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Elven Dairy Cow

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“You taste so good,” the woman mumbled, mouth full with Shera’s breast.

Shera didn’t respond, rendered mute by her slave collar.  ‘Cows don’t need to talk,’ Diablo said when he commanded her never to speak.  The only sound Shera was able to make came from the cowbell attached to her slave collar.

So Shera stood there silent, bent over, arms braced against the stable’s wall as the lady drank from Shera’s breast.  She hardly paid him any attention though, too distracted by the pain she felt.  Her back ached from both the position and the weight of her bloated belly.  Her ankles hurt from being swollen all the time and the butt plug cow tail in her ass was very uncomfortable.  What hurt the most though were her breasts.

As Faltra City’s famous Elven Princess Dairy Cow, Shera’s breasts were her best asset and the part of her body most often abused.  People would come from all over the continent to buy a bottle of her milk or purchase the privilege to drink straight from the tap.  Raping her, although not uncommon generally was an afterthought to the many people who would pay ridiculous amounts of money to suck her.

At first the anger and humiliation of being treated as nothing more than an animal drove Shera mad.  She’d spend her days plotting her revenge against the people who dare violate her, against Demon Lord Diablo who enslaved her, impregnated her, and decided to turn her into a dairy cow after discovery how much he enjoyed her lactation.

“I would be a shame to waste such a tasty delicacy.”  He said to her.

Having no choice but to obey his sick kinky desires, Shera became a dairy cow.

“Mmmm,” the woman hummed in delight as she sucked Shera.

Shera grimaced at the pain, knowing another bruise was forming again.  The last few hadn’t even had the chance to heal yet, leaving Shera’s breasts a huge mess of bite marks and bruises at various stages of healing.

“Let’s have a bit more fun, shall we.”

Shera flinched slightly when she felt the woman slide her hand into her vagina.  She remained relaxed though, already used to such treatment by now.  As the woman pumped her fingers in and out, Shera’s ears pick up on some sobbing in the next stall.

Chester Ray Galford must be back. 

Chester along with Emilie, Sylvie, Celestine, and a whole bunch of other people were enslaved in the City of Faltra alongside Rem and Shera.  After being summoned to this world, Diablo quickly took over the entire continent.  First he took over Faltra City, then he conquered the Greenwood Kingdom.  Next he took control of the entire Fallen Army, revived the Demon Lord Krebskulm, enslaved her, and then went on to conquer the rest of the continent.

Many people fought back against him, including Chester, Emilie, and Celestine, and they were all either enslaved or executed.  The rest of the populace was forced to bow down and obey the Supreme Ruler of the World Diablo.  Diablo enslaved many of his subjects to ensure their obedience or just because he found them desirable and wanted to sleep with them.  Many more though we not only obedient, but eager to serve the Demon Lord.  It surprised Shera at first how many individuals around the world shared Diablo’s sick need to dominate others.  She knew that slavery existed in this world, but somehow never thought much about what that meant for people’s mentality on the humanity of others.  With so many depraved people visiting Faltra City for a chance to satisfy their lust with Diablo’s premium slave stock, the entire city quickly turned into one giant whore house.

People are crueler and more malicious then I gave them credit for.

After becoming the famous elven dairy cow of Faltra City, Shera’s life became one long stretch of stranger after stranger touched her, sucking her, and milking her for their own amusement.

It’s fine.  Shera would tell herself after servicing the 15 person in one day.  This will all end after you give birth.  Once the child is born Diablo will end this and instead switch your role over to raising his child.  He’s probably still call on you to service him, but I’m sure he wouldn’t want to whore out the mother of his child.  I’m sure of it!

Her thoughts were more wishful thinking that anything, but it was the only hope she possessed.  That hope was shattered when Shera reached her ninth month of pregnancy.

“I hear you’re about to give birth soon and loose that shape of yours that makes you such a great dairy cow.”  Diablo stated when he went to visit Shera.  “Even though you’ll still be lactating, I’ll need you to spend your time and milk on the child.  That simply will not do.”

The next thing Shera knew, Diablo was casting some sort of spell on her.

