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. . . So, I May Have Adopted 5 Cats

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Katsuki was in a good mood as he made his way over to his girlfriend’s apartment. They had a date scheduled for that night, which he was excited for, because they hadn’t been on a date or spent much time together in the last few days, and it made him kinda sad. Granted, she said that something came up and she couldn’t see anyone or leave her apartment for too long, but still. He liked spending time with her, and was happy now that they could finally go out. He came up to her apartment building and jogged up the steps to her floor before walking down the hall to her door. He stopped outside as he took a moment to fix himself up before knocking on her door.


“Deku, I’m here. Get your ass out here already and let’s go!” Katsuki said as he stood outside her apartment, waiting to take her out. Impatient, he banged loudly with his fist. He heard a loud crash come from behind the door, which didn’t particularly alarm him, Deku was a clumsy lady after all, but what did catch his attention was the loud meow that followed after.


No! Stop!” Deku cried out, prompting him to let himself into her apartment because holy shit what the fuck was happening to his girlfriend!?


“Deku! What the-!... fuck?” he tapered off as he took in the scene in front of him. In her arms, his girlfriend was holding a short-haired light green cat with dark pattering. At her feet were two other cats, a slim, short-haired, brown one and a larger one with wild, shaggy red fur. On the table behind her was a cat with sleek, long, purple fur, and farther back still was a half white half red cat with a large burn mark over its right eye.


“Hi, Kacchan,” Deku smiled sheepishly, holding the green cat closer to her chest, her hair even more disheveled than normal. “Sorry, I’m almost ready for our date! Promise!”


“Forget about the fucking date for a second,” he groused, closing the door behind him, relief crashing through him when he realized she wasn’t being attacked. “Just,” he sighed, “explain to me, right now, what the hell is going on.”


“Huh?” she asked, momentarily looking confused, before realization dawned on her. “Oh! Hehe, well, um,” she stammered, hunching her shoulders in that cute, self conscious way of hers. “So, uh, I may have, um, adopted five cats. Surprise?” she asked, laughing nervously as he took a deep breath.


“. . . why?” he asked slowly, shooting her a deadpan look.


“Well,” she began, looking away and biting her bottom lip. “I was walking by the shelter. And you know I can’t not go inside!” she declared as he heaved a heavy groan. “A-and I was asking about the cats, and these five were on the ‘To Be Destroyed’ list, and I couldn’t just do nothing! We had a connection, they needed me, Kacchan!”


“You are too fucking pure for your own good,” he said with a shake of his head, even though he secretly found it endearing. “When the hell did you even get them?”


“A few days ago,” she said as she set down the green cat. Oh, so that’s why she’d been too busy for him. “This is Froppy,” she turned to the two at her feet. “This is Uravity and Red Riot. This is Shinsou,” she gestured to the long haired purple cat. “And that,” she said, pointing to the red and white cat, “is Shouto.”


“Fun,” he said, rolling his eyes. “Can we go on our date now?”


“Oh! Sure! Lemme just grab my- ah!” she cried out as, when she had turned to grab what she needed, she tripped over Red Riot and fell on her face. “. . . ow.”












Katsuki was not one to admit his faults. He was a pretty proud dude, and he was rarely wrong, so he knew that, without a doubt, Deku’s cats were the most annoying things in the entire fucking world.


Each cat was obnoxious in their own way.


First, there was Shitty Hair, the cat that Katsuki disliked the least. He was the friendliest, way too cuddly for a cat, and his long, shitty fur got everywhere. Whenever he went over to hang out with his sucker of a girlfriend, he came home covered in red fur. The damn thing seemed insistent on sitting in his lap, to the point where he would toss the mangy cat into another room when he got too irritating. He would cry out and scratch insistently at the door until Deku let him out, at which point he would force his way back into Katsuki’s lap.


Second, there was Round Face. She was the second smallest of all five cats, but she was just as big of a pest. She liked getting into high places and playing with things she shouldn’t, thus breaking a lot of things as a result. It pissed him off beyond belief, and it pissed him off even more that stupid Deku would just softly reprimand the furball and instantly forgive her. This is why she couldn’t have nice things.


Third, was Frog Face, the smallest one. The cat had a habit of doing things to intentionally piss him off. She would see him get angry with her, and instead of running away, she would just do it again. She also had this thing where she threw up a lot, making her voice hoarse when she meowed. Deku said it was something she was on medication for, so she did it less, but it was still disgusting. Especially that one time where she threw up in his shoes... which he only discovered when he put on said shoes. Fucking gross.


Fourth, was Creepy. He wasn’t too troublesome, compared to the others at least. He was asleep most of the time when he was over, but when he was awake, he would just stare at him. It was creepy as all hell. He had this uncanny ability to manipulate Deku into doing what he wanted. Well, more like Deku would talk to the cat when he got chatty, and would convince herself to do something for him, like give him extra food or a treat. If you talked to him, he caterwauled his head off until he got something to appease him.


