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Two Can Be As Bad As One

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It had been an insufferably long day at the clinic.

Not to say that Izuku didn’t adore his job as a veterinarian- but it certainly had its up and downs. For every well behaved puppy that was getting a checkup, there was the hard reality of comforting those whose companions wouldn’t make it through the night. It was draining to say the least.

Heaving a loud sigh, Izuku Midoriya tossed his jacket onto the nearest chair in his meager sized duplex, already moving to unclasp his pants and let his belt join the ever growing pile of clothing that had to be washed eventually. He promised himself he’d get to it sooner or later.

Once he was divest of every inconvenient article of clothing, he fell into his comfortable post-work routine, pouring out food and spot cleaning the cages of his birds and rodent pets. Most of his companions were rescues themselves; either from families who couldn’t keep them, or those left on his clinic’s doorsteps. It was more common than you’d think.

Eventually he had stretched out in nothing more than his boxer-briefs and undershirt, approaching the door to his second bedroom. This was where the day got especially interesting.

“Kacchan, Shouchan, I’m home!” He called as he twisted open the door, smile bright and excited. He didn’t like playing favorites…but he most definitely preferred the company of his Hybrid Pets. Bakugou Katsuki, a wolfdog hybrid with a vicious temper, had been rescued in a fighting ring bust. He’d been lucky to make it through the night, let alone receive the proper authorization for Izuku to claim the aggressive mutt.

Shouto Todoroki was a breeding project within a Hybrid Mill, the genetic peak of the Panther breed. His coloration was split directly in two, with the genotypes of his parents creating a perfect line down the center of his body. No doubt the kit would have been sold to the highest bidder as little more than an exotic trinket, had the mill not been shut down.

Most people never had the opportunity to own one, let alone two hybrids, but Izuku was properly authorized. He was nothing if not a patient and qualified owner to keep the exotic (and occasionally aggressive) pets within his home. Bakugou had been his first, and Shouto was the most recent addition to his little household.

Unsurprisingly Kacchan didn’t like this one bit.

But if Izuku didn’t take him, then there was a great probability that Shouto would wind up right back into the breeding rings. So Izuku had begun the tedious and slow process of introducing them. It…went about as well as one would think.

The pens he kept them in were in two entirely separate states of disarray. Kacchan had practically destroyed his kennel while Izuku was at work. He despised being in the confined space when previously he’d had free roam of the house. Yet Izuku couldn’t trust the blonde when Shouto’s scent was around, as it resulted in a particularly fearsome marking battle, leaving his home covered in urine and spray.

He was not about to deal with that again. So he rolled his eyes at the glowering wolf staring at him through the cage, approaching him with a small huff. “Kacchan. This was not good behavior.” He scolded, despite the angry glower in the Hybrid’s eyes. Bakugou scoffed dramatically and turned away from Izuku, ever the troublesome one.

He unlatched the cage regardless and let the wolf stretch his legs. In the meantime he went to Shouto’s cage, sighing at the blankets and pillows he’d placed against the edge. It was a literal barrier between him and Katsuki. “You aren’t helping the situation either, Shouchan! I know you did this to be sassy!”

He unlatched the panther’s cage and watched as slowly Shouto pawed away the blankets and pillows to make his escape, his human torso lithe when he rubbed himself against Izuku’s side. It was a quiet claim, before he stood upon his hind legs and jumped atop his favorite ledge.

Izuku placed his hands onto his hips and sighed at the messes he’d have to clean up within their kennels. “Can’t you ever make my job easie- Oh!”

See, the only downside to having an aggressive pet like Bakugou in the house, is the inevitable sexual appetite that would surface within the young Alpha. Izuku had read in medical textbooks how the rut cycle and Alpha hormones would affect a Hybrid in their day to day life…but it was another thing to live around it.

Midoriya felt a hot bubble of shame flicker through him when Bakugou’s hands came down around his waist, claws digging in, attempting to drag him closer. “Kacchan, no!” he meekly protested, his eyes flickering up to where Shouto watched with halfhearted attention. The Panther was stretched out and relaxed, clutching a toy within his own hands, content to bat it around.

Izuku wiggled away from the wolfdog, heart clenching at the forlorn and confused rumble leaving the blonde’s throat. He knew he shouldn’t have ever allowed this behavior…

But he was a weak, weak man himself.

The seat of Izuku’s boxers felt tacky and uncomfortable, sticking against his mound, making him self-conscious of the scent he was broadcasting. In the past he allowed Kacchan to, erm, relieve stress together with him. It was largely inappropriate, and wholly unprofessional of him…but it was that same taboo that made it all the more exciting.

Old habits die hard it seems, as his body was clearly interwoven with the routine he’d so comfortably established. Kacchan was the exact same way. The wolf’s frustrated panting made Izuku’s stomach twist pleasantly as the blonde reared onto his hind legs, strong arms winding around his owner’s waist. The feeling of something hard pressed to Izuku’s lower back.

“Kacchan,” he whined out, feeling temptation getting the better of him as his pet began to nip and bite at his neck and ears. It was a classic dominance sign, but Izuku could hardly care, not when his body needed this just as bad as Bakugou did. So he allowed the wolfdog Hybrid to drag him towards the ground, pressing his cheek to the carpet as he felt Kacchan’s weight thrown across his back.

He was ridiculously wet.

His boxers came down with a few shifts of his hips, allowing Bakugou the space to roam, leaving his body bare towards the blonde’s excited advances. “You’re so insatiable, Kacchan…”he attempted to scold, only for his breath to leave in a low whine when Bakugou’s tongue went down on him. It felt good.