“There, now we don’t have to worry about anything and everything can continue on as it has been.”

She didn’t know what the magic was or how it worked, but she quickly found out her body was frozen in time.

The baby!  Shera worried checking her stomach to make sure the child was still alive.  She sighed in relief when she felt a light kick against her hand indicating her child was just fine.

Over a year has passed since then and Shera is still nine month pregnant with her kicking baby.  Still pregnant and still everyone’s favorite ride.

Shera flinched as she felt herself orgasm.

“That’s a good girl,” the woman praised Shera, patting her on her head.

A bell went off in the distance.

“Is it time already?”  The woman whined as she stood back up.  “And I was enjoying myself so much.  All well, I’ll just have to buy you again sometime when I get enough money saved up.”

The woman placed a kiss on Shera’s lips before walking out the stall.

Finally.  Shera thought as she stood up straight and stretched her body.  Her hands absentmindly went to her breasts which were covered in saliva and sore.  Her slave collar prevented her hands from getting closer than an inch though.

Fucking Diablo and his fucking orders!  Shera roared as she put her hands back down to her sides.  This are for the clients, no you so don’t touch.  They’re my own breasts and I should be able to touch them whenever I want!

She quieted down quickly though, knowing the pointlessness of her silent rant.  After relieving herself in the bucket at the front of the stall, she sat down in the hay and waited for the stable boy to appear.  He appeared quickly with a sponge and a bucket of water in hand.  He quickly, but gently cleaned off Shera’s body, trying his best not to hurt her.  Shera stared at his own slave collar adorning his neck.

“Medio says you have an hour to relax until your next few customers arrive,” he quietly told her.  “It’s a group, but I don’t think you’ll have to service them.”

Observers.  Shera thought as she was scrubbed clean.

When the stable boy finished, he picked up both the water bucket and Shera’s toiler bucket, carrying the two away.  Shera watched him go, before proceeding to the other side of the stall.  Laying down with her back facing the entrance, she fell into a deep sleep.



“Wake up cow!”  Medios shouted.

My peaceful hour is up.  Shera groaned as she sat up.

She looked down at her aching chest already refilled with milk after her last encounter.  Breast milk leaked from her overly full nipples.  She sighed at the sight.

“Don’t just sit there in a daze,” Medios commanded.  “Get up, turn around, and show the paying customers what they want to see.”

Unable to disobey, Shera slowly rose to her feet.  She took one deep breathe before turning around to face the crowd.  There were a total of five men standing at the entrance to her stall, everyone one of them gawking at her.

“This is Shera L. Greenwood, former Elven Princess of Greenwood Kingdom, renamed the Elven Princess Dairy Cow.”  Medios explained.

“So this is the famous Elven Princess Dairy Cow?”  One of them remarked.  “To think an elf would have such a nice rack.”

“Just look at her,” another man commented.  “She absolutely gorgeous.”

“She’s pretty alright,” the third man shrugged.  “But I’m not really into fucking pregnant broods.”

“Her assets are her breasts and breast milk,” the four man explained.  “But I wouldn’t mind bending her over and fucking her senseless too.”

All five men laughed as Medios continued smiling in her deceptively sweet smile.  Shera glared at her, hating her for willingly following Diablo and running all of the sex houses in the City.

What do you expect from a former slave trader?  She’s been selling men, women, and children to the highest bidder for the majority of her adult life.  How would Diablo coming into power change her morals for the better?

“As you can see, Shera is dressed in a pair of black dotted white, long sleeves attached to each other by a strip of fabric in the back.  The ass-less chaps she wears matches the pattern on the sleeves giving the impression of a cow’s fur.”  Medios began explaining.  “Black shoes and black mitten designed to look like hooves help to improve the look.  A headband with cow horns and a cowbell around her neck complete the outfit.”

Outfit?  You call this strips of fabric that leave my entire torso exposed an outfit.  Shera scoffed at the term outfit.

“Man I want to touch her so bad,” one man cried reached into the stall.

“If you want a more hands on session, you’ll have to pay more.”  Medios clarified.

“Why is it the best things in life cost so much,” the man whined.

