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A cringy OC fic that you guys won't want to read just by reading the title

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Well. It's come to this.
Guys, I don't know how many of you have bookmarked this but you should delete the bookmark. You'd think it's easier to write when you're trapped at home but it isn't for me.

Not to give you too much info but I write on a school computer and recently it's blocked ao3 when I go home so... cha

I don't really have access to other devices at home either.
I... I'm gonna go on a hiatus (wow really it's not like I've been on one this whole time or anything) .
I can't update if I don't have reliable access to Ao3.
The amount of time I will be gone is indefinite.
I promise this: Whenever I update next it will be two chapters.
Not a good promise but it's all I can guarantee.
Sorry guys.