Last, was Half’n’half, the one he hated the most. He was a standoffish cat, compared to the others, and he didn’t like to be touched. Except by Deku. Especially when Katsuki was over. Deku said that he normally didn’t like to be pet, but whenever Katsuki was hanging out at her place, the cat would wedge himself between the couple. He hogged all of her attention, and although she insisted he was being silly, he knew the little shit was doing it on purpose. He could just tell the little bastard was doing it to be a pain in the ass.


The cats all had pretty distinctive personalities, and they were all his rivals.


The one thing all six of them had in common was that they all wanted Deku’s attention. Shitty Hair liked him, but he loved Deku, always walking underfoot whenever she went anywhere. Round Face and Frog Face liked to ride around on her head and shoulders respectively, which Deku seemed to adapt to easily. Creepy liked her to carry him so he could sleep in her arms like a baby, giving Katsuki a glare if he made any noise. And Half’n’half? He would just bite Katsuki if he got too close.


It was driving him insane. Sure, he and Deku hadn’t been dating for too long, only a few months in fact, but he felt like he was fighting for her attention with her five new cats. That’s why he insisted on either going out for dates or staying at his place instead, never wanting their quality time to be interrupted by the felines. He found it really endearing that she had rescued them, as it was so fucking like Deku to just up and adopt five cats in need, but it also seemed like she was putting their relationship on hold for them.


He really liked her, like, a lot, more than he had ever liked anyone before. In fact, ‘like’ wasn’t even a strong enough word for his feelings, but he dared not call it ‘love’. Admitting he loved her, it. . . it was scary to him, but ‘like’ just wasn’t strong enough to portray his feelings anymore. But, it felt like she was investing more time into her cats than into him. . . it pissed him off, and maybe, just maybe, made him a little sad.


“Kacchan?” Deku asked, pulling him from his thoughts.




“Are you alright?” she asked, cocking her head as she gave him a worried look. “You kinda spaced out.”


“Spaced out?” he repeated, ruffling her hair. “Do I look like you? Shitty nerd.”


“Wahhh! Kacchan!” she whined, grabbing at his hand as he chuckled fondly. “But really,” she said, pulling his hand off and running her thumbs over his knuckles. “What’s wrong?” He tch’ed and looked away, his cheeks heating up a little bit, debating on whether or not to voice his concerns.


“It’s nothing, dumbass,” he sighed, trying to go back to their movie that he wasn’t even really paying attention to in the first place. He at least tried to look invested. It didn’t work.


Kacchan,” she said pointedly, causing him to huff in annoyance. “Please, tell me. I promise I won’t laugh.”


“It’s stupid,” he waved off, “don’t worry about it. Watch the fuckin’ movie.”


“It’s not stupid!” she insisted, placing a hand on his leg. “Please, if it’s bothering you, it’s important. Kacchan, please?” she implored, looking up at him with those damn puppy dog eyes. “I don’t want you to bottle up your feelings, I want to be there for you. So please, tell me?” He sighed again, gnawing on the inside of his cheek before he spoke.


“. . . it’s the cats,” he mumbled into his hand, refusing to look at her.


“What was that?” she asked, causing him to sigh in irritation.


“It’s those damn cats,” he said louder, resolutely looking at the screen. “They. . . gah! They’re all a pain in my ass!”


“Kacchan,” she began slowly, a smile starting to creep out, “are, are you jealous of the cats?”


“Grr! Fucking, yes! Okay!?” he snapped, standing up abruptly and stomping a few feet away as he began to pace. “They’re taking up all your fucking time! I’m the one your dating! You should, ggghh,” he stopped, his cheeks reddening. “You’re supposed to be paying more attention to me. I’m starting to wonder if you even want to be my girlfriend anymore,” he finished quietly. Deku was giving him an almost dumbstruck look, clearly caught off guard.


“K-Kacchan,” she started before stopping, pondering on what to say next. He clenched his jaw up tight, preparing himself for her to laugh at him and tell him he was overreacting. “I. . . I’m sorry if I’ve been neglecting our relationship. I didn’t mean to, really.”


“Well,” he began, but also finding himself at a loss. “W-well, m-maybe you should pay more attention to me then, s-stupid! I-I know we haven’t been dating for very long, but. . .” he swallowed, trying to force the words out, “but I. . . I really like you, okay?” he finished softly, staring at the ground as he tried to will the heat away from his face. Gah, Deku probably thought he was such a big idiot, getting all emotional like this.


