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Step On It

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Jungkook swings open the Mall door with a closed fist, each hand clutching several shopping bags tightly. It's almost time for Christmas, and he wants to be finished with the shopping quickly before malls start getting flooded with people.

His boots make audible crunching sounds as he walks on the gravel, heading towards his car. The night paints an eerie picture; a full moon out with stars littering the sky, the parking area completely empty besides Jungkook's and a few other cars, overhead street lamps flickering. He hadn't realized it had gotten so dark out, since winter had just arrived.

Nearing his car, Jungkook pressed the button on his remote, the car chirp sounding loudly in the otherwise quiet night. The lights flash, and Jungkook pauses to open the boot of his car to stuff all the bags in;

His first mistake.

Jungkook shakes his hand out, feeling the blood rush back to the places that had gone white from clutching the heavy bags. As he's busy with loading the boot, he doesn't realise that the night isn't as quiet as it was. No. There's the soft crunching sound of shoes over gravel again, and he briefly looks back to see a male walking towards a car near his. Paying it no mind, Jungkook closes the boot, straightening his jacket and walks toward the driver seat. He settles in, securing his seatbelt on, turns the car on and just as he's about to drive off, he gets distracted by an incoming call. He picks it up.

His second mistake.

Just as he tells his hyung he's about to leave for home, the passenger door opens and the man plops in, bracing himself against the door and jamming a hand in a pocket, before bringing it back out and pointing a pistol at Jungkook's head. The man opens his mouth and in a gruff voice says;


The phone in Jungkook's hand slips out of his shocked grasp as he gapes at the intruder. Jungkook tries to reason with the man.

"H-hey. You can have whatever you want, man. Take my wallet and the phone and whatever you find, jus- just put the gun away, man." He raises his hands in the air, anyways.

The man simply shakes his head, greasy hair flopping into his eyes, and repeats his words aggressively;

"I said drive!"

"Okay, o-okay."

Jungkook registers his hyung screaming on the phone, having heard everything. With shaking hands, he grasps the steering wheel and backs out of the parking area, lips trembling with fear.

The man chuckles, amused. Who would've thought abducting a full grown man would be this easy? He could get good money for this. Probably sell the kid off somewhere, bribe his 'hyung' he heard on the phone that has cut off from low battery, or he could have some fun with the kid first, God knows he hasn't gotten his dick sucked in a hot minute. He voices all his thoughts aloud.

Jungkook is positively panicking at this point, pleading with the stranger, promising whatever amount the guy would ask for. He needs to get out of this situation, right now. He's not going out like this, no way. What to do. What to do. What to do. What to do.

He wrecks his brain for ways to escape, all the while keeping his eyes trained on the street for any passing cars for help. But it's late, and it's cold, and everybody's inside, having warm drinks, relaxing with their hyungs-

Oh God, his Hyungs.

They must be worried sick. Jin Hyung probably heard everything over the phone, they must be panicking. A tear slips down his cheek, as Jungkook thinks about how he'll never see his loving Hyungs again. The police will probably find him in a ditch somewhere. Oh God, oh God, oh God.

Wait. An idea. Jungkook takes a deep breath, clutching the steering wheel tighter, he has an idea. A stupid one, albeit, but it could work. It could. If it doesn't kill him. Weighing the pros and cons in his mind, Jungkook acts on pure adrenaline and fear. He steps on the accelerator, paying no mind to the guy panicking next to him, threatening to shoot him right there. He speeds. He sees a stationary truck a little further. He presses his foot harder, the car zooming through air. He steers the car just at the right moment.

He leads the car right into the truck.

He hears the impact before he feels it.

Metal crunching, screaming; him or the intruder, he's not sure. Glass shattering as a body goes through it, engine roaring, tires squeaking as they come to a stop. A loud gasp that's torn out of his chest as he's contained by the seatbelt and the loud boom of the air bag exploding.

And then he feels it.

Shattered glass on his face. His arms. His hands. Breath stolen from his lungs. Legs getting crushed by the metal. The airbag that explodes in his face. Blood trailing down his forehead. Hands shaking. Legs shaking. Body shaking.