“Don’t worry, this tour does come with a few perks.  Leon!”  Medios shouted.

The stable boy hurried over to her, holding a pail in his hands.  As he entered her stall, Shera assumed the position; bent over with her arms braced against the wall.  She grimaced as she felt his fingers pinching her sore nipples.  Leon did his best to be gently, but it always hurt when he grabbed her chest and started milking her into the pail below.

“Ooooh!”  The men cried out in excitement, enjoying the show.

“I’m sorry,” Leon whispered to Shera as he worked.

It was a small thing that he always did, small, but still appreciated by Shera.  It’s what reminded her that she was an elf and not some beast.

When he finished, he poured the milk into five separate glasses and served it to the men.

“Delicious!”  They all exclaimed at the same time.

“We have a few bottles for sale if you want to purchase some more,” Medios elaborated.  “However there is a bit of a wait due to the high volume of orders we receive and the low amount of stock we have.”

“I don’t care how much it costs or how long I have to wait, I want to buy some!”

Medios smiled at the eager man, leading the group away as they discussed prices.

Time for another nap.  Shera thought as she lay back down in the hay.



When Shera next awoke, darkness had fallen.  It’s night time already?  How long was I asleep for?

Shera thought for a moment before concluding it must’ve been somewhere between 3 and 4 hours.

That’s odd, usually they milk me every hour all day and night long.  If they’ve left me alone for this long…Shera shuddered at the possible implications.  At least I’ll probably be able to see Rem again.

Shera sat quietly in her cell, waiting to be summoned.  Sure enough 20 minutes later Leon appeared in her stall.

“You’ve been summoned to Lord Diablo’s party,” he stated as he put a rope around Shera’s neck.

Looks like I was right.

Shera was silent as she was led out of the stables and into an awaiting carriage.

“So glad you could make it!”  Medios smiled at Shera.

Shera ignored her, talking a seat across from her next to Celestine.   Glancing sideways she noticed the pure white dress she was wearing.  It was a halter dress, with an open back and neckline that plunged all the way to her belly button.  The dress was floor length, but there were two slits on either side riding up to her hips.

Celestine noticed her looking and gave Shera a sympathetic smile.  Her smile seemed to say, ‘we’re in this together.’

The carriage started down the road, stopping only once to pick up another passenger.  When the carriage stopped and the doors opened, Emile stepped in.  He was dressed in a very uncomfortably tight leather leotard that covered his chest, but barely concealed his groin; Shera could see his balls hanging out from the bottom.  Emile’s legs were bare accept for the black boots he wore.

Shera tried to give him a smile of reassurance, but he kept his head hung low in defeat.  Shera didn’t blame him though, few slaves of Diablo weren’t completely broken by now.

“Let’s head out to the party shall we?”

The carriage ride was slow and silent as it made its way to Diablo’s dwellings.  After conquering Faltra Diablo turned the former Lord’s Mansion into his own place of residence, often throwing parties there as well.  Whenever he’d throw a party he’d always summon some of his slaves to serve as entertainment to his guests.  Shera thought about the party last month she was forced to attend.  To say she missed the stables during that time would be an understatement.

“We’re here!”  Medios cried as the carriage came to a stop.  “Time to get out.”

Misery clear on their faces, Emile, Shera, and Celestine got out of the carriage.

“Now to make sure you guys are in tip top shape.” 

Pulling out a bottle of healing potion, Medios poured it onto everyone’s heads.  Shera felt such relief as her wounds melted away.  Healing potions are the best.

Medios left afterwards in the carriage, leaving the three to find their way to the party themselves.  They weren’t worried though, having been here dozens of times already.  Faster than they really wanted to go, the three made their way through the mansion and into the ballroom.  The moment they entered, the music stopped playing and the three were met with hundreds of lust filled gazes.

“It looks like the entertainment has arrived.”

Shera glanced up to see Diablo sitting in an alcove.  To his right sat Krebskulm, dressed in a navy blue sailor outfits.  And to his left, to Shera’ joy, sat Rem, wearing nothing but her slave collar.

