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Do I really want to go through this again?

The thought haunted Pyrrha as she let herself into the small studio in downtown Vale. It was nicely decorated on the inside with bright lights and a little waiting room, along with several heavy doors she recognised from her time in Mistral. Sound-proofed industrial ones that would cut out all noise from inside. It was all smaller and less established than what she was used to, but nice enough. The fact it was small was a bonus. It would be easier to handle.

Her scroll beeped and she drew it out quickly, annoyed until she saw Jaune’s smiling face on the caller ID. Her face lit up and she answered quickly, giddier than she should have been, but he was calling her. That meant he was thinking about her! Pyrrha’s stomach flipped.

“Hi Jaune.”

“Hey Pyrrha.” Jaune’s face didn’t appear; she had the scroll set to audio only. In the background, she could hear Nora and Ren talking so he must have been in their room. “I just wanted to ask what time you were coming back tonight. If we’re still on for training.”

A woman came out the back room behind the counter and paused upon seeing her. Pyrrha held up a hand in both apology and a request for patience and the woman nodded, sliding behind the desk.

“Of course.” Their late-night sessions were something she wouldn’t miss for the world, especially as the nights got colder and he got sweatier. “I’m just busy today…”

“Busy with what?”

“Oh, you know. Shopping for girl things.”

“Oh! Sorry. I didn’t mean to ask.”

“It’s fine, Jaune.” If only because she was fibbing. “I’ll see you later.”

“Yeah. Love you.”

Pyrrha’s heart soared. “I love you too.”

The scroll went away and Pyrrha sighed dreamily, still amazed at the fact they were together. She had Weiss to thank for that, or at least Weiss and Neptune to thank for getting together at the dance and opening Jaune’s eyes to the possibility of another girl nearby.

“Boyfriend trouble?” the woman behind the counter asked.

“Oh no. No trouble at all.”

“Really? You were pretty evasive about being here.”

“It’s not that.” Pyrrha hesitated to say anything but eventually gave in. “I’m nervous about this but not for the reasons you think. It’s my boyfriend’s birthday soon; I want to buy him something nice. A way to upgrade his weapon. He’s a huntsman,” she explained. “Proper weapons don’t come cheap.” The woman made an understanding noise. “As for why I’m nervous. I’m… well… do you know who I am?”

“Pyrrha Nikos. Yes, I recognised you. The name’s Kathy. I used to be a big fan. Plus your agent called in advance so we were expecting you. Come to think of it, she did mention that you’d just about quit on the marketing side. Retired from the championships and only kept up a few sponsor deals.” Kathy smiled slyly at her. “All that fly out the window when you fall in love, hm?”

Blushing to the roots of her hair but still smiling, Pyrrha nodded. It was both embarrassing and not, and only because she was so happy to finally have Jaune. If it wasn’t for the strength he gave, she’d never be able to do this.

This being modelling.

It was such a small thing and yet an industry so many others couldn’t hope to get into. Pyrrha didn’t consider herself gorgeous either, but doors were opened when you were famous. You could be grossly overweight and unhealthy and still get a cover shot if you were a known figure with a big message to push.

Modelling beats fighting at least. And it can be a one-off thing. I get an injection of money, they get a story and some pictures and everything goes back to normal. It helped that she had something to go back to after. Really, a part of her couldn’t wait to see how Jaune and the others reacted. They’d be shocked for sure.

“Did your agent tell you what the shots were about?”

“It’s a one-to-one interview with an exposé.”

“That’s right. It’s something run by Noel, the boss – you’ll meet him later. The basic idea is showing fans the real person behind the mask and having a more casual interview. Less questions about your career and more about you, your likes and passions. Intimate stuff.”

It didn’t sound too bad. While she’d come to hate her fame, it was mostly how people meshed who she was with what she was, and something like this would be okay so long as it focused on topics away from her career.

“How intimate? Do I get to screen the questions?”

“Noel really wants it to be more natural. You’re free to not answer any, though. Just let him know if it’s too personal or you don’t like it.”

“Okay. Do I need to wear anything specific?”

Most studios wanted her to look more casual or prettier or somehow approachable. It wasn’t unusual for them to have an outfit picked out for her – or for it to be a little too revealing and her to have to request adjustments. To her relief, Kathy shook her head.

“No. It’s about getting to know you. How you think, what you’re like and showing fans the more human side of the Invincible Girl. It wouldn’t be doing that if we controlled what you wore. There is one small thing though…”


“Nothing bad,” Kathy assured her. “Noel just wants models to understand what we’re working on, so he’s asked that everyone doing this watch a short video. Kind of an infographic. It’s just to put you in the picture on what he’s trying to do so you understand where the questions come from.”

“That’s fine. I’ve had to watch things before.” 