“I r-really like you too, Kacchan,” she said, getting up off the couch and walking over to him, taking his hands in hers. “I’m sorry that I’ve made you feel like you don’t matter to me more than the cats, that I don’t want to be with you anymore. I like you a lot, and I’ll be better, okay? I’ll make more time for you, for us.” She looked up at him with a small smile on her face, surging up and pecking him on the lips. He sputtered a small laugh as she giggled before he grasped her chin and deepened the kiss. He felt as if a big weight was off his chest now, having gotten his feelings out in the open. Is this what good communication felt like? Damn.


“Kacchan was jealous,” she teased against his lips, causing him to push her face away. “Waaah! Kacchan! You’re hand’s all sweaty!”


“Piss off, that’s what you get! Shitty Deku!” he barked at her, although he had a smile on his face. After venting about his insecurities, he felt a lot better. Deku took him by the hand and led him back to the couch, having him lay down against the end before sitting in his lap, cuddling into his chest. He wrapped an arm around her, petting the top of her head as they continued to watch the movie. After a while, Deku fell asleep on top of him, snoring very softly on his chest. She was so fucking cute with her chubby cheek squished against him, he couldn’t handle it. He definitely snapped a few pictures of her sleeping, even setting one as his phone screen background, and stayed there until he too fell asleep.












Please, Kacchan?” she begged as she followed him around in his kitchen. “It’ll only be for a couple days! If that!”


“No way in hell, Deku,” he snapped, giving her an angry glare. “No. No fucking way.”


“I can’t leave them alone that long! They could get hurt! Plus, Froppy needs her medicine!” she cried, grabbing at the back of his shirt.


“Tough shit!” he yelled, bustling about his kitchen as his girlfriend pestered him.


“Kacchan! They need someone to watch over them!” she said. “Pleeeeeeease? I’ll owe you one! Please!?” she begged.


“You’ll owe me one?” he asked, looking over his shoulder and cocking a brow suggestively at her. Her face turned pink but she nodded anyways.


“I’ll do anything you want,” she mumbled, her eyes wide as she looked up at him.


“Tch. . . fine,” he relented after a sigh.


“Yay! Thank you, Kacchan!” Deku cheered, hugging him happily. He internally groaned as he thought of what he had just gotten himself into. He had just agreed to cat sit for her while she went on a short trip with her mother. He was happy that she’d be able to spend time with her mother, as Inko didn’t live very close, so they rarely got to see each other anymore. But, still, he was not looking forward to cat sitting the little hair balls.


But Bakugou Katsuki wasn’t about to let himself be intimidated by a few mangy cats. His mama didn’t raise no bitch.












“And remember, Froppy needs her medicine twice a day, once in the morning once at night, and I already gave it to her once. Other than that, you sure you’ll be all set?” Izuku asked for the umpteenth time that morning as she stood in the entryway of her apartment.


“Yes, I’ll survive, now get out of here already,” he said, rolling his eyes in annoyance. All of her cats were sitting behind him, their weird ass eyes boring into his back.


“Sorry, sorry, I’m going,” she laughed, grabbing her small suitcase as she opened her front door. “Let me know if you need anything, alright?”


“I fucking know, damn Deku,” he sighed. “Now get out of here, before you miss your train.”


“Right,” she said, nodding to herself. “Bye guys! Have fun! Be good for Kacchan, okay?” she instructed to her cats, looking adorably serious. “Bye, Kacchan. I’ll see you in a few days,” she said, leaning up to peck him on the lips.


“I’m taking you out as soon as you get back,” he told her, to which she laughed brightly.


“Of course, can’t wait,” she nodded in agreement. “Bye!”


“Bye babe,” he said, waving goodbye as she shut the door behind her. He sighed as he turned back to the cats, all five of which were lined up side by side looking up at him. At least Red Riot looked happy to see him; his tail was vibrating in excitement.


“Alright you little shits,” he instructed, crossing his arms over his chest. “You better fucking behave, got that? I’m not a push over like your shitty mom, so shape the fuck up, got it?”


“Mrow!” Riot caterwauled, walking towards his feet and stretching up to put his paws on his thighs, a tell tale sign he wanted to be picked up.


“Piss off, damn shitty hair,” he scoffed, scooting him away with his foot and walking further into the apartment. He didn’t bring much with him, as he already had a few overnight things at her house anyways.


It made him a little giddy inside, seeing the traces of his presence in her apartment. His sweatshirts tossed over the back of a chair, a spare pair of shoes in her entryway, a toothbrush next to hers in the bathroom, spicy foods that Deku would never touch in the pantry, a set of his keys on her key ring and his keys hung up by her door, all the small stuff that added up. He flopped back onto her bed as he thought more about their relationship.


Ever since he met Deku, his life had been brighter. He felt more relaxed, less stressed, and was generally just happier. Well, it was a little stressful because Deku had the uncanny ability to get herself into trouble because she had no sense of self preservation. She was giving, almost too giving; she’d give the shirt off her back if it meant helping someone else. She was motivated and passionate, something that was infectious, and had a good heart. He was still a little confused as to why a, quote, pure bean, unquote (Mina’s words, not his) like her would want to be around a grouch like him, but he was lucky as hell he had her.