I’m so glad to see you!  Shera tried to convey with her eyes.  Rem smiled back, clearly happy to see her as well.

“To your places slaves.”

Shera jerked as her collar lit up.  She fought against her body as she was pulled to one of the three stages on the outskirts of the room.  As she walked through the crowd she was met with multiple people grabbing her as she walked by, bragging about what they were going to do with her body when it was their turn.  The moment her feet hit the stage, she was pulled into a seated position on the floor.  She watched as Diablo whispered into Rem’s ear before she jumped down from the balcony and made her way towards Shera.

Here it comes.

The moment Rem reached the stage, she curled up into Shera’s lap.  Sticking out her tongue, Rem slowly licked the milk dripping out of Shera.

“That’s hot.”  One man commented.

Just as she’d been commanded, Rem slowly licked her way up Shera’s stomach, under her breast, and to her nipple.  Rem used her tongue to swirl around the nipple for a moment before placing her whole mouth over it.  Shera shuddered at the contact, wrapping her arms around Rem and she suckled from her tit.

“Oooooh,” the crowd cheered.

Shera tried to ignore them as Rem worked.  She sucked slowly, drawing out the show for as long as possible for the viewers.  A few tears flowed down Rem’s cheek as she drank, a feeling Shera knew all too well.

Unable to look at Rem’s miserable face anymore, Shera started scanning the crowd around them.  There were about 50 men hovered around them, all of them enjoying the show to the fullest.  Every one of them was panting and many were touching themselves.  Pigs.

“That’s enough,” Diablo commanded.  “On to the next part.  And make sure you spread yourself wide.”

Shera jerked as the slave collar took command of her body and forced her legs wide.  She trembled slightly from the discomfort as Rem moved into position behind her.  In full view of the crowd, Rem slowly played with Shera’s clitoris.

“She’s getting so wet!”

“Seeing that beautiful pink pussy dripping juice is almost unbearable.”

“I want to ravage her right now.”

Shera flushed red, both in humiliation and anger.  What did I do to deserve this?

“Good job Rem,” Diablo commented, watching the show from his balcony.  “Now come back up here and let my guests enjoy themselves to the fullest.”

Rem pulled her hand away from Shera and with one last look, turned around and rejoined Diablo.  The instant Rem’s feet left the stage, Shera was forced backwards onto the ground. 

No!  She cried internally as the men went mad with lust.  Stop!  Please stop!

She was powerless to stop the men from tearing into her, ripping apart her outfit as they struggled to get their hands on her.  Completely naked, there was nothing to lessen the feeling of all their hands grabbing every inch of her skin.  One hand painful grabbed her boob while the other boob was met with someone’s mouth. 

Her attention was forced away from the hands when she felt someone’s dick shoved into her.

“Damn your tight!”  The man yelled as he thrusted into her.  “No wonder Lord Diablo wanted to warm you up a bit before we started.”

Shera jolted as her head was forced back and another man started thrusting into her mouth.

It hurts!  Was all Shera could think with all the chaos going on around her.

The men thought nothing of Shera’s discomfort or pain, only seeking to relieve themselves as soon as possible. 

Calm down Shera.  You’ve been through this before and you will survive it just like last time.  Just remember to control your breathing.

In and out she went through her nose; in and out.  Good.

The first person to come was the man fucking Shera’s mouth.  As his semen slide down her throat, Shera choked slightly.  She barely managed to swallow the semen before another dick was buried down her throat.  Warm sticky fluid filled her as the man fucking her came and was replaced with another man.  Shera’s breasts receive a short break before the mouth and hands that were once on her were replaced by others.

Impatient for their turn, two men grabbed her hands and made her provide them with hands jobs while they waited.  The cum they shot when climaxing flew everywhere including onto many of the men occupying themselves with Shera’s breasts.  They didn’t care though, too engrossed in their lust filled orgy.

As time went on Shera felt herself starting to ache.  Shera felt her throat starting to sore from the violent thrusts into her mouth, she felt her vagina tearing up from the sudden contact, she felt the pain from the man’s teeth on her breast as he sucked too hard, and she began to worry for her baby with all the men grabbing her stomach.