It was common with sponsorship deals where she had to represent a certain product. They’d make her sit through presentations on why their product was the best thing ever so that if anyone asked her, she’d have answers. Things like how the dietary supplement helped people lose weight or just why she should be so enthused about a new brand of cereal.

No one expected her to be an expert on Pumpkin Pete’s Cereal, for instance, but she could recite all the flavours from memory thanks to the information they’d crammed into her.

The one other time had ben a charity affair organised by her agent, a little bit of pro bono work to boost her reputation and show she wasn’t all work. They’d asked her to watch a video on some of the work they did for orphaned children so she’d understand a little more about the charity. It was all a little disingenuous but not in a cruel way; it was more so she knew what her face and name would be representing. They were all just looking out for their own interests.

“That’s great. I’ll get you set up.”





Pyrrha sat on the small seat set up before the large television set. The room was small and rather cramped with white walls, spotlights above and not much else in the way of decoration. It was also dimmed slightly, ostensibly for her viewing pleasure.

“I’ll leave you to it if that’s okay,” Kathy said. “I’ll go tell Noel you’re here and then draw out your pay from the accounts. He’ll come collect you once the video is over.”

“Thank you.” Pyrrha smiled at her. “Do I just press play?”

Kathy nodded, dimmed the lights further and closed the door.

At least they’re being efficient about it, Pyrrha thought, leaning forward to push the button. There were so many other studios who wanted her to go through hours of makeup, consultation, fashion planning and then to make her deal with reps trying to convince her to sign up to their agency or quit being a fighter to model clothes. It was frustrating at the best of times, especially when they’d corner her without her agent.

The video came to life. On it, she saw Kathy and next to her a tall man with dirty blonde hair who must have been Noel. The lighting around them was blue and the colour cast out over Pyrrha’s face, lighting the room. It was also undulating slightly, pulsing light and dark in strange patterns, not quite equal across the screen.

Her eyes twitched and narrowed. It was giving her a headache.

The lights pulsed again.

Pyrrha leaned back and touched her collar. It was… hot in the room all of a sudden. Stifling.

“Welcome to Noel’s modelling agency,” the narrator said. His voice was deep and even. “Where stars are born from humble beginnings. It’s our desire to help you achieve your goals and become a star. Don’t you want to become a star? Famous?”

No. Not really. She already had all that and hated it.

“Of course you do. You wouldn’t be here otherwise.”

It… It was a fair assumption. They probably dealt with people who wanted to become famous; that was the whole point of this place. There was no use getting upset over a video meant for the 99% who came here with that in mind.

“I’m the exception,” she whispered. “Not the rule.”

“You want to be popular. Loved. Happy. Successful.”

That wasn’t untrue. At least… some of it. Pyrrha rubbed her face, wondering why she felt so tired all of a sudden. It was the light. It had to be. It was so soothing it was putting her to sleep! She gently slapped her cheeks to keep herself alert. How embarrassing would it be if they found out she slept through this important video?

“Fame can help you achieve all those things.”

That, on the other hand, was something she disagreed with. Fame was a double-edged sword at the best of times, and it was jarring to find out how many friends could prove to be anything but when they were out of earshot. There had been so many to try and use her for their own ends.

The lights pulsed brighter and Pyrrha found herself relaxing.

It was the blue light. Hadn’t there been studies which showed that helped cure depression? It felt like it might for her as the tension drained out her body.

“You want to be loved, don’t you?” Noel stepped behind Kathy and placed his hands on her shoulders. “You want to be a star. A bright star that shines and captures the imagination of everyone.”

A star?

He made it sound so nice. Less like the pressure and the obsessive fans and more the twinkling lights in the sky that everyone looked up to. Always there, always shining, never judged. There had been good parts to being famous too, she recalled. Happy moments. Charity events, inspired fans and proud family moments. It hadn’t all been bad.

On the screen, Kathy’s head fell to the side. “I want to be a star.”

“I want to be a star,” Pyrrha echoed, almost without meaning to. The fact surprised her, but she found herself too relaxed to care. It was just parroting what was said on the screen, nothing more. Oh, but he had such a warm voice. So soft. Deep in her head.

“You’ll become a star working here. Everyone does. You’ll soon have everyone’s eyes on you. Just remember, that’s what you want, to become a star that everyone watches. A star in the night sky.”

Poetic. A star. Pyrrha smiled luxuriously and would have closed her eyes if she were able to. She wanted to see what happened next; to watch as the man’s hands stroked down Kathy’s arms. It made her shiver as a touch ghosted down her. There was no one else in the room, however. Just her. Just Pyrrha.

“A star…”

Wasn’t that right? Or was there some other reason? She wasn’t sure she could remember but she was here at a modelling agency, so what other reason could there have been? To get Jaune a proper weapon of course, but that was just a bonus. All she could think was that she’d come here because she wanted to be someone, to be special, to be famous.

“That’s right. You’re a star. You’re going to become a star.”