He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply through his nose, taking in her lingering scent. There was a small pang in his chest due to the fact that she wasn’t there with him, and she wouldn’t be back for a few days. He shook his head vigorously at the thought as he angrily took out his phone in an effort to distract himself. He wasn’t so pathetic that he couldn’t go a few days without seeing his girlfriend, he needed to grow the fuck up.


But, he still missed her. . .


Plus, they hadn’t had sex in a while, and he was pent up as fuck.


He was disturbed from his thoughts by a loud crash coming from what sounded like the kitchen. He growled in irritation as he threw his legs over the side of the bed and walked towards the door, immediately tripping over and falling on his face.


“Dammit!” he shouted, looking back at what he tripped over, irritated but not surprised to see Riot. “Grr,” he growled again, forcing himself to his feet and stomping out of the room. He stormed into the kitchen and groaned at the mess he saw.


“God damn, who did this?” he asked, glaring at Frog face and Round face, the two nearest cats. Frog face got up and walked away, leaving Round face looking particularly guilty.


“You, it was you, wasn’t it?” he demanded, hands clenching into fists. “Damn cat! Get down from there!” he chastised, roughly scooping her up and tossing her onto the floor, which she landed gracefully on and walked away. He growled to himself as he dug around Deku’s cabinets for cleaning supplies, grumbling to himself as he cleaned up the mess. This is why he couldn’t stand them half the time, all they did was make messes.


He huffed in irritation as he stormed back into Deku’s bedroom once he finished cleaning, flopping onto the bed. He felt movement on the bed, to which he looked down and saw Creepy staring at him with his tired purple eyes.


“I dunno if Deku cuddles you, but don’t expect that shit from me,” he told the cat, closing his eyes again. He took a deep breath and sighed, before he felt more movement on the bed. He cracked an eye open and jumped when he saw Creepy was inches away from his face.


“Gah!” he exclaimed, inching away from the long haired purple cat. “Keh, piss off you little shit,” he barked, turning over onto his side. He settled into the bed again, this time grabbing a pillow to cuddle against. He missed his girlfriend, so sue him, and tried to take a nap. He got about five seconds of peace before he felt a large paw on his shoulder and another on his arm. He turned his head up and saw that Creepy was looking down at him from his perch on his arm, his purple eyes tired and droopy.


“That’s it,” he grumbled, getting up and roughly scooping the cat into his arm. “You’re out.”


“Mrrow?” he meowed, confused as Katsuki tossed him out of the room and slammed the door shut.


“Goddamn,” he mumbled to himself as he climbed into Deku’s bed. He pulled out his phone and shot her a text.


‘Your cats are so goddamn annoying.’ he punched out before shooting off the text. Around a minute later, he received a response.


They r not!!! D:’ she sent, and he smiled to himself. He could just hear her whining at him through the phone.


‘Are too,’ he chuckled.

‘Won’t leave me the fuck alone.’


They need attention, Kacchan!’ she insisted.


‘They can get plenty attention from you when you get back,’ he assured her.


Give them love!!!!’ she pleaded.

‘they like 2 cuddle!!’

‘especially shinsou and red riot’



‘No fucking way.’


Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease???’ she begged before sending her a picture of herself pouting. He smirked fondly at the image and saved it to his photos


‘mmmm, nah.’


Kacchan is so mean DX’ she texted back.

‘At least give them treats!’



‘I don’t want then to think I like them.’


u dont like them!?’ she replied.


‘Not really, no.’ he shrugged to himself.

‘They’re annoying’


Don’t say tht about them!!’

‘They r good bois n girls’

‘They deserve luv!!!’


‘Well, then you better get your cute ass back down here as soon as possible,’ he smirked.


Kacchan thinks my ass is cute ^U^’ she sent him.

‘I like when u compliment me ^////^’

‘Makes me feel good <3’


Katsuki turned his face into a pillow and a noise involuntarily escaped his throat as he read the message. Gah, Deku was just too damn cute!


‘You’re too cute’

‘who the fuck gave you the right?’



‘Kacchan is cute 2 <3’

‘I rly miss u’


That comment made his heart jump and a blush streak across his face, because fuck, he missed her too.


‘I miss you too, Deku’

‘So you better come back soon’


Yep! ( ☞゚∀゚ )

‘I’ll either b back tomorrow night’

‘or the next morning’


‘That’s too long’

‘Come back now’



‘Sorry Kacchan’

‘Mom and I already got plans!!’

‘I havent even met up w her yet’

‘I’m still on the train :O’

‘I’ll b on 4 another hour or so’


‘For fucks sake’

‘Why you gotta go so far away?’


