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The Bite of the Queen

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Darkness was the essence world. The entire planet was shrouded in darkness. And the queen ruled from her castle. Thousands of years passed, and she grew weak. She needed to pass her power on, she needed a successor, someone of blood, but any family she once had, had left her in her rein.


To remedy this, she cast a spell. A spell that, when she is to pass, her magic would be transferred to the next ruler, someone donning the purest heart in her bloodline.


Vampires are generally immobile creatures, pale skin with bloodlust. But their queen is the most powerful. She is the watcher of vampires. She has magic beyond their control. And her followers will work tirelessly to get their new queen on her throne.




They were known as a miracle child, for a few reasons. First; they were born to a mother who’d been told she could bear no children. And second; they were born with no quirk, not even having gained theirs by their fourth birthday like most children. Their quirk manifested when they were ten, but it came with… unusual side effects.


Their skin was paler, their eye seemed to glow in the dark. They were up later and tended to burn easier in sunlight. They fed on blood. Vampire Quirk; it was labelled. The kid was faster than the average human and stronger physically than most of their classmates. Some physical items over to them on mental command and other things that seemed to be a meld of other quirks.


Most other fifth-graders thought that was cool to have so many, but other people grew to dislike it. To the point of calling them a villain. The Miracle Child wasn’t deterred though, as they followed their dreams. Their parent’s moved to Japan to allow them to attend U.A. or another prestigious high school in case they were rejected.


Ready for the exam, dear?” Their mother asked in English, pressing a kiss to their forehead.

Yes, ma,” (Y/n) replied.


You’re going to try your best, right?” their father asked, patting their shoulders.


Yes, pa,” (Y/n) replied. “Now, work on your Japanese, you need it.”


The kid waved and ran out the door. Their hair flared out as they ran and their eyes glinted with excitement. Due to the conditions of their quirk, they ran with a large umbrella blocking out the sun. However, again due to their quirk, they were able to run with it anyways.


U.A. was large and she took her time marvelling at the front gate. She continued to walk, not watching where she was going and running face-first into a poor kid, knocking them both off balance.


The pair were startled when they suddenly found themselves floating mid-air. The brunette whose quirk saved them giggled slightly and both grew red. ((Y/n) grabbed their umbrella but it was apparent the red wasn’t a burn from the sun; this girl was cute!)


The brunette giggled. “Are you two okay?”


“U-uh…” (Y/n) switched to Japanese. “Yes, thank you.”


The girl grabbed the boy’s shoulders and righted him before releasing the work of her superpower on them. (Y/n) landed with the grace of someone who was used to floating like that and the boy landed with his body stiff and straight. His face was bright red.


“I stopped you with my Quirk.” The girl says. “I’m sorry I didn’t ask first, but I figured you wouldn’t mind me catching you.” She smiled at them.


“It was my mistake.” (Y/n) replies. “I wasn’t watching where I was going.”


“Oh, your accent.” She mumbles. “You’re not Japanese, are you?”


“No, I’m from (country/state). My parents moved here so I could attend U.A.”


“You must be one of the best, then!”


“U-uh, no-”


“I’m gonna do my best too! And meet you in the hero course! That’s what you’re going for, right?”




“I’ll see you there, oh, uh, my name is Uraraka Ochako, that’s my last name and then-.”


“I know how Japanese introductions work. My name’s (L/n) (F/n).”


“I gotta run, I’ll see you later (L/n)-san!” Uraraka waved behind her as she walked inside.


“Bye, bye Uraraka-chan!” (Y/n) looked towards the boy, still stiff as a branch beside her. “You should do your best too.”


“Y-yes!” he stuttered. (Y/n) smiled and walked away.


“For all you examinee listeners turning in, welcome to my show today! Everybody say hey!” Present Mic beamed, and actually waited for a reply. It was silent. “What a refined response, then I’ll quickly present to you the rundown of the practical exam! ARE YOU READY?! YEAH!” More silence. “As it says in the application requirements, you listeners will be conducting ten-minute mock urban battles after this!” Present Mic continues. “You can bring whatever you want with you. After the presentation, you’ll head to the specified battle centre, okay?” Still, silence as people looked at the cards that were handed out. “OKAY??”