“I…” The words slipped out. “I’m going to become a star.” It sounded right and she sat taller. “I’m going to become a star.”

The more she said it, the surer she was. It felt… right.

“I’m going to become a star!”

The door opened suddenly and light flooded in. Pyrrha jumped, finally breaking eye contact with the television. There was still plenty of blue light splashed over her face, but she dizzily shook it away, looking up to see a man leaning in with blonde hair and blue eyes. The man from the video, she realised. Catching herself, she flashed him as friendly a smile as she could, breathing a little heavily.

Why am I so worked up? It was just a short video.

“Hello. You must be Noel?”

“That’s right.” He had a nice smile. In fact, he was quite handsome. Not as much as Jaune, but he had a figure any woman would appreciate. It was obvious he worked out but there was a small gut that told her he wasn’t a professional athlete or huntsmen. His arms were bare and featured a tribal tattoo in black ink down his biceps. Those flexed as he held out a hand for her to shake.

“I’m Noel, the one who runs the show here. Your agent got in touch saying you wanted to earn a little lien and I jumped at the chance. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Yes. Yourself as well.” Pyrrha stood and took his hand. He didn’t squeeze too hard or linger, shaking firmly back before letting go. Professional. She liked that. “Are we doing the interview?”

“Of course. I’ll bring you to my studio.” Noel smiled brightly. “So, Pyrrha. Ready to become a star?”

The word jarred her memory. Something hot surged to life inside her; a rush of positive energy that threatened to come bubbling out. It reminded her of her first ever fight, the rush and adrenaline and the pride as all that training came together in one moment and the people screamed her name. A time long before it became gruelling when she looked forward to every fight.

For the longest time, she’d thought she’d lost that feeling. Now, she felt it again.

“I am,” she said. “I’m going to become a star.”





Pyrrha pushed her red skirt under her legs and sat down on the black sofa while Noel went and took his place behind his wooden desk. The image of it being a job interview was lost by the bright lights shining on her and the numerous cameras set up in front of her, none of which were visible to the other cameras. The set-up wasn’t uncommon for interviews. Some people liked to have her sit on a stool, others to stand, some would do them completely separately, having her answer questions by email and then come in for a photo shoot with her weapons.

“I figured we’d do both at the same time,” Noel said, adjusting a camera or two before taking a seat. “Do you mind if I record this live a well?” he asked, tapping a camera on his desk. “The others are set to automatic intervals.”

“A live recording? I don’t know, my agent didn’t mention it…”

Now that she was here, much of the anxiety she’d left behind was coming back. It was just the two of them which made it easier, but this was a life she thought she’d left behind. Suddenly, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to go through with this.

“I think it will help the interview feel more real to the fans. They want to get to know the less-guarded side of Pyrrha Nikos. That means being able to see and listen to you, not just to have lifeless pictures next to a wall of text.” He flicked a switch on his desk and the lights behind him dimmed to a wonderful shade of blue.

Suddenly, she wasn’t sure why she’d been worried at all.

It was so soothing.

“The fans want to get to know you, Pyrrha. Don’t you want to please them?”

Something tickled the back of her mind. She hadn’t agreed to a live recording, but if it was what the fans wanted then what could be done? Being a star meant pleasing the fans. It meant doing what the people wanted.

“O – Okay.” It made sense. It was reasonable. And she wanted to be a star. “I’ll do it.”

“Great. We’ll cut this bit off when we post-edit.” He reached up to toggle the blue light so that it washed over her a little less intensely. “Right. We’ll start in ten. Just remember you can choose not to answer questions if you don’t want to – and act naturally. This interview is all about letting the fans get to know the real Pyrrha Nikos. It’s about letting your façade go and showing them what you’re like underneath everything.”

Such a wonderful message. Pyrrha felt her smile become a little more natural.

Maybe this would go the final step to quelling the fans begging for her return, the pressure from her family and even the Government in Mistral who didn’t like to see what they thought of as a national asset wasting her potential away. None of them cared for Pyrrha, only the invincible Girl. But if she let them see the real her? Things might change.

It worked for Jaune and the others; made them her friends. It could work here.

“It’s also about making you a star.”

A star? Yes, she wanted that. Wanted it a lot. More than anything.

“I’m ready.”

Noel nodded and held up a hand, counting down from five fingers to one and then aiming his index at her to tell her they were starting.

“So, Pyrrha Nikos, regional huntress and four-times champion of the Mistral circuit. Thanks for coming in today for the interview. We’re happy to have you.” Noel spoke confidently. It wasn’t uncommon for people like him to have a normal voice and then their work voice, and his was well-practiced. “Tell us, Pyrrha, what made you decide to leave Mistral and come to Vale?”

“I wanted a break from the demands of being famous,” she said directly to the camera. “In Mistral, everyone knew my name and everything was work. I wanted a chance to just be me, Pyrrha. And not Pyrrha Nikos, famous fighter.”