I’m meeting her int he middle’

‘I havent even been gone an hour ~(^з^)-’


‘you think I give a shit?’

‘I still miss you.’


I miss u 2 Kacchan <3’

‘I gtg, im getting train sick (●´ω ●)’



‘But fine’

‘Let me know when you get to your mom safely, okay babe?’


Yep!!! ( ´ ∇ )

‘Bye bye <3’


‘Bye Deku’


Katsuki huffed as he set his phone down on his chest, staring up at her ceiling. He glanced over at the nerdy posters she had plastered across her walls, each belonging to some franchise he’d heard of but never got invested in until they got together. He yawned tiredly and scrolled through his music, selecting something soothing before settling down to sleep.








He woke up sometime later to his phone alert going off. He blinked tiredly and stretched before blearily picking up his phone.


Kacchaaaaaaaaaaan’ his phone screen showed, a happy feeling washing over him.



‘What’s up?’


U told me 2 tell u when i met up w my mom safe’

[image recieved]


He chuckled to himself at the selfie she sent of herself and her mom, faces and bodies pressed together in a hug. Deku’s smile was dazzling, and her mother was clearly infected by her enthusiasm. The two had the same green hair and cute chubby cheeks, emphasized by how they were squished together. Of course he saved it to his folder of Deku photos.



‘My mom thinks ur v handsome ( ︶▽︶ )


‘You’ve been talking to her about me?’



‘I rly like u, ive been talking about u a lot 2 her’


‘Does she approve?’ he asked, feeling nervous for the answer. He really wanted Deku’s mom to approve of him, so of course he was a little anxious.


Of course she does!!!’

‘y wouldn’t she??’

‘Kacchan is the best ( ◠✿ )’


“Ah! Dammit, stupid Deku!” he shouted, rolling around in the bed. “Makin’ me feel all emotional n’ shit. Grr.”


‘Fuck yeah I am’

‘Don’t you forget it’

‘Damn nerd’


haha (¬‿¬)’

‘I gtg now’

‘we’re having lunch (^ ^*)/’

‘Bye bye (^з^)-<3’


‘Bye babe’

‘Have fun’


Will do!! ( ) *: ・゚


He smiled at her texts, never getting tired of how much of a nerd she was, even in text. His smile fell as he heard scratching at the door, one of the cats wanting to come inside for fuck knows what. He sat up and stomped over to the door before ripping it open. His eyes widened in surprise when he saw all five of them were sitting expectantly at the threshold.


What!?” he barked at them, irritation exuding from him in waves.


“Meow!” Uravity meowed while Red Riot came to stretch up on him again, wanting to be picked up. He huffed and brushed past them, trying to find something to do before he settled on cleaning. Deku’s apartment was messy, or well lived in, as she put it. Not to say it was dirty, per say, but it wasn’t up to his standards, so he figured that it warranted a deeper clean. He got her cleaning supplies out again and began to clear her counters, setting everything off to the side as he began to towel it all down. He went about two minutes uninterrupted, before the cats decided to insert themselves into the situation.


“Wha-oi!” he barked at round face, who had hopped up onto the counter he just sprayed, getting chemicals on her paws. “You fucking shit!” he shouted, scooping her up. “Now I gotta give you a damn bath. Fuck,” he grumbled, marching into Deku’s bathroom with the cat tucked under his arm. He turned on the bath’s faucet and set her down in it, at which point she began to freak out.


“Ah! Calm down, you little fuck,” he griped as he tried to prevent her from scratching the shit out of him, before Frog Face decided to fucking join in. “Oi! You little, hey!” he shouted as Round Face hopped out and ran out of the room.


“Get back here!” he roared as he chased after the little shit, who was running around like crazy. After chasing her around for a few minutes before finally catching her. “Gotcha, little fucker,” he said, marching her back to the bathroom, this time shutting the door behind him. The green cat was still sitting happily in the tub, meanwhile the brown haired one was still freaking out.


“Maybe don’t jump up onto the counter, little shit,” he grumbled, forcing her back into the tub. Frog face was having a fucking ball while round face looked like she was being tortured. After a little while, he got her feet clean and, after draining the tub, grabbed a towel and dried them off.


“You better fuckin’ behave now,” he mumbled as he let them out and went back to cleaning. Round face seemed to have learned her lesson and stayed out of his way while he finished cleaning the counters. He moved to cleaning the kitchen appliances, at which point shitty hair decided the paper towels were a toy, and proceeded to unravel almost all of it.


“Hey!” he barked at the cat, who froze at the shout. “That’s not a goddamn toy!” Riot ran away with his tail bent as he went. Katsuki growled to himself in anger as he snatched up the shredded paper towels and tossed them away. He wanted to mop the floors and decided to put the cats up out of the way, but they were tricksy motherfuckers. Anytime he tried to shut one of them up, another one slipped out. Half’n’half literally bit him in the fucking face. He refused to be intimidated by the mangy cats, so he decided to put them in different rooms to prevent them from getting out.


