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Robot 100

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On July 15th, one Midoriya Inko gave birth to twins. A boy and a girl she lovingly named Izuku and Ishiko. Izuku may have been the oldest, but she noticed that Ishiko was the one who advanced the quickest. She crawled first, walked first, and talked first. She even developed her quirk first at the age of 3.

"Telekinesis! Just like your mama!" Inko cooed, holding her daughter close to her chest.

Izuku was always proud of his sister and her abilities. He wondered if his quirk would be like hers or maybe a variant of their father's. Anytime he pestered her with questions on the subject, she smiled and either changed the subject or danced around the topic.

It soon became clear, upon meeting the Bakugou family, that her abilities extended far beyond low level telekinesis.

Inko Midoriya and Masaru Bakugou were friends in college, then he dated and married Mitsuki who immediately made herself Inko's best friend. Work, however, pulled the friends away for several years until the Bakugou's announced they were moving to the same neighborhood as the single mother. To celebrate their reunion, the two families went to the park together, where they would introduce their children.

"Let's hope the brats get along. Katsuki has a tendency to bully others into doing what he wants," Mitsuki sighed from her place at the picnic table.

"Well, Ishiko might be a bit of a pushover when it comes to Izuku, but I don't think it should be a problem," Inko replied with a lighthearted smile. "It's wonderful living near you two again! Tell me, why did you decide to move back?"

The adults chatted and the three three-year-olds sat in the nearby sandbox. Every once in awhile they would glance over at the children, but didn't pay much attention until they heard screaming.

Young Katsuki and Ishiko stood face to face, yelling and shouting while little Izuku cried. The sand whipped around them and Ishiko's hair stood on end, her eyes glowing with power. Slowly, the ground beneath them shook as other objects started to float. The table, their food, even people nearby.

Inko quickly activated her own quirk to pull her daughter away from the screaming match and lightly scolded her until everything and everyone was carefully set back down on the ground. The moment everything was back to normal, Inko profusely apologized to her friends and had a slight panic attack over Ishiko's abilities.

Ishiko, even years, could remember the moment in crystal clear detail. It was because of her that she decided to put a lock on her emotions, at least until she was older and not so emotional.

It was jarring being a world so foreign and familiar at the same time. She knew her mom and brother, she knew the boisterous Bakugou family, and she knew of quirks. Still, there were times when she thought she should be older, somewhere else far across the globe . . . Not that it mattered, no, what mattered was her twin.

Izuku was a sweetheart and Ishiko would gladly punch anyone in the face, even All Might himself, if they dared to insult him. Of course she loved him, but there was something else that told her to nurture him, protect him, and help him grow. Izuku was destined for great things, after all.

So after that day at the park, Ishiko stuck to Izuku's side and listened to him babble about heroes (90% of the time it was about All Might). She never got into another shouting match with Bakugou, even when he tried to egg her on. It was worse after he developed his own quirk and her brother didn't. Despite wanting to yell and scream and beat the hell out of him, Ishiko maintained an air of indifference. She should probably be disturbed by how delighted she became when it royally pissed him off, but it was just too good.

Things changed after Inko took them on a trip to the doctors to find out why Izuku's quirk hadn't developed yet.

It was late at night and Ishiko creeped her way into her twin's room. He hadn't received the news well and Inko less so when he asked if he could still be a hero. She struggled to find the right words to tell her brother until it was 1 AM. He was still sniffling and hiccuping when she opened the door and welcomed her warm embrace underneath his All Might bedspread.

"It's gonna be okay, nii-chan. I'll help you become a hero. I'll be your sidekick and lend you all my power!" Ishiko spoke in a hushed tone before a kaleidoscope of blue and purple colors bloomed from her hands and seeped into his body. "Forget what that dumb doctor said. You can be a hero, Izuku."

Izuku scrunched his face up before absolutely crushing his face to her chest and bawling his eyes out. Ishiko closed her own eyes and, just once, would let herself feel at 100%. Slowly, the room filled with light and Izuku's toys floated above them like fish in the ocean.


Yeah, Ishiko thought she had it all figured out. She would help Izuku reach his goal of not only becoming a hero, but surpassing All Might. With her powers and relatively lenient rules surrounding children and their quirks, she could keep Bakugou's bullying at bay. It would be difficult when she had to tamp down her emotions, but it would be worth it.

Of course, life had to throw her for a loop when she was six.

It was a school field trip to an aquarium and the teachers had them in pairs. Of course the Midoriya twins were going to be together. Izuku would grab her hand anytime he saw something exciting, which was constantly. She smiled lazily and just enjoyed the pure look shining in his eyes. He had tough challenges ahead of him but she was determined to keep that spark in him for as long as possible.

"Ishiko-nee! Look! They have a touch tank!" Izuku gasped loudly and nearly yanked her arm out of her socket when he dragged her. "They look so cool, don't they? Which one is your favorite?"

They all looked so weird to her, she couldn't even remember the names of them. But she pointed to the pointy looking fuck with the tail and trusted her twin to know what it was called.

"Oh, a horseshoe crab? Yeah, they're pretty cool!" Izuku grinned and reached his hand into the water.