“And why are you here today, Pyrrha?”

Blushing a little, she said, “I’m here to earn a little money to buy my boyfriend something for his birthday.”

“Oh. Very nice. He’s a lucky man.” Noel laughed. “We’ll not mention his name in case your jealous fans decide to chase him down.” He made it sound so ridiculous, but it’d happened in the past. Stalkers, that was. “You’re enjoying life in Vale then? Is it better than you expected or have things just been good?”

“Better! I’ve made real friends here who see me as more than how famous I am. I’m happier here than I ever was in Mistral.”

Jaune, Ren, Nora but also Ruby, Weiss, Yang and Blake. Just thinking about them had her feeling more confident about this. It didn’t matter if her fame came back if she still had them at the end of the day; they wouldn’t leave or judge her.

“Is that what you want, Pyrrha? For people to see you as more than just a huntress?”

“Yes. I may be a huntress and a competition fighter but I’m also me.” She touched her chest and looked deep into the camera, appealing to the would-be viewers of the future video. “I’m Pyrrha, a girl who has friends and dreams of her own. I have doubts, fears and dreams of my own, and those don’t always involve fighting.”

“That’s a wonderful message,” Noel said. He pushed a button on his desk and the blue light glowed brighter behind him. It pulsed on and off, drawing her eyes and leaving her feeling dizzy and calm. Pyrrha’s eyes fixed on it for a long moment.

It was such a soothing sensation.

So… So wonderful…

“I think if you want people to see the Pyrrha beneath the trappings of a huntress, then you need to show them that Pyrrha.” Noel’s voice sounded deeper. It echoed inside her. She wasn’t paying attention to him at all, fixated on the soft blue light. “Don’t you agree? After all, it’s better to show people who you are than to tell them.”

“Yes.” Pyrrha answered without thinking but even if she’d had time to consider she knew she would have agreed. It was always better to prove through action than words. People lied. “Yes, I think that’s the best way to do things. To show people.”

“Then don’t you think it would be a good idea to show who you are beneath that armour?”

He was right.

How could she ask people to see her as anything other than a warrior if she came to an interview in full armour? This was supposed to be getting to know the real her. That was like a police officer telling their friends not to see them as a cop while walking around in full uniform.

I should have come in casual wear, she thought with some despair. Oh, I really thought they’d have something for me to wear. Silly Pyrrha, you should have asked in advance.

There wasn’t much armour she wore luckily. Unlike Jaune, she didn’t have a breastplate. With the camera still rolling, she brought her left leg up and unclasped her greaves, easing them down over her feet and revealing her long legs. She repeated the same for her right leg and laid the greaves aside, then did the same to her gauntlets, unbuckling them until she was left with her elbow-length black gloves.

She removed her choker as well. It might have appeared decorative to some, but its intent was to protect her throat. Her fingers hesitated by her head, considering for a long moment her tiara. After thinking for a moment, she removed that as well. The bronzed metal would only make it stand out and remind people of her combat outfit. With it gone, her crimson hair fell in long waves, spilling out.

“You look good with your hair down,” Noel said. “Much more relaxed.”

“Thank you,” she replied, pushing her stacked armour to the side. She did feel a little lighter without it, a little more relaxed. Her skin could breathe easier. More than that, she felt more natural; less a warrior and more a girl. Her leather corset and red skirt remained, along with the sash that reached down her right leg. Other than that, however, she had but her boots and gloves and little else.

“So there is a girl under all that armour. The fans will be surprised.”

Yes. The fans. It was important to please the fans. Very important. The blue light really was soothing, so soft and peaceful. She couldn’t help but focus on it as Noel talked, his words merging in her head until there was nothing but the light and the sound of him.

Really, she thought she could fall asleep under its gentle gaze, just lay back and forget everything.


“Oh.” She shook her head and snapped out of it. “I – I’m sorry. What was it you said?”

“I was saying how we want to have a more intimate understanding of you. And I was asking if you’d like to get a little more comfortable to echo that sentiment. You’ve already taken your armour off. How about your top?”

“My top?” Pyrrha’s fingers touched the leather corset. “I’m not wearing anything underneath.”

“That’s fine,” he said. “In fact, it’s better than fine. It’ll help people focus on you as a person and not an icon.”

As he spoke, Noel rotated a knob on his desk, making the blue light glow more intensely and washing away all the little objections that came to mind.

It sounded all too reasonable and Pyrrha found herself nodding, even as her fingers came up to untie the leather straps around the back. Her bare shoulders already told of no bra beneath and the corset itself included all the support she needed. She let it fall, holding one arm over her breasts as they fell out and forward.

“There’s no need to hide them, Pyrrha. That’s what we’re trying to talk about, remember? This is about not hiding behind a mask. It’s about showing people the real you. Not the girl hidden behind layers of clothes and armour.”

