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Having A Crush On The Savior Of Humanity

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Running that's all we did it was all about survival. We were in a damn zombie apocalypse. You had slow zombies, fast zombies, zombies that seemed to have super speed, zombie animals and there were also different blends of zombies depending on how the died and where they were when they died it was crazy and chaotic.

   Hi, I'm Nik I was twenty-three when the world went to shit and zombies took over and my little brother Tommy or as he liked to be called 10k, he says thats how many zombies hes going to kill then his name will be Jeff he was seventeen. We were out with our dad when everything happened. We traveled for a while but then our dad got bit and turned and Tommy had to put him down. He changed after that he wasn't the scared nerdy loner kid anymore. Me on the other hand had always been hardheaded, strong, independent. I was overly opinionated, could never keep my mouth shut, I was sarcastic, a smartass, got in trouble as a teenager. I learned how to use guns, knives, bows, how to survive out in the wild at a young age the same with Tommy. As soon as I could I left and traveled around. I drank, I smoked, I had lots of sex, got high on the occasion. My dad never approved of anything I did. But after being gone for five years I came home for Tommy. The world ended and zombies took over shortly after. 

  After Tommy and I were alone for a year and survived black summer we ran into a group of people at a school, helping them out with the Zs from afar.  When they were leaving they stopped and an older man with white medium long hair and a ling white beard asked us to join them so we did. There was Warren who was in the National Gaurd, Garnett was also in the forces, Doc the man who asked us to join them, Addy and Mack who were a couple, Cassandra was a girl they found in a cage, Citizen Z who was at the North pole at northern light and then, then there is Murphy. Murphy had been bit eight times and survived. Why? Well because he was given an experimental Vaccine. He had special antibodies in his blood and needed to be taken to California to the CDC. That was our job, keep him safe and get him across the now wasteland of a country filled with zombies.....alive.

  But let me tell you what, it was not easy getting there it took three years just to get to California. Why? You may ask. Well Murphy was not by any means an easy person to get a long with. He was a scarastic ass, selfish, only cared about himself, thought he deserved to be treated like a king. He kept running off and peiple kwpt trying to kidnap him for theirselves or aomwone who was offering them sometging big. He got on every last nerve of mine and if it wasn't for the fact that he could be the answer to a vaccine to end all this end of the world shit I probably would have killed him. But let me back track and take you through our little journey. Starting at the beginning of when we met the group. And how we ended up becoming Operation Bite Mark for Citizen Z. 

 It's been a year since the world got over run by zombies. Me and my little brother Tom.... sorry 10k were walking up on the hill by the high school when we noticed a black truck pull in. Seven people filed out of the truck and looked to be making up a plan on what to do. While three of them went one way the others stayed bear the truck.  They were fighting off the zombies when I noticed an oldee man with white hair and a white beard struggling with a zombie. "10k," I said and nodded towards the man. He understood and brought his sniper rifle up and took the shot. He of course got his mark perfectly as always. He was always a better shot than I was.

   My weapon if choice was a custom bat I had made way before the apocalypse happened. It was stainless steel with spikes long enough to reach the brain all up and down it. It was red with a black handle. I was always really into zombie movies and figured I'd have a costume bat made just for the hell of it. Never thought I'd actually put it to use in a real zombie apocalypse. I also had a machete, bowie knife, and my 9mm semi automatic pistol with extra magazines all in my belt. 10k had weapons hid everywhere. The man had looked up and spotted us and then turned to fight off more zombies. 10k helped them out taking down any that got to close. 

  After all the zombie close by were mercied me and 10k started walking. After fifteen minutes down the road a familiar black truck pulled up beside us. The older man with white hair popped his head out of the back window "Hey, hey there. You're that sharp shooter that saved my ass, aren't you?" The man said. 10k just looked at him. "He is, yes," I told the guy. "Oh man. I want to thank you," he said. "It's no problem," I told him. "Do you need a ride?" He asked. I looked over at 10k and he shrugged his shoulders and nodded. "Yeah, thanks that would be great," I said. 10k got in the back and the man got out and I got in the back with him and another guy. 

   "I'm Doc," the man said. "Nik," I told him. "This here is Warren and Garnett, in the back is Addy, Mack and Cassandra and tgis here is Murphy," Doc said. "It's nice to meet you Nik. Thanks for saving Doc," Warren said. "Oh that was actually my brother. He's an amazing sniper always hits his mark," I said. "So where are you guys headed?" Warren asked. "Um.. no where really. We just keep moving," I told her. "Well you can cone with us. We're going to Calafornia," Doc said. "Calafornia? Why there?" I asked. "Murphy here is our cure for the zombie apocalypse," Doc told me.

   I looked at Murphy "That So? And how so?" I asked. "He was bit eight times and survived," Doc said. My eyes widened and I looked at Murphy, my mouth hung open. "Dont look so surprised priness," Murphy said. "One don't call me princess and two it's hard to believe someone could be bit eight times and survive," I said. "Well you're looking at the one and only princess," he said. "Call me princess again and I'll kick your ass zombie boy," I said. Just as he was going to say something we started speeding up and ran over zombie after zombie. 