But he's alive. He's okay. The other guy? He's not sitting in the seat next to Jungkook anymore, or whatever is left of the seat, anyway. It's completely crushed, the passenger door caved in as it took the complete force of the impact. The shattering glass was probably from his body flying out the windshield.

Unbuckling his seat belt with great effort, and pulling his legs out with grunts of pain, Jungkook manages to crawl out the mess of his car, and a little distance away in case the man is alive enough to finish him off, and there Jungkook lays until a passing car comes to a stop near him, sounds of shoes thudding fill his ears, and the sound of a frantic woman calling an ambulance.

Jungkook closes his eyes.


He wakes up an hour later in a hospital room, bandages wrapped around his forehead and hands, all traces of blood gone. He wakes up surrounded by his crying Hyungs, who look extremely relieved at Jungkook's consciousness. He smiles weakly as they all huddle around him, holding hands, leaving kisses across foreheads. Now, Jungkook is safe. He is protected. He is loved.

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"Call him, he's been out since the morning. You know the brat won't come home until he's called," says Yoongi, walking up to the couch and leaning against it.

Jin nods, already reaching for the phone. He grabs the remote and lowers the volume of the movie playing, earning cries of complaint from Jimin and Taehyung who are sprawled across the floor.

He dials Jungkook's number, and waits.

The kid is going to get a major scolding once he gets home. Staying out late is typical Jungkook behaviour. Disregarding the numerous times he's been reprimanded on not to leave the house without informing any one of them, and then returning home in the dead of the night.

Theres a soft click, and Jungkook voice filters through.

"Hey, Hyun-"

"Yah, Jeon Jungkook! Where the hell are you? You've been out the whole day, and you didn't even tell anyone before leaving!"

Theres a chuckle. "Hyung, I'm leaving right now, and I'll be home before you know. I'm on my way right now-"

There's another click, and a door closes shut. And then Jin hears it. A raspy voice, ordering Jungkook to, "Drive."

Every spark of frustration in Jin dims down, anxiety churning in his guts.

"Jungkook? What's going on?"

There's a thud. What was that?

When Jungkook speaks again, it sounds distant.

The phone has fallen down.

"Jungkook?" Jin exclaims, growing anxious, "Tell me what's happening-" His words die in his throat as he hears Jungkook plead.

"H-hey, man. You can have whatever you want. Just, just put the gun down."


And the line goes dead.


The six of them sit huddled together in the living room, silent as the night outside.

Jin sits on the couch, hand rubbing at his chest in an attempt to sooth the ever-growing bubble of fear.

Namjoon sits beside him, head in his hands, shoulders bunched up.

Yoongi stands against a wall, face void of emotions but his eyes are rimmed with tears.

Hoseok is sitting on the floor, arms wrapped around Jimin, pulling the younger into his chest.

And Jimin and Taehyung look absolutely devastated, left to wonder about their youngest.

A shrill ringing cuts through the tense atmosphere, and Jin immediately grabs his phone, pressing it to his ear. Jungkook's number.


A lady replies.

"Hello?! Is this, uh, Jin-ssi speaking?"

Jin straightens up.

"Y-yes, this is he."

"Please come to the Seoul National Hospital, there's been a crash, and this was the first number I found on the kid's phone, and-"

She rambles on, and Jin hears nothing.


Never has Jin been more grateful for Taehyung's fast and dangerous driving, as they reach the hospital in record breaking time.

They rush in together, arrive outside the room number the lady on the phone had directed them to, and they wait. A doctor comes out.

They talk.

And they are allowed to go in.

And they see him.

Their maknae.

Their baby.

In a white room, on a white bed in a white gown with white bandages wrapped around his forehead, his arms and his hands. Yoongi feels his legs tremble. Hoseok let's out an audible sob. Jimin hiccups out soft cries as Jin and Taehyung walk forward to take each of Jungkook's hands into their own, feeling the warmth.

And Jin lets himself cry.

They watch Jungkook's eyes flutter open, and they watch him smile softly.

The anxiety, and the fear, and those horrible, terrifying thoughts fade away.

And just like that, everything is, once again, okay.