He’s right. I’m hiding because I’m afraid again…

Slowly, she brought her hand down. The cameras flashed, bathing her naked top in light. Colour flooded her cheeks but the longer she held still, the easier it became. They’d already seen her now so there wasn’t much point hiding.

“S – Should I do the same with my skirt?”

“I think it would help the fans see you as a woman, Pyrrha. You want that, don’t you?”

Yes. No. Did she? Yes, of course she did. Shaking away the doubt, she stood and unbuckled her belt, working it off and pushing her fingers into the waistband of her red skirt. It slid over her hips and fell the rest of the way on its own. Her black knickers were simple and functional, and yet with the rest of her stark naked, they were somehow also the focus of all the cameras.

Knowing what would come next and not able to think of a reason why she shouldn’t do it, Pyrrha peeled those down her thighs as well, revealing for Noel and the audience her lightly trimmed red hair. Kicking off her boots while she was also standing, she sat back down with her knees linked together.

I’m naked, she realised with some hysteria. Naked in front of the camera.

It wasn’t a bad feeling. Better than being on an arena in front of thousands with yet another quailing opponent before her. The people watching wouldn’t be paying much attention to her career at all with this.

“You look great, Pyrrha,” Noel said, standing before that pulsing blue light. “I bet your sponsors will be surprised to see this. It’s not exactly the most family-friendly image, is it?”

Pyrrha giggled and clapped her cheek with one hand. It was hot and flushed. “No.”

“Is that a problem? I bet you’re not always family friendly yourself, are you?”

“I always try to be polite…”

“I’m sure you do, but you’re still a young woman. You have needs.” Noel’s voice was so soft and understanding that she found herself nodding. “And you have to take care of those needs, don’t you? Sometimes in ways the prim and proper sponsors might not like.”

 “I… well…” Pyrrha thought of lying but knew that would ruin the point of this interview. And really, did she want to go back to the old way of things? To big meetings and silly sponsor demands. No. Beacon was her refuge from that. “Yes,” she said. “I do. Sometimes…”

“What kind of things?”

“Um. Well…” Pyrrha looked down between her legs helplessly.

Noel smiled. “Show me. Show us.”

“N – Now…?”

“Isn’t that the whole point? Showing the audience what the real Pyrrha is like?”

It was. It absolutely was. And yet, wasn’t this too far? “I don’t know. It… I think this is a little much, Noel. I’m not comfortable with doing that.”

“Don’t you want to be a star, Pyrrha?”


He increased the blue light.


“I do.” Her lips moved of their own accord. “I… I want to be a star.”

“Show the fans what you do, Pyrrha. Your fans. Your adoring fans. Show them what Pyrrha Nikos is like when no one is watching.”

Her fans. Hers. Pyrrha’s breath increased, skin burning pink as she imagined all those adoring fans watching her. Watching her not as the Invincible Girl stood above her enemies, but the naked and vulnerable girl she was.

The real me, she thought. I want them to see the real me.

Slowly, she brought her feet up onto the sofa, planting them down flat with her knees spread wide apart. Her pussy stared boldly at the cameras.

Noel was up and coming around the desk before she could blink. She panicked for a second, but the soft blue light relaxed her, and the lens of the camera it was reflected in coming closer and closer. He just wanted a better angle. That… That was fine.

Pyrrha pushed her hand down between her legs and started to rub herself with her index and middle finger. Noel knelt between her legs, bringing the camera oh so close to her puffy slit. He pressed a hand on the inside of her knee, pushing her wider apart so he could get the perfect close-up.

“That’s good,” he said, voice hypnotic and low. “That’s really good, Pyrrha. How often do you do this?”

“E – Every now and then.” She panted a little, flushed and uncertain. This wasn’t something she’d ever done in front of an audience before, but then that was the point. It was to let them see what she was like outside her fame. “Sometimes every night,” she admitted. “A – After training with my boyfriend.”

“That’s naughty.”

“Ah.” She jumped as his hand pressed on her bare stomach. “I – I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. You can be naughty here, Pyrrha. We’re not going to judge you like your old sponsors would. You’ll be a new star and make new fans – fans who will love you for who you are, not what you used to be. Do you want that?”

“Yes,” she cried, rubbing herself faster and faster. Her toes curled, clinging to the edge of the sofa. Her hips began to push forward into her hand. She brought her other up to grip and massage her left breast, thumb brushing against her nipple as heat built inside her. “I want that!”

“Spread yourself for me, Pyrrha. Show everyone what you look like.”

Pyrrha used her fingers to peel her lips back.

The camera zoomed in further and further, so close she could almost feel the cold glass against her hot pussy. On the other end, she could just imagine men glued to their monitors. Would Jaune watch? She hoped so.