  Eventually we pulled over because we were running out of gas. "Out of gas," Garnett said. We got out and stood on the side of the road. "Hey Warren we got a problem," Doc said. There was a zombie stuck up under ther wheel and axle.  "That explains the pull to the left," Doc said. "What you waiting for? Kill it! Kill it!" Murphy yelled and walked away. I walked over to Murphy and stood beside him. I had to admit he was sexy probably twice my age but I always liked older men. I stood there twirling my bat in my hand. "What do you want?" He said. "Nothing just thought you looked lonely zombie boy," I said. "I'm not a zombie," he growled. "That you know of," I replied. That's when we heard motorcycles coming up the road and I noticed Cassandra turn away to hide. As they went by they looked us down "that's right keep rolling and we all live to see another day," Warren said. 

We stood on the road looking down at New York City. "Even after all this, it's still beautiful," Warren said. We turned around and headed down the road to an old junk yard and started going through the cars for gas but there was not a drop in any if them. "All these cars and there's not a drop of gas," I said. 
Addy pulled put a cam and started recording. "What ? you on vacation?" Murphy said. "Someone has to record," she said. "You know we're probably the last generation of humans one Earth," he said. "To us it's the apocalypse, to her it's the memories,"  Mack said. Murphy scuffed and rolled his eyes. "Would it hurt the antibodies if I kicked him the nuts?" Addy asked. "We could find out," I said. 

  Doc laughed and loo ked at 10k. "So kids what's your name?" He said. "Ten thousand," he said. "That's bot a name. That's a number," Doc said. "It's my name. I made it up myself," he said. "Well supposed you have to. Does it mean anytging," Doc asked. "That's how many zombies I'm going to Kill. Already on 1,055," 10k said. " damn so what happens when you get to 1o,ooo?" Doc said. "Change my name," "to what? Twenty tgousand?" Doc asked and I snorted. 10k looked at me with a bitch face and looked at doc "Jeff. I like the name Jeff," he said. "I like your real name but okay little brother," I said and walked off. 

    I found Murphy and walked up to him "I don't think you should be alone," I said. "I'm not alone Warren is over there," he said. "Do you even know how to take a Z down?" I said. "Don't need to. I have all of you," he said. "You sure about that?" I said walking closer to him so we were only a few inches away from each other. He is at least a foot taller than I am and I'm only 5'4. I looked up at him and smirked. "Would be threatening me short stack," he said. "Oh you really don't want to make it to California do you," I said look into his blue eyes. He looked back into my own blue eyes and stepped closer. "Now you wouldn't want to kill the only hope for the human race would you princess?" He said. I grabbed his shirt and pulled him down to my level. "I told you not to call me princess," I said. 

  We stared each other down when 10k stepped up beside us "You're not going to kiss him are you? You don't know where it's been," he said. Doc, Mack, and Addy started laughing. Murphy grabbed my wrist and I let go of his shirt. We started walking back to Warren and I noticed a new guy one of the guys that passed us on the road. "He knows where we can get gas," Warren said. With that we walked back to the truck and I was stuck in the middle if Doc and Murphy. I purposely say a little closer to Murphy just to annoy him and because it's how I was with guys I found sexually attractive. "Do you mind," he said in my ear. "Do I mind what?" I said. "Getting out of my personal space," he said. "I'm sorry Murphy but there's not much room," I said and he groaned.

  We had arrived at a refinery that was crawling with Zs.  "This place is full of Zs," I said. We got out and Warren went over the plan and gave everyone jobs. "Nik, Doc stay here with Murphy," she said. 'Yeah sure," I said. "Hey, I'm going to go up high and keep an eye out," 10k said to me. "Alright, be careful do you understand me?" I said. "Yes, Nik I'll be fine," he said and walked off. Doc, Murphy and me all got back into the truck and doc and Murphy played go fish. "Eights?" Doc said. "Go fish," Murphy told him. "You cheated! At fucking go fish!" I said. "That's life princess," he said. Before I could say anything a few Zs started banging on the Windows. Doc got out to try and drawl them away and Murphy started freaking out. I climbed into the passenger seat.  "Murphy! Calm down!" I said. He wouldn't stop and got in the driver's side and took off. "Murphy! Look out!" I yelled but it was to late and he ran into a pole. 

  "Fuck!" I yelled after hitting my head on the dash. I put my hand up to my forehead only to bring it down to see blood. "Great! Now I'm bleeding because you freaked out over a couple Zs!" I yelled at him. Doc came running over and opened the passenger side door. "Nik! Are you okay?" He said. "Oh I'm fine don't worry," Murphy said. "Shut the fuck up before you become zombie foid again!" I growled. Warren and Garnett ran over and Doc helped me out if the car. "We have to get out of here that tanker is going to blow," Garnett said. We all piled into the black truck "wait where's 10k?!" I asked. Before anyone could answer he jumped in the back and we took off.