One of them broke out by literally breaking the door.


They all screamed loud enough that he had the cops called on him.


But, he got the floors clean, so he counted it as a win.






Trying to go to bed that night was a fucking nightmare. He fed frog face her medicine, which went surprisingly well because the medicine was a powder to be mixed in with food. He intended to shut the cats out and go to bed by himself afterwards, but the cats began to loudly complain, and he really didn’t want the cops called on him again. With a groan, he opened the door, at which point the cats swarmed on the bed. He pulled out his phone and texted Deku.


‘Do you let your cats sleep with you every night?’


Yep!’ she replied after a few minutes.

‘r u going 2 bed already??’

‘U old man ( )’



‘I’m not an old man!’

‘I just go to bed at a reasonable time!’


Old man ( ◡✿╰ )

‘But dont worry’

‘Ur my old man <3 <3’


Katsuki felt his heart swell at the comment, because he was happy he was hers, and that she was his. Of course, neither of them would claim to literally own the other, but knowing they belonged together, it was a nice feeling.


‘The cops came by today by the way’





‘I was trying to mop your floors so I put the cats up so they wouldn’t get in the way’

‘They didn’t like that and began to scream their heads off.’

‘Apparently they were so loud that someone called the cops.’


Omg Kacchan’

‘u didnt have 2 mop’


‘Your apartment is filthy so, yes I did.’



‘So mean! ( ^ )


‘Deal with it stupid nerd’


‘Do you let your cats all sleep with you?’


Yeah, pretty much.’

‘they’re all pretty cuddly’

‘U gotta giveem all luv!!!’

‘They r my babies!!!’


‘Uh huh’

‘Well you can give them all the love when you get back’



‘Givem luv!!! ´Д `)



‘one of them literally broke a fucking door’

‘Damn shitty hair’


Wait rly?’


‘Yes really’

‘But don’t worry, I’ll fix it’


Oh Kacchan’




Nothing! ^u^’

‘I just find u really endearing’


‘I’ll let u get 2 bed u old man <3’


‘Goodnight Deku’


night Kacchan!!!!’

‘Have sweet dreams <3’


‘You too babe’


He sighed as he set down his phone, his alarm set for the next day, and tried to get some sleep. The cats, of course, kept him boxed into one position, unable to move without disturbing them. He huffed in irritation as he forcefully spread his body out, disturbing all of the cats who meowed in protest. Halfie got so pissed he bit his face.


What the fuck!?”








When he woke up the next morning, he took a deep breath through his nose, taking in Deku’s sent. After blinking the sleep from his eyes and stretching, he turned over onto his side and grabbed his phone to turn it on. He smiled as he saw the lock screen, an image of Deku staring back at him. It had been on one of their first dates, right after they decided to become official, and he had taken her to a nearby park because Deku liked the cliches.


The cherry blossom trees had been in bloom, and wind rustled a few of the petals loose, some of which got caught in her curly hair. She had been laughing at something or other, her smile was absolutely radiant, and her cheeks were pink from her laughter. The sun was setting, turning the sky a beautiful blend of orange, pink and purple, and it seemed as if the clouds were dyed similar colours. She looked so carefree and beautiful in that instance, his breath had caught in his throat. She glanced over at him, her smile widening at the sight of him, and he was lucky enough to snap a picture of that moment. It was perfect.


A loud crashing noise pulled him from his thoughts, sending him bolt upright in bed.


“Mrooooooow!” one of the cats meowed.


“Oh for fuck’s sake,” he growled as he threw off the covers and stomped out of the room. He looked around for what the hell had been broken before he marched into the kitchen. “Okay, who the fuck did it?” he asked when he came over to the knocked over and shattered glass. “Seriously, this is why Deku can’t have nice things.”


“Mrwoooooow!” Purple cried, his cry loud and obnoxious.


“Was it you!?” he asked the purple furred little shit. “You’re all fuckers, y’know that? I don’t know why Deku likes you bitches,” he growled to himself while the cats tried to get in his way. “Oi! Move you little shits, you’ll get cuts on your paws,” he grumbled as he swept up the broken glass, making sure he got every last shard.


He then tried to go about fixing Deku’s door, which he quickly realized he’d just have to order a new one. He made sure he got the proper measurements of the broken door before ordering one online, making sure that this one was sturdy enough to hold in a massive attention seeking cat. After that, he got ready for work, happy to be able to be free of these fuzzy nightmares. Of course, he checked to make sure the smallest cat had not thrown up in his shoes again.