Noel pushed the camera into her chest suddenly. She held onto it without thinking and squealed a moment later when he gripped her by both ankles and dragged her down the sofa. Pyrrha ended up flat on her back, red hair above and around her with her legs up against his chest. Noel was pulling his white shirt off, showing his tribal tattoos spreading over his shoulder and chest. Her pelvis was flat against his thighs as he tossed the shirt away.

“W – What are you doing?” she asked, the faintest stirrings of nervousness appearing within her. “This is supposed to be an interview.”

“It still is,” he said, unbuckling his pants. “Just a different kind.” He pushed his boxers down and the biggest penis she’d ever seen came out. It was as long as her arm and flat at the top. It flopped down between her legs and on her belly, the tip all the way up to her bellybutton. It was hot against her skin. Almost burning.


“Did I not mention I was a horse faunus?” He laughed. “Guess it’s easy to miss with clothes on.”

Noel reached down to take the camera from her fingers and then point it down at her stomach, showing everyone just how big he was against her. Her panic mounted but his free hand took hold of her chin and tilted her head to the side, toward the pulsing blue light.

And all of a sudden, she wasn’t sure why she was so upset or bothered.

“This is part of the interview, Pyrrha. You remember? About showing the real you. What better way to do that than show everyone what you’re like with your guard down in an intimate moment?”

That… It… He made sense. That blue light. It all made sense. His voice. The fans wanted it. But did she? He was paying her. For this? It was about showing her at her most vulnerable. Not like this. And it was all to become famous.

When had she wanted that?

“You’re going to be a star, Pyrrha. An absolute star.”

Everything washed away. Little hearts appeared in her eyes.

“I want to be a star. I want to be famous.”

Noel laughed and pushed himself back, taking hold of his giant member and forcing it down between her legs with one hand. From her position, Pyrrha looked down between her breasts and over her flat stomach, watching the thick shaft disappear below her tuft of red pubic hair.

A hot and thick object pushed into her crotch, scaling her with its heat.

“Smile for the camera, Pyrrha. Smile for your fans.”

Eagerly, she held up both hands in a V-shape, smiling brightly.

Noel pushed inside.

Her smile flickered and weakened. She held it through determination alone, smiling so hard she was gritting her teeth. Tears prickled in her eyes at the raw pain of being entered by so large a man, but it was nothing compared to what she’d experienced before as a huntress. It faded quickly, replaced with a numbness that soon turned into a blissfully soft and warm feeling.

He was filling her so completely; in a way she wasn’t sure anyone else would have been able to. Her head fell back, a groan slipping forth as he worked himself further and further, stretching her, breaking her, it felt like. One of her hands came down to her stomach and she gasped at the fact she could feel him with her fingers, all the way through her own skin.

“That’s it,” he grunted, struggling to push himself inside her. “You’re tight. Must be a virgin, but no hymen. Good. No blood.”

Her hymen had torn years ago in training. She tried to say that but the only sound that came out of her was a ragged and guttural moan. It was honestly so raw and needy that she would have blushed if not for the fact her pale skin was already bright red. Smile for the camera, she told herself, quickly doing just that.

Noel hilted himself inside and gripped onto her ankles, pulling her further off the couch and pinning her bum against his thighs. He rolled her back, almost bending her in two and pressing her down. Her legs came to rest on his chest, feet over his shoulders.

The camera was quickly pushed into her face.

“Have you ever been fucked like this before?”

The interview was still on? Oh, of course, the fans would want to get to know her. That made sense.

“N – No,” she panted, moaning as Noel started to thrust in and out of her, sliding his full fourteen inches out and then pushing in. The very air was blown from her lungs. “This – ah – this is – hm – my first time!”

“Not even with your boyfriend?”

“I’m – ah – saving myself – oh – for the right – ahh – moment!”

“Maybe it’ll be after he sees this,” Noel said with a laugh. “After I fill you up for your adoring audience. Would you like that, Pyrrha? Like me to make you a porn star?”


What did he mean by porn? This was just an interview. It was jus a normal interview. So what if she was exposed a little more than her agent would have normally liked; that was what an exposé was. It was all about people getting to know the real her. How much closer could they get than what she was now? Bent double and wracked with desire.

“Star,” she whispered, watching the blue light reflect of his sweaty chest. “I want – I want to be a star…”

“You will be once this sells.” He thrust harder into her, making her back arch and her chest push up into his. “Pyrrha Nikos on the casting couch. People will pay thousands for this – and once I sell exclusive rights for royalties, my studio will be the most well-known in Remnant, with you as its main attraction.”

“Ahh.” Pyrrha’s head tossed left and right. Her eyes were hazy. “Nooo,” she moaned. “I’m only doing it the once. To – To buy Jaune something…”

“Really?” He gripped her ankles tight and slammed into her, shaking her breasts. The camera remained focused on those, capturing both the way her nipples danced and the wet slap of his cock pushing into her. “But how will you be famous if you just do it the one time?”