Just keep breathing…That’s right.  In and out, in and out.

Endeavoring to distract herself from her ordeal, Shera glanced around the room.  It was hard to see with all the people around, but she did manage a few glimpses through the crowd.  She saw Emile was on his back like Shera with some woman riding him while slapping him across the face with a whip.  She also spotted Celestine who was still partially clothed, being pushed up against a wall while some guy raped her.  On the balcony, Rem sat on the floor next to Diablo as Krebskulm bounced up and down in his lap.

Shera was both enraged by their misfortune and yet oddly happy they were here going through the same hell as she was.

Misery loves company.  She thought as the minutes continued to pass.



“That was amazing!”  The last man cried out as he pulled out of Shera.

“Glad I invited you?”

“Of course!”  The last man replied.  “Who knew our great leader threw such exciting parties!”

“I’m glad that my guests enjoyed themselves to the fullest,” Diablo interrupted.  “It is important for a host to make sure his guests are well taken care of.”

“My lord!”  Both men yelled as they quickly bowed.

Diablo nodded to them and watched as they left the ballroom.  A few more strangler remained but they quickly left too, exhausted from the festivities.  Examining his slaves, Diablo wondered around the room.  When he reached Shera, he was caught by surprise when the previously-believed-to-be-unconscious elf reached out a hand to grab his leg.  He thought about simply kicking her hand away, but ultimately decided against it.

“What is it?”

“Mmmmm,” Shera groaned.

“I give you permission to speak.”

“M-m-master, please…show me mercy…”  Shera whispered, barely conscious.  “I wish…I beg of you…master…let me…give birth…”

Diablo looked at her soiled, bruised, exhausted body lying on the floor.  He looked at his stomach, noticing the smallest of motion as the baby kicked inside her.  His baby.  His eyes grow wide for a moment, as an idea came to him.

“I’ll think about it,” he told her.

As her strength left her, Shera drifted off into unconsciousness.  Diablo left the room as the first rays of daylight seeped into the ballroom.



A few days later, Shera rejoiced as she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.  She named her Joy and was granted several weeks of peace to care for the baby.  Although she was confident to a room in Diablo’s dwellings and not allowed any visitors, Shera didn’t care.

I’m no longer some beast for people to ride or milk whenever they feel like it.  I’m Shera L. Greenwood, the mother of Joy and the former elven princess of Greenwood Forest.  Goodbye Eleven Diary Cow and good riddance!

It pained her that she couldn’t help the others, especially his best friend Rem, but she took whatever bit of happiness she could get in this fucked up world and ran with it.  Her happiness was short-lived though, when Joy reached 6 months of age.

“That should be a sufficient amount of time,” Diablo explained.

“What are you doing?”  Shera cried out as she was taken from the room.  “Where are you taking me?  What’s going to happen to Joy?”

“Relax, I’m ensure that our daughter is well taken care of,” Diablo explained.  “I’ll even let you visit her between patrons.  As far as where you are going…you’ll see.  You are forbidden to speak from this moment onward.”

Shera’s mouth was forcibly closed as the slave collar reacted to the command.  It wasn’t until she was placed in dress and dragged out on stage next to Sylvie, Edelgard, a female elf, and two dog girls from the guild that Shera received her answer.

“Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on these excellent breeding slaves!”  The auctioneer shouted to the crowd.  “For just a meager amount of money you can take anyone of them home with you and impregnated them with anyone or anything of your choosing!  First up, the former leader of the guild, Sylvie!”

The crowd cheered as Shera starred dumbstruck. 

Breeding stock!  We’re being turned into breeding stock?

Fearing the new future that awaited her, Shera searched desperately for Diablo. 

Please don’t do this to me.  She thought as she tried to find him.  I’d rather go back to being a Dairy Cow then be forced to leave my daughter behind!  Who even knows what will happen to the children I bear in the future?

Finally spotting Diablo, Shera tried to plead to him with her eyes, but stopped when she saw Rem standing a few feet from him.  She was wearing the exact same outfit Shera once wore, with a bulging stomach.