“What the hell, frog face!?” he shouted after he stepped back inside, having just come back from work to find a big pile of vomit on the ground. “Goddamn it!” he groaned as he took off his shoes and stomped inside to grab some paper towels and cleaning product to take care of the mess. As he marched through the kitchen, he noticed that the rest of the apartment seemed relatively intact, thank fuck. He made quick work of the mess with little fanfare, save for him muttering to himself, before he disposed of the dirtied towels and changed out of his work clothes.


He flopped onto the couch with a sigh, tired and irritated from the day he just had, relieved to just relax now. The cats quickly swarmed his space, much to his further irritation, but he chose to ignore them in favor of flicking on the tv. When his phone dinged an hour or so later, with Deku letting him know she was on her way back, he sighed in relief.


“Oh thank fuck,” he said aloud, his head dropping against the back of the couch, he looked around at all the cats splayed out near him. As usual, Riot was in his lap while Round Face was draped across the back of the couch near him and Frog face was curled up on his legs. Purple was sleeping pressed against his side while Half’n’half was hunkered down on a separate couch altogether. He was fine with that, if the cat wanted to stay away from him, he wasn’t complaining.


‘So when are you gonna be back?’


In a few hours???’

‘sorry, i havent gotten 2 the station yet (〃^∇^)


‘Ill b back soon <3’


“Listen here, shitheads,” he announced, drawing the attention of all the cats, save for Half’n’half. “Your mom’s on her way back, so I won’t have to deal with your bullshit anymore.”


“Rreow!” shitty hair meowed, a cat-smile on his face.


“Meow,” creepy added, looking tired as ever.


“Don’t talk back to me, asswipe,” he said, pointing his finger in the cat’s face, who merely rubbed his cheek against it.


‘Get back here soon’ he sent to his girlfriend.

‘Your cats are fucking obnoxious’



‘Don’t b mean 2 them! >M<’


‘Im not being mean’ he said as she reached his arm out and took a selfie of himself being surrounded by her cats.

[Image sent]

‘They wont leave me the fuck alone.’


Awe!! <3’

‘They like u!!’

‘So cute ◡≦

‘Where’s Shouto??’


‘Who gives a fuck?’

‘That cat is the worst one’


He’s just shy!!’

‘He’s a good boi!!’




He was prolly just stressed.’ Katsuki sighed at the response but shook his head fondly.


‘You’d let those fur balls get away with murder.’


Thts not true ´Д `)


‘Yeah, you keep telling yourself that babe’

‘Don’t worry’

‘I think it’s cute’



(*^ ^*)/‘

‘I’m really excited 2 come home’

‘I missed u all lots <3’

‘when i get back can we cuddle n watch movies?? ´ ` )

‘I missed cuddling Kacchan >/////<‘


‘I missed cuddling you too, nerd’

‘So get your ass back here’


Right!! <3’

‘I’ll c u in a bit!’

‘I’m at the station, I’ll txt u when i get off’



‘Sounds good.’

‘See you soon babe’



‘c u soon!! ▽` ) <3’


He let his head drop back as he let out a sigh of relief. Refocused his attention on the tv, deciding to spend the rest of the time just lazing around. These cats had driven him up the fucking wall, he deserved some down time. As he watched whatever nature documentary was on, he felt his eyelids grow heavy, before he nodded of for a little bit.








He woke up some time later to his phone buzzing incessantly in his hand. He turned it over in his grip and smiled when he saw it was Deku.


“What?” he asked as he answered.


Hi Kacchan!” she replied happily. “I just got off the train, I should be home in about ten minutes!”


“Fucking good,” he huffed, trying to keep the smile out of his voice. “But, why the hell didn’t you text me?” She went silent for a while, to the point where he thought she had hung up, before she spoke shyly.


I missed the sound of Kacchan’s voice,” she admitted bashfully. Katsuki covered his mouth with his hand, trying to suppress a noise from escaping his throat at how goddamn cute she was. She was too fucking pure, what the actual hell?


“Tch, damn needy Deku,” he huffed, to which she laughed on the other end. “But, whatever. It’s nice to hear your voice too,” he added, the tops of his cheeks heating up.


Mm,” she hummed, clearly happy to hear it. “Well, I’ll let you go, ‘kay? See you in a little bit!”


“Yeah, see you soon, stupid Deku,” he said before hanging up. He got up from the couch, disturbing most of the cats, who meowed at him in objection. “Fuck off,” he huffed as he got up to do some last minute cleaning, mostly just to expel the excited energy of almost having Deku back. A few minutes later, he and the cats perked up at the sound of the front door being opened.


“Kacchan! I’m back!” she cried as she swung open the door to her apartment, an excited look on her face.


“Oh thank fuck,” he said as he ran over to her, wrapping his arms around her tightly as he tucked his face in her neck.


“Ow! Ah! Kacchan, careful! It still hurts!” she shouted out in pain, causing him to draw back.


“Wait, what still hurts?” he asked, looking down at her in concern. She averted her gaze as a blush rose to her cheeks. “Deku?” he growled.