How indeed. Repetition built reputation; she knew that.

But I only wanted to buy something nice for Jaune…

But if she stopped after the one, she wouldn’t become a star. She needed to become a star. It was everything she’d ever wanted. If this is what it takes, I have to do it. Her hands gripped the sofa above her, fingers digging in as she moaned. I have to become a star.

“I – I’ll do it!”

“You will? Great.”

Noel wrapped his hands under her hips suddenly, leaving the camera on her belly. Pyrrha reached down to steady it without thinking, gasping as the horse faunus lifted her up with his long dick still inside her. The added weight of her body caused her to slide further down, pushing him so deep her mind went blank.

Her back landed on something solid and cool. Her hair spilled down, covering his desk as he laid her down and pulled out with a wet pop. Pyrrha groaned, feeling emptier than she ever had before.

“You’ll need to sign a contract. You’ll come into work at least three times a week after school. Seven til ten, along with longer weekend shoots where necessary.”

Noel rolled her over so she was bent over the desk with her feet on the floor. He slapped her ass with one hand and reached over her body to pull out a piece of paper, sliding it before her along with a pen. He then steadied the camera in front of her face and took a spot behind her, licking his hand and running it up her slit.

“Sign it?” she stammered. “I haven’t read it!”

Her agent had been explicit; never sign a contract without her there to read it first.

“You need to sign it, Pyrrha, otherwise I can’t make you a star.”

“I – I know but I need to – aieee!”

He pushed inside her again, stretching her pussy wide. His hands gripped her ass as he did, pulling her cheeks apart as he slid every inch in, pinning her against the desk. With nowhere to escape, Pyrrha gripped onto the top, gasping into the camera lens as Noel worked himself inside. Behind and between his legs, her feet rose up, ankles locked together. Noel’s face came down behind her head, his mouth by her ear.

“Sign the contract, Pyrrha. You know you want to.” He gripped her hair and drew her face up so that she was staring directly into the blue light. “This is what you’ve wanted all your life. Nothing excites you more than exposing yourself for your fans.”

He was right. This was why she’d become a fighter, for the fame and the love – oh god, she’d forgotten about it, but she wanted it so badly. How had she forgotten? It didn’t matter. All that mattered was how Noel helped show her again.

Body shaking under each thrust, Pyrrha almost dropped the pen twice, drooling and moaning onto the paperwork as she tried to scan through it, gave up after he started fucking her harder and just signed her name on the dotted line. Her handwriting, normally impeccable, was a hasty and scribbled mess. Noel snatched it away the moment she’d finished.


He leaned down into her, fucking her so hard she was left to mewl on the desk, holding on for dear life. “With this, you’re bound to be a star.” One of his hands came up to grip her red hair, pulling back so that she was forced to look up – up into all the cameras watching. The audience who would watch her debut video. Her debut as a porn actress. As a porn star.

“Smile for the camera, Pyrrha. Show them how much you like it. Introduce yourself while you’re at it.”

Pyrrha’s lips stretched up. It was a wobbly smile with one eye closed and the other struggling to stay open, twitching shut with every thrust into her, every gasp forced out, but she was sure that if she did her best the fans would know it. Would love her. Letting go of the desk, she brought both hands up in the V-sign, smiling a wide and toothy smile.

 “H – Hello everyone!” Her words came out stuttered. “I – I’m Pyrrha Nikos, winner of the Mistral c – championships. T – This is my first porn debut.”

Her muscles clenched down, little hearts appearing in her eyes as the pounding of both Noel behind her and the blue light in front drove every thought from her mind. Arousal dripped down her thighs. I’m cumming, she realised distantly. This is my first orgasm.

“Oooh.” Her entire body trembled. “P – Please,” she begged. “P – Please t – treat me kindly and – ah – w – watch all my videos. A – All the videos we – ah – are going to make!”

“That’s a good girl.” Noel reached over her shoulder and took the handheld camera. “And for your first video, a lovely creampie is in order.”

He aimed it down between her cheeks, pulling them apart with the finger and thumb of one hand. With how thick he was, her pussy was gripping tightly to him, pulling back with him as he slid out and pushed back inside.

“Here it comes!” he grunted, pounding into her harder and harder, dragging ragged squeals from her lips. Her own orgasm had come and past, now replaced with a second that had her squeezing down on him. Her fingers were digging into his desk. “I’m cumming! Ahhh!”

Noel’s thick cock pulsed inside her, buried all the way up to her womb. She almost thought she could feel his load pumping down in slow motion, bulging along his incredible length and reaching all the way inside her. It neared the tip, Pyrrha biting down on her lip as he came. Her back arched, hands pushing down until she was leaning up on the table, breasts bouncing as Noel shot rope after sticky rope of his cum into her body.