Izuku wiggled his waist and ground back onto Bakugou’s face, bracing himself onto the floor, arching his back and leaving the wolfdog plenty of room to lick. His lips and mouth were so talented as he gathered Midoriya’s slick with each stroke before focusing attention onto his swollen and hard clit, wrapping his mouth around it, sucking it into his warm and waiting mouth.

He always managed to make Izuku cum in little to no time. “Kacchan, Kacchan-!” He moaned out, eyes closed in bliss, enjoying the waves of pleasure washing over his cunt. He didn’t question the warning growl that had come from behind him, as it was normal for Bakugou to become territorial and eager in his mounting.

What he didn’t expect was to feel something brushing against his side.

“Huh?” he questioned, only to gasp in surprise when dual colored eyes stared at him with an unfamiliar intensity. He almost had forgotten that Shouto was here! Izuku was taken aback by the proximity between him and the Panther, or lack of therefore. Todoroki was close- too close- as he circled him and Bakugou.

There was a strange tension between the two dominant Hybrids, especially when Bakugou launched himself over Izuku’s back. He growled deep and fierce as his red eyes narrowed to Shouto’s, framing Izuku with his body, blocking the Panther from getting any closer. It was an obvious warning.

One that the white and red Hybrid completely ignored.

They snapped and growled at each other while Bakugou’s cock grinded into his aching pussy, making Izuku squirm in discomfort at the sudden stretch. Was he about to be in the middle of a territory dispute? He made move to lean up and chastise both of his pets. “Hey, you two, quit it!” he protested, though the words died on his tongue when Bakugou’s teeth sank into the back of his neck.

He moaned pitifully, with Shouto quickly taking the opportunity. His eyes went cross as suddenly he found himself with a hard cock pressed to his cheek, the Alpha males above him glaring at each other with thinly veiled distaste. The tension was thick enough to cut with a knife.

Izuku was, quite literally, stuck between a rock and a hard place. Kacchan’s cock sat heavy inside of him, with Shouto’s prick throbbing hot against his face.

So he did the very first thing that came to his mind.

“Shhh, s’okay,” he spoke in a soothing tone, reaching his hand out in order to stroke over Shouto’s cock. It was long and lithe, the perfect counterpart to Kacchan’s thick and blunt one. His mouth watered as he gathered the leaking precum in a quick stroke, spreading it out over the shaft. “I can…take care of you both.”

He clenched down tight around Kacchan while taking Shouchan into his mouth, eyes rolling back at the heady flavor spreading over his tongue. This was so fucked up. He was sucking one of his pets off while the other began to fuck into his aching cunt. By no means did Katsuki stop glaring at Shouto, but it kept them at bay, with Shouto content to stare down at the way Izuku was working over his shaft.

Midoriya’s nose buried into the Panther hybrid’s abdomen, nuzzling into the split fur as drool and saliva trickled down from his chin. How much did Shouto leak? It was hard to keep swallowing around it all, considering he was drooling from the mindboggling pleasure spreading over his walls.

While one hand kept him balanced, the other came up to feel along Shouto’s abdomen, appreciating the way fur shifted to human skin and strong muscle. It gave him something to grip onto when Katsuki’s hips snapped particularly harshly forward. He was spit-roasted between the two, the dual sensation rocking him to his very core.

It didn’t help that Katsuki’s knot kept catching on his loosened pussy. It was a wet and delicious slide as the wolf’s pace turned punishing, strong hands gripping onto his hips, dragging him back with relentless force. Izuku swallowed harshly when Shouto’s cock twitched without warning, pushing down the back of his throat.

He didn’t expect the Panther to come so soon.

No matter how much he swallowed he simply couldn’t contain all the cum that the Alpha released, his cheeks swelling with the excess that locked behind Shouto’s knot. He couldn’t breathe! Tears rolled down his cheeks as he kept helplessly choking down all of Todoroki’s spunk, his aching jaw stretching around a knot nearly thrice its original size.

It only made him wetter, which in turn sent Bakugou into a frenzy of his own. The wolfdog had smelt the scent of his rival in the air, making his own pace pick up exponentially. He was working in and out of Izuku’s wet hole with no remorse for how it sent him further onto Shouto’s cock, making him gag and scramble against the ground for support.

His eyes fluttered when Shouto rocked forward again, another fresh wave of cum dribbling down his throat. It was the best kind of torture.

Izuku’s pussy ached where Kacchan’s knot began to swell inside of him, drawing a pathetically needy noise from the depths of the human’s throat. Everything already felt overstimulated and intense as it was. He jolted in surprise when a hand came down onto the globe of his ass, making the skin jiggle in recoil. Oh fuck this was his favorite part.

“Breed me,” he coughed out as Shouto’s cock flopped out of his mouth, arching his hips into the punishing pace. “Oh, Kacchan, breed me.”

He shook in sheer pleasure as his body was fucked into, used like he was no better than a cocksleeve. It was exactly what he craved. His hands scrabbled against Shouto’s front as he nuzzled against his softening cock, licking it clean, catching the stray drops that lingered. “Yes, yes, yes- oh gods, yes, I’m gonna cum.”

Another smack on his ass had his cunt clamping down tight, color bursting behind his eyelids as his orgasm crashed over him. It was intense. His whole body shook as he squirted around Katsuki’s knot, feeling it finally pop inside of him and bring with it a wave of hot seed. It was almost too much for his womb to bear.


By the time awareness came back to the human, he was wincing as Bakugou’s knot plopped out of him, Shouto pulling back too in order to give his soft cock a break. They were both panting wildly as they collapsed to Izuku’s side, soaking in their owner’s lazy affections. One hand stroked through Bakugou’s hair as his other felt the rolling purr coming from Shouto.

…He needed to do that again sometime. It even helped the two get along without (too) much of a fight!