Somewhere behind them, Ishiko heard Bakugou scoff at them. She was surprised he didn't walk up and actively antagonize them, but couldn't complain. If only it could be like this all the time.

She wanted to giggle at the squeal her twin let out when he touched the stingray but the way the water sloshed around put her on guard. The floor rumbled and water fell out of the touch tank, soaking the shoes of anyone near it. Ishiko stepped closer to Izuku and slowly scanned the aquarium. It all happened at once.

There was a villain attack. They didn't actively attack the aquarium, but it was caught in the crossfire. Walls were knocked down and the tanks were destroyed. With no heroes close by, the water came down on the civilians inside. Ishiko latched onto Izuku but the force that crashed into them broke her hold and displaced the children.

Her lungs burned as her small body was knocked around. She reached out with her quirk, looking for Izuku, looking for her classmates, looking for anyone who could help them. But the constant battering against coral, creatures, and concrete broke her concentration over and over again. Just when she thought she was going to drown, the water eased and left her just on the doorsteps of the aquarium. Spots danced in her vision as she slowly processed what happened while her lungs greedily took in air.

People gasped and struggled to breathe around her. Carefully, Ishiko pushed herself into a sitting position before slowly getting to her feet. The aquarium was in ruins and the heroes still hadn't arrived, too busy dealing with the villain of the day. There were sirens in the distance, but who knows how long until they arrived.

With her mind still muddled, Ishiko carefully entered the aquarium once more. She tamped down her emotions and kept her powers under lock and key. She could fix it, she could make the burden more bearable, but it was too public and she couldn't risk letting the world know about her abilities just yet.

She found Bakugou first, bleeding from a cut on his head and suffering from a broken arm. He didn't cry, but cursed up a storm to the point his face was red and sparks were shooting uncontrollably from his palms. Her face softened and she knelt beside him.

"Bakugou, have you seen Izuku?" Ishiko asked in a subdued tone as a kaleidoscope of colors encased his arm.

"No! I haven't seen stupid Deku since before the attack!" He growled and swiped at her with his good arm, but missed. "Stop it! I don't need your help!"

"But I need yours. You're really smart and fast and you treat Izuku better than most of the others. I need to find him and I need your help. I'm not healing you, but I can at least set the bone and wrap it until real help comes," Ishiko explained, floating over a couple rags from the gift shop and the strongest looking rods she could find. It ended up being broken pieces of a frame hanging on the wall, but it was better than nothing.

"How do you know how to do this?" He narrowed his eyes at her and stopped fighting it.

She shrugged and lowered her hand when she was done. "I think someone did this once for me."


"I don't know just--help me find Izuku and I'll do whatever you want, okay?" Her swayed and little bits on concrete steadily rose off the ground. Ishiko shook her head and they fell, along with her hair.

Bakugou continued to glare at her but nodded and pushed himself to his feet. "Fine! You dumb robot, I'll help you find Deku."

She nodded her head in thanks and together, they called for her brother and traversed over the ruins. Most of the people were okay, but Ishiko occasionally lifted some concrete that kept someone pinned or cleared a pathway for the others to get out. Yet no matter how many times she reached out with her quirk, she couldn't find Izuku. It happened whenever he passed out, she just hoped he wasn't too injured.

The little green haired child scrambled over a collapsed part of the ceiling and scanned the area around her. It was empty of people, but from beyond the rubble and destruction, she could hear the pros. They would be here any moment and forcibly evacuate them. Ishiko searched as fast as she could.

Her heart skyrocketed when she caught sight of a familiar shade of green sticking out from a pile a rubble. She sprinted forward, absentmindedly calling for Bakugou as she raced to her twin's side. The child paid no mind to the pros calling for her.

"Izuku!" She called out, even when she tripped and had glass stuck in her palms.

" Izuku! " Ishiko screamed, relief flooding her system when her brother was clearly in front of her, not buried under the mess.

"Izuku . . . ?" Her voice became a mere whisper at the sight of blood around his body.

"Nii-chan?" Her words broke and tears welled up in her eyes at his too pale skin and crumpled form.

With a trembling hand, she rolled him over and stared at unseeing eyes. A large shard of aquarium glass was stuck deep inside his gut, staining the new All Might shirt Inko bought him as a present for their birthday. His chest didn't rise and no matter how many times she shook him, his expression remained unchanged.

"Hey! Robot! What's up?! The pros are here! We have to get out of here!" She knew it was Bakugou who yelled, but his voice was so distant.

Ishiko hugged Izuku close to her chest and just . . . exploded.







It was believed by the public that for one hour, a villain held the city at a stand still. No birds, no cars, not a single person moved a centimeter during that one long hour. Tears poured down their faces when an unexplainable sadness washed over them. Helplessness, grief, bitterness, anger were all reported by citizens.

To the heroes at the scene, they knew that for one hour a child shrouded in shadows with nigh limitless energy froze everyone in place. A child whose wails infected people with emotions not their own. A child who single handedly repaired the building and tanks before anymore creatures could suffer. A child who only stopped because her classmate broke free when even the strongest couldn't and used his quirk to disrupt her output.

That was the day Midoriya Izuku died.