Pyrrha’s eyes, already vacant, rolled in their sockets. Her stomach was distended and swollen, one of Noel’s hands holding it and feeling it grow as he pumped more and more of his seed into her. With how full she was from his girth alone, it spurted and poured from her pussy, spraying around his balls.

Noel caught it all on camera, slipping his hand up to grope her left breast as he slid his cock back, not out of her but unto the last possible inch, creating more room for him as he continued to cum and cum, filling her to the brim.

“This is it, Pyrrha,” he whispered into her ear, pushing back into her and expelling a great gout of his semen at the same time. “With this, you’ll be a star for sure. The greatest porn star on Remnant.”

Limp in his arms and so delirious she could hardly think, Pyrrha still managed a proud smile. She was going to be a star. Finally, she was going to be famous. Jaune would be so proud of her. Everyone was going to be so proud…





Jaune paced on the roof of Vale, scroll against his ear and a worried frown on his face. Pyrrha was late for training and that was so unlike her he didn’t know what to think. Never since they’d started had she been late for a training session. It just hadn’t happened.

“Come on,” he whispered. “Pick up the scroll…”

It clicked.


“H – Hello? Oh Jaune. Hi.”

She sounded tired, tired but safe and obviously not in danger. Jaune sagged with relief, catching himself with one hand on the floor. He wasn’t sure what he’d thought – Grimm, White Fang or something worse – but hearing her voice ripped his legs out from under him.

“You’re okay. God, Pyrrha, I was worried.”

“I’m sorry! I didn’t realise it was so late. I had work…”


“I picked up a part-time job,” she said, voice brimming with pride. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, Jaune. It was a spontaneous thing. I didn’t mean to and I guess I forgot to call to let you know. I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s fine.” Just hearing she was okay was enough that he couldn’t be upset. “I guess training is off for tonight. That’s fine, my muscles were cramping anyway. You’ll be back tonight, right?”

“Hmhm.” Pyrrha mumbled, like her mouth was full.

Probably eating. He must have caught her on the way back or on break. Either way, he couldn’t keep her. Pushing himself up onto his feet, he dusted himself down and made his way back toward the staircase.

“All right. I’ll see you later, Pyrrha. Love you.”

“Ah~” Pyrrha pulled whatever it was she was eating out her mouth. “Love you too, Jaune!”





“Love you too, Jaune,” Pyrrha said, smiling lovingly with her scroll in one hand and a thick and meaty penis in the other. The tip was wet with spit from where she’d been sucking, all the while her small hand worked its way up and down the shaft. “I’ll see you later.”

The scroll clicked off, not a moment before Noel tore it from her hands and tossed it onto the couch with all her discarded clothing.

“No calls on set,” he said, aiming the fresh camera at her. “Now mouth open. Try to catch as much of it as you can.”

Pyrrha obediently opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue “Ahhh~”

Noel’s cock jerked free from her hand, bulging as he took it and aimed it at her with an almost painful grunt. Pyrrha closed her eyes and leaned in, stretching her mouth wide. The first splat struck her eyebrow and splashed onto her cheek. The second hit her nose. The third, she managed to angle and catch, tasting his bitter and salty seed on her tongue.

“Ahh! Hnnn!”

Noel shot a fourth and fifth spurt, coating her chin and the tops of her breasts. His hot cum dribbled down and into her cleavage. Her mouth was so full his seed poured down over her chin despite her best efforts to tilt her head back and keep it in.

“That’s it,” he panted, letting go of his shaft and bringing the camera closer, giving her a full face-up. “Show us your tongue.”

Pyrrha smiled as best she could and poked it up out the ocean of cum in her mouth.

“And swallow.”

Rolling her tongue back, she sealed her lips and bobbed her head back, sweeping all his bitter juice down her throat. There was so much of it she had to swallow twice before she could open her mouth and run her tongue around her teeth, showing him and all the viewers there was none left.

“Excellent work, Pyrrha.” He switched off the camera and cupped her chin with one hand. “I’ve got a feeling you’re going to be a real star here. Just remember, you need to show up thirty minutes early so you can watch your instructional video again.”


Had there been a video? She couldn’t remember. The only thing she could remember was coming here because she wanted to become a star and earn money for Jaune. She’d wanted to be a porn star for so long and finally had a chance to achieve her dream. She didn’t remember any instructional video, though.

“I don’t remember a video…”

Noel laughed and dried his wet cock in her hair, wrapping her soft red locks around his shaft to rub himself off. Leaning over to the couch, he picked up her underwear and tossed it at her. Pyrrha caught it without thinking, letting him finish drying himself in her hair.

“Exactly. That’s why you need to watch it again, to make sure you don’t forget just why it is you want to become a star. The last thing we want is to revert to how you were before. Don’t worry,” he said, pulling his dry penis free. “It’s all in your contract.”

“Oh.” Pyrrha sat in a puddle of cum and smiled. “That’s fine then.”