I guess, you won’t let you work with your friends, huh?’ (Y/n) thought. ‘Good thing I don’t have friends… Wow, that sounded sad…


“Three different types of faux villains are stationed in each battle centre; you earn points for each of them based on their level of difficulty. Your goal, dear listeners, is to use your Quirks to earn points by immobilising the faux villains. Of course, attacking other examinees and any other unheroic actions are prohibited!”


A hand raised. “May I ask a question?!”


“Okay!” A light shone on the boy. Dark blue hair, matching eyes and sharp glasses.


“On the printout, there are four types of villains, if that is a misprint then UA, the most prominent school in Japan, should be ashamed of that foolish mistake! We, examinees, are here in this place because we wish to be moulded into exemplary heroes.” The guy cried, then turned and pointed directly at the boy from before. “In addition, quit your muttering! It’s distracting. If you’re here on a pleasure trip, then you should leave immediately!”


“I’m so sorry!” he called. People in the stands giggled.


“Okay, okay, examinee number seven-one-one-one.” Present Mic called. “Thanks for the great message.” He proceeded to explain the point of the fourth villain. “That’s all from me!” Present Mic called. “Finally, I’ll give you listeners a present—our school motto! The hero Napoleon Bonaparte once said; A true hero is someone who overcomes life’s misfortunes. Go beyond. PLUS ULTRA! Now, everyone, good luck suffering.”


Wow, Mic.’ (Y/n) thought. ‘That’s encouraging.


They made their way to their own battle centre, dressing in the U.A. sports uniform on the way there. As people gathered, (Y/n) prepared with stretches, their umbrella hovering in the air to shade them from the sun. The faint hint of purple smoke emitting from (Y/n)’s hand also flickered around the handle, as if holding the umbrella for them.


“Oh, hey.” A blonde waltzed over, taking apparent interest in the floating umbrella. “This is cool, is this your quirk?”


“Not really.” (Y/n) replies. “It’s a side effect, more or less.”


“Oh, cool.” He looked at (Y/n). “Are you sensitive to light?”


“I burn easily, yeah, it’s another side effect.”


“Damn, that’s a bummer. My name’s Kaminari Denki.”


“(L/n) (F/n), it’s a pleasure to meet you.”


“(L/n)? Oh, you’re not Japanese, are you?”




“Cool! Where are you from?”




“Wow! I hope to see you in the end, (L/n)-chan.”


(Y/n) cocked an eyebrow. “Confident, are we? I hope so too, Kaminari-san.”


He smiled and the starting siren rang. Everyone rushed forward.




“Onē-chan! You have letters!” (Y/n) stifled a yawn and rolled out of bed, landing on the floor with a thud. “…What was that?




Get off the floor, (Y/n)!




Whatever! Just get your damn letters!


With a grumbled, (Y/n) grasped the door handle and slowly made her way to the kitchen where her younger (brother/sister) sat. (He/She) liked using Japanese nicknames but otherwise spoke in English. (He/She) handed (Y/n) two letters. One looked like in time travelled straight from the 18th century whilst the other was stamped U.A.


(Y/n) hummed tiredly. “I’ll open the U.A. one when Ma and Pa get back.


You’re just scared you’ll fail. We moved all the way out here for you.


Shut up, you want to go to U.A. just as much as I do.


Fair enough.


(Y/n) looked at the wax stamp on the other letter and frowned. It was a blood-red stamp with ‘VC’ written on it. “What the fuck?






Go die.


Uno reverse card.”


No u.


“No u.”


Was that Japanese?




I hate you.”


You love me.


Whatever, just read your goth notes.


(Y/n) looked back at the very Victorian-era letter and picked off the wax seal before opening it. It was written in neat cursive English.


Dearest (Y/n),


It has come to our attention you harbour a quirk known as the “Vampire Quirk”. Our family, the Vampire Clan, are all bearers of this quirk as well and would love to welcome you to our family.


When you’ve made your decision, please send us a letter back via the postal address or send a text via the phone number below. This number goes to the Japanese residence of our family as that’s where we figure your household is currently staying.


Best wishes,

Pheobe Sacheverell 


It was signed with Pheobe's signature and finished with the “vampire Clan” stamp, which matched the wax seal.


This is extreme as shit for a prank.”


Lemme see.” (S/n) leaned over (Y/n)’s shoulder to look at the letter. “Yo. What the fuck?


Profanity!” (Y/n) yelled, feigning terror. (S/n) flipped her off.


Should I take this letter seriously or not?’ (Y/n) thought, staring at the phone number on the parchment.



Take the Letter seriously?