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Who am I without them?

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"Hey! Where do you think you're goin' cutie?!" A dark raspy voice called after him as Izuku ran through the dark, damp alley. 

I have to get out of here! He thought anxiously as he scrambled from alley to alley trying to lose the snarling alpha on his tail.

"Hah! Gotcha now sweet omega! Your scent is so tempting! I just had to have you! Izuku felt his body fall to the ground. He struggled against the weight of the alpha on his back. 

"Please.. let me go! Izuku tried to push up but the alpha pushed his head and shoulders down onto the damp concrete.

"Hold still and this will be over sooner," the alpha snarled in Izuku's ear and he closed his eyes tight, preparing for the coming assault.

"Please don't!" he cried, hoping he would actually stop, but he didn't. Izukus face was soaked with tears as the alpha tore his pants from his shaking body. He cried behind tightly closed teeth as the alpha inserted himself into Izuku's entrance.

Izuku gave up on trying to fight back, for the alpha was much stronger than him, and tried to stop crying as the assault continued. The pain he felt was unbearable, and he felt his body go completely limp as the alpha took him from behind. His face was bleeding from the concrete. He had tried using One For All, but he couldn't. It must be the alphas quirk blocking it or something. But Izuku couldn't think about that. All he could think was that someone would stop this, save him from the pain he felt, the embarrassment. 

Suddenly, the massive amount of weight on Izukus back was gone, and he was lying flat on his stomach.

"You piece of garbage! Taking a defenseless omega?!" Izuku heard the deep, enraged voice, but he couldn't move to see the face it belonged to. He heard blasts and yelling as his vision and hearing slowly faded. Stay awake! he thought. 

"Hey! Midoriya! Stay awake for me! We are going to get help." He felt a hand on his pants, pulling them up, covering him. The man rolled him over onto his back very carefully. 

"Hey! IcyHot. Is he okay?" IcyHot? He thought. That's Kacchans' name for Todoroki. Could they really be the ones here, saving me? He opened his eyes slightly, not being able to open them completely. Sure enough, he saw the spiky blonde hair that belonged to Bakugo. And the half-red half-white hair that belonged to Todoroki.

"Yeah, he's a little beaten up, but he's going to be fine." 

"Damn nerd. Walking around here at night by himself." Bakugos voice was calm but clearly irritated.

"Ka-cch-an?" Izuku could barely speak. "To-do-ro-ki?"

"Don't speak Midoriya. Here, I'll help you up." Todoroki pulled Izuku up, and he immediately slumped against the other boy."Hey, Bakugo. You carry him? We gotta get back to the dorms before Aizawa knows were gone."

"Will do." Bakugo wrapped his arms around Izukus' shoulders and under his knees, lifting him to his chest. Izuku layed his head against Bakugos' chest and began to fall asleep, his mind and body completely exhausted. "I've got you Deku."