and started to gather all of the members up to get ready.

Five minutes later, they were all being led out the back of the stadium and into a pitch black SUV that would take them to dinner. Tae sat in between Jimin and Jung-kook in the back seat. NamJoon, Hobi and Yoongi were sitting in the seat in front of them and Jin was in the passenger seat next to the driver. Tae curled in on himself, letting his head fall back onto the seat. He felt dizzy and hot. Way. To. Hot. Hobi, Jung-kook and Jimin were chattering away about the fans they just met and Tae's head started to throb. It was pounding so loudly that he wished everyone would just be quiet, so he could sleep. "Tae? Are you sure you're all right?" Jung-kook mumbled into Tae’s ear. "Mmm-humm", was the only response given, before Tae dropped his aching head onto the younger members shoulder and closed his eyes. Jung-kook smiled, looking down at the cuteness that was Kim Taehyung. He kissed Tae's temple, as he wrapped his arms around the now sleeping Beta.