“So, haha, um,” she stammered, clearly nervous. “I, heh, I may have gotten a, uh, gottenatattoo,” she shouted in a rush, screwing her eyes up tight.


“Y-you what?” he asked.


“Um, wh-while I was out with my mom, I, uh, I got a tattoo,” she sighed and pulled back from his embrace before shrugging off her jacket before she pulled up the hem of her shirt as she turned around, showing him her back. His eyes widened in shock as he saw five paw prints going from largest at the top to smallest at the bottom, each with the name of the cat they belonged to written above them, a different font for each cat. It went from Red Riot, Shinsou, Shouto, Uravity and Froppy, all covered with a clear plastic.


“That’s super cheesy, but also super hot,” he commented as he marveled at it, tracing his fingers over the curves of her back.


“Ah! Careful! It’s still tender,” she warned, face pulled into a wince. He splayed his hands across the sides of her rib cage and pressed a kiss to the nape of her neck, some of her short green curls tickling his face.


“You’re such a nerd, I fucking love you,” he murmured against her without really thinking. He only realized what he said when Deku froze up beneath him.


“Y-you what?” she asked, turning to him with wide eyes. He felt himself freeze up under her scrutiny, breaking out into a nervous sweat as he thought of what to do.


“I-I-I, uh, I-I’m, w-well, uh,” he stuttered, his face turning bright pink as his heart hammered wildly in his chest. He didn’t regret saying it, because he realized that holy fuck he was in love with this goddamn nerd, but he didn’t want to scare her away. Before he could panic even more, she grabbed him by the face and pulled him down into a fierce kiss.


“Wh- Deku, you,” he stammered, his face radiating heat. “I don’t- I-I.”


“I love you too, Kacchan,” she told him, a wet smile across her face. “I *sniff* I love you so much.” He felt his heart beat wildly at her admission, a smile breaking out across his own face.


“Fuck, Deku,” he breathed out, cupping her face and pulling her back into a passionate kiss. “Tch, you big fucking crybaby,” he teased once they broke apart.


“Don’t tease me!” she whined, sniffing again. “I’m just, I’m really happy!”


“I know, I am too,” he assured her softly, pulling her into a gentle hug, minding her tender back. “I love you, Izuku.”


“I love you too, Katsuki,” she replied earnestly, flashing him a big, teary smile.


“Meow!” one of the cats meowed loudly, causing the two of them to look down at the cats gathered at their feet.


“And I love you too,” she cooed in a baby voice as she knelt down and began to kiss her cats. “I love you all! Yes I do, yes I do!”


“Tch, stupid nerd,” he scoffed as he watched her cats excitedly swarm around her, their tails vibrating behind them. Save for Half’n’half, they were all meowing excitedly, clearly happy to have her home, but even he had his tail stuck up happily in the air. They were all head butting her gently and Shitty hair was even nipping her cheek.


“I missed you guys!” she smiled as she scooped Half’n’half into her arms, holding him like a baby. “Were you guys good for Kacchan?”


“Did you not read the text I sent you where I said the little bastard bit my fucking face?” he asked, glaring at the offending cat.


“Did you bite Kacchan?” she asked in a baby voice, kissing the red side of his face. “Were you a bad boy?”


“Oi, why’re you praisin’ him?” he asked, coming up from behind and glaring harder. “Shouldn’t you be comforting me? Your dumbass cat attacked me!”


“Oh you’re fine, baby,” she giggled, leaning up to kiss his cheek. He hummed happily against her, but jerked back when the cat bit him. “Wha-Shouto!”


“I fuckin’ told you!” he shouted, glaring down at the cat. “The little fucker has it out for me!”


“That was very bad, Shouto,” she said, tapping between his eyes in disapproval before setting him down. “I’m sorry, Kacchan,” she said, looping her arms around his neck as she rested her head on his chest.


“Tch, nerd,” he said, patting the top of her head. “Now c’mon, let’s go to bed, I’m tired and I wanna cuddle.”


“Haha, mm,” she nodded as he led her to her bedroom. “I had a hard time sleeping without Kacchan next to me.”


“Oh yeah?” he asked, smirking down at her.


“Mm,” she nodded as they entered her room. “Kacchan is a good cuddle buddy. My bed felt too empty without you. I’m happy to get a good night’s sleep now.”


“Me too,” he said as he flopped onto her bed. She snuggled up into him as the cats all hopped up after them, quickly settling themselves around the couple. “Tch, do they really always do this?”


“Hehe, yeah,” she laughed as she slid off his chest and snuggled to his side. “I really love you, Kacchan.”


“Mm, I love you too, stupid Deku,” he hummed as he pressed a kiss to her temple. They sighed happily as they both settled into a peaceful sleep, grateful to